Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address

Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

Amazon provides a number of advantages with its delivery services, such as Prime shipping and two-day free shipping. Amazon delivers in almost all cases.

  • Some customers are confused when their parcel is delivered to the wrong address. Continue reading to learn more about what I discovered!
  • Amazon delivered to the wrong address
  • Customers who received their package to an incorrect address must notify Amazon Customer Service at 1-800. If the issue was caused by the delivery service, Amazon will refund customers for the inconvenience. However, this may vary if the customer accidentally selected the wrong address when ordering.

  • Continue reading to learn how to receive a return on a package that has not arrived or what to do if wrongful delivery occurs.
  • Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

    My Amazon Package Was Delivered to the Unsuspecting Address

    There are a few main reasons why an Amazon package was sent to the wrong address.

    Customers may misspell their address. The courier then delivered the parcel to the correct address.

    Another reason is if a customer has recently moved and neglected to update their address.

    Delivery errors are usually caused by the courier not reading the Amazon parcel label.

    Customers are encouraged to check their addresses on the order page prior to placing orders to make sure they have been correctly entered.

    Amazon will refund packages sent to the wrong address

    If customers haven’t received their package and it was delivered to the wrong address, they can request a refund from Amazon.

    The following steps can be used to request a full refund:

    Login to your Amazon account and head to the Your Orders page. Find the incorrectly delivered order, and then select “Problems with your order”. Next, select the “Problems with your Order” option. Then enter the details in the “Request a refund” text box. You can submit the request by clicking “Submit”. Check back periodically for updates.

    Amazon offers a number that customers can use to contact customer support and explain their delivery issues.

    A customer service representative might also be able to offer to replace items with new orders, although this can vary depending upon the rep customers speak to.

    Amazon does not usually offer refunds if there was an error in the address. However, this may vary.

    Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

    Amazon Drivers Held Responsible for Unlawful Deliveries

    Amazon doesn’t hold most Amazon delivery drivers responsible for any packages not delivered properly because they don’t work for Amazon.

    Amazon’s delivery companies may notify the driver if there is a problem with delivery.

    Amazon however, stated they do not accept responsibility for any actions taken by delivery services.

    Prime deliveries may be subject to change. Prime deliveries are usually fulfilled by Amazon-hired drivers.

    Does Amazon Hold Sellers Responsible for Wrongful Deliveries?

    If customers purchase an item from an Amazon third-party seller, that seller is only accountable for a form of violation or abuse taken against the customer.

    Therefore, sellers are not generally held accountable for issues with shipping and handling.

    However, if customers feel the delivery issue was caused by the third-party seller, they can contact the seller directly.

    If the issue was caused by the seller, they may offer a refund or replacement.

    Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

    How can I keep Amazon Packages that were sent by mistake to my home?

    It is recommended that a recipient who receives Amazon parcels they don’t ordered notify Amazon by calling customer service.

    Amazon will sometimes notify recipients that their packages were misplaced and send them an email.

    Therefore, customers should rectify the situation by alerting Amazon customer service to the mistaken delivery, which they can do by phoning customer service or using the instant message feature on

    How can I return an Amazon parcel that I haven’t ordered?

    Customers can notify Amazon customer service if they receive a package by mistake from Amazon. They will need to give them tracking numbers, the recipient’s name, and the address of the package.

    Amazon can track the origin order and will arrange for a delivery driver to collect the parcel from the addressee.

    However, if Amazon cannot rectify the situation, customers are allowed to simply keep the package. If the customer’s number appears on the package customers can also call them to arrange private exchanges.

    It is best to first contact Amazon.

    For more information on Amazon, please visit our post about whether Amazon packages come with receipts or if Amazon will refund your money without returning it. Also, we have posts that explain if Amazon provides a telephone number.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon customer service can help customers if their package arrives at the wrong address. Call 1-877-586-230 to reach them. Amazon will try to locate and recover the item, or provide a return, or send a replacement.

    As well, if a customer receives a package from Amazon that they didn’t order, they can alert Amazon customer service and offer the tracking number, recipient name and home address listed on the package. If this is not resolved, recipients may be allowed to keep their order.

    What happens when Amazon delivers a package to the wrong location?

    If a customer’s package is sent to the wrong address, they can contact Amazon customer service by phoning 1-877-586-3230, where Amazon will either attempt to recover the package, issue a refund or a replacement package if they cannot locate the original item.

    Is it possible to cancel an Amazon parcel that was sent by mistake?

    Amazon may be contacted through their account to address the problem. They will then attempt to rectify it quickly. Amazon will send you a prepaid shipping label if you are wrongly charged for an incorrectly ordered item. Amazon pays the return shipping cost.

    .Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

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