Chicco has done a wonderful job creating in creating Keyfit 30. Before we dive into the nitty gritty, let start with the model name Keyfit. The brand name came with the design of the car seat to fit your child, your car and your lifestyle. The 30 comes from the maximum child weight the car seat was designed for.

The Chicco Keyfit 30 is designed for infants from 4 lbs to 30 lbs, generally babies grow out of infant seats height wise then weight wise. Once an infant is 2 inches from the top of the seat, it’s recommended to upgrade to a convertible car seat. This is generally when the baby is 9 – 12 months old.


This car seat has great safety, is compatible with many strollers and offers excellent value when compared to similar infant seats. Your new Keyfit 30 will come with the car seat and base. The base can be attached by LATCH / ISOFIX / LUAS connectors, which are different acronyms for the anchorage system built into cars made after 2002 and stands for Lower Anchors and Thethers for CHildren in America.

Once the base is installed in your car, which is easy and quick. The base has orange buttons on the sides that let you adjust the level. There is a green bubble on the base that lets you know the base is installed correctly, the bubble will be in the middle if correct. If you are using the LATCH connectors, connect them one at a time until it clicks in place. Apply pressure to the base and pull the loop. The base should have less than one inch of movement when pushed from the side. I personally prefer no movement.

Double check the green level and you are have installed the base correctly. Its fairly easy to install and is quicker than using the seat belt which you can when you find yourself in a car without the base around.

The baby seat has different slots to raise the straps as the child gets bigger. Just so you know, the straps should always be at or below the babies shoulder level.

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