Best Homekit Deadbolt

Level Bolt Smart Lock, Bluetooth Deadbolt, Works With Your Existing Lock, Keyless Entry, Smartphone Access, Works With Apple Homekit

Level Bolt Smart Lock, Bluetooth Deadbolt, Works with Your Existing Lock, Keyless Entry, Smartphone Access, Works with Apple HomeKit
Make your lock smart with Level Bolt. With a 6-gauge stainless steel gearbox, Level Bolt is powerful and secure, while the accompanying app lets you run automations, access from anywhere, and more. Level Bolt is the only way to invisibly transform your lock and add smart conveniences to your home without the big, unsightly bulk of other smart locks. With a 6-gauge stainless steel gearbox, Level Bolt meets the highest level of industry standards and is powerful and secure.
  • Make Your Lock Smart Designed To Replace Your Current Deadbolt Level Bolt Is The Only Way To Invisibly Transform Your Lock. Add Smart Conveniences To Your Home Without The Big Unsightly Bulk Of Other Smart Locks.
  • Designed For Everyone Give Friends And Family The Convenience Of Using Their Phone Voice Or A Key To Enter Your Home. Works With Ios And Android.
  • Powerful And Secure Featuring A 6-Gauge Stainless Steel Gearbox Level Bolt Smart Lock Meets The Highest Level Of Industry Standards.
  • Stay Connected Access From Anywhere Lock And Unlock With Siri Run Automations And More With Homekit.
  • Simple Installation Level Bolt Features An Innovative And Compact Wire-Free Design Making It Easy To Install With Just A Screwdriver. The Adjustable Backset Fits Both 2 ⅜ And 2 ¾ Profiles. Reference The Spec Sheet Found In The Product Guides And Documents Section Below To Make Sure Your Existing Deadbolt Will Work With Level Bolt.
  • Level Locks Are Engineered To Meet Ansi Standard Strike Plate Dimensions. If Your Current Strike Plate Cutout Height Measures 2 ¼ Be Sure To Add A Level Short Strike Plate To Your Cart. This Item Is Sold Separately.

Level Bolt is the best way to make your lock smart. It’s designed to replace your current deadbolt and add smart conveniences to your home without the big, unsightly bulk of other smart locks. Level Bolt is powerful and secure, featuring a 6-gauge stainless steel gearbox that meets the highest level of industry standards. You can also access from anywhere, lock and unlock with Siri, run automations and more with HomeKit. Level Bolt is the smartest and most beautiful way to make your lock smart. Level Bolt is perfect for anyone who wants the convenience of a smart lock without the big, unsightly bulk. Stay connected to your home with Level Bolt, Lock and unlock with Siri, run automations and more with HomeKit.

Kwikset 99190-004 Contemporary Premis Touchscreen Keyless Entry Smart Deadbolt Door Lock Works With Apple Homekit Featuring Smartkey Security, Iron Black

Kwikset 99190-004 Contemporary Premis Touchscreen Keyless Entry Smart Deadbolt Door Lock Works with Apple HomeKit Featuring SmartKey Security, Iron Black
Kwikset’s Contemporary Premis Touchscreen Keyless Entry Smart Deadbolt lets you control access to your home with the convenience of touchscreen keyless entry and the security of an ANSI/BHMA Grade AAA lock. The Premis is Apple Home kit (only) enabled, so you can use Siri voice control to check lock history, remote access to monitor, lock, and unlock from anywhere using the Kwikset Premise iOS app and an Apple TV (4th generation or newer) or Apple Home Pod. Security features include Secure Screen Technology, optional Kwikset’s Contemporary Premis touchscreen smart lock is designed for Apple Home kit compatibility. The lock can be controlled by Siri voice commands and accessed remotely through the Kwikset Premise iOS app.
  • Contemporary Premise Is An Apple Home Kit (Only) Enabled Touchscreen Smart Lock That Works With Apple Compatible Devices
  • Use Siri Voice Control To Check Lock History; Remote Access To Monitor Lock And Unlock From Anywhere Using The Kwikset Premise Ios App And An Apple Tv (4Th Generation Or Newer) Or Apple Home Pod
  • Security Features Ansi/Bhma Grade Aaa Secure Screen Technology Optional Auto-Lock Optional Alarm For Incorrect Codes And More
  • Easily Send Add Delete Or Disable User Codes And Schedule Access For Certain Times/Days Using The Premise App Or Apple Home App
  • Featuring Smart Key Security Which Protects Against Advanced Break-In Techniques And Allows You To Re-Key Your Lock Yourself In Seconds.

