Best Cordless Leaf Vacuums

Greenworks 40V (185 Mph) Brushless Cordless Blower / Vacuum, 4.0Ah Battery And Charger Included 24322

Greenworks 40V (185 MPH) Brushless Cordless Blower / Vacuum, 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included 24322
Looking for a powerful, durable and long-lasting cordless blower/vacuum? Look no further than the Greenworks 40V (185 MPH) Brushless Cordless Blower / Vacuum. With its brushless motor, this tool provides more power, performance and durability – perfect for any homeowner. The variable speed dial with turbo button allows you to select the perfect speed for the job, while the tool-less blower to vacuum conversion makes it easy to switch between modes. And with its superior mulching performance, this blower/vacuum is The Greenworks 40V (185 MPH) Brushless Cordless Blower / Vacuum is the perfect yard tool for anyone looking for superior mulching performance, durability, and value.
  • 185 Mph / 340 Cfm
  • Up To 21 Minutes Run-Time On High In Blower Mode
  • Brushless Motor Provides More Power Performance And Durability
  • Variable Speed Dial With Turbo Button – 6 Speed Selections
  • Tool-Less Blower To Vacuum Conversion
  • Superior Muchling Performance
  • Cushioned Overmold Grip
  • Includes 40V 4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery (120 Minute Charge Time)
  • 4-Year Tool / 2-Year Battery Warranty Protects Your Investment

Don’t let your outdoor clean-up chores take a toll on your body – go cordless with the Greenworks 40V (185 MPH) Brushless Cordless Blower / Vacuum. The brushless motor provides more power and durability, while the variable speed dial and turbo button give you precise control over your speed selections. And when it’s time to switch from blowing to vacuuming, the tool-less conversion takes just seconds. Looking for a powerful and durable blower/vacuum? Look no further than the Greenworks 40V (185 MPH) Brushless Cordless Blower / Vacuum. This tool is perfect for anyone looking for superior performance, with a brushless motor that provides more power, performance, and durability. The tool-less blower to vacuum conversion makes it easy to switch between modes, while the cushioned overmold grip ensures your hands stay comfortable even during extended use.

Worx Wg509 12 Amp Trivac 3-In-1 Electric Leaf Blower With All Metal Mulching System

WORX WG509 12 Amp TRIVAC 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower with All Metal Mulching System
This Worx TRIVAC 3-in-1 electric leaf blower quickly switches between leaf blower, vacuum, and metal mulcher modes to handle any yard work. The Worx WG509 12 Amp TRIVAC 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower with All Metal Mulching System quickly switches between leaf blower, vacuum, and metal mulching modes to handle any yard clean-up job. With two speeds and an 80 mph to 210 mph range, the 350 cfm TRIVAC is perfect for leaves on pavement or tight corners, while the metal impeller chops leaves down to an 18:1 mulch ratio.
  • [Leaf Blower Mulcher & Vacuum] Yard Work Doesn’T Stand A Chance With This 3-In-1. And It’S Fun To Use. Leaves And Debris On Your Lawn Won’T Be There For Long
  • [Quickly Switch Modes] Changes From Leaf Blower To Vacuum Mode And Back Again With Just The Flip Of A Switch. No Tools Needed Just You And Your Worx Trivac
  • [Metal Mulcher] The Metal Impeller Cuts In Two Stages Chopping Leaves Down To An 181 Mulch Ratio – That’S 18 Bags Of Leaves Mulched Into 1
  • [2 Speeds For Different Jobs] 80 Mph To 210 Mph And 350 Cfm. Go Slow For Pavement Or Tight Corners. Dial It Up To 210 On The Open Lawn
  • [Do It Yourself. Do It Better. Do It With Worx.] Worx Tools Are Engineered With Cutting-Edge Technology And Above Modern Efficiency Standards So You Can Build A Cost-Effective Tool Collection That’S Been Designed To Last
  • [One-Handed Operation] Believe It Or Not The Worx Trivac Is Designed To Be Controlled With Just One Hand. It’S Only 8.6 Lbs. In Blower Mode And The Ergonomic Design Funnels The Wind In A Way That’S Easy To Handle
  • [Get Hard To Reach Places] The Clever Tube Design Curls Up At The Lip To Get Under Lawn Fixtures And Landscaping Elements. Perfect For When You’Re In Vacuum Mode
  • [Extension Cord Retainer] The 12” Electrical Cord Comes With A Retainer Attached So When Using An Extension Cord It Won’T Disconnect Even When It Gets Snagged
  • [Includes] 350 Cfm 12Ah Trivac Blower/Vac 1.2 Bushel Collection Bag

