30 Ziva Paperwhites 13-15Cm- Indoor Narcissus: Narcissus Tazetta–Nice, Healthy Bulbs For Holiday Forcing!

Ziva Paperwhites are a classic gift for the holiday season. Ziva paperwhites are easy to grow indoors, even if you don’t have a green thumb! Just follow these simple instructions: 1) Soak your bulbs overnight in water 2) Plant them in a 6″ planter 3) Water them regularly 4) Enjoy their sweet scent this winter! Ziva paperwhites come with pre-soaked bulbs that have already sprouted so Ziva Paperwhites are the perfect gift for any occasion. Ziva Paperwhites can be planted indoors in a 6″ planter, and will grow to 16″-20″ tall. They have pure white musk scented flowers, and bloom on sturdy stems that make them ideal for cutting. Treated so that you can plant them indoors and enjoy their sweet scent this winter!

Paperwhites are the perfect way to add a touch of winter cheer to your home. These 16″-20″ tall plants will bloom with beautiful pure-white musk-scented flowers, filling your room with a delightful fragrance. Bring some winter cheer into your home with these 30 Ziva Paperwhites! Best of all, you can plant them indoors in a 6″ planter and enjoy their beauty right at home.

Ziva Paperwhite Narcissus – 5 Bulbs – 15/16 Cm Bulbs – Indoor/Very Fragrant

Ziva Paperwhite Narcissus – 5 Bulbs – 15/16 cm Bulbs – Indoor/Very Fragrant This product is a pack of 5 bulbs with the size of each bulb being 15/16 cm or 4-6 inches circumference. These bulbs are very fragrant, and will be able to give you an amazing smell in your room. The bulb is still covered so it won’t be white. This product will arrive at your doorstep within 3 business days via FBA Prime Ziva Paperwhite Narcissus – 5 Bulbs – 15/16 cm Bulbs – Indoor/Very Fragrant Product Description in paragraph form: Ziva Paperwhite Narcissus – 5 Bulbs – 15/16 cm Bulbs – Indoor/Very Fragrant

Add some early spring cheer to your décor with these Ziva Paperwhite Narcissus. Looking for a Narcissus bulb that will really stand out in your garden? Look no further than the Ziva Paperwhite Narcissus! These bulbs produce 5 elegant white flowers per stem, and are highly fragrant.

10 ‘Ziva’ Paperwhites Flower Bulbs 14/15Cm Bulbs

These Paperwhite Daffodil bulbs will produce beautiful blooms on your kitchen counter. No pre-chilling required – simply plant the bulb and watch it grow! 10 ‘Ziva’ Paperwhite Flower Bulbs are just what you need! These large, healthy bulbs don’t require any pre-chilling and can be grown in a flower pot on your kitchen counter. Plus, comes with 2 pages of complete growing instructions and tips so you can get the most out of your flowers.

“Bring the beauty of winter indoors with these Ziva Paperwhite Daffodil flower bulbs. These large, healthy bulbs will produce blooms in the dead of winter – no pre-chilling required! Add some cheer to your home this holiday season with these beautiful flowers.” It’s the time of year where thoughts turn to home, hearth, and gardening. And what could be more welcoming at the door than a pot of brilliantly blooming Paperwhites? Ziva gives you 10 fresh bulbs ready to take on winter, no pre-chilling required. Comes with complete instructions for easy growing.

Best Paperwhites

Best Paperwhites

Best Paperwhites For Gifts

“>Best Paperwhites
For Gifts

These premium paperwhite bulbs measuring in at 17+ cm are ideal for gifts because they can put on an impressive show. Consider whether your receiver would prefer to receive a less fragrant, traditional variety of paperwhite bulbs or something newer with more fragrance.

To make it easy for the recipients, send preplanted paperwhites to them in a container. You just have to provide water for the bulbs, then enjoy.

Maybe you want to send some bulbs as a gift, but aren’t sure how to ship it.

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Best Paperwhites

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WINTER BLOOMS: The bright beauty and fragrant scent of Paperwhites is a favorite during winter, particularly around holidays.

BULBS AVAILABLE FOR FORCING. Paperwhites can also be forcibly placed indoors. The 17+ sized bulbs are the most effective.

