Best Handheld Shower Heads

6 Functions Handheld Shower Head Set Hopopro High Pressure Shower Head High Flow Hand Held Showerhead Set With 59 Inch Hose Bracket Teflon Tape Rubber Washers

6 Functions Handheld Shower Head Set Hopopro High Pressure Shower Head High Flow Hand Held Showerhead Set with 59 Inch Hose Bracket Teflon Tape Rubber Washers
  • Newest Handheld Shower Head Set The 6-Function High Pressure Shower Head Comes With Practical Accessories 59 Inches Stainless Steel Hose Adjustable Brass Overhead Bracket Anti-Leakage Teflon Tape Rubber Washers
  • 6 Spray Patterns And Special Functions This Hand Held Showerhead Has 6 Selectable Modes Especially Water Saving Mode Which Helps To Pause Water During Shower; Gently Rotating The Handle On The Showerhead Panel Can Switch The Modes Easily For A Pleasant Bath
  • 39 Self-Cleaning Silicone Jet Nozzles The Adjustable Shower Head Has 4.33 Inch Panel With 39 Self-Cleaning Silicone Nozzles And 15 Abs Nozzles For Easy Maintenance. Base On This The Water Outlets Of The Head Won’T Be Blocked Easily.
  • Superior Material This High Flow Handheld Shower Head Is Made Of High Quality Abs Chrome The Exquisite Chrome Plated Surface Makes It Lightweight Durable Rust-Proof Fade-Proof Lead-Free And Non-Toxic Which Ensures A Safe And Comfortable Shower; Brass Swivel Ball Joint Brings More Flexibility For Shower Angels Or Directions
  • Brand Advantage Hopopro Is A Brand Specialized In Providing Good Shower Solutions And We Welcome Any Suggestions On Shower Solutions Design To Bring A Luxury Shower Experience

Aquadance High Pressure 6-Setting Full Brushed Nickel Handheld Shower Head With Stainless Steel Hose. Officially Independently Tested To Meet Strict Us Quality & Performance Standards!

AquaDance High Pressure 6-Setting Full Brushed Nickel Handheld Shower Head with Stainless Steel Hose. Officially Independently Tested to Meet Strict US Quality & Performance Standards!
  • Our Best 10 Pick Engineered To Optimize Your Water Pressure And Flow Efficiency This Product Has Been Vigorously Tested By Our Professional Team Of Us Showerhead Experts To Meet Highest Us Quality And Performance Standards
  • Deluxe 6-Setting 3.5 Face Hand Shower Can Be Used As Overhead Or Handheld Shower High-Power Click Lever Dial Ergonomic Grip Handle Rub-Clean Jets For Easy Cleaning And Preventing Lime Buildup All-Surface Brushed Nickel Finish Including Face And Accessories
  • Angle-Adjustable Overhead Bracket Lets You Point Hand Shower Where You Want It For Hands-Free Operation At Desired Angle Extra-Flexible Reinforced 5-Foot Stainless Steel Hose For Super-Flexible Reach And Mobility
  • Includes Handheld Shower Shower Hose Overhead Bracket Washers Plumber’S Tape Stunning Gift Box Designed In Us Sophisticated Upscale Packaging For A Perfect Gift
  • Easy Tool-Free Connection No Need To Call A Plumber. Fits Any Standard Shower Arm. Best American Lifetime Warranty From Top Us Shower Brand With Live American Customer Service Representatives In Us To Assist You On The Phone Or By Email

Best Handheld Shower Heads

Best Handheld Shower Heads

Our Top Picks for Handheld Shower Heads in 2022

These handheld showerheads will give you more versatility in your shower. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

Price: AquaDance 6 Setting 6-Stage Handheld Shower. Latest Delta Facet Price H2Okinetic I2ition Dual-Jewelling Head.


When it comes to massaging aching muscles, bathing young children, or giving the family dog his monthly bath, a handheld shower head can be a handy upgrade to your bathroom. A handheld shower head features a long hose that allows you to remove it from its mount and aim the stream of water from the head. It is ideal for shower safety-conscious households, as it allows users to take a seat and bathe in a safe manner.

The best handheld shower head will feature multiple spray settings for massaging or rinsing, a switch to cut off water at the shower head, and a kink-free shower hose. This guide will help you to choose the right handheld shower head for your needs.

AquaDance High Pressure 6-Setting Handheld Shower Delta Faucet H2Okinetic In2ition Dual Shower Head


Best Handheld Shower Heads

1. Aquadance premium high pressure handheld shower head

AquaDance’s 7-inch premium showerhead is the top of this listing. AquaDance premium showerhead, 7 inches in length is the first item. AquaDance is well-known in the shower accessory world. The brand is famous for its rigorous testing and high quality products.

