As most people would agree, a good infant car seat means digging deep into your pockets. While most parents would gladly set aside a good number of bucks for this purpose, the circumstances may not always allow it. For any parent looking for a reasonably affordable, quality infant car seat , the Evenflo nurture infant car seat is probably the best choice around. This lightweight infant car seat offers a number of impressive features that most infant car seats within its price range normally don’t. Evenflo manufacturers are known for their high priority for safety; additionally, their infant car seats are made to give your child maximum comfort during every single car ride. Without further, let’s take a look at what this infant car seat has up its sleeves.

FEATURES The Evenflo nurture infant car seat is designed to carry children weighing between 5-22 pounds. This means you can use it for your baby’s entire first year. It comes with an extended canopy that works to shield the baby from external elements. When it comes to reaffirming the seat’s safety, it is rollover tested above industrial standards. The seat is also put through a side impact test and meets all Federal Safety Standards; the manufacturer is clearly taking zero chances when it comes to safety.
The seat has three shoulder harness positions, two crotch belt positions and a five point harness. The seat can be used with no base usually in a rear facing position. It’s handle is designed to promote ease of use and comfort when carrying it; what’s more, it comes with a new handle position for added rebound support. This seat also comes with a stay- in-car-base. Additional features include a machine washable pad that is easily removable, energy absorbent lining foam and auto belt guides.
THINGS TO NOTE 1. Who Is This Seat For? Any parent looking for an inexpensive infant car seat that features most of what it’s more expensive counterparts do. It is a cheaper yet efficient car seat that serves remarkably well compared to most others within the same price point. 2. What Makes It A Better Option? When it comes to safety, this seat is one of the best options. Having undergone several safety tests and passed remarkably, it exceeds the industry’s most safety standards. For the icing on the cake, you do not necessarily have to pay those extra bucks for this feature. 3. Customer Reviews? A good number of the buyers collectively agree that this seats works marvellously despite its price. Most agree it is a worthy buy and express maximum satisfaction. 4. Cons This seat limited to children who weight between 5 and 22 pounds and are 19 to 29 inches tall. That means you may have to purchase a new seat for your toddler by the time they are one year old. Another con would be that it doesn’t not come with a reclining support and you may have to purchase one separately.
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