Looking for an easy way to take care of your leaves and debris? Look no further than the WORX WG509 12 Amp TRIVAC 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower with All Metal Mulching Sys. This powerful tool can quickly switch between leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher modes, making it the perfect choice for any landscaping job. And don’t worry about dealing with messy cleanup – the all metal mulching sys means that your leaves will be chopped down and ready to go in just a few seconds. The WORX WG509 12 Amp TRIVAC 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower with All Metal Mulching Sys is the perfect tool for your outdoor clean up needs. This leaf blower quickly converts to a vacuum mode, and has a metal mulching system that chops leaves down to an 18:1 mulch ratio. It also has two speeds for different jobs, and comes with a detachable shoulder strap for easy portability.

Cordless Leaf Blower&Vacuum Soyus 3In1 Leaf Vacuum Mulcher 40V 360Cfm 5 Speeds Brushless Battery Operated Leaf Blower For Lawn Care With 45L Bag (2 X 4.0Ah Battery And Charger Included)

Cordless Leaf Blower&Vacuum SOYUS 3in1 Leaf Vacuum Mulcher 40V 360CFM 5 Speeds Brushless Battery Operated Leaf Blower for Lawn Care with 45L Bag (2 x 4.0Ah Battery and Charger Included)
Looking for a versatile leaf blower vacuum mulcher? This cordless leaf blower is powered by a BRUSHLESS MOTOR for longer life and more power. With 5 variable speeds, it can easily handle any leaf blowing, vacuuming, or mulching job. SOYUS cordless Leaf Blower leaf vacuum mulcher is a 3-in-1 machine that is perfect for lawn care. With a BRUSHLESS Motor, this leaf blower vacuum has a longer lifetime and more powerful motivation.
  • 【3 In 1 Leaf Blowers & Vacuums】Soyus Cordless Leaf Blower Leaf Vacuum Mulcher Is Equipped With Brushless Motor Providing Leaf Blower Vacuum With Longer Lifetime And Much More Powerful Motivation. Soyus 3 In 1 Leaf Blower&Vacuum (Blow / Vacuum / Mulch ) Provides A Versatile Use For Lawn Care. You Will Save Time And Save Money To Buy Other Machine. You Can Easily Blow Vacuum And Mulch The Leaves In The Yards/Garage Sweep Snow On The Floor Or Car And Clean Debris & Dust In The Corners.
  • 【5 Variable Speeds】Soyus Leaf Blower Battery Operated Has 5 Variable Speeds For You. You Can Adjust The Speed By Press The Speed Up And Down Button On The Control Panel For Different Working Environment. Speed 1&2 Is Used For Blow And Vacuum Indoor Household Dust Pet Hair Etc. Speed 3&4 Is Used To Sweep Leaves And Snow. Turbo (Max Speed) With 170 Mph Blowing Speed And 360Cfm Airflow Capacity Is Most Powerful Mode To Clean Leaves In The Courtyard And Blow Snow On The Floor/Car.
  • 【2 X 4.0Ah Battery Packs】Soyus Battery Powered Leaf Blower And Vacuum Is Packed With 2 Pcs Of Upgraded 4.0Ah Batteries. With 3Hrs Fully Charged The Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum Can Be Working For 30 Min (In High Speed) And Working For More Than 90Mins (Low Speed).
  • 【Large Debris Collection Bag & Shoulder Strap】Soyus Leaf Blower Cordless Weighs 8Lb While Leaf Vacuum Cordless Weighs 10Lb. 45L Size Debris And Leaves Collection Bag Is Big Enough And Durable. It Can Be Used To Store Leaves Dust Pet Hair Etc. It Is Easy To Take Out The Trash By Unzipping The Bottom Zipper. The Shoulder Strap Is Relieving The Pressure On Hand And Ease The Blowing And Vacuuming Lawn Work.
  • 【What You Can Get】Leaf Blower & Leaf Vacuum*1 4.0 Ah Battery *2 Charger*1 User Manual*1 Debris Collection Bag*1 Shoulder Strap*1.
  • 【1 Year Warranty】Soyus Leaf Blower Provides You One Year Warranty. If You Have Any Question About This Product Please Feel Free To Contact Us.