You can see in the above image that this dual shower system is classified as a single shower system. This means it has two parts. The first part is the stationary, 7 inch adjustable showerhead. The second part, however, is the removable, 4-inch showerhead.

You can adjust both heads independently. They have six spray settings including power rain, pulsating massage and power mist. Additionally, both handheld and main showerheads are equipped with three-way valves that allow for water to be diverted from one or more heads.

This hand-held shower head with chrome finishing is a great option. The unit costs around $39 and many people consider it to be one the top handheld shower heads.

You can easily adjust the angle of the fixed, large showerhead

5 feet long shower hose

Six high-pressure setting

Simple to assemble and simple to install

Not all of the six settings work well when both shower heads are on

With a low pressure source of water , can produce less than ideal results.

Best Handheld Shower Heads

2. Pulse Shower Spas Kauai Iii Shower System

Most people notice the KauaiIII system’s size in comparison to other showerheads. A large, 8-inch showerhead sits on top. It also contains a soap/shampoo basket and a small hand-held shower head with five settings.

PULSE Spas Kauai III is our next handheld showerhead. This luxury shower system has an impressive 4.5-star rating at Amazon.

One of the most striking features about the KauaiIII shower head is its small size. The Kauai III rain shower head is 8 inches long and sits on top an eight-inch tall shower arm. There’s also a basket for soap/shampoo and a smaller, hand-held head that comes with five spray settings.

While the base model is finished in a lovely brushed Nickel, it also has an option to have it polished with black matte, brushed golden, and chrome.

Also, it is important to know that Kauai III has two types of flow. One model can handle a 1.8 gal per minute flow while the other uses a 2.5 gal per hour flow. While the difference in water flow between the two models is quite a bit, the difference in price is not.

When it comes to the topic of the best dual shower head system, it is hard to beat the Kauai III. Not only is it highly aesthetically pleasing, but it is also highly functional and easy to install.

59 inch non-kink tubing for the handheld showerhead

Elegant brushed Nickel Finish

Designed to be easy to retrofit and install, no extra parts are required

Most of the product is built out of polished brass

Best Handheld Shower Heads

4. Ho2Me High Pressure Hand Held Shower Head

Constructed out of engineering grade ABS plastic with a chrome finish, this simple handheld shower head comes with multiple spray settings (including a massage setting) and a longer than average 79 inch steel hose. Some people find that the shower head’s high pressure can be too strong in situations where there is no water pressure. You can adjust the water pressure with the handheld showerhead’s water flow regulator.

The problem of low water pressure or poor water flow is an issue that many homeowners face. The HO2ME showerhead addresses this issue. If you have an old shower head that is struggling to provide the level of water flow you would like, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money to fix the issue, this shower head is one of your best options.

This handheld showerhead, made from ABS plastic in a chromed finish, has multiple spray settings and an average length 79-inch steel hose. Even if water pressure isn’t an issue, people might find the showerhead’s strong pressure a bit excessive. Luckily, this handheld showerhead comes with a water flow regulator that allows you to adjust the strength of the water output, permitting you to fine tune your shower experience.

This device has one major problem. It is much less sturdy than many handheld shower heads. The HO2ME high-pressure showerhead is considerably cheaper than other models, and costs only $20.

Long 79 inch shower hose

Prevent mineral buildup

Has a simple yet pleasing design

High quality at an affordable price

Can significantly improve water pressure

Only three spray options

Best Handheld Shower Heads

6. Grich High Pressure Handheld Shower Head

The GRICH High-Pressure Handheld showerhead would not be complete without mentioning it. GRICH’s shower accessories are a hugely popular brand that has built a solid reputation for quality and functionality.

The GRICH high-pressure handheld shower head is a key part of any top list. GRICH’s shower accessories are a favorite of many for over a decade. The company is known for producing high-quality products that offer functionality while still being affordable.

This handheld shower head is perhaps the best example of this triplet. This product is highly popular on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.5 stars. It also has a very affordable price tag at $30.99

As we can see from the image, the GRICH High Pressure Shower Head has a very simply design and includes seven spray settings. You can choose between a high or pause setting, while the second and fourth settings have different massage settings.

The product can also be retrofitted easily to any water connection. The GRICH High Pressure Showerhead is a great option if you are looking for a handheld head that doesn’t cost too much.

High quality product for the price

The hose’s length is 61 inches and it is ideal for bathing your pets

No need to worry about the water leaking.

Viewed as the most affordable handheld shower head

Five spray settings with an option to pause or increase the pressure

Best Handheld Shower Heads

7. Hammerhead Showers All Metal Handheld Showerhead

HammerHead All Metal Showerheads are a great choice for those who like the Ezelia’s simple functionality and design. Not only is it made out of high quality, commercial-grade stainless steel and brass, but it also comes with an extra-long 72 inch kink-proof hose.

