Sunpow Metal Detector Pinpointer Ip68 Waterproof Handheld Pin Pointer Wand With Belt Holster Treasure Hunting Tool Accessories, Buzzer Vibration Sound (Three Mode)

Looking for a pinpointer metal detector that can handle any environment? Look no further than the SUNPOW Metal Detector Pinpointer. With a 360-degree probe design, the SUNPOW pinpointer reduces target loss and makes finding treasures a breeze. Don’t wait – order your SUNPOW Metal Detector Pinpointer today! Looking for a pinpointer metal detector that can handle any environment? With three detection modes and a 360-degree probe, this handheld metal detector is perfect for pinpointing your treasure.

This is the SUNPOW Metal Detector Pinpointer. It’s designed with a 360-degree detective probe to expand the detection area and reduce target loss. Looking for a top-quality metal detector pinpointer? Look no further than SUNPOW’s Metal Detector Pinpointer! Our 360° probe design expands the detection area and reduces target loss, while our three mode settings – vibration mode, audio mode, and vibration and audio mode conversion – make it perfect for quiet or noisy environments. Plus, our full waterproof design means you can use it in any weather! So don’t go treasure hunting without your SUNPOW Metal Detector Pinpointer!

Metal Detector, Dewinner Water-Proof Search Pin-Pointer, Pinpointing Finder Probe, 360° Search High Accuracy Treasure Bounty Hunting For Adults Junior Kids

THE RIGHT INSOLE – Highly breathable, airy comfort – Long-term, high-rebound cushioning This is a new generation of metal detector, which is developed by our company according to the principle of human being’s hearing. It has high sensitivity and can be used for searching coins, jewelry, silverware, gold and other metal objects. The DEWINNER Water-Proof Search Pin-Pointer,Pinpointing Finder Prob has been designed to help you find your lost items in water or on land without damaging them. It has 360° Side-Scanning capabilities that allow you to search large areas quickly while its Pinpointing Tip Detection allows you

Looking for a top-quality metal detector? Look no further than the DEWINNER Water-Proof Search Pin-Pointer! With its high sensitivity and 360° side-scan and pinpoint tip detection, it quickly locates coins, jewelry, silverware, gold and other metal objects. Looking for a powerful and sensitive metal detector that can be used indoors and outdoors? Look no further than the DEWINNER Water-Proof Metal Detector! This top-of-the-line detector is perfect for finding coins, jewelry, silverware, gold and other metal objects. So don’t go treasure hunting without your DEWINNER Waterproof Metal Detector!

Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer At Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector, Orange

It has a maximum sensitivity for improved detection of nuggets and other small targets, as well as three sensitivity levels: fast retune, quick button press instantly tunes out environment or narrows detection field for precise pinpointing of larger targets. The Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector features an LCD display that shows target ID numbers in English or Spanish and the depth of detected items; it also includes an automatic ground balance and motion all-metal mode. The Pro-Pointer AT is Garrett’s most advanced, fully waterproof metal detector. It features Garrett’s exclusive FastTune technology that allows you to instantly tune out unwanted targets or narrow your detection field for pinpointing larger targets with the push of a button. This metal detector also includes Garrett’s new patented Notch Discrimination Technology which eliminates iron and nickel as possible target identifications by filtering out these elements from the detected audio response.

Garrett’s new Pro-Pointer AT metal detector is designed for the modern treasure hunter. Its waterproof design and orange color make it perfect for use in any environment, while its three sensitivity levels ensure that you’ll be able to detect even the smallest of targets. And with Fast Retune, you can quickly pinpoint larger targets without having to adjust the settings on your detector. Looking for a detector that can stand up to any conditions? Its bright orange color makes it easy to find whatever you’re looking for, and its three sensitivity levels make it perfect for any terrain.

Best Metal Detector Pinpointers

Best Metal Detector Pinpointers

Pinpointer Brands To Research

Bounty Hunter Fisher Labs Garrett Detectors Minelab Detectors Nokta The MI-4 can be used at an economical price by prospectors.

