Does Amazon Own Zappos

Does Amazon Own Zappos In 2022? (The Complete Story)

Zappos was established in July 1999 to be an online shoe store. Soon, Zappos expanded to include handbags and clothing.

  • If you’re a shoe lover like me and you enjoy shopping for footwear online, you may be thinking, does Amazon own Zappos? You’re asking a wonderful question. So I decided to do some research.
  • Does Amazon Own Zappos In 2022? (The Complete Story)

    Does Amazon Own Zappos In 2022?

    Amazon has owned Zappos since 2009 when it was purchased in a $1.2 billion deal, and Amazon has continued to operate the online shoe retailer as a separate site where shoppers can stock up on thousands of shoe styles with a 365-day return policy. Zappos is only one of the over 100 Amazon companies.

  • Keep reading to find out more about Amazon’s relationship with Zappos.
  • What is Zappos?

    Zappos is an online store for clothing and shoes that originated as

    In just three months after its initial launch, Nick Swinmum became the Zappos founder and business grew quickly.

    Also, the name “Zappos” comes from the Spanish word for shoes (Zapatos), and it’s become one of the most popular brands in online shoe shopping.

    Zappos is a retailer of shoes, clothing and handbags for children, women and men.

    Retailer also maintains a huge inventory with thousands of styles and brands of footwear, including some of the most popular names such as Converse, Adidas, Nike and New Balance.

  • Zappos also offers a wide selection of shoes for runners and high-heeled shoppers.
  • Zappos’s range of clothing and handbags has increased substantially, but the retailer remains focused on customer satisfaction and ease-of-use shopping.

    Does Amazon Own Zappos In 2022? (The Complete Story)

    Why Did Amazon Buy Zappos?

    Amazon and Zappos share similar beginnings, as Amazon began as an online bookseller and Zappos started as an online shoe seller.

    The companies both grew rapidly, but Amazon’s has been much faster. Amazon is worth $1.76 billion and will continue to grow over the coming decade.

    Amazon thus decided to acquire Zappos, a company that has positive effects on customers in 2009, to enhance its business portfolio.

  • Jeff Bezos was the Amazon founder at that time. He stated, “Zappos has always been a customer-focused organization.” We believe there are tremendous opportunities for both companies for learning from one another and creating better experiences for customers.
  • Amazon certainly recognized Zappos’ potential. Zappos’ annual sales now exceeds $2Billion. has thousands of shoe sales directly through Zappos. This retailer can have greater influence and control than two of the most popular sites to purchase shoes online.

    Many customers don’t know Zappos exists. Therefore, they purchase shoes online to support Amazon.

    Amazon Does Amazon Have Other Companies?

    Zappos doesn’t have to be Amazon’s only acquisition, Amazon also has many other companies, especially in the retail sector.

    The smart business decisions of Amazon to diversify their portfolio and make sure it’s present in other industries is part of this strategy.

    While Zappos is Amazon’s most well-known subsidiary, Whole Foods Market and Whole Foods Market are two of its best-known, there are many others you should be aware of.

    Here are some other companies that Amazon owns, you might recognize.

  • Audiobook
  • Body Labs
  • IMDb
  • Ring
  • Twitch
  • Zoox
  • Amazon subsidiaries also cover outside companies and other divisions of Amazon such as:

  • Amazon Air
  • Amazon Books
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Amazon Games
  • Amazon Logistics
  • Amazon Robotics
  • Amazon Studios
  • Amazon was early in acquiring Zappos in 2009. This is a testament to the fact that Amazon has acquired many companies in the past decade.

    Whole Foods Market was bought for $13Billion in 2017.

    Furthermore, Amazon’s acquisition of Amazon had an important impact on U.S. grocery industry and increased Amazon’s competition against traditional supermarkets.

    Amazon has been a leading online seller of shoes since Zappos’ purchase. Other acquisitions have helped to cement Amazon as a Fortune 500 leader.

    Amazon and the acquisitions it made, such as Zappos., seem to have been set up for lasting success. Each year, Amazon’s stock price rises by billions.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon has owned Zappos since November 2009, and the popular online shoe retailer is just one of over 100 companies within Amazon’s portfolio.

    Zappos shares the same CEO and chairman as other Amazon-owned companies. The headquarters of Zappos are located in Las Vegas. Revenues totalling $2 billion.

    As Zappos’ parent company, Amazon oversees its operations and benefits from its profits.

    Amazon is not only the owner of Zappos but also Whole Foods and Twitch.

    If you’re looking for shoes or clothing online, is the best option.

    .Does Amazon Own Zappos In 2022? (The Complete Story)

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