Gerber Gear 30-000469N Dime Mini Multitool Keychain, Black

The Dime is a compact, lightweight multitool that fits in your pocket, on your keychain or in any toolbox. The 10 stainless steel tools include needle-nose spring-loaded pliers, wire cutter, fine edge blade, retail package opener, scissors and more. Gerber Gear products are covered by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects when used as intended under normal conditions. Gerber Dime Mini Multitool Keychain, Black – The Gerber Dime is the perfect addition to your keychain or backpack. 10 Tools in a Tiny Package: Needle nose spring-loaded pliers, Wire cutter, Fine edge blade, Retail package opener, Scissors, Medium flat driver, Crosshead driver, Bottle opener, Tweezers and File Sturdy Stainless Steel Construction: The Gerber Dime is

It offers 10 tools, including needle nose spring-loaded pliers, wire cutter, fine edge blade, retail package opener, scissors, medium flat driver, crosshead driver, bottle opener and tweezers. The convenient butterfly opening makes it easy to access the tool you need. If you’re looking for a versatile and lightweight multitool that will fit in your pocket, the Gerber Gear 30-000469N Dime Mini Multitool Keychain is perfect for you. Made of sturdy stainless steel, this tool features 10 different tools, including needle nose pliers, wire cutter, fine edge blade, retail package opener, scissors, and bottle opener.

Leatherman, Rebar Multitool With Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters And Saw, Stainless Steel With Leather Sheath

The Rebar Multi-Tool from Leatherman is inspired by Tim Leatherman’s original PST, the Rebar features all-locking tools, 100% stainless steel construction and removable wire/hard-wire cutters. 17 TOOLS IN 1: The Rebar’s bounty of tools include knives, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, an electrical crimper, a wire stripper, bottle and can openers, a file, a saw, an awl and a ruler. The Rebar multitool is inspired by the original PST (Pocket Survival Tool) that Tim Leatherman invented in 1983. This updated version of the 25-year-old classic boasts all locking blades and tools, premium replaceable wire/hard-wire cutters and a new stainless steel locking mechanism to ensure your tool is safe when not in use.

The all-new Rebar features locking tools, 100% stainless steel construction and replacement wire/hard-wire cutters. With 17 tools in total, this powerhouse is perfect for any job or adventure. Plus, our 25-year warranty guarantees your Rebar will last a lifetime. The Rebar by Leatherman is the updated version of the original PST. It features all-locking tools, 100% stainless steel construction and removable wire/hard-wire cutters. The pliers have been redesigned for increased strength making the Rebar perfect for any job.

Gerber Gear Truss Multitool With 17 Tools: Pocket Knife, Can Opener, Scissors, Pliers And More, 4.35” Closed (30-001343N)

The Gerber Gear Truss Multitool with 17 Tools is a versatile and compact tool that can handle any task. This Gerber Gear Truss multitool with 17 tools is perfect for everyday craftsmen or anyone who needs a reliable toolkit on hand. With a bottle opener, folding knife, screwdriver, and more, this multitool has everything you need to take on any task. The Truss is also MOLLE compatible, so you can easily attach it to your belt or other gear.

The Gerber Gear Truss Multitool is a versatile and handy tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. With 17 tools included, this all-inclusive multitool is perfect for everyday use or more specialized tasks. The MOLLE compatible design means you can easily carry it with you on your belt or attach it to your gear, while the low-profile sheath keeps it safe and secure when not in use. If you’re looking for a top-quality multitool that can handle any task, look no further than the Gerber Gear Truss Multitool.

Best Multitools

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools, LLC
Type Limited liability company
Industry Manufacturing
Founded Santa Monica, California
1986 ; 36 years ago ( 1986 )
Headquarters ,
United States
Key people
Spencer Frazer, Founder & Chief Engineer
Products Knives , rescue tools
Number of employees
Website sogknives .com
Best Multitools

Here’s How We Tested

Each model was tested by us using each function and every tool. We gave them scores on a scale from one to five. After that, we calculated the average score to see how each model stacks up to an ideal multitool. You should note that manufacturers may list multiple capabilities in their descriptions. This allows them to come up with a more comprehensive number of “tools.” For instance, you might count three or four pliers if they have the ability to function as regular pliers (needle-nose), needle-nose and wire cutters and/or wire strippers. Since the functions are frequently performed by one large, standard-sized tool, in our scoring we considered them one.

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We cut wires, ropes, twines, lamp wires, indoor branch circuit wires, tree saplings, branches and maple saplings, as well as plastic. In addition, we stripped and crimped the electrical connectors we had cut. We could squeeze, twist, and turn different bits of hardware with the pliers. We created maple branches as well as white pine boards. We opened bottles, cans, and shipping packaging. We disassembled and then reassembled an older British carburetor as well as an electrical junctionbox and a three-prong outlet. We filed metal and wood as well as our fingernails. Each tool was taken care of.