FAST-GROWING Paperwhites are expected to blossom into fragrant blooms in 4 to 5-weeks after they have been planted.

EASY TO GROW: These festive flowers are among the easiest to grow, requiring little more than sunlight and occasional watering.

AUTHENTIC. A thoughtful product made by Easy to Grow, an American business.

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Best Paperwhites

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Best Paperwhites

Paperwhites may not always smell bad

As I was finishing up an article for Fiskars about forced bulbs, (bulbs that are coaxed into blooming indoors in winter), my Non-Gardening Best Friend Aimee called. Aimee called me while I was finishing up an article. We discussed paperwhites, hyacinths and amaryllis. She asked me if an amaryllis would be a good idea for her. I am always trying to spread the love of gardening around, and amaryllis are super easy. It was quite interesting to hear her reply.

Paperwhites were probably called ‘Ziva’ long before I was aware.

She said “Yes” and then she asked me, “Do they smell?” I replied that most of them don’t.

“I don’t need any more paperwhites,” said she, adding that “I grew them once.” They were disgusting.” It was a stunky smell. This set off a lively discussion about Narcissus, ssp. papyraceus Ziva (also known as Her Stinkiness) and its cousins. While ‘Ziva is the most widely sold paperwhite daffodil available in commerce today, it’s far from the only one. Many sweeter varieties are available, including Erlicheer and Geranium.

‘Cheerfulness’ is grand, as is the traditional Chinese sacred lily, with its golden cup, that I grow outside and have also forced.

There are other options. Others narcissus are also tolerant to being forced, particularly the small ones that are used in rock gardens. N. cyclamineus Jack Snipe (Jetfire) can also grow indoors. Brent and Becky can sell precooled Jetfire bulbs, which will be shipped after Christmas.

Narcissus Chinese sacred lily and ‘Cheerfulness’ (yellow strain) planted outside.

It begs the obvious question: . . Why don’t other species of paperwhites be purchased? Why are we still buying stinky Zivas? It’s almost the only one that can be found on all gift boxes, in most nurseries, and on every shelf in box stores. The best paperwhites are found in the following places:

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Online at Brent and Becky’s Bulbs and Old House Gardens and Van Engelen. Old House Gardens even has a webpage dedicated to forcible. The majority of online retailers sell out of fall-planted bulb, however I managed to locate a couple at American Meadows yesterday. You can still plant paperwhites and amaryllis and enjoy them during winter because neither need chilling. This is a very happy thought.

You can grow Narcissus Jetfire’ in lots of sunlight. It can be grown indoors.

Best Paperwhites

How to Plant Paperwhites

Paperwhites will grow without soil. Use a shallow, leak-proof container to store small stones. Marble chips, polished stones, glass beads or washed gravel all work fine. You will get the best display if you plant more than five bulbs. Plant the bulbs together. The bulb’s tops should touch or just slightly exceed the pot’s edges. Add more stones to hold the bulbs in place.

Water the container with water until it touches the base of your bulbs after planting. Set the pot in a sunny, warm place. The pot should be kept in a cool, bright place for the next 2 weeks. When the bulbs begin to grow, it is necessary that you replenish water less frequently, while keeping the level of the bulbs below their base.

You can grow paperwhites indoors using a standard container mixture. Keep the bulb’s top off the soil. Make sure to moisten your container mix prior to planting. Then water sparingly once the bulbs are established and well-grown.

Best Paperwhites

How to Grow Paperwhites in the Outdoors

What about paperwhites? You can get paperwhite bulbs into the soil as soon as they are in their proper place, or you give them time to cool down before planting.

The best soil for Narcissus is well-drained and in full sunshine. For paperwhites, add leaf litter to the soil. Dig 3 to 4 inches (37.5-10 cm) holes. For paperwhites planting, make sure to dig down deep.

They look their best when they are planted in groups of short stems. Therefore, plant three to five bulbs in each cluster. Anytime between September and December is the right time for planting paperwhites.

The bulbs can be left to dry in the soil until the spring by watering the area immediately after they have been planted. Check the area in April to May and you will start to see the green shoots of the foliage forcing their way through the soil.

