Does Cvs Sell Alcohol In 2022? (Beer, Wine, Spirits + More)

Sheetz, Inc.
Convenience stores

Fast food restaurant

Gas stations
Founded 1952

; 70 years ago





Number of locations
634 (2020)
Areas served







Upland South


Key people
Joseph S. Sheetz, President &


Stanton R. Sheetz, Chairman

Steve Sheetz, Family Council Chairman
Products Made-to-order foods, prepared foods, coffee, motor vehicle fuel, beer and wine
Revenue Decrease


6.2 billion (




Number of employees
19,700 (FY 2020)



CVS began as a drugstore and later became a general store. They now offer everything you need, from party supplies to pharmacy products.

  • Since there are different laws in each state regarding alcohol sales, it is possible to wonder whether CVS has alcohol for sale. Let me tell you, I did some research on CVS and what I discovered about their alcohol sales.
  • Does CVS Sell Alcohol In 2022? (Beer, Wine, Spirits + More)

    CVS Will Sell Alcohol in 2022

    CVS stores stock alcohol products such as beer, wine, and spirits in states where it is allowed to do so as of 2022. You can only purchase alcohol from CVS if you are above the legal age (21 in most states). Check with your local CVS to verify availability.

  • If you want to learn more about the price of alcohol products at CVS, what kinds of alcohol CVS sells, and whether you can return alcohol to CVS, keep on reading!
  • Do All CVS Stores Sell Alcohol?

    All CVS locations in States that allow alcohol sales in special off-premises locations in their state will have alcoholic beverages available according to the license.

    CVS stocking both liquor and wine in certain states.

    Even though this is not the case in all states, CVS locations carry alcohol-free beverages as allowed under state law.

    Remember that alcohol can only be purchased at CVS stores when you’re over the legal limit for that particular state. This could be anywhere between 18-21 years depending on which state you live in.

    Does CVS Sell Alcohol In 2022? (Beer, Wine, Spirits + More)

    Do CVS sell alcohol Sundays

    CVS stores will follow the licensing rules for the state they are located in, so some CVS stores can sell alcohol on Sundays, whereas stores in other states can not (where it is prohibited).

    However, the hours that CVS stores can sell alcohol on Sundays are restricted in those states.

    Blue Laws is a US series that allows alcohol sales on Sundays. Check out this map to see which states are allowed to sell alcohol on Sundays.

    At what point does CVS cease selling alcohol?

    Each state has its own time restrictions for alcohol selling. These laws vary depending on where you live. On Saturdays, the laws tend to be more strict.

    The majority of alcohol is available for sale during CVS store hours. However, certain jurisdictions have specific rules regarding the availability of alcohol.

    As a general rule, most CVS stores that sell alcohol will do so throughout their opening times (usually only on Sundays), whereas alcohol sales may not be permitted during the night for 24-hour CVS stores.

    Can CVS sell quality alcohol?

    CVS stocks a variety of alcohol beverages from popular brands so there is sure to be something for you.

    CVS stocks a number of notable brands, including Smirnoff vodka and SKYY vodka.

    Does CVS Sell Alcohol In 2022? (Beer, Wine, Spirits + More)

    Can I Return Alcohol To CVS?

    CVS does not specify whether alcohol is allowed to be returned to retail stores. Food products, however, cannot be returned in CVS shops even though unopened.

    Additionally, some states have alcohol laws that make returning alcohol illegal unless it is unfit for human consumption. In these states, returns of alcohol to CVS are unlikely to be accepted.

    It is important to note that laws in different states may differ on how customers are allowed to return alcohol to shops. Therefore, your local CVS should follow these laws.

    It is best to consult the CVS Store Locator in order to resolve any doubts or obtain information regarding the sale and return alcohol.

    You might be interested to learn more about whether Walmart or Dollar General stocks alcohol and if Aldi also sells alcohol.

    Conclusion: Does CVS Sell Alcohol?

    In accordance to the state laws, CVS shops sell alcoholic beverages. While some states restrict the sale of spirits to liquor stores, most CVS locations will offer wine and beer. allows you to purchase alcohol only if your age is legal. cannot sell alcoholic drinks.

    How Soon Does California’s Cvs Quit Selling Alcohol?

    California’s alcoholic beverage sales can take place weekly, between 6 and 2 AM every day including Sunday.

    Virginia’s Cvs Can Sell Beer

    Virginia’s state has all you need to find wine and beer in CVS.

    Massachusetts Alcohol Sales: Cvs

    CVS can sell alcohol and wine, depending on where they are located. CVS is our number one destination to buy all our daily needs products. November 26, 2021

    At what point does Cvs cease selling alcohol in Indiana?

    Indiana laws provide guidelines for when and where alcohol can be bought. The Sunday hours for alcohol sales in convenience, grocery and liquor stores is from 12 – 8 p.m.

    .Does Cvs Sell Alcohol In 2022? (Beer, Wine, Spirits + More)

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