We all know the difficulties of raising a newborn. As babies grow and become mobile, everyday things become dangerous. Those stairs, rooms, fireplace, furniture and pricey decorations will need to go but lets face it that’s not practice. Using baby gates you can create safe places for your baby to crawl, walk and play in. Enjoy stress free cooking, cleaning and relaxing with peace of mind knowing safety gates are blocking and protecting your child from everyday harmful situations. Some parents like creating secure play areas in the middle of rooms, others like keeping the family pet out. Whether you need a safety gate for your stairs or a retractable baby gate for a door way, there are a wide variety of options, some better suited for your needs than others.


Important Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Baby Gate

  • Where will it be put
  • How childproof is the gate
  • How safe is the gate
  • How well built is the gate
  • The Size of the Gate


When looking for a baby gate you really need to know where you’ll be putting it.  You first need to know the dimensions of the doorway, stairway and wherever else you plan on using it. All baby gates have a minimum and maximum extension length, knowing this will help you buy a safety gate that you can use around the house. For areas that only have one access way, having a baby gate with a door is ideal. You don’t want to be constantly setting up and down the gate, or trying to climb over if the gate you chose does not have a doorway.

Toddlers are clever and fast learners, you want a baby gate that they can’t easily learn to open and escape from. The design should also not allow them to climb or slip through. Having a baby proof gate is a must, or lets face it What was the point.

The safety of our child is priority 1, much like every parent. The products we use and interact with our child need to be safe. We need to make sure the gate has no pinch points, moving parts easily accessible or removable.

As well as being Safe, baby gates need to be well built. Your young one will quickly learn to lean against the gate, pull on it and try to climb it. What ever the situation, safety gates for kids need to be well built and sturdy.

Buy a gate that fits your life style and home, it’s way better to have a gate that will fit in multiple places around your house and suit your baby needs and yours as well. It doesn’t make sense to buy a baby gate and find places around your house that it fits. Your baby loves to be around you, and you love to give your baby a safe place to explore it’s world.


Supergate Easy Close White

Supergate is known for building quality and sturdy gates for children. Whether you need a gate for a hallway, stairs or a door Supergate offers several models with different designs and sizes to fit your needs. They are easy to set-up, have a triple locking mechanism making it child proof while being able to open and close it with one hand in both directions. The gate is 30″ high and 29.5 inches – 38.75 inches wide, the unit does come with an extensions. This unit is perfect for bottom of stairs, top of stairs and between rooms. The gate is very easy to set up, and can be done by one person no assembly is required, it uses an extending tension knobs.  A neat feature is that this product can be opened all have it stay open in either direction, or open it and have it automatically close behind you and lock.

Evenflo Easy Walk Thru 

Evenflo Easy Walk Thru is designed to be used for top of stairs. The unit is 30″ inches tall, but can be made 33″ if you leave a maximum 3″ gap, and 29″ to 42″ Inches wide. The really neat thing about these gates is they feature a green/red indicator that tells you if the gate is locked or not. They feature a one hand release handle that your little baby won’t figure out. These gates are also great for hallways, doorways or any other room you can think, just make sure the dimensions work. When you open the gate, there is no bar that you can trip over making it great for the bottom of the stairs as well. Unlike other gates, it does require tools to set up the gate. You will need to use a drill to secure it to the wall, make sure to use studs. Some purchasers have reported that this gate does wear down and shift over time, we suspect that’s due to poor installations but it’s something to keep in mind and watch out for nonetheless.

Summer Infant Multi-Use Walk-Thru Gate

Summer Infant makes a rugged and well built gates for babies and pets. Their gates are 36″ tall and 28-48″ wide making it perfect between bedrooms, play areas and hallways. They do come with hardware that will require tools to assemble, you don’t have to use them but to do improve sturdiness and security of the gate. The gate auto locks with a dual locking system giving adults who don’t know how it works problems and toddlers no chance on figuring out how it opens. This gate does have a bar that goes along the bottom of the walk thru area making it not ideal for top of stairs. The build quality of this gate is top notch, made from metal ensuring it does not ware and can take abuse, the downside of-course is it does make a noise when it slams shut.