Best Paperwhites


How to Force Bulbs Indoors. You can force bulb indoors by planting paperwhites. This will provide you with continuous indoor blooms.

You can plant these tiny bulbs early in spring to receive the first hint of spring.

Find out how to make alcohol shorten flower stalks and not kill the bulbs.

The best time to plant a spring garden is in autumn, according to good gardeners.

These bulbs and corms can be planted in fall to bring out spring colors.

For a spring touch, place these bulbs in containers when it’s cold.

Bring beautiful, living trees into your home when you practice the ancient art of Bonsai.

To get your flower bulbs to bloom in the spring, start planting in the fall.

These gorgeous flowers unfurl one of the widest-ranging color palettes. Get HGTV garden experts’ best tips for dahlia care.

You can find these perennials in many sizes, colors, and textures. They are easy to incorporate texture and strong hues into your garden.

Best Paperwhites

How to Grow Paperwhite Flowers

Like daffodils, paperwhite flowers (Narcissus papayraceus), are part of the family of narcissus. They can be found all over the Mediterranean. Since they come from a mild climate, they don’t need to be pre-chilled before they flower like other bulbs . It means they can be started right away from their packaging. Even better, they bloom and grow fast. This is how I managed to get the gorgeous paperwhite bloom bulbs that you see here. It only took 2 weeks for them to flower. Results may differ. Flowers may take up to 8 to 10 weeks to bloom.

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You can easily grow paperwhite flower indoors by using these websites Valter Jacinto/Getty Images A shallow dish with stones and soil is all that’s required to grow your paperwhite flowers indoors. Below are some basic instructions and tips based on my experience. They were grown in my Florida backyard, where the temperature is almost the same as that of Florida’s winter.

Place the bulbs together, they do not need to be arranged in a specific order. They only need a few inches for the roots to grow, so almost any container will work. Water should only be added to the bowl until the water covers the bulb. Without water, the bulb could become brittle.

You can find the best 10 holiday houseplants for easy care.

The stems get taller, straighter when they reach 12 – 18 inches. When that happens, flower heads will appear. This is when paperwhites can become difficult to manage.

Indoor gardening is more enjoyable when you have a kit for mushroom growth.

Paperwhite Flower Care: There are simple tips to help paperwhites stop growing taller and more leggy. Try any combination of these to grow shorter, sturdier paperwhites:

Keep paperwhites at temperatures below 70 degrees F, and ensure they receive plenty of bright light. If you notice the stems leaning toward the light source , turn the container regularly to keep the stems straight.

Keeping the planted paperwhite flower bulbs in a cool area like a garage or basement with temperatures around 50 degrees F for several weeks before exposing them to warmth and light is said to ensure shorter stems.

*The most unusual way, but also one of the easiest, is to try “pickling” your paperwhite flower bulbs by watering them with a very dilute solution of alcohol. This was my method, which I liked. However, you cannot use wine or beer. The water should be drained once you see about an inch growth. Replace it with a solution of 4-6% alcohol. This solution can be used for all of the plants’ growth cycles. My plants wound up about a third shorter than a friend’s who grew them at the same time in the traditional way. They never became “floppy” or required stakes.

Is it possible for Paperwhites to return every year?

You can plant paperwhites outside anytime between fall and spring. … These leaves provide the plants with the energy they need to grow flowers in the following season. In warm climates, paperwhites are less demanding than other narcissus varieties. They will return year after year with minimal care.

Where should paperwhites go?

Paperwhites can be planted anytime between September and December. Water the area after planting and then pretty much forget about the bulbs until spring. You will see green shoots emerging from the soil as you check the area between April and May.

When Should I Start My Paperwhites For Christmas?

When to plant paperwhites for Christmas blooms The best time to plant your paperwhites for Christmas blooms would be 4-6 weeks before you want them at their best. To ensure they bloom early in December to begin the Christmas party season in January, plant your paperwhites in mid-to late October.

Do Paperwhites Come Back Every Year Indoors?

You can preserve the plant for the following year by saving it after the flowers have died and the sweet smell of Narcissus tazetta (paperwhites) has faded. Except for bulbs placed indoors in water, or in pebble / pebble mix, paperwhites can be rebloomed for another two years.

.Best Paperwhites

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