Garrett AT Pro-Pointer

Provides all terrain versatility to pinpoint and locate metallic targets. It’s protected from all elements. The maximum depth it can go to is 20 feet, while the minimum depth is 6 metres.

Minelab Pro -Find 35

PRO-FIND Series pinpointers enable you to identify targets precisely in small spaces or places where a detector coil is not possible. The result is smaller holes and less disruption to the environment, which allows for faster target recovery.

Nokta PulseDive

The PulseDive 2-in-1 Set is the perfect addition to any diver’s gear.

Whites Bullseye TRX

White’s Bullseye TRX can be used as a companion with your metal detector. You can find valuable jewelry, coins, gold, or rings. Once you have located the target, dig the hole and used the Bullseye TRX Pinpointer for precise “pinpointing” it.

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Fisher F-Pulse

Best Metal Detector Pinpointers

Nokta Pulsedive 2-In-1

Check the Amazon Price List. We like

Good Value for Money

Best option for underwater detectorists

We don’t like

Coil is a bit small

One of very few units that directly targets snorkelers or divers, this unit can pinpoint the exact location. It’s waterproof to 200 feet, uses pulse induction (providing better performance in saltwater), can quickly be switched for a smaller 5.5-inch search coil which is similar to a standard sniper coil for ground hunting, and it has a range of speeds. PulseDive includes a rechargeable, lithium battery with adjustable sensitivity. Also, it comes with two year warranty. Having a combination pinpointer and handheld metal detector is remarkable enough, but even more notable is the price tag: well under $200 from most retailers. This is an excellent price for the saltwater machine, and the possible quick return of investment from jewellery in the water. The PulseDive is an excellent buy for beach and underwater detectorists who also want to get their feet wet.

Best Metal Detector Pinpointers

These are The Top Metal Detector Pipointers

So you have just finished your research and have plunked down your hard earned cash for a shiny new top of the line metal detector. With excitement, you go out on the fields to start finding treasures. Soon enough, it becomes clear that simply locating the target doesn’t make the whole thing work. Another task is to retrieve the target from the hole you carefully cut out of the earth. The quality of a pinpointing device is essential to locate and quickly zero in on the target. You won’t have to damage your find in the hole, and your recovery time will be faster with an electronic pinpointer. This article will help you choose the right metal detector pinpointer. We will compare the current models that are available and learn how they differ in both features and performance. Look below for reviews of metal detector pinpointer models. Every page includes unbiased user reviews, as submitted.

Modern metal detectors have many clever features. A lot of top-of-the line detectors have a mode or pinpointing control. You may wonder why you’d need an additional hand-held pinpointer. The reason is quite simple; your metal detector has a larger search coil which acts as a general screening device to locate the target. The smaller, handheld units are easier to use in the hole when it comes to zeroing in. This will allow you to pinpoint the location of your target in the hole. It will enable you to swiftly and safely return the target to its original location and allow you to move on with your next recovery.

Let’s look at some of the features that you have in your pinpointer. Metal detector pinpointing probes are available in many sizes and shapes. You will find more options and ruggeder units at a higher price. Begin narrowing your selection by deciding where you will be using the device. You will need a waterproof unit if you are going to be near water. Another important consideration is how you expect to be reacted from your unit. Some units offer only an audio response. Others include an audio response and a vibration function. The audio response is either produced by an external speaker or through a built in headphone. offers a Shop by Product feature Tool. Add the products you are interested to the comparison basket. Click on compare. Instantly, all the features in this article will appear in a side to side comparison chart.

You can start with a simple model if you’re looking for a way to test the waters. First Texas has a variety of metal detector pinpointers under its Bounty Hunter, Fisher or Teknetics brands. Although these units cannot be used underwater, they provide a solid starting point. It is important to remember that depth alone isn’t necessarily better for pinpointing the target or isolating it. Treasure offers a range of models, including one that is completely waterproof for diving. Have a look at Vibra Probe 580 Vibra Quiatic 2 Pinpointer Vibra Tector730 They are all certified for swimming and diving. My top-seller pinpointer is still available! Garrett Pro-Pointer by far is the best-selling pinpointer for metal detection. It is weatherproof, has a belt clip, a scraping blade, sound, light, vibration alerts, and can even be worn on your waist. Do not hesitate to buy this model if the price is right for you.