The Kwikset Contemporary Premis is a touchscreen keyless smart lock that can be controlled with Siri voice control. The optional auto-lock and alarm for incorrect codes add an extra layer of protection, while the app-controlled scheduling makes it easy to manage access to your home. Use Siri voice control to check lock history; remote access to monitor, lock, and unlock from anywhere using the Kwikset Premise iOS app and an Apple TV (4th generation or newer) or Apple Home Pod. Security features include ANSI/BHMA Grade AAA, Secure Screen Technology, optional auto-lock, optional alarm for incorrect codes, and more. The Contemporary Premis smart deadbolt is easy to use; send, add, delete or disable user codes and schedule access for certain times/days using the Premise App or Apple Home App.

Best Homekit Deadbolt

Best Homekit Deadbolt

Get rid of keys with the best Homekit door locks

Saying goodbye to those clunky keys is easier than you might think with the best HomeKit door locks. In minutes, all you need is a pair of keys and an app on your smart phone. HomeKit also allows you to send status updates and can lock or unlock doors using your current location.

The Level Bolt is our favorite lock because it’s completely invisible. It leaves your door looking just like it did before, but with more convenient controls. Level locks allow you to store your keys and everything is hidden inside, making it a great choice for renters. The HomeKit integration is just the cherry on top. It pairs with HomeKit wirelessly via Bluetooth in just a few steps.

You can live a simple, phone-free life by using the SCHLAGE Sense Smart Deadbolt. The Sense lock comes with a stylish and modern design. It also has an on-device Keypad. The keypad makes it possible to get out of your house with just your phone and keys.

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You’ve now automated lighting, blinds, thermostats and dog feeding times. What’s left? Then why not make your smoke detector smarter with HomeKit-enabled choices?

HomeKit Secure Video camera adds additional privacy and security features such as iCloud storage and Face Recognition. Here’s all of the cameras and doorbells that support the latest and greatest HomeKit features.

Monitor and clean your home’s air with the power of HomeKit! Here’s our guide to the best HomeKit air purifiers that you can buy today.

Best Homekit Deadbolt

How do you choose the best smart locks?

Based on our testing, the best smart lock overall is the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. This smart lock is the successor to August Smart Lock Pro. It’s 45 percent smaller than the previous model and comes with Wi-Fi integrated, which means you don’t need to purchase a separate device in order to link it to your home network. The August Wi Fi Smart Lock is the successor to the August Smart Lock Pro. It has the same features and functions as the previous model.

The August Smart Lock is the perfect smart lock for budget-minded people. It’s significantly cheaper than the Pro version, but has most of the same features, with the only major omission being Apple HomeKit support.

The Level Bolt is a smart lock that disappears completely. It fits perfectly inside an existing deadbolt. You will need an interface to access it remotely.

HomeKit owners might want to wait for the new Schlage Encode Plus ($299, available this spring), which will let you unlock your door using your Apple Watch via Apple’s virtual key feature.

Here are the best smart locks you can buy right now.

Best Homekit Deadbolt

Check out these 12 top Homekit lock options (compatibility both with Ios devices and Android).

The HomeKit lock system is a fantastic way to increase security and ease of use in your home. They can unlock doors by simply tapping or using Siri.

However, it can be difficult to choose the perfect HomeKit doorlock. With these door locks becoming more common, the number of choices has risen. But how can you distinguish between top-tier and sub-par products?

