Little Tikes Light ‘n Go 3-in-1
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Little Tikes Light ‘n Go 3-in-1

Little Tikes Light ‘n Go 3-in-1

Meet the Little Tikes Light ‘n Go 3-in-1 Walker and Activity Table! This walker is a table, too. The dome has lights that project onto the floor for mesmerizing fun time with your baby or toddler. What’s even better? There are no waiting around to use this product because you can take off the activity board when they get older so it doubles as an educational toy later on in life! Not only does this have 70+ activities, songs, and sounds – there’s also more than one way to play: just turn them round from front facing mode (for those first few months) into rear facing mode (once their confidence starts growing). The Little Tikes Light ‘n Go is an all in one 3-in-1 walker, activity board and table. The walker has a project light from the dome onto the floor that children will love to chase after! It also includes sounds for babies who are still too young to use it as a full on walking device.

Little Tikes Light 'n Go 3-in-1

When they get older, parents can take off the active centre and play with them at their level – which means less waiting around time!

A walker, table and activity centre in one. Lights from the dome show on the floor. The table has a lot of activities that babies can play with. It is easy to use (holds babies up) and there are many things for them to do while playing. This is a walker, table and activity centre all in one.

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There are lights in the walker that light up the floor. The activity board for table play can be taken off to be played with by younger babies. There is a lot of things to do on it- something for every age group and ability level.

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