Is Aldi Coming To New Mexico Or Albuquerque In 2022?

Although they have fallen behind in their plans, the German grocery retailer chain continues to strive for 2,500 locations.

  • With states like Arizona finally getting their first Aldi stores, you might be wondering: Is Aldi coming to New Mexico or Albuquerque? You will find the answer below.
  • Is Aldi Coming To New Mexico Or Albuquerque In 2022?

    What Potential Locations Are There For Aldi In New Mexico Or Albuquerque?

    There are plenty of locations Aldi could set up shop in New Mexico and Albuquerque, should they finally turn their sights toward The Land of Enchantment.

    Albuquerque, which has just over half a million residents within its city boundaries and almost one million living in the metro area, is the largest city in New Mexico.

    Quigley Park is one of the most desirable neighborhoods for Aldi.

    Outside of Albuquerque, there is also the state capital, Santa Fe.

    Santa Fe is New Mexico’s 4th largest city. It has an approximate 85,000 population. There are tons of tourist activities for the many historic sites.

    Which is the closest Aldi to Albuquerque and New Mexico?

    Aldi nearest to Albuquerque can be found in Gilbert, Arizona, approximately 320-miles southwest.

    Unfortunately, Texas is located more to the east of the TX/NM border.

    Is Aldi Coming To New Mexico Or Albuquerque In 2022?

    Shoppers Can Go to Other Places Than Aldi in New Mexico and Albuquerque

    Albuquerque residents, New Mexicans, and Albuquerque may not yet own Aldi shops but there are many other options.

    The Sprouts Farmers Market is available at six different locations within Albuquerque as well three other locations across the state. Two of these are located in Santa Fe.

    There are also two Whole Foods Markets in NM, one in Albuquerque and one in Santa Fe.

    Additionally, there are 23 Albertsons Markets across the state. There are two Santa Fe ones and ten in Albuquerque.

    For more on Aldi you can check out our posts about whether Aldi comes to Utah or Washington State.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi’s present building plan is not approved for New Mexico or Albuquerque. However, it shows that the company has no plans to stop expanding the U.S.

    The future will show, but I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect that New Mexico would finally have at least a couple of Aldi stores as the company moves on to its next phase.

    Aldi is Opening New Stores in 2022.

    Aldi plans to open 150 more U.S. shops in 2022. The expansion of the Gulf Coast will also help the discount grocery chain reach its 38th state. Aldi U.S. from Batavia (Ill.) announced Tuesday that the chain will open its first store in Louisiana, Lafayette on February 10.

    Is Aldi Going Out Of Business 2022?

    While many chains, restaurants and stores have closed their doors due to the pandemic it hasn’t seemed that this has affected Aldi or its business model. (via Business Insider). Aldi will be America’s third largest grocery store chain, in terms of total stores count, by 2022,” Business Insider reported. “Jul 12, 2021

    What States do not have Aldi?

    These States and Territories do not have any ALDI locations – Idaho, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, Utah, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming, American Samoa, Washington, Oregon, Guam, Maine, New Mexico, Montana, U.S. Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands.

    Is Aldi’S Owned By Trader Joe’S?

    ALDI and Trader Joe’s don’t share the same parent company, have no joint ownership, and are independently operated. But, the two stores do share a common family heritage. Albrecht Diskont was the original ALDI, which opened in 1900 as one German grocery shop. Feb 23, 2020

    .Is Aldi Coming To New Mexico Or Albuquerque In 2022?

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