Since being introduced in 2014 the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 is an excellent infant car seat that’s still available on the market. It has many great features that makes installing and using this baby car seat a breeze.

The 4-35 tells you, the seat was designed for babies 4 lbs up to 35lbs. The height restriction for this seat is 32 inches. Almost all babies will max out the height restriction before they become too heavy for the car seat. You will then you need upgrade to a convertible car seat.

The Primo Viaggio weights 9.5 lbs and has a NHTSA safety rating of 3 stars. Infant car seats need to have clear instructions, complete illustrations and safety features that let the parent know the seat is correctly installed. Though this is a well built car seat with quite a few safety features built in, such as the side impact protection, belt path and dual stage inserts it does fall short compared to other infant car seats.

This infant seat features a 5 point harness with a cushion insert for infants 4lbs and up, this gives the baby extra support on their bottom and neck. With 6 different adjusting positions and a built in no-retreading system, it’s easy to adjust the seat to fit your baby perfectly.

The car seat can be installed without the base with the use of their innovative belt path. The car seat handle is compact with good grip, easily adjustable and doubles up as an anti-rebound bar for extra protection.

The base can be quickly installed with the use of LATCH connectors and secured with the Right Tight System. You also have the ability to install the car seat base with a seat belt and lock it off using the lock off. The car seat has a green level that tells you if the base was installed correctly.

Infants should always be installed in the forward facing position whether you use a base or the seat itself.

Overall, the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio will get the job done and keep your baby safe. It’s much lighter then many infant seats available, it has a canopy that locks in position and stays up even when it’s being carried. The padding is thicker and with extra padding around the babies head offers great side impact protection.

There are a wide number of strollers that fit this car seat, though you do need to buy an adapter.

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