The Baby Trend Flex-Loc is an infant car seat with promising features and a sleek design. It uses flex technology which makes it easy to install into the car. Flex-Loc means that the part of the latch straps which is normally attached to the latch anchors in the car are flexible. It has a bendable arm hook which makes it quick and easy to hook to the anchor.

This seat has the release latch at the baby’s feet as opposed to most which have it at the baby’s head. This makes it ideal for small cars. It can hold babies between 5-30 pounds and up to 30cm height. This is great because a parent can use this car seat up to when the baby is about 2-years. When it comes to safety, this infant car seat doesn’t disappoint. It uses the amazing EPS Foam for padding, which is very light weight and super force absorbent. This means that in case of a car crush it provides superior protection. It has extra padding for the sides giving it great side impact baby protection.

It also has a boot. Now, that’s something really nice about this car seat especially if you live in really cold places. The boot is like a blanket which is easily attached to the bottom of the car seat. It covers the baby giving extra insulation. It is also easily detachable, so no there’s no need to worry when it’s not cold.

It comes in 8 colors: pink, phantom, floral stem, mist, carbon, grey mist, elixir and vanguard.

Although it has been rated on Amazon as one of the best and modern infant car seats, with most reviewers commending its safety features, sleek design, and ideal weight and height limit, there are a few complaints from the customers’ reviews. The seat lacks padding for infant heads and you therefore need to get extra padding when the baby is very small. It also has a harness buckle which is hard to buckle and the seat is heavy.

In general, the Baby Flex Car Seat is a superb purchase. If you are mostly concerned about safety and a sleek design and you don’t mind spending a little more effort and time when using the seat, then this is what you need.

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