Aldi Coffee Pods

Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

Coffee is, for many of us, the only way to get through the day, and with the advent of coffee pods, brewing a single cup has never been easier or more convenient. There are many choices for espresso or instant coffee thanks to Keurig’s innovative machines.

Aldi supermarkets are known for selling food and beverage essentials at steeply discounted prices, and they rightly include coffee pods in that assortment. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from Aldi’s coffee pod selection.

  • Aldi Coffee Pods In 2022
  • Aldi offers coffee pods in their Barissimo line, which also includes higher-end products. You can choose from regular or decaf pods. They also come in flavored, cappuccino, and lighter roasts. The price per 12 boxes is $3.55.

  • For more details on Aldi’s pods as well their price, quality, taste, compatibility and how compatible they are with different machines, continue reading
  • Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

    Aldi sells which type of coffee pods

    Aldi currently sells six varieties of coffee cups under their Everyday brand. Aldi refers to their pods as “cups”, but I’ll use both terms interchangeably.

    The flavors you can find at any time of the year, all year-round, include:

    Barissimo Espresso Blend or Donut Store Coffee Cups 12 ct.

    Barissimo Caramel or French Vanilla Cappuccino Cups, 12 ct.

    Barissimo Decaf Breakfast Blend or Donut Store Coffee Cups, 12 ct.

    Barissimo Fair Trade Colombian Coffee Cups, 12 ct.

    Barissimo French, or Blonde Roast Coffee Cups – 12 ct.

    Barissimo French Vanilla or Hazelnut Coffee Cups, 12 ct.

    Additionally, I have seen Aldi release specialty flavors throughout the year as part of their Aldi Finds selection. You might also see Peppermint Mocha in winter.

    They released 12 chocolates with romantic themes in a gift package around Valentine’s Day.

    Pumpkin Spice is the best flavor of fall, and Aldi will be offering its take on it in autumn.

    If you want to be notified about what Aldi Finds is coming to your shop, make sure to watch out for their print ads, look through their digital ads on their website, and check out the Upcoming Aldi Finds tab in their mobile application.

    Are Aldi Coffee Pods Cheap?

    Aldi has a consistent pricing policy that I like. Their coffee cups cost $3.55 for the Everyday Cups. They come in boxes of 12 regardless of what flavor they’re made of.

    Walmart sells its coffee pods in the Great Value store. They sell 12-packs for $3.92. However, their selection is greater with over 15-20 varieties.

    Wegmans has their own coffee pods that they sell in store, and it’s only a couple of cents less than Walmart. They retail for $3.99 per 12-count. Wegmans sells a great variety. The company has more than 20 kinds of Wegmans pods.

    Aldi coffee pods cost less than the competition, at most 37 cents.

    There are many other options available at grocery stores, and I’m not including the brand names such as Dunkin’, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dunkin’, or Starbucks (8.49/10).

  • For a true demonstration of how inexpensive Aldi’s pods really are, think about your usual Starbucks coffee order: $4. $5? More? More than one cup? For only $30, you can get 30 cents per pod!
  • Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

    Aldi Coffee Pods – What Are They Like?

    Reviewers have given Aldi coffee rave reviews, however, none of them has ever mentioned the Everyday coffee cup.

    While I’m not trying to be unfair, it is probably safe to conclude that this taste isn’t anything to write home about.

    These items are most likely purchased for convenience and price. And that’s okay! Sometimes, all it takes is one cup of cheap coffee to keep you going during busy mornings.

    However, I’ve only tried a few of the seasonal pods. The peppermint mocha was absolutely delicious, one of my favorite coffees I have ever tried.

    Hot coffee is not something I enjoy, but these bold flavors of peppermint and chocolate were amazing and very indulgent.

  • Aldi placed their peppermint mocha cups right next to Starbucks K cups in exactly the same flavor.
  • Aldi also sells milk and hot chocolate cups. While the dark chocolate pods were tasty, it was nothing extraordinary.

  • Overall I would say that the Everyday pods were serviceable. The flavored Aldi Finds season pods however, are very good and definitely worth it!
  • Aldi Coffee Machines and Aldi Coffee Pods:

    Let’s have a look at the most popular pod-ready or instant coffee machines available and see if Aldi’s coffee cups work with them.

    Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

    Aldi Coffee Bean Pods Are Compatible with Keurig Machines

    Aldi coffee capsules can be used with Keurig machine. These are the machines that Aldi’s pods are designed to fit into, and they work with all the models, including the new K-Duos and the Minis.

    Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With Nespresso Machines?

    Aldi’s Everyday coffee pods do not fit with Nespresso machines. Nespresso is used to make espresso at home. Nestle has Nespresso and their machines are very popular in Europe. However, it is not quite as widespread here.

    Aldi’s Everyday pods of coffee have the wrong kind of grounds for Nespresso.

    Aldi released coffee capsules that fit into Nespresso machines even though the Everyday pods aren’t compatible. Aldi Finds are available in many flavors and retail for $3.49 each.

    Reddit commented that they are having trouble finding them.

    Nespresso machines being more common abroad means that European Aldi stores stock espresso pods under their Everyday lines. They are sold under the Alcafe label.

    Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

    Aldi CoffeePods Compatible with Dolce Gusto Machines

    Aldi coffee pods will not work with Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines. These machines take at-home espresso to another level, including touchscreens that let you customize your drink and create specialty beverages.

    Unfortunately, while Aldi’s coffee pods do come loaded with coffee grounds, they do not have the necessary milk pods needed to create drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

    Aldi shops abroad sell Dolce Gusto compatible cups. There are some delicious-sounding flavours like Twix bars, but again, this is due to the popularity of espresso throughout Europe. These cups are known as Alcafe Barista Moments.

    Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With K-Fee Machines?

    Aldi Coffee pods do not fit in with Kfee machines. Starbucks Verismo pods can be used with Kfee machines.

    Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

    Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With Tassimo Machines?

    Aldi coffee beans are not compatible for Tassimo machines. A special barcode is required on each cup so that the machine can tell how much water it should dispense and how long the brew time will be.

    As you can see, the only machines with which Aldi’s Everyday coffee cups are compatible are the Keurig coffee makers. Keurigs are one of the most commonly used single-cup machines across the U.S.

    American citizens haven’t had enough time to develop a liking for coffee at home, so they don’t need all the pods.

    Aldi’s coffee capsules can now be understood. Also, see the related articles Aldi breads, Aldi almondmilk and Aldi chocolat.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi coffee pods are available in 6 affordable Everyday flavors. Specialty flavors can be added seasonally to the Aldi Finds range. These pods, while not quite as well-received than Aldi’s other coffee products are very serviceable and inexpensive.

    Aldi coffee beans may not work with other machines, except a Keurig.

    .Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste + More)

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