After all was said and done we averaged and noted our impressions and reached our final conclusions. The best multitools are listed below, with surprising and cautionary stories.

Best Multitools

Leatherman Wave Plus

Leatherman’s Squirt PS4 Gerber Suspension XT Leatherman Raptor Light-duty Multitools:

Gerber Dime Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD multitool

TRAVEL – If often travel by air and you want to avoid having to check your tool, you’ll need one that’s TSA-approved. These models come without a blade, and any sharp features, like scissors, have to be below a certain length. There is no way to be certain that any multitool will pass security, so it’s best to choose an inexpensive model you’ll not feel guilty about leaving.

Victorinox Swiss Army Jetsetter Leatherman Style PS SOG Baton Q1 Leatherman Wave Plus


MSRP: $99.95 MEASURED WEIGHT: 8.5 oz.

FUNCTIONS : Pliers. Electric crimper. wire stripper. knife. serrated knife. file. CONS. Larger/bulkier than other pliers. BUTTON LINE. Because of the excellent quality and low price, the Leatherman Wave Plus is a renowned multitool that has been a huge success worldwide. Wave Plus offers all the basic tools needed by problem-solvers and tradespeople. It also includes some extras to help make your life more convenient. You might find the Wave Plus too heavy to be carried around every day, but this will not deter you from using the Wave Plus for more complex tasks. Wave Plus is a good choice for anyone who wants to be prepared and can afford a premium multitool that will last many years. You can complete the package by purchasing a Leatherman Bit Set.

View at Amazon Leathermansquirt PlayStation4



Best Multitools

Multitools: The Key Features

Multitools are as diverse as the jobs they perform. What’s best for another person might not be what you need, so compare several different styles and determine which option you prefer. That said, multitools are typically built around the core combination of pliers and knives and usually offer additional features such as:

Wire cutters – Regular and hard wire

Screwdrivers. Phillips and flat

saws: metal and wood

Openings: can be opened and bottled




Wire strippers

Wire scrapers

Best Multitools


These are our top 7 multitools to use for EDC. Any one of these tools could replace one finger of mine.

There are many other choices, of course. But we believe that these seven multitools, in price, reliability and overall usefulness, would make a fantastic addition to any EDC enthusiast.

The Gerber Center Drive is, as I mentioned above, what I keep around my neck the most.

Gerber Center Drive is the best hex bit support screwdriver on the market today. You will love it for years with its great tools and screwdriver.

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You can find more info on Leatherman Vs. Gerber here if you need it.


Best Multitools


Getty Image Credit: The most important multitool for adventurers is the best one. You never know what you might encounter.

All the equipment and clothing you have can be packed, but once out, you still need digging, scratching, pounding, cutting and poking stuff. Sometimes, your equipment or clothing will need adjustments. There are times when things need to be fixed or broken. This is how things are out there in the wild, even though it’s only 30 minutes away from you house.

These are just a few reasons you will need to have tools on your trips. You can’t take a whole toolbox with many implements so you have to be able to use a multi-functional multitool for all the jobs you may need. Multitools that are best include pliers and knives are the best. A few have a screwdriver, bottle opener, ruler, small pair of scissors, and even a ruler.

We’re confident that you will find the right headlamp for your needs.

Get the top solar chargers to keep your electronics charged in the outdoors. Now that you have your multitools, grab these essentials for everyday use. Before you decide which multitool is best for you, think about how often you will be using it. Is your primary activity hiking or camping? You also hunt and fish. Do you travel light and fast, or do you tend to carry a bigger pack with more gear? In all of those cases, consider a multitool that can handle sport-specific tasks and common challenges the you often encounter. You’ll need to look at a range of factors including price, features, functionality, durability, weight, and cost.

Best Multitools

This is the 2016

How We Tested

“>Best Multitools

Multitools are small and portable, reliable, easy to use and great for almost any type of job. These are some of our top multitool picks for 2016.

Editor’s Notice: This post was updated to include five more choices for 2016. These are our earlier choices. We know that you don’t have every tool to do every job. You’ve ever been caught trying to get something open using a pen or fork. It’s likely that you are looking for a multi-tool all in one. While it may not be able to fix every problem, it can serve as a “go-to” tool in times of need (especially if the tools are purchased from a local pharmacy).