These are the most important considerations to make when selecting a lock. This will allow you to choose the right lock for your needs. Here’s a quick rundown of some aspects that’ll become an important part of this search:

Door fit: The first thing to consider is the lock and door type. You need to find the best lock style that fits your home. You will find many choices for buyers, including mortise locks and deadbolts.

HomeKit door locks have several access methods. You’ll need to decide whether you want to use a keypad, touchscreen, unlock using a phone app, or all of the above.

Compatibility: Certain options can be used with other smart home devices like Apple TVs, speakers, and others. Before you make a decision about any HomeKit doorlock, it’s worth checking.

I’ve also compiled a list of 12 high-quality HomeKit door locks to offer a better picture of what’s available. They were chosen for their high-quality features. These features are covered in detail in the following product reviews.

Best Homekit Deadbolt

Homekit Compatible Door Locks

Below are some of the most popular HomeKit compatible doors locks, which you might consider buying for 2021 and 2022.

1. Yale Assure Lock SSL Home Security is top priority for everyone. Yale Assure SL Lock is a great way to secure your home. It is the best iPhone door lock available, and you can lock or unlock it from any place.

Siri will unlock or lock your door if Siri is available. Siri voice commands can be used from anywhere by setting up a home hub using Apple TV or iPad.

You can use the touchscreen to open the smart door lock if you don’t own a phone by entering your 8-digit pin code. Yale locks have the highest quality smart door locks. If you are worried about being locked out given a low battery, its 9V terminal for emergency charging acts as a troubleshooter.

In case you need to give access to other locks, there are 25 possible pin codes. If you forget to lock the door, its automatic locking system takes that worry away from your head.

The Yale Assure Lock SL can be purchased at this link for $199

Buy this door lock 2. August Smart Door Lock Aug Smart Door Lock features a unique design that does not require a keypad. It is intelligent and can be used with Alexa and HomeKit as well as Google Assistant and Airbnb. This iPhone controlled smart door lock ensures a safe keyless entry and exit to and from your home.

Your smartphone can be used to track visitors and departs from your home. It works with your current single-cylinder deadbolt.

This attaches directly to your deadbolt door, so everyone has access to their key. The August app allows you to send the guest key anywhere. The August app allows you to give access to anyone at any time.

Door Sense lets you know if your doors are locked and closed. When you are away, the door locks and unlocks automatically as you get back.

Best Homekit Deadbolt

Our Selection

Ultraloq U Bolt Pro w/ Bridge is the most popular deadbolt-replacement smart lock. This small, compact smart lock features a powerful fingerprint reader that can be used quickly (though it may sometimes fail) and has rubber keys to please all.

$169* from Amazon *At the time of publishing, the price was $199.

Compatibility: Amazon Alexa and Google Home Ultraloq U Bolt Pro (with Bridge). This wonderful device has some of our favorite hardware, as well as a low profile design. This version (V2.0) has had a few improvements to the model we tried. They now have buttons that function in temperatures below -13F and a smaller housing so it can accommodate a wider range of doors. There is also an ANSI Grade 1 Schlage deadbolt. And the wiring is much easier to hide away.

You can unlock the U-Bolt Pro six different ways, including with a numerical code, in an app, through a physical keyway, and the piece de resistance via fingerprint. Ultraloq Bridge for $50 is essential to maximize the U-Bolt Pro’s capabilities. The Ultraloq Bridge allows remote programming/control. The lock’s rubbernumber buttons felt better than tapping numbers on many other keypad models. However, we still prefer fingerprint identification to unlock our lock. The improved model responds better and has few failed fingerprint scans. However, the U-Bolt Pro doesn’t support Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings or Amazon Alexa.


Best Homekit Deadbolt

Top 5 Latest Picks

The traditional mechanic lock works well enough to deter trespassers, and potential thieves. But smart locks bring convenience.

With the homekit smart lock you have complete control over your movements and can leave as often or as little as you’d like without even having to pick up keys.

It’s not only possible to let in people even if you aren’t physically at the door; how wonderful is that for emergency situations? The smart lock is an essential component of smart homes. This investment is worth it. They will use Wi-Fi to access your voice and text assistants including Siri, Alexa, Google, Siri, and Google Assistants.

