Best Backpack Blowers

Poulan Pro Pr48Bt, 48Cc 2-Cycle Gas 475 Cfm 200 Mph Backpack Leaf Blower

Poulan Pro PR48BT, 48cc 2-Cycle Gas 475 CFM 200 MPH Backpack Leaf Blower
Poulan Pro PR48BT, 48cc 2-Cycle Gas 475 CFM 200 MPH Backpack Leaf Blower: This lightweight blower is packed with all sorts of load-reducing harness for optimal fit, superior comfort, minimal strain, and reduced fatigue for users of any size. Variable speed throttle control.Adjustable shoulder straps. Poulan Pro PR48BT, 48cc 2-Cycle Gas 475 CFM 200 MPH Backpack Leaf Blower The Poulan Pro PR48BT is a powerful backpack blower that features a 48 cc 2-cycle engine for superior performance. This lightweight blower is packed with all sorts of load-reducing harness for optimal fit, superior comfort, minimal strain, and reduced fatigue for users of any size. The variable speed throttle control allows you to choose the right amount of power needed to handle your lawn care tasks.
  • 48Cc 2-Stroke Engine
  • 200 Mph/475 Cfm
  • Cruise Control. Heavy Duty Frame
  • This Lightweight Blower Is Packed With All Sorts Of Load-Reducing Harness For Optimal Fit Superior Comfort Minimal Strain And Reduced Fatigue For Users Of Any Size
  • Variable Speed Throttle Control.Adjustable Shoulder Straps

The Poulan Pro PR48BT backpack leafblower is a lightweight blower that’s perfect for anyone looking to reduce fatigue and strain while they work. With a 48cc 2-stroke engine, this leafblower can reach speeds of up to 200 mph and has a 475 cfm rating, making it powerful enough to take care of any job you might have. Additionally, the adjustable shoulder straps make it comfortable for users of any size, and the cruise control feature allows you to easily adjust the speed of the blower without having to take your hands off the throttle. Looking for a lightweight blower that’s powerful and comfortable? This 48cc 2-stroke gas blower can reach speeds of up to 200 mph, making quick work of any leaf pile.

Husqvarna 360Bt Backpack Blower, Orange

Husqvarna 360BT Backpack Blower, Orange
The powerful and easy to start X-Torq engine in combination with efficient fan design delivers high air speed and air flow. Maximum power speed: 8100 rpm Air Purge: Removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting Powerful commercial-style backpack blower designed for professional landscapers The Husqvarna 360BT Backpack Blower is a powerful commercial-style backpack blower designed for the outdoor professional. The X-Torq engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60 Percent and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20 Percent. The high blowing capacity of this powerful and easy to start X-Torq engine in combination with efficient fan design delivers high air speed and air flow. Maximum power speed: 8100 rpm.
  • X-Torq Engine The X-Torq Engine Design Reduces Harmful Exhaust Emissions By Up To 60 Percent And Increases Fuel Efficiency By Up To 20 Percent
  • Utilize Full Blow Force With Minimal Arm Strain The Offset Handle Makes The Blow Forces Easier To Control By Preventing The Arm From Being Pulled Downwards
  • High Blowing Capacity The Powerful And Easy To Start X-Torq Engine In Combination With Efficient Fan Design Delivers High Air Speed And Air Flow.Maximum Power Speed8100 Rpm
  • Air Purge Removes Air From Carburetor And Fuel System For Easy Starting
  • Powerful Commercial-Style Backpack Blower Designed For Demanding Tasks. X-Torq Engine For Excellent Performance Good Fuel Economy And Low Emissions. High Air Speed Combined With Large Air Flow Gives Sufficient Capacity For Most Jobs

The Husqvarna 360BT Backpack Blower is perfect for clearing debris from large areas. With its X-Torq engine, this blower delivers high air speed and air flow, while the offset handle allows you to control the blow forces with minimal arm strain. Look no further than the Husqvarna 360BT. Plus, with its high blowing capacity, this blower is perfect for clearing away leaves and debris.

