Aldi Tasmania: Are They Coming To Hobart Or Launceston?

Aldi Tasmania: Are They Coming To Hobart Or Launceston? (2022)

Tasmania is relatively inexpensive, especially in comparison to the Australian standard, however, that does not mean Tasmanians have more choices when it comes time to buying groceries.

Aldi has been establishing a presence on Australia’s mainland since 2001. It now controls 12.5 percent market share. Many Tasmanians ask: When is Aldi coming to Hobart? It might surprise and delight you.

Aldi Tasmania: Are They Coming To Hobart Or Launceston? (2022)

Is Aldi Coming To Hobart Or Tasmania In 2022?

Aldi’s corporate headquarters issued an official response to Tasmanian hopefuls. It said that no stores would be opened by the German discount retailer in Tasmania, or in Hobart. Aldi’s corporate headquarters hasn’t made any other announcements since that statement.

  • Keep reading to find out why Aldi won’t be coming to Tasmania or Hobart.
  • Why Isn’t Aldi Coming To Hobart Or Tasmania?

    Aldi never stated specifically why locations were not opened in Hobart.

    The first is that Tasmania’s cost of living is slightly lower than the Australian mainland. While some people still struggle to afford groceries, they have plenty of options for shopping and getting the best deal.

    Combining this with Tasmania’s low population – 250,000 people in Hobart are the capital, which is about half of all island’s population – and a low density population (7.24 per sq km), doesn’t make it sound like Aldi would be happy in such a market.

    The tiny island can also make it hard to find the right locations. This is because many major cities are already quite large and do not have the space for anything new. Old businesses may close down and leave buildings.

    Aldi has a corporate website which states they are very specific about where and what market it is. This could be why they may wait to expand their market share elsewhere in Australia.

    Aldi Tasmania: Are They Coming To Hobart Or Launceston? (2022)

    What Are Potential Locations For Aldi Stores In Hobart Or Tasmania?

    Hobart seems like the most obvious location for Aldi in Tasmania.

    Other than that, comments on the Bring Aldi to Tasmania Facebook thread mention Devonport and Launceston as well.

    What do people want Aldi Stores in Hobart and Tasmania?

    Hobartians and Tasmanians are very passionate about Aldi.

    Many people are surprised to see the number of Aldi shops in Australia’s main areas. Some even have them in remote locations.

    Hobart’s ABC local news asked the residents of their community what they would like to see. Aldi, along with Costco and Ikea, ranked high.

    One response stated that Aldi would improve the quality of Hobart’s grocery stores, as compared to Aldi.

    One Sarah Blockley created a petition to get Aldi back to Tasmania.

  • It was her opinion that it was unfair for very rural areas like Casino, NSW to have an Aldi shop but Aldi stores…currently do not plan to bring one store to Tasmania.”
  • Her family was able to buy the things that they need and get great discounts with Aldi’s Special Buys, she said.

    Unfortunately, Ms. Blockley was only able to garner 262 signatures, but her passion for the cause is clear.

    Aldi Tasmania: Are They Coming To Hobart Or Launceston? (2022)

    Aldi Hobart Or Tasmania: Other Shops

    In reference to Tasmania’s many supermarket choices, the word “monopoly”, is used repeatedly.

  • Woolworths and Coles are two examples of supermarkets that have recently seen “slashing price on over 200 products, a sign competition is heating up.”
  • Hobart has many charming smaller shops. City Organics is one of them. Their products remind me of Aldi’s Simply Nature, Earth Grown, and liveGfree labels.

    Aldi can be found in New Zealand. Colorado is also available.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi admitted that they do not intend to open stores in Tasmania and Hobart. They also stated that the company has never amended their plans.

    However, German Grocers’ international growth is exponential over the last five or three years. Tasmanians may be ready to open their Aldi stores when they are ready.

    .Aldi Tasmania: Are They Coming To Hobart Or Launceston? (2022)