Check out the SOYUS 3in1 Cordless Leaf Blower&Vacuum! This powerful leaf vacuum mulcher can easily blow, vacuum and mulch leaves in your yard or garage. Looking for a powerful and versatile leaf blower and vacuum? Look no further than the SOYUS 3in1 Leaf Vacuum Mulcher. This cordless leaf blower is equipped with a BRUSHLESS Motor for longer lifetime and more powerful motivation. Save time and money with this all-in-one leaf blower and vacuum!

Best Cordless Leaf Vacuums

Best Cordless Leaf Vacuums

7 Best Leaf Vacuums To Make Yard Work Easy

Fighting fallen leaves will be your next favorite task.

Yardwork can be difficult. If you don’t have the best gardening tools, clearing your walkways and yards of leaves can quickly become frustrating. You’ll need to remove them all using the right leaf blower.

Although leaf vacuums can’t handle large piles of leaves and other debris, they are well-suited to leaf and debris removal. Having a quality leaf vacuum will help you save time clearing out your garden or walkway. The leaf vacuums also keep porches, decks, and patios neat as the last leaves fall.

Many models have curved end nozzles for sucking and blowing leaves out of gutters. Don’t forget to put your tools away when winter hits. The blower function is also useful for clearing snow off walkways and decks.

These are the top leaf vacuums available, as rated by Good Housekeeping Institute.

Highest Value Electric Leaf Vacuum

Best Value Gas Leaf Vacuum:

Greenworks Cordless Blower Vase

Best Cordless Leaf Vacuums

Electric Vs. Natural Gas

There are two types of leaf vacuums: gas and electric lawn mowers.

Electric leaf vacuums tend to be quieter, more cost-effective, and are easier to clean. Since they must have access to an electricity outlet, corded leaves vacuums work best in smaller spaces. The cordless leaf blower vacuum comes with rechargeable batteries and can be stored in a compact size. The power is not the same as that of leaf vacuums so they are only good for short time periods.

Leaf vacuums powered by gas have greater power, and are able to cover more ground with one stroke. This makes them more expensive.

Also, gas leaf vacuums can be loud, produce fumes and need to maintain the correct ratio of oil to gas.

Best Cordless Leaf Vacuums

This is the Best Leaf Vacuum.

Best leaf blower and vacuum WORX WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-In-1 Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum Check Price This all-in-one yard tool can vacuum, leaf blow, and mulch, and is less than nine pounds for easy maneuvering and lifting.

The tool can be easily and quickly cleaned.

This tool can’t deal with moist, wet leaves very well when mulching.

Greenworks best cordless leaf vacuum Greenworks40V 185MPH Variable speed cordless leaf blower/vacuum. Check price This unit offers up 21 minutes cordless leaf clean-up time as well six speed settings for an individual user experience.

It is easy to move around in your garden because of its lightweight.

The leaf blower is much more powerful that the vacuum.

Poolmaster 28316 Pool Leaf Vacuum Review Price – Keep your swimming area sparkling with this waterproof vacuum.

This is an affordable and equally effective option to other pool vacuums that cost far more.

The bag can become attached, some users recommended adding another clip to secure it.

It’s almost magical to spend long summer evenings lying on the grass, under a canopy of green, and listen to the insects chirp. However, this glory is fleeting. Fall will be here before you know it. Nature’s waste builds up over the flowerbeds of streets and yards, and can cause serious damage. The best leaf vacuums will make it easy to clean up your garden and reduce the mess. A leaf vacuum combines the best of traditional leaf blowers and a handy bag system to make it easy for you to clean up your yard. You’ll be able enjoy tidy grass again in no matter how many times you use it.

