Walmart Computer & Laptop Return Policy 2022

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A computer, whether it be a desktop or laptop, is a huge purchase. When you buy something so costly, you want the comfort of knowing that you can return it.

Walmart sells tablets and laptops. However, you can’t return these electronic devices if you purchase them from Walmart. These are the facts that I was able to find.

  • Walmart Computer & Laptop Return Policy 2022
  • Walmart allows customers to return laptops and computers within 30 days of their purchase. Walmart customers will need to have their original packaging and any receipts to prove that they purchased the laptop. Customers may choose between a cash credit or refund.

  • Here is everything you need to know about returning a laptop or computer to Walmart!
  • Walmart Computer & Laptop Return Policy 2022 (Full Guide)

    How Long Do I Have to Return a Laptop or Computer to Walmart?

    Walmart accepts returns for orders placed online within 90 days.

    However, computers and laptops represent an exception to this rule.

    A laptop/computer purchased online or in-store has a 30-day return policy. This includes brands such as Acer, HP and Lenovo. Return it to Walmart either in-store or online within 30 calendar days.

    Some websites claim you can return your computer in 14 days. However, the Walmart website claims that it takes 30 days.

    What do I need to return a laptop or computer to Walmart?

    For a customer to return a computer/laptop to Walmart they must keep the original packaging. Walmart can confirm the purchase of the laptop or computer by taking the original packaging’s barcode and the information contained on it.

    It is impossible to prove that you purchased the computer from Walmart without its packaging.

    Walmart will not accept any return. They may accept it back, although it is possible. It is worth calling your local Walmart to verify.

    Walmart Computer & Laptop Return Policy 2022 (Full Guide)

    Do I Need The Accessories to Return My Laptop or Computer?

    When returning your device, all accessories, including keyboards, charger cables, monitors, and mice, will be returned.

    What do I need to return my laptop to Walmart?

    A receipt makes it much easier for you to make your return.

    The receipt is not required to be returned. But it is possible with computers. Without a receipt it becomes difficult because the computer cannot show purchase date.

    In many cases, you will receive the refund in store credit instead of a direct refund if your receipt is not provided.

  • A computer will likely request a refund. It is best to keep your receipt.
  • Walmart Computer & Laptop Return Policy 2022 (Full Guide)

    Walmart’s return policy on computer accessories and laptops:

    All laptop accessories that Walmart sells fall within the standard 90 day return policy.

  • However, there are some additional electronics that you may purchase along with your computer that also have a 30-day return policy which includes…
  • Printer (except 3D printers)
  • Tablets
  • Computer Hardware
  • You can return other accessories for computers like thumb drives, keyboards, mouses, or mice within the normal 90-day period.

    How Computer Accessories can you not return to Walmart

  • Certain computer accessories cannot be returned to Walmart. These include
  • Software delivered by email
  • Video Gamecards
  • The item you have purchased is not eligible for return.

  • Laptops and Computers Make Holiday Returns
  • The holidays provide an exception to Walmart’s normal return procedure. Walmart gives an additional 10 day extension for returns during November or December. The normal return policy for computers will resume on December 26th.

    If you buy a laptop during holidays you will have 15 days to return the item.

    For more information on returning products to Walmart please visit our other posts about the Walmart iPad and Walmart phone returns policies, as well as the Walmart TV return policy.

    Can I Return A Laptop To Walmart After 30 Days?

    Walmart has a 30-day policy regarding consumer electronics. This includes tablets and laptops as well as computers. The return policy states that a receipt is required to return electronics.Oct 30, 2021

    How does Walmart handle returns of electronic products?

    Walmart Return Policy Walmart will accept returns in the following 90 days from purchase. This applies to all products, with a few exceptions, such as the following: Electronics including but not limited to computers, camcorders, digital music players, and GPS units must be returned within 15 days with receipt.

    How long can I keep my laptop in storage?

    The 15 day return window for a laptop must be within the same period as the day it was purchased.

    Can I Return A Laptop To Walmart After 90 Days?

    Can I Return An Item To Walmart After 90 Days, Even Without A Receipt? Walmart stores will sometimes accept items returned with no receipt after 90 day. Walmart Managers can, at their discretion, accept returns that are overdue without providing receipt.

    .Walmart Computer & Laptop Return Policy 2022 (Full Guide)

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