Husqvarna 965102208 130Bt Back Pack Blower

Husqvarna 965102208 130BT Back pack Blower
This backpack blower has the X-Torq engine which reduces harmful emissions by 60% and increases fuel efficiency by 20%. The ergonomic handle can be adjusted to fit the operator and has rubber inserts for a comfortable grip. It’s harness is shaped to fit the contours of your body, and it’s padded for added comfort. It features an X-Torq engine that reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 60% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%. This backpack blower has an ergonomic handle that can be adjusted to fit the operator, as well as rubber inserts for a comfortable grip. A padded harness is shaped to fit the contours of the operator, making it more comfortable. The cruise control feature allows you to set your desired speed for easier handling
  • X-Torq Engine The X-Torq Engine Design Reduces Harmful Exhaust Emissions By Up To 60% And Increases Fuel Efficiency By Up To 20%
  • Ergonomic Handle The Handle Can Be Adjusted To Fit The Operator And Has Rubber Inserts For A Comfortable Grip.
  • Comfortable Harness Padded Harness Is Shaped To Fit The Contours Of The Operator.
  • Cruise Control Variable Speed Throttle With Cruise Control Can Be Set For Easier Handling
  • Air Purge Removes Air From Carburetor And Fuel System For Easy Starting

The Husqvarna 965102208 130BT Backpack Blower is perfect for anyone who wants a quality product that is easy to use. With its X-Torq engine, it reduces harmful emissions and increases fuel efficiency. Plus, the comfortable harness and ergonomic handle make it easy to use for long periods of time. Looking for a powerful and easy-to-use backpack blower? This machine is equipped with an X-Torq engine that reduces emissions and increases fuel efficiency, making it environmentally friendly and economical to operate. The ergonomic handle can be adjusted to fit any operator, and the comfortable harness ensures a fatigue-free experience.

Best Backpack Blowers

Best Backpack Blowers

Best Jobsite Radio For 2022

The Best Festool Accessories 2022 Top 12 Exciting Tools 2021 (plus a Bonus). Toro 60V Cordless 10-Inch pole saw Review 51870. Best Backpack Leaf Blower 2021 Reviews. What is it like to feel Hurricane Irma on your shoulders? One of the most popular backpack leaf blowers can give you a pretty good representation. With air velocity exceeding 200 MPH and CFMs reaching for four digits, these monster air movers make short work of leaves and mower shrapnel. You won’t find a single winner with our backpack leaf blower reviews. Instead, we customize picks to suit every purpose and situation.

Leaf blowers are made by many manufacturers. Those include handheld, backpack, 2-stroke, 4-stroke, gas, and battery-powered (also called electric or cordless). These are the best backpack leaf blowers, but this list shrinks quickly. Here’s a roundup of our top picks for backpack leaf blowers. All backpacks were tested in the real world. After that, our scientific instruments were connected to get tons of data.

Best Backpack Blowers

Best Backpack Blower For Money

Echo PB770T Backpack leaf blower After testing a variety of models, the Echo PB770T was our choice. Our pick came for a variety of reasons. However, value does not necessarily translate to the cheapest. The Echo PB770T came in at $499 and was one of the best high-performance blowers.

Echo PB-770T remains lightweight, while still putting out more than 36 Newtons. It also has one of our most reliable airspeeds. This makes it a valuable blower for pros and homeowners.

Add to that excellent fuel-efficiency and run-time, and you get a great price for entry.


Best Backpack Blowers

This is the best backpack leaf blower

To find the best blasters for clearing this yard, we tested several ranges.

Backpack leaf blowers are one of the best ways to cope with the inevitable fallout. They are much more powerful and larger than the tools you have at your disposal. Consider investing in a backpack-powered blower for those who value efficiency and convenience while still achieving leaf-moving performance. We’ve tested many in preparation for fall yard work, so read on for our insights, findings, and recommendations.

Things To Consider First, they crank out a lot of noise, both from the large engine (or motor) and the amount of air they move. These machines are much faster than a leaf blower or rake.

Because they are lightweight, backpack leaf blowers can make leaf cleaning less tedious. It is easier to put the leaf blower down and then move the gas grill or other yard furniture to the side before you resume blowing. However, they are more bulky and will take up more room in your shed or garage.

Clearing leaves is easier with more power. However, to have that much power, you will need more motors, fans, batteries and engines. You also need weight. Our largest blowers begin to approach 30 pounds. You may find that this is too much weight depending on your ability, age, or interest. You may be better off with a lighter and less powerful blower that helps you move more nimbly. You should also remember that stronger blowers have more recoil. The effort of pushing back against the recoil is tiring.

The next step is to think about the amount of machine that you’ll need, and how your work style will be affected by backpack blowers. Although big jobs are more demanding than smaller machines, you don’t need a powerful machine if the job is not in your best interest. Is it you or your family working alone? You might consider adding a backpack with a blower, leaf rake, or handheld blower. Do you think a mower or bagger should be part of your leaf-clearing equipment? The combination of several methods, for the majority of people, will be more efficient and economical. You can combine our data with your previous experience to make an informed purchase.