Best Metal Detector Pinpointers

Advantages of using a pinpointer when metal-detecting

The whole purpose of a pinpointer is to narrow down the area where a target is located, making it easier to find. A pinpointer makes hunting easier in several ways.

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It will save you time. If you’re serious about metal detecting, it can take time to dig for objects like jewelry and gold coins. First, dig a pit, look for small objects within the ground, remove the dirt and fill it in. You should leave the hole as it was found. The pinpointer lets you dig closer to the location of the target. This allows you dig smaller holes to recover the target.

Your energy consumption will be reduced. Knowing where your target is situated in the ground will help you save time and effort digging for it. These two elements of metal detection will exhaust you the fastest. This is true especially if your digging involves a lot more roots or rocks.

You’ll lower the risk of damaging what you find. You can dig more carefully because a pinpointer shows you the exact location of your target. This can be especially helpful for relics that are not always in their best condition.

The night can be used to find the pinpointer. Numerous pinpointers have an LED light which you can use to illuminate the area and keep searching. This is especially useful if you are detecting in dark buildings. You don’t even need a flashlight! Because it’s embedded into the pinpointer, this frees you up to do other things.

How deep do you want to be able to locate targets? Higher-end best pinpointers include a sensitivity adjustment, similar to the one found on your detector. This allows you to adjust the sensitivity to increase depth. This is a great way to find targets within the hole wall.

Would you like to be able to silence the alarms that sound? Although most pinpointers produce vibrations and alerts, they are not always audible. If you like to hunt without everyone around you hearing your alerts, look for a pinpointer that offers you a choice.

We also recommend the Minelab Pro-Find 15, Quest Pinpointer Garrett Pro-Pointer At The Garrett Pro-Pointer at pinpointer can be waterproof to up to 10 feet. One-button power, silent vibration mode with automatic power-off, and retune sensitive adjustment make it easy to locate your pinpointer in case of misplacement. The device requires one 9-volt cell.

The Pro Pointer AT’s three settings for sensitivity – medium, high, and low – are another great feature. These help you find smaller items at deeper depths. These settings control the response of your detector to electromagnetic fields.

The scraper can be used to search for targets or loud music. Pro-Pointer comes with a 30 hour 9V battery, a woven belt holster, and lanyard attachment loop.

Best Metal Detector Pinpointers


Pinpointer Brands To Research

“>Best Metal Detector Pinpointers

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It is important to have a few things with you when hunting for target targets. One of which is essential for finding the exact location of a treasure that might not be able to be pinpointed by an 8-inch search coil. You could waste time looking for treasure, but not discovering it.

The handheld pinpointer can be described as a metal detector with a narrower range that lasers in close to a target. This lets you pinpoint exactly where your target is without the need to look over a huge area.

While most pinpointers perform similar functions, some can be used for specific terrains and designs. Others are also designed to meet budgetary requirements. Check the regulations and rules for metal detector use in your region before you start the hunt. Follow these links to find out what the deal is where you are: To make this selection of the 6 best metal detector pinpointers, we took in a few considerations:



How they aid beginners, intermediates, and professionals

Then, we scanned reviews from actual users to verify that they were authentic. As more online shops try to convince consumers to purchase fake or stolen products, more of them are stealing customers’ recommendations. What are the Top Metal Pinpointer Pinpointers


Best Metal Detector Pinpointers

Best Metal Detector Pinpointer

It doesn’t matter if your experience is seasoned or new to the hobby. One tool could make all the difference in improving your efficiency.

Metal detectors are the most reliable and accurate. They eliminate all guesswork when searching for long-lost or forgotten items. These gadgets help to narrow down your search area so that you can quickly retrieve the item and move onto the next target.