Since the 1983 release of Leatherman PST (Pocket Survival Tool), multi-tools have helped with odd jobs. Multi-tools, also known as multi-pliers, have advanced a lot since the original Leatherman PST (Pocket Survival Tool) was released in 1983. Today, they come in a variety of sizes, types, and counts. Some are even specialized for gunsmiths and electricians. In our quest to find the best, though, we also discovered that many manufacturers have abandoned their multi-tool production due to poor sales. We refer to it as “thinning” the herd. This is actually beneficial, since the tools that last are more user-friendly than the hardest. Ready to become a Renaissance handyman of honey-do lists? Below are the top full-size multitools in the marketplace today.

Leatherman’s Wave is the best-selling multi-tool. You’ll find it reliable and strong in any field. With a built-in 17-tool function you can do almost anything.

SwissTech Micro Max multi-tool The Swiss Tech Micro Max comes with a low price. This is one its best features. The Micro Max Multi-Tool may not last as long as other options but it’s still affordable at $9.

Victorinox Swisstool Spirit X – The Spirit X not only has 26 robust functions backed years ago by Swiss Army Victorinox, but it is also an attractively designed tool.

Center-Drive comes with a standard-size, interchangeable bit screwdriver. Spring loaded pliers allow you to pull them out easily with just one hand. There’s an outboard knife that Gerber claims is 30 percent larger than the competition. The 14 outboard tools, which include a serrated knife, file and bottle opener, can all be reached with one hand. Backup is unnecessary.

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Tool Logic Credit Card Companion Almost the same shape and size of a standard credit card, Tool Logic’s companion is one of the easiest. Nine essential tools can be carried along with cash in no other alternative.

Although Bear Grylls is no longer on Discovery Channel, he’s still the best survival multi-tool. Gerber’s top multi-tool is named after Bear Grylls. The tool comes with 12 tools made of stainless steel that can help you more than get by in the field. All the tools are equipped with Safe.T.Plus System locks, so the handles can be gripped in rubber. You will find key tools like plain and serrated blades as well as spring-loaded needlenose pliers. And just so you don’t feel totally alone in the cruel wilderness, Gerber includes survival instructions in the military-grade nylon sheath.

Baladeo Locker is best known for its multi-tool tool box. Along with having standard multi-tool components like pliers, a knife, a saw, scissors and a can opener, the socket end of the tool also accommodates a host of included bits like flathead and Phillips screwdrivers (and even hard-to-find Torx bits) for a total of 18 separate tools. Each tool is made from 2CR13, corrosion-resistant stainless Steel. The comfortable and ergonomically designed curved handles made of coated Aluminum. While it can’t be used to replace all of your toolboxes, the 50-pound weight is still manageable.

Best Multitools

These are the Top 10 Best Multitools!

Spyderco Benchmade Kershaw Buck BuckCRKT is the brand I am most passionate about. This is why pocket knives are my passion. However, you may need more than one or two knives at a time. Since the 1980’s when multitools were introduced to me, I’ve been a huge fan. When you are looking for a multitool that is both sturdy and functional, there’s nothing better than a high-quality multitool. In this article, I will be highlighting the top ten multitools available today. It may surprise you to learn that all of them are made by Leatherman. Leatherman is simply the best multitool manufacturer and I believe that Leatherman is without doubt the undisputed king. Leatherman Tools has been innovating and demonstrating unrivalled quality since 1983 when Tim Leatherman created his first multitool. It is evident in their 25-year, no-questions-asked warranty. Leatherman will provide everything that you could possibly need.

So here it is, my Top 10 Multitools.

Best Multitools

What About The Other Guys?

While I still believe that Leatherman makes the best multitools there are some decent models out there from other manufacturers. Here are some noteworthy points:

Victorinox SwissTool RS (approx. The Victorinox SwitzerlandTool RS is a solid and reliable tool. It comes with 24 tools, in a handy package.

SOG powerassist (approx. $60) – SOG puts emphasis on the blades with quick release ability but the rest is pretty standard.

CRKT Zilla (approx. $35) CRKT Zilla – This innovative multitool from knife maker CRKT is a great way to stand out.

Gerber Diesel (approx. $40

Which Leatherman Model is The Best?

Leatherman Charge Plus TTi multi-tool, nylon sheath The Leatherman Charge Plus TTi could also be seen as the premium version of the Wave Plus. This model is equipped with all the tools of the Wave Plus, but it’s made from superior materials. This model is Leatherman’s best.

Multitools: Is it a good idea?

A multi-tool is an excellent way to complete your toolkit. Professionals and DIYers alike consider it their best tool. An oscillating multi tool is small but effective and super versatile.Oct 20, 2021

Is Victorinox multitools good?

Victorinox comes in as the underdog with an exceptionally polished product. The design is inspired by both traditional Swiss Army knives and current pliers based multi-tools. Our test team concluded that while the SwissTool was very good, Leatherman’s tools were slightly better. November 22, 2019,

.Best Multitools

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