Does Aldi Own Trader Joe’S

Does Aldi Own Trader Joe’S In 2022? (You’Ll Be Surprised)

Trader Joe’s, with its decidedly Californian, laid-back feel, cheap prices, and unique goods, has achieved cult status among the masses, with Facebook groups and entire websites devoted to the chain of 500-plus stores in 43 states.

  • Aldi is the real owner of this grocery chain paragon. What does Aldi have to do with Trader Joe’s, you ask? Find out more!
  • Does Aldi Own Trader Joe's In 2022? (You'll Be Surprised)

    Aldi Has Trader Joe’s Owned In 2022

    Aldi has Trader Joe’s. But it’s not the Aldi that is familiar to North American shoppers. Aldi Nord is the owner of Trader Joe’s. This was created when two brothers from Germany, Albrecht Discount Chain, split. Aldi Sud oversees Aldi US operations.

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  • Are There Two Aldi’s?

    There are two Aldi entities, and before we can get into the details of how one of those Aldi companies took over Trader Joe’s, it’s important to understand a little bit about the history of the Albrecht family.

    The Albrecht Matriarch, however, opened their first grocery shop in Essen in the early 1900s. However, Germany wasn’t in its best shape after the two World Wars. The Albrecht brothers Theo & Karl returned to the former war and took the control of running the store.

    The brothers saw the dire state of the world around them and decided to create a niche for pantry essentials at extremely low prices. They were eventually able to expand the company and open more stores in Germany.

    They had been getting along quite well until they could not agree to buy cigarettes. Karl was against the idea. He believed that it would draw shoplifters.

    Theo became the sole owner of Aldi Nord. Karl assumed control at Aldi Sud.

    Does Aldi Own Trader Joe's In 2022? (You'll Be Surprised)

    When Did Aldi Nord Take Over Trader Joe’s?

    Aldi Sud eventually expanded into the US in 1976. It is noteworthy because Aldi Nord purchased Trader Joe’s three years later.

    If we had to guess, they were looking for an entry point into the States that wasn’t going to confuse shoppers by sharing a name with a chain already in existence.

    Joe Coulombe, founder of Trader Joe’s (yes there is a Joe!) founded the business in 1979. Theo Albrecht was the CEO at Aldi Nord.’s reporter actually reached out Trader Joe’s for clarification. TJ responded that both entities operate separately.

    Aldi Nord’s affiliate, Trader Joe’s, operates within its own jurisdiction.

    What exactly is Trader Joe’s?

    Theo Albrecht considers buying the California chain Trader Joe’s a smart investment.

    Joe Coulombe is a Stanford University Graduate who founded Trader Joe’s. Coulombe worked in convenience shops and drugstores before he started his own business. Coulombe acquired six Pronto Markets, which he was managing.

    It was the end of 1950s. Coulombe made significant changes to his business model in the subsequent years. He was able to stand out against the flood of 7 Elevens that were selling the same items, and his stores became more unique.

    The chain was renamed Trader Joe’s during the 1960s to honor Trader Vic’s, a Los Angeles-area tiki restaurant. Shortly after that, Aldi Nord made their offer.

    And it’s easy to see why. Coulombe’s business model was more than just finding random objects and putting them together.

    Does Aldi Own Trader Joe's In 2022? (You'll Be Surprised)

    Instead, he curated luxury goods using items that were discontinued or had overstocks. Because he could get them at such a low price, he could transfer the savings to his customers. Are you familiar with this story?

    Whether or not that type of product (high-end/gourmet foods at low prices) made the Aldi Nord purchase of Trader Joe’s intentional, today it’s one of the biggest draws for both Aldi Sud and Trader Joe’s stores, and part of the reason middle-to-upper-class shoppers flock to both.

    Are Trader Joe’s and Aldi Selling The Same Products?

    Though some believe that Trader Joe’s US imports their store labels products from different wholesalers (so we haven’t been able to find any direct evidence), both stores stock similar items. In one case, Aldi appears to have copied.