If you are serious about metal detecting, these tools should be a part of your arsenal. However, not all pinpointers work the same. The best tool you can afford to achieve your goals is the one that will give the best results.

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We are here to assist you. To get an overview of the top pinpointers, take a look below at our comparison table.

Best Metal Detector Pinpointers

Top 11 Metal Detector Pinpointers In 2022 Review

Michael Moore. The long, informative review of all the major brands of pinpointers will offer the reader valuable insights and information. It also includes the most popular models. With this review, anybody will be able to tell a good tool from awful and save their money and time by spotting the best one for particular situations and locations.

A metal-detecting pinpointer is an instrument that can help locate the target more precisely and accurately. Pinpointer cannot be added to every kit. A metal detector pinpointer can be extremely useful in small object detection. A detectorist who cannot pinpoint the target will be required to dig large holes. It takes time, effort and can sometimes prove impossible because of soil peculiarities. A pinpointer metal detector is used to find where the object is, exactly, and dig it out quickly.

Pinpointers, a type of metal detecting device used in the search for treasures, are designed to pinpoint where the target is. Sometimes called a probe, the Pinpointer can also be used as a metal detecting tool. Pinpointers save you time once your find is recovered. To locate the find, you will need to use the Pinpointer as an additional metal detector.

The probe can locate the find at a distance of an inch from the ground, and you can use it to scan the sides and bottom of the pit to make sure you haven’t missed the find. The Pinpointer is used to scan the area of the ground where your metal detector has detected the find before you begin digging. If you detect something, the Pinpointer immediately indicates that it has detected the find below the ground surface. If the Pinpointer is unable to detect it, they will tell you that the soil must be at least an inch below the surface of the ground. Then you can begin digging. You can make three circular cuts in your soil or grass to get the part of the sod you want out. Next, flip the sod to the uncut side. You can then use the Pinpointer to locate the spot.

You can choose between two types of mini-detectors/electronic probes: one that is handheld and the other that is detector-mounted. Hand-held probes are great for finding coins in extremely dry or sandy soil. Some of the probes can be stuck directly into loosened soil or sand without having to dig first. Many probes have adjustable sensitivities, which makes it important to calibrate them for the application. Some units include a probe of thin stainless steel, which can be used to stick it into the soil directly without needing to dig.

Electronic probes/mini detectors are those tools that can be very helpful, but you don’t necessarily need one if you are a newbie. You should first get familiar with the hobby before purchasing a Pinpointer. Some detectorists claim they can’t search without them, and that they save up to two thirds of the recovery time with them. Others say that their utility is overrated and they’re not worth the investment. Consider borrowing one from someone you know or joining a group to try it out. Perhaps it’s not for you.

There is no need to worry about whether or not you choose to use metal-detecting pinpointers. Just get out there, have fun and enjoy the hunt. This is what the hunt is about.

Best Metal Detector Pinpointers

Quest Xpointer Pro Review

Quest XPointer Pro – the most powerful pinpointer metal detector available – can be submerged to 200 feet, making water hunting enthusiasts happy!

It is not a deep dive device, though many of my friends have rated its abilities. It works very well in streams and rivers, even though the light is quite powerful.

My favorite feature is the working principle pulse induction. This allows it to work well with mineralized soils and salt water, without sending false messages like some other top makers.

You can use this metal-detecting pinpointer in a few simple steps. This is one of the best ergonomic pinpointers that I have ever used.

This battery can be recharged. It has a built-in lithium battery that recharges via an included USB. You get extra protection thanks to this design.

Although it is designed for divers, the metal detecting pinpointer also does a great job at land, particularly on beaches or in highly mineralized areas.

Quest’s pinpointer can be purchased in various colors. I prefer the brightest, though. To minimize loss of the device,

Waterproof up to 200ft in freshwater

Rechargeable lithium battery

Method of pulse induction

.Best Metal Detector Pinpointers

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