How We Tested We gathered backpack leaf blowers ranging from gas-engine machines to those feeding off large batteries. Gas models ranged in size from 32 to a massive 79.9cc beast, and battery-powered backpacks were suited for professional-duty to homeowner use. Then we went to work blowing leaves, sawdust, and yard debris.

With the machine set to max power, continuous run time was measured for battery-powered units. It was difficult to accurately measure air speed. We purchased an MGL Avionics Stratomaster Vega Air Speed Indicator (Anemometer) to measure airspeed on an aircraft, connected it with a 12-volt DC power supply, and then built our own test apparatus. This allowed us to gauge the speed of air six inches away from the tip. Sound levels were also taken at 75 feet from the operator. We used a sawdust erosion experiment to visualize the flow of air from the blower. We taped off a large section of pavement and covered it with a thin layer of sawdust, then blew the leaf blowers horizontally across it, leaving an impression of the shape of the air stream. Our other tests included timing the length of time we took to blow leaves out from a rectangle. We also used this test to determine if they were able skim bricks across pavement with our largest blowers.

Not only did we record data but also evaluated features like ergonomics, visibility of gas tanks, comfort, adjustability, and visibility. These are the top eight leaf blowers.

Best Backpack Blowers

10 Best Backpack Leaf Blowers Of 2022 [Reviews]

A backpack leaf-blower can help you save your back and reduce the time spent raking fallen leaves. For fall cleaning, our team scoured the market to find the most effective backpack leaf blowers.

Every leaf blower has been ranked according to the different performance criteria homeowners are most interested in. You are on a limited budget and need to shop for a leaf blower? The best backpack leaf blowers will provide you with the greatest bang for your dollar. Are you looking for a leaf blower which isn’t too bulky? Here’s a solution:

You can find our top 10 backpack leaf-blowers. We also have the 3 most popular backpack leaf-blowers overall and the 7 best backpack blade blowers within different categories. Let us weigh each backpack leaf blower and show you the specs.

The Best Backpack Leaf Blowers: How did we measure them? After gathering the top options, we evaluated the performance of each leaf blower by comparing their most important numbers MPH and CFM. A performance index formula was used to better evaluate the data.

This is how it was done: MPH x CFM x.0001 = Performance Index. We ranked leaf blowers based on their performance index.

The Top 10 Best Backpack Leaf Blowers (Reviews) *Note that prices are subject to alter.

1. The Husqvarna 575BTS backpack leaf blower is the best overall. Although the price tag may seem high, once the engine is started and the powerful power of this equipment begins to flow, it will be well worth the money.

The Husqvarna 570BTS is perfect for homeowners who need a powerful machine to do the hard work with little effort. Living near deciduous trees, with lots of leaf piles, or having to battle hills makes yard work more challenging? If so, this is your leaf blower.


MPH – 236.2 mph

Best Backpack Blowers

Differences In Leaf Blower Performance

Performance is everything. The most important numbers for your leaf blower are cubic feet per second and miles per hours. Check out the FAQs at end to find more details on CFM and MPH.

Commercial grade gas leaf blowers, typically reserved for your lawn care company , will have a CFM of over 700. These leaf blowers have a lot of power and are designed for challenging tasks. They can also be difficult to manage if they aren’t properly trained. CFM rates are higher for high-performing commercial leaf blowers. They can reach as high as 900s and even 1,000s.

To make our Top 10 List of Best Homeowner Leaf Blowers, we will be sticking with leaf blowers under 800 CFM. We don’t want you flying across your lawn with a leaf blower you can’t handle. However, if you need that extra power from lower-performing commercial leaf blowers, there are a few that fall within the 700 CFM category.

Best Backpack Blowers

Shootout – At The Ok Corral

While we don’t want to ruin the ending of this story, we will give you some hints about what’s coming. The testing of the backpack blowers was transformed into testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing, testing again. This is redundant. This could include six of these blowers, and then you would just shake the drum up to get one. The best one will succeed in your tasks, so it’s important to choose the right brand.

These guys would either be best friends or look like Swiss cheese if they were forced into a fight against one another. We have included all the data and charts below. It is our goal to end with reliable results that can be replicated, and backed up not with thoughts and opinions, but with actual data.