HammerHead All Metal Showerhead might be a good choice if the Ezelia Body Wash is appealing to you. It is made from high-quality, commercial-grade stainless and brass. The hose can also be extended to 72 inches for kink resistance.

Justin Ball (the founder of HammerHead Showers) spent many years at Moen, another high-quality manufacturer of shower heads, where he gained a lot of knowledge about the manufacturing of accessories for showerheads. HammerHead Showers now has a reputation for being a reliable producer of handheld showerheads that are high quality and affordable. The product in question here comes in a 1.75 GPM and a 2.50 GPM model, both of which feature an aesthetically pleasing brushed nickel finish.

Moreover, this particular HammerHead handheld shower head was rated the best shower head of 2021 by The Shower Head Store and currently enjoys a 4.7 star rating on Amazon.

This hose comes with an additional 72 inch length

Installation is simple and easy and it works with any home in Canada or the USA

Simple, yet elegant design

Durdy, all-metal construction

The diameter of some showerheads might be too small.

Best Handheld Shower Heads

Our Test Methods

We searched the market for the most popular, trendy, and highly rated showerheads. Finally, we gathered a group of eleven shower heads to test. They met all the criteria buyers want, such as design, price, and function.

Then we tested the units by using at minimum three showers. This included a quick rinse followed by a lengthy luxurious soak. And finally, after an exhausting summer day, washing four children down with hot water. This testing was lengthy and took many months. In addition to those overall shower experiences, we also evaluated:


Water pressure and coverage: The water quality in this category is a major concern. We were searching for a consistent, intense stream of water that could be maintained in all settings, as well as when changing from the main to handheld shower heads.

Stream coverage. This was determined by measuring the flow of each stream at their heads and determining whether they can deliver a complete-body drench.

Spray settings. While many of our heads tested had only one spray function, some others offered nine. We evaluated whether settings were clear and efficient, and we noted how easy it was to switch between settings.


Leakage. Our assessment was done to determine if there were any leakages from the connector to the wall or from the head.

Quality of build: The showerheads were rated on their ability to withstand damage, the quality of construction, the quality of materials, and how they feel in the hand. Particularly, we noted the material of each shower head (e.g. plastic, chrome finish or metal).

Cleanliness: Each shower was a success because it made cleaning the spray and handheld jets as easy as possible.

Best Handheld Shower Heads

Another Shower Heads that we tested

Glacier Bay Modern 1Spray 8 Inch Single Wall Mounted Fixed Rain Shower Head

takes the design cake. Extra-wide, this is 9.2 inches. square-shaped head offers up a whopping 81 rub-clean jets that work to deliver a wide rain shower. Available in five finishes, including trendy hues matte black and gold, the shower head can be installed in under two minutes and features a 1.8 GPM, making it WaterSense-certified. Unfortunately, it did not rank high on our list of “best” shower heads because the water pressure was low. After multiple tests, we found that this rain shower head felt very soft. Overall, this showerhead looks and feels much better than the price.

RainSpa 3 in 1 Rainfall Combination Head ($24.99; originally $29.99

This dual shower head from Moen Attract features a 6 inch wide fixed rainfall head as well as a high-power handheld. How it differs, though, is in price. RainSpa’s head provides a massive stream of water that can be used from shoulder to shoulders, as well as six spray settings including one with a pause. The jets are easy to clean and cost less than $25. The price for the RainSpa head is $19.99 if you are a Bed Bath & Beyond Beyond+ Member. Although it is a good choice for people looking to save money on a dual-head shower head, there were some flaws. Its myriad components, coupled with the chrome-finished material that has a cheaper feel, led to a less satisfying overall experience than the higher-end Moen. They perform very similarly. However, the Moen has a superior build quality and is more likely to last longer.

Delta In2ition 2-in-1 5-Spray 6-Inch Dual Wall-Mount Fixed and Handheld Shower Head (starting at $79.98;

Features a magnetic handheld attachment that slides in to the main showerhead. These two units can either be used together or individually, generating large amounts of extra-large dropslets. We found the handheld’s water pressure to be rather low, or “gentle,” making it a good option for kids. There was also some leakage during the switch from the handheld to the showerhead. It was notable for its small footprint and its 1.75 GPM water flow rate.

American Standard Standard-Spectra+ Touch 4-Function Rainhead.

This stream offers full-body heat. You can change settings without the use of pulleys and levers, which is what makes this head different. We also love the pretty colors. We found the Spectra+ to have a lower water pressure than other models and it had a plastic construction that made it feel softer.

AquaStar Premium 6-Setting Luxury Spa Handshower ($34.99;

AquaStar Elite

.Best Handheld Shower Heads
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