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USPS has been issuing stamps for decades. The USPS has been issuing stamps for decades. It’s natural to ask if there are expiration dates.

So if your desk is cluttered with stamps, don’t worry! Continue reading to learn when USPS stamps will expire.

Do USPS Stamps Expire In 2022? (Not What You Think)

Do USPS Stamps Expire In 2022?

USPS stamps can be used for as long time as they’re in good condition. Forever Stamps which USPS issued in 2007 are non-denominational. These stamps always reflect current rates of first-class mailage. The dollar-value stamps do not expire but can be combined with any other stamps in order to show the current rate of postage.

  • Even though your stamps never expire, it’s sometimes difficult to figure out how much they really are worth. Find out how much your stamps are worth!
  • What can I do to find out if my USPS stamps are still good?

    A simple glance is all you need to do to know if your USPS stamps are still good.

    If your stamps have the word “Forever” printed somewhere, then feel free to stick one on an envelope and put your letter in the mail (as long as it weighs less than one ounce! ).

    Forever Stamps are considered “non-denominated” by the USPS. This is because the stamps don’t come with any money printed on them.

    Forever Stamps’ value changes in function of the current value of first-class postage. In other words, a Forever Stamp will forever be worth the current value of first-class postage.

    If you buy Forever Stamps today and postage goes up tomorrow, your stamps will reflect the current value of first-class postage, even though you bought them at a lower price.

    USPS sells Forever Stamps and stamps bearing a number, followed by the cent symbol. You can choose from a variety of denominations, including 1C/ to 10C/.

    These stamps can be used whenever you like. You will need to verify the price of your postage in order to determine which stamps are available.

    When you are aware of how much it costs to postage, you can use as many cent stamps that you like.

    Note that stamps with an monetary value can have a year printed.

    This indicates the year in which the USPS adopted the stamp. It doesn’t have anything to do with expiration dates. These stamps are the same as Forever Stamps. They don’t expire.

    Do USPS Stamps Expire In 2022? (Not What You Think)

    What about old USPS stamps?

    In most cases, yes you can. Your old stamps can still be used as long as the USPS validates them as valid postage.

    A stamp is considered legitimate if it is clean and adheres to the envelope.

    USPS might reject your stamp if the stamp has been damaged. A stamp could be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Borders that are damaged or torn
  • If the value/price of the stamp cannot be read or is blurred, it may also appear smeared, obscured, or not visible.
  • The stamp has lost its adhesiveness. The USPS rejects stamps that have been covered in tape or glue.

    If you have any doubts about some old stamps floating around in your junk drawer, bring them into USPS and have a mail clerk make the final decision.

    How Long Are USPS Forever Stamps Good For?

    USPS Forever Stamps, as the name implies, are valid forever.

    Forever Stamps have no fixed value. This is in contrast to stamps from the past, which were marked with a dollar value. Their value is determined by the USPS postage rate.

    Forever Stamps are available at current prices. First-class mailage is included in the purchase price.

    Your Forever Stamp is valid for the value of first class postage if it’s not used within five years.

    To make it clearer, let’s take a look at an illustration. Forever Stamps first introduced their 2007 Forever Stamps in 2007, and the price of first-class mailage was $0.41.

    It was currently $0.58. Forever Stamps are now worth $0.58 if you purchased them between 2007 and 2020.

    Do USPS Stamps Expire In 2022? (Not What You Think)

    Global Forever(r). Stamps Are Expiring

    Just like domestic Forever Stamps, USPS’ Global Forever(r) stamps never expire.

    Global Forever(r), is part of USPS First Class Mail International (r). This is the most inexpensive way to send letters or postcards to more 180 countries (including Canada, Great Britain and Australia).

    For one flat price, one Global Forever(r), stamp can be used to send 1oz letter or postcards almost anywhere on Earth.

    Even if your postage rises, your stamps will remain valid and available to send your mail.

    What happens to USPS shipping labels?

    USPS shipping label have an expiration day, which is different from stamps. Technically speaking, USPS shipping labels “expire” 28 days after you purchase them.

    It is the officially cutoff date of day 28, but this isn’t a rigid rule. The USPS generally gives you 2 to 3 days grace when shipping labels are used.

    However, each Post Office can use their own discretion.

  • Some places may not accept labels until weeks after their printed shipping date. Other locations will refuse to accept labels less than 24 hours after the printed ship date. Everything depends.
  • If the mail clerk at your Post Office refuses labels that you believe are still within an acceptable range, you can ask to speak with the Postmaster.

    Be patient if they won’t listen. USPS will not scan the labels you provide when you make your purchase.

    That means the tracking numbers never enter their system. Your online shipping software can issue a refund. You may then purchase a brand new label with the money.

    Find out more information on USPS. You may also want to read the related posts: Does USPS notarize documents? Do USPS require signatures? How long USPS holds packages.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS stamps do not expire. This includes both denominational stamps, Forever Stamps and Global Forever(r) stamps. If your stamps have not been damaged, are in good condition, and you can use them as normal.

    While USPS stamps do not expire, USPS shipping labels technically can. While shipping labels last for 28 calendar days, they can be used up to a maximum of 14 weeks from date of purchase. Depending on the local Post Office, you might have more time.

    .Do Usps Stamps Expire In 2022? (Not What You Think)

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