Amazon Stolen Package Policy

Amazon Stolen Package Policy (What To Do, Refunds + More)

You can shop online from your smartphone or laptop. However, you need to wait to receive your package. This can lead to concerns regarding stolen packages depending upon where you live or how often you go home.

Amazon Stolen Package Policy (What To Do, Refunds + More)

If you love to shop online like me but you have security concerns, you may be wondering what is Amazon’s stolen package policy?

  • So I was curious and wanted the exact same information. I did some research and found the following: Amazon’s approach to stolen package theft.
  • What Is Amazon’s Stolen Package Policy In 2022?

    The theft of packages has increased to new heights in America. Every day, more than one million packages are lost or stolen. Amazon provides assurance to customers with A-to Z Guarantee Protection which protects against the vast majority of packages that are stolen. Amazon will refund your money if it isn’t possible to return the package.

  • If you want to know more about Amazon’s stolen package policy, including how to report a stolen package and get a refund, keep reading our full guide!
  • Amazon Stolen Package Policy (What To Do, Refunds + More)

    You’re a victim of theft.

    Amazon offers several protection options against packages being stolen. If you believe your package was stolen, you may report it to your Amazon account.

    You should first check to see if your order is on its way. It’s possible that your package didn’t arrive as you expected.

    If the delivery status of your shipment is incorrect, it may be worth contacting your neighbours to confirm.

    It’s possible the Amazon delivery driver made an honest mistake and dropped your package at the wrong house.

    If the package is still missing and you think it was stolen, let Amazon know via the option to report a problem with the order in your account.

    It is important to keep your eyes open for any suspicious packages. There could be an attempted delivery notice or it may have been dropped at your mailbox.

    Amazon recommends waiting 48 hours to receive your packages.

    This may occur if you live in a regional area where multiple carriers are handling your delivery, instead of just Amazon.

    How To Report A Stolen Amazon Package?

    Log in to your Amazon account, and then go to the order that is missing. The reporting process varies depending on whether an item was purchased from Amazon or a third party seller.

    You will have to first contact Amazon Marketplace seller if you want to file a claim for stolen packages.

    In your account’s order details section, there is an option to contact seller. The seller can be reached directly by email or via their app. After that, they will need 24 hours to reply.

    If the seller does not contact you within 24 hours, then you can proceed to file a complaint.

    You can make a claim under your transactions by selecting the order and following the prompts to report a problem under the “where’s my stuff” option.

    Amazon or the third seller will contact you in order for them to address the problem further and find a solution.

    For items sold and fulfilled by Amazon, you just go to the order and select the view/file claim option.

    Be sure to fill in the necessary fields. Please explain how and when you got the package.

    This is your chance to provide as much information as you can, including if you have any security camera footage of someone actually stealing it.

    You don’t need to have a camera to request a refund. Just be honest with your details.

    Amazon Customer Service can be reached directly to help you if your request has not been answered within several days.

    How Common Are Stolen Amazon Packages?

    Amazon offers many options to ensure safe shipping. These include setting preferences for shipping speed so that you are home and signatures for expensive items. Prime members can also get in-home or garage deliveries using Amazon Key.

    Amazon’s reputation for fast, safe delivery and excellent security measures cannot stop all packages being stolen, even though they have all the right safeguards.

    It is estimated that there are more than 1.7 million lost and stolen packages in America each day. Amazon is unfortunately the most popular e-retailer in the US.

    1 in 3 Americans say they’ve had at least one package stolen, leading to $25 million in lost goods every day.’s recent study has found Amazon packages most vulnerable to theft. 52 percent reported that Amazon deliveries were stolen while only 43 percent reported USPS delivery thefts.

    According to studies, Amazon packages were also more vulnerable to theft than FedEx or UPS. Amazon provides protection from package theft.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon is the best place to shop online. Every year millions of packages are shipped. As package theft increases in the U.S., porch pirates often look for Amazon boxes.

    Amazon customers have the advantage of the A-toz Guarantee, which protects package theft. You can get a return or a replacement on most packages that are stolen.

    If you suspect a missing package was stolen, and it shows up as delivered in your Amazon account, you can contact the seller and start the claim process to get a refund.

    .Amazon Stolen Package Policy (What To Do, Refunds + More)

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