This article will help you choose the right smart lock for you.

Our Top 5 Top HomeKit Doorlocks in 202 – 2 August Smartlock PRO – It Works with Apple HomeKit & Amazon Alexa Yale assure Bluetooth Deadbolt – Works with HomeKit Schlage Sense Smart Mortbolt – Apple HomeKit Certified Top 5 Apple HomeKit Smart Doorlock Reviews 2022. In this first section, we review the five best Smart locks HomeKit. We found a wide range of them. Read on to find out more.

Our first selection is one of our most well-equipped smart locks. August Smart Lock Homekit can be used with Alexa and Google Assistants, as well as multiple wireless protocols like Bluetooth & WiFi, IFTTT – and geofencing.

This lock is the third installation in the August Smart Lock series with an added technology called DoorSense , which detects if the door is closed or open, so you check in your smartphone in case of confusion.

Auto-Lock-and-Unlock is also very convenient. This feature locks the door when someone leaves, and then detects that the owner has arrived and unlocks it. Remote locking or unlocking is also possible, so guests can enter and deliveries can be made.

The lock can be used with nest cameras, August devices and other smart gadgets. The IFTTT support is quite amazing too because the lock can trigger other IFTTT-enabled smart gadgets such as thermostats, lights, garage door openers August Smart Lock Pro does its primary job – which is locking and unlocking – very flawlessly. The app on smartphones keeps you informed about when your door is locked or unlocked. This app works well with Alexa or Siri’s voice commands.

We have nothing to complain about the smart lock. It does everything flawlessly, and it is well worth your investment. This is why August Smart Lock Pro has been voted the top homekit lock on the market.

Best Homekit Deadbolt

Top 5 Apple Homekit Smart Locks for 2022

If you are looking at smart locks, it is important to find one that works with Apple devices such as Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and more.

The best Apple HomeKit enabled smart locks are:

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Yale Assure Lock SL Reagle Smart Lock

Yale Assure Lever Lock

Preliminary Product Price August Smartlock Pro + Connect Hub Wi-Fi Smart Lock for Keyless Entry. Works with Alexa and Google…

SCHLAGE BE479AA V CAM 619 Satin Nickel Sense Smart Deadbolt with Camelot Trim Yale Assure Lock SL – Key Free Smart Lock with Touchscreen Keypad – Works with Apple HomeKit and… Reagle Smart Lock, Bluetooth Keypad Deadbolt, Apple HomeKit Certified, Works with Siri, iOS and… Yale Assure Lever, Wi-Fi Smart Lever – Works with the Yale Access App, Amazon Alexa, Google…

Last Updated 2021-11-24. Affiliate links. Images sourced from Amazon Product Advertising API. While each smart lock is great, they all have different purposes. Read on to learn why I recommended these smart locks.

Best Homekit Deadbolt

Top 5 Apple Homekit Smart Locks

August Smart Lock PRO + Connect

This lock will always have a special place in my heart simply because it is the best in its class.

August makes locks that fit inside your door. There are many models and they all work with Homekit. What makes this lock so special? I already mentioned that it’s the best lock in its category. This means that it works best when installed inside the door.

Although there are many lock brands in this market, the Smart lock Pro stands out for many reasons. While many smart locks only have enough hardware right now to perform their functions, August has designed its products with new software to give the product more functionality in the future.

You don’t want to buy a dumb smart lock that doesn’t function well and that then fails in the future. The best smart locks will last a lifetime, while the ones that are cheap won’t.

Features As I mentioned before, the lock is located on the inside door. This limits your options for features.

This is the lock you need.

They look nice!

The August Smart Lock Pro looks really sleek and professional. This lock has great lighting effects and a simple cylindrical design you’ll love.

Pricing The August Smart Lock Pro Wifi bridge will set you back approximately $$$. This is a fairly standard price for smart locks. If you choose to go with their cheaper model then you are expecting to pay around $$ USD.

.Best Homekit Deadbolt
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