    The best example of this would be Trader Joe’s cult classic Everything But the Bagel flavoring. It was introduced in 2017 by Aldi. Aldi followed suit with their version under the Stonemill seasonings brand, which they simply named Everything Bagel Seasoning.

    There are also similar products like wine for cheap (Trader Joe’s sells Two Buck Chuck and Aldi’s Winking Owl brand is $2.50/bottle), gourmet cheeses such as naan, butter, and almonds.

    It appears that Trader Joe’s stores carry a greater variety of similar products, since Aldi’s inventory is constrained by space and design. You can imagine granola, pickles, and fruit spreads in a higher quality.

    However, Trader Joe’s pantry staples are lighter than Trader Joe. A quick online search of Trader Joe ” For the Pantry ” pages reveals very few useful basics. Aldi’s 5-lb All-Purpose Flour Bag sells for only $3.99 and the same product sells on Aldi for just $1.15

    There is overlap between their product lines, but they are both competing for disposable income. Both have made it their mission, to sell at low prices.

    It could also be said that Trader Joe’s or Aldi occupy very distinct niches while occasionally crossing over to each other’s lane.

  • Aldi offers all your grocery needs (plus some fun additionals) at an affordable price. While Trader Joe’s can be described as an entire “fun store” with tons of extras, Aldi is more comparable to a full-service supermarket.
  • Does Aldi Own Trader Joe's In 2022? (You'll Be Surprised)

    Does Trader Joe have more value than Aldi’s?

    Aldi’s inventory is 90 percent store label, and Trader Joe’s 80 percent. A lot of people wonder how they match up on quality.

    Aldi takes the lead in one noticeable area. This is why? Trader Joe’s has a reputation for bad produce .

    A writer at even wrote an entire article about the dismal quality of TJ’s fresh fruits and veggies, commenting on the over-packaging of fresh stuffs and how things are bagged in bulk (potentially leading to waste at home).

    Aldi Produce has its critics but they have improved in recent years. They now source locally and receive shipments every day.

    Aldi and TJ have about the same quality produce. Both stores deliver, especially in the fun, unique food categories. Shoppers are fond of Trader Joe’s Black Truffle Cashew Pasta, Vegan Bolognese and French Onion Mc & Cheese.

    Aldi’s side has the Girl Scout Cookie Dupes. These are super cheap and affordable, with a total of $4/package! pineapple mimosas bottles.

  • Read more to learn about Aldi and its competitive advantages. Aldi also has a franchise. 17 Reasons why Aldi costs so little!
  • Conclusion
  • Trader Joe’s is owned by Aldi Nord, a separate entity from Aldi Sud, which operates Aldi US and all its stores here in the United States.

    The distinction can sometimes be confusing, and even misleading. While the difference may initially seem confusing, they have resulted into fierce competition. The resulting innovations on both sides make grocery shopping fun.

    Aldi’S Owns Trader Joe’S

    Aldi Nord has Trader Joe’s Americas, but Aldi Sud manages the Aldi Stores. May 1, 2019,

    Aldi is Opening New Stores in 2022.

    Aldi U.S. hopes to add approximately 150 additional stores by 2022. In addition, the company will continue its expansion in the Gulf Coast area. Aldi U.S. intends to make the United States the 38th State. Batavia, Ill. -based Aldi U.S. said Tuesday that it plans to open a store in Lafayette, La., on Feb. 10, marking the chain’s first location in Louisiana.Feb 8, 2022

    Brothers own Trader Joe’S & Aldi

    Aldi U.S. BB#.116756 has a common myth that it is a sibling or even a relative to Trader Joe BB#.162286. However, it’s not. While the two chains have some similarities, with both following a low-price, private-label-dependent strategy, they are independently owned and operated.Jul 19, 2019

    .Does Aldi Own Trader Joe’S In 2022? (You’Ll Be Surprised)

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