Best Cordless Leaf Vacuums

Here are some things to consider when shopping for the best leaf vacuum

Most leaf vacuums offer both the best features and the option to invert the flow to catch leaves in an attached bag. This allows for easy storage or removal. It is very helpful for yard maintenance. Leaf blowers are designed to collect leaves and debris in piles. And it comes in a familiar, ergonomic form for easy maneuvering without excessive bulk. Many blower/vacuum combos provide the added benefit of an integrated impeller to trap and chop debris into smaller, more manageable sizes. This feature not only saves bag space but also allows for greater leaf vacuuming. It prepares organic material that can be recycled and redistributed as compost and mulch without the need to collect or break down any debris. The feature can be very beneficial to anyone who maintains a home garden and other plants that are dependent on nutrients.

Consider the space you will need to vacuum and how many leaves accumulate each year. This information can help you choose the right power and size yard vacuum. For medium-duty chores, many leaf blowers are cordless or electric. Commercial models may be best for professional-level use and high volume in large yards. The best leaf vacuum is available for any situation, including leaves and debris on your driveway or in your pool.

Best Cordless Leaf Vacuums

The Best Leaf Blower Vacuum Is A Cost-Effective, Flexible Yard Waste Removal Tool

The best leaf vacuum is a versatile lawn tool, effectively an all-in-one solution for managing leaves and debris, while saving storage space and task time. The combination blower/mulcher utilizes an air conduit where a bag/hose can be attached to expeditious collection and processing of leaves. While bags are portable, high-volume collections require a more specialized hose that connects to either a bucket or bag. It takes less work to use the best blower/vacuum than traditional rakes and standard blowers, but it does complete the job with much greater efficiency.

For best results when buying a vacuum/blower for the yard, ensure that it is compatible with both bags as well as hoses. This makes it possible to maximize the use of the vacuum/blower combo in various situations. It is a good idea to have a built-in mulcher, regardless of how many leaves you will be using in your flower beds.

With their lightweight, portable design, the cordless leafvac is the most popular choice. Battery power frees users from the encumberment of cables and bulky gas tanks, while still packing ample power for most medium-duty jobs. Also, lighter weights mean better maneuverability. That’s important when leaf-collecting is done around landscaping and lawn ornaments.

Keep in mind that cordless models are more convenient than corded models. Cordless models also need to be recharged frequently. A cordless model is worth considering, especially when it comes to mobility and avoiding entanglement.

When shopping for the best cordless vacuum, battery life is a critical consideration that can make or break this tool’s usefulness. You should also look out for variable speeds. They allow you to save battery, and use only the power that is needed at the time.

Got a bigger yard? Go beyond standard with a gas-powered model A gas-powered leaf vacuum will require more maintenance than an electric model, but it makes quick work of large, leafy lawns. Gas-powered leaf blowers are most commonly available on the marketplace. They can also be used to transform into vacuums by adding a suctioning tub and large bag. Two-cycle gas engines power them. They should be filled up with premixed oil and gas.

Important to remember is that the noise from gas-powered leaf vacuums is much louder than those powered by electric motors. Also, two-stroke engines can emit harmful amounts of hydrocarbons. Some cities even ban the use of gas-powered machines to cut down on noise complaints and reduce environmental damage.

Best Cordless Leaf Vacuums

Here Are Seven of the Best Leaf Blowers and Leaf Blower Vacuums

Time to tackle the leaves in your garden? After reading our guide, browse through our list of top-rated models from the budget range to more expensive ones.

An example table showing when it is best to plant, sow, and harvest.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

To do

To do

Do What To Do In January. To act as mulch and prevent pests from settling on the borders and beds, it is best to clear away any leaves that have accumulated on patios, lawns, and paths.

Depending on the size of your garden and amount of leaf fall, a rake or broom may do the job and keep you fit at the same time. However, for larger spaces and a variety of surfaces and locations, leaf blowers and leaf blower vacuums are a helpful solution to consider – easy to use, they effortlessly move fallen leaves into manageable piles ready for collection.

Leaf blowers or leaf blower vacuums can also be used at other times during the year. These machines make it easier to clean up debris and brush that may accumulate on corners and paths.