Our best backpack blower review featured seven brands. The roundup includes Stihl and RedMax as well as Echo, Husqvarna (Makita), Shindaiwa, Shindaiwa and Makita. Efco wasn’t the only manufacturer who declined to send their trusty horse into the race. You might be surprised if you proceed with caution

Best Backpack Blowers

Best Backpack Leaf Blowers Of 2021

What are the best ways to determine if you actually need one? Affiliate commissions can be earned by shopping through links provided on our website. All fees collected are donated to our non-profit mission.

For starters, the best backpack leaf blowers run for a long time: 30 to 60 minutes for battery-powered models and even longer for gas models, provided you refuel them. Battery-powered handhelds typically run between 12 and 15 minutes.

Here’s an important point: it’s easier to carry the leaf blower’s weight on your back rather than your hands.

Misha Kolontai, CR’s chief engineer responsible for testing leaf blowers, said that “handheld blowers can get very tiring if they have many layers to collect.” “Backpack blowers are better for that because the weight is dispersed over our back. Plus, they tend to work faster.”

Best Backpack Blowers

Top Backpack Blower Review


An integrated ventilated, ventilated harness with a hip-belt that fits the shape of the operator as well as wide shoulder straps

Maintain constant fan speed with the cruise-control feature

The air purge function cleans the fuel system and carburetor to make it easier for starting.


Larger Tanks

Engine kill switch and throttle cruise control are one and the same

Husqvarna 350BT gas backpack leaf blower is the best on the market. It is equipped with a 2.1 HP XTorq 2 stroke engine, which can generate a wind speed as high as 180 MPH at a maximum speed speed of 7,500 rpm.

It emits 20% less CO2 and consumes 20 percent less fuel.

Check out this model if you are searching for the very best.

Best Backpack Blowers

Gas Vs. Batterie Backpack Leaf Blower

Both of them beat corded blowers easily due to their power and range. The comparison of each is in the speed, power, and the amount of airflow put out. You may not need the entire horsepower to manage a lot of land up to half an inch in size. These individuals need to be able to rely on these machines for their business.

A backpack leaf blower’s best friend is one that can handle all types of leaves. You don’t need much horsepower if you have dry leaves and clippings. For large debris and damp leaves, however, you will require top-notch horsepower. The gas backpack leaf blower will win every situation.

Even though they use heavy, lithium-rechargeable batteries to power their blowers, the battery-powered ones are much lighter. The battery-powered blowers weigh more than the gas-powered ones due to their heavier motor, carburetor and gas tank.

Maintenance would be another issue to say battery-powered is better. There are fewer parts to worry about when maintaining a backpack blower. Each has its pros and cons, but the real issue is how the user intends to use the backpack blower.

Best Backpack Blowers

4. Makita Bbx7600N: Secure Value Backpack Leaf Blower 4.5/5

Makita, BBX7600N 75.6cc MM4 4-Stroke engine…

This is the second best blower I own. It comes with a powerful 4-stroke motor which runs very smoothly, and produces minimal noise. This is an extremely powerful gasoline and backpack leaf blower gas that has a 75.6cc engine. It’s best used to maintain large lawns. You don’t need to add fuel before the engine runs.

You can aim the blower in any direction you like thanks to the hip adjustment. This is also useful in helping reduce the weight. You can use it for long periods of time with ease thanks to the well-padded and snug straps. The design of this leaf blower makes it very simple to use.

The majority of customers I worked with had difficulties assembling this product. It comes only with three attached turbines. There is an adjustable length that you can make to adjust the comfort of using it. It has a hole to fix the trigger onto the tube. This screw can be used to secure the tube and ensure it performs at its best. To lubricate your blower, add a bit more oil and then fuel to complete the job.

What I like most about this blower is the fact that besides having the best backpack leaf blower ratings, it is very cheap to maintain. This blower can remove up to four inches of snow from your driveway and pave the path for you in no time.

Makita leaf blower, despite its many benefits, is much heavier than others of comparable size and horsepower. For mounting or dismounting it, I keep it placed on the table or trailer fender. Because it’s not light, it won’t fall off.

The 4-stroke engine, 3.8-hp, supports the blower. It also has the option of the cruise control and a cruise control button. The engine provides opportunities for very quiet operations and no fuel mixing. Mechanically, the engine can also be turned on and off quickly. Furthermore, it is equipped with powerful filters. They can help avoid blower damage and can easily be replaced.

The on/off switch makes it easy to use

Best for commercial purposes

Cushioned, comfortable and supportive straps

.Best Backpack Blowers
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