And much as a puppy isn’t just for Christmas, leaf blowers and leaf blower vacuums come into their own at other times of the year too, making lightwork of tidying up after pruning or lifting unsightly debris that gathers on paths and in corners. You should always wear safety glasses and protect your ears when using these tools, no matter the season.

To bring you the best cordless as well as electric leaf-blower vacuums, we researched and tested the most widely used leaf blowers.

Best Cordless Leaf Vacuums

How We Tested Leaf Blowers And Garden Vacuums

The GW team reviewed a selection of leaf-blowers and vacuums to find out how they performed in various garden environments. To prevent any unwanted wildlife from entering the leaf matter, we thoroughly checked it for pesticides. Comparing leaf vacuums with leaf blowers was done. The following criteria were applied to compute the scores.

Assemble & store: This includes the amount of tools required to assemble, how easy and clear the instructions are, as well any storage features.


Performance: Considered the power and air flow control, plus run and charge time.

Value for Money: All of these factors were taken into consideration, as well as quality and design and RRP, including charger and battery (where applicable), and length of warranty.

Cordless garden tools, see our best cordless mowers hedge trimmers best pressure washers

Best Cordless Leaf Vacuums

Consider These Factors

You should take into account a few factors when looking for a leaf vacuum. The first step in buying a leaf vacuum is to determine where it will be used. Leaf vacuums were tested on asphalt, concrete, brick and flagstone. They work on decks, just as long as the leaves aren’t wedged between the deck boards. You can also use them to clear debris from small patches of grass but if you have a large yard, we recommend raking first, and then sucking up the pile of leaves you just accumulated.

The vacuum’s power supply (more details below), size and shape the bag that holds it, along with its weight, are all important. By knowing these things, you will be confident that the vacuum is strong enough to take on the work you do.

A gas-powered leaf cleaner is much louder and more efficient than its corded and cordless alternatives. They more easily resist clogging, especially from twigs and wet leaves. If you have large gardens and want more than just leaves to drain, these are the best choice.

The cordless vacuums make a nice choice for people with small and well-manicured yards. You don’t have to deal with the exhaust fumes of gas-powered engines, and they can be removed from your cord.

Corded leaf vacuums must be plugged into an outlet, which hinders their overall mobility. The good news is that they can be used for an indefinite amount of time. A corded vacuum is best if you intend to use it in your garage or workshop.

Best Cordless Leaf Vacuums

Leaf Cleanup made easier

Looking for the best leaf blower for your yard? The best leaf blower for your yard will help you get rid debris fast and efficiently. Both electric and gasoline leaf blowers are readily available. There are also corded leaf blowers and cordless leaf blowers. Our selection includes the top cordless and commercial leaf blowers. To effortlessly remove your leaves, choose a WORX Poulan Pro Leafblower Leaf Blower or any other top-brand leaf blower.

Leaf Blowers with Cordless Technology: A cordless leaf blower is a great option if you need extra mobility. An electric cordless leaf blower is powered by high-voltage batteries and can provide a convenient solution for large areas.

Corded Leaf Blowers: With corded leaf blowers, there’s no need to worry about your battery losing power. Corded leaf blowers also weigh less than traditional leaf blowers. They are ideal for small gardens because of limited mobility.

Gas Leaf Blowers: The gas leaf blower offers both the best mobility and longest runtime. This model is ideal for large areas.

Handheld Leaf Blowers: Handheld leaf blowers are the most common choice for cleaning up leaves outside a home.

Backpack Leaf Blowers: The backpack leaf blowers are perfect for industrial or heavy-duty use.

Leaf blowers with vacuums: Not all leaf blowers are capable of converting into vacuums. Also, a leaf mulcher vacuum mower can be used for picking up, grinding and transforming leaves to mulch.

Walk-Behind Leaf Blowers are a great choice when you’re dealing with a tough cleanup. This gas-powered leaf blower offers more power and comfort for large areas.

Sweeper Leaf Blowers: The Sweeper Leaf Blowers are light-duty alternatives. The lightweight, electric design is ideal for cleaning up small areas.

Two-Cycle Motors: The two-cycle engine leaf blowers use a gasoline/oil blend. Pre-mixed or mixed fuel can be purchased. Their lighter weight makes them easier to operate than four-cycle leaf blowers.

.Best Cordless Leaf Vacuums
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