Tooliom 50A Non-Touch Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110V/220V Igbt Inverter Metal Cutting Machine 1/2 Clean Cut

Yeswelder Cut-55Ds 55Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter 1/2 Inch Clean Cut, Digital 110/220V Dual Voltage Igbt Inverter Plasma Cutting Machine With Etl Approved

Jack&Dave 100 Pcs Plasma Cutting Consumables (Standard) Fit Cut40 50 With Plasma Cutter Torch Pt31 Lg40

Best Plasma Cutters

Best Plasma Cutters

We review the best plasma cutters. Top picks.

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Metal cutting can be one the most laborious and expensive jobs in fabricating.

Plasma torch technology makes plasma cutters more efficient, allowing for more precise cuts and less heat.

Lower prices for plasma cutters have been possible thanks to Inverter Technology. Although serious plasma cutters remain expensive, they are now more affordable.

High quality plasma cutters are best for cutting thin metal. The cutter must be cost-effective and efficient.

To help you choose the right plasma cutter, we’ve compiled 9 top-rated models.

Best Plasma Cutters

These are the 8 best plasma cutters:

1. Hypertherm Powermax30 Powercutter – Best Overall Price Check Current Price We have chosen the Hypertherm Powermax30XP as our best pick. It’s one of the best plasma cutters for home use, as it’s available at a low price while offering more than enough of the features a hobbyist would need.

It’s not quite capable of engraving like the Powermax 45 XP is, but it gives pristine edges to cut surfaces and is capable of easily severing up to 5/8″ thick plate along with fine-featured cuts for decorative use.

The ultra-lightweight welder comes with a robust case that surrounds it and includes a long 15’ torch lead. This allows for plasma cutting to be done with much greater precision than when using a shorter torch lead. Tracing is made easy by drag-cutting technology, which prevents double arches.

While the inner air valve could leak in an environment where it’s being used extensively, such as in an industrial setting, it’s easy to repair and is cheap enough that it won’t impact home use. This plasma cutter impressed us so much that it is now our #1 choice.

Input voltage: 110/120 & 220/240

Lower – Medium Price Range

Maximum cut: 5/8″

Maximum output range: 15-30 amps

Drag-cutting technology

Dimensions – 14″x5.5″x11.5″

Best Plasma Cutters


Best Plasma Cutters – Reviews And Top Picks

“>Best Plasma Cutters
2020: Review and Buying Guide

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We spent more than 100 hours testing 15 different plasma cutters and spoke to 3 professional welders about their favorites, including some of the most popular welding equipment brands like Hypertherm, Hobart, and Miller.

Plasma cutting tools today are lighter and more portable than ever before. The new manufacturing technologies make them more accessible to hobbyists as well as professionals.

The following review will focus on

Which plasma cutter is best for you, so that you’re not spending money on features you don’t require

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A mistake made by professionals that can lead to huge $$$

Avoid these models so that you do not have to worry about non-stop warranty issues

About Our Top Pick The Hypertherm Powermax 45 is our pick for the top performing plasma cutter on the market. You can get 20 inches of half-inch mild steel through it per minute, and it has a 50 percent duty cycle. You can use it to cut through a wide range of materials thanks to its continuous pilot-arc or auto-refire capabilities.


Best Plasma Cutters

We’ve tested and reviewed the top 9 plasma cutters.

Hypertherm Powermax 45 – Top Pick Miller Spectrum 625 Extreme – Best Small Plasma Cutter Hobart AirForce 40i – Best Home Plasma Cutter Hypertherm Powermax 30 AIR – Best Portable Plasma Cutter PrimeWeld Cut50 Plasma Cutter – Best Plasma Cutter for Home Use Ramsond Cut 50DX Plasma Cutter Lotos CT520D Plasma Cutter Amico Cut-50 50-Amp Professional Plasma Cutter Hobart 12ci Plasma Cutter 9 Best Plasma Cutters 1. Hypertherm Powermax 45 – Top Pick Click Here for Price The Hypertherm Powermax45 is the best plasma cutter you can buy.

Hypertherm has been a leader in the manufacture of quality equipment for many decades. The reputation of Hypertherm rests on its product’s ability do what it says. Powermax45 can do it all.

This fellow can perform precise cuts of 1/2″ steel at 20 inches per hour all day.

And while it carries a hefty price tag, it’s easy on consumables (186% more efficient than some models) which means it’s easier on your checkbook over the long haul.

Hypetherm’s plasma cutting consumables cost less than most other companies, which is an added benefit. It is very important that this be remembered if your business is focused on profit margins.

This machine was created to support serious operations. The machine offers outstanding performance and extremely high quality parts. Hypertherm provides incredible support.

This is a machine that has 90 engineers and 15 PHD’s standing behind it. It is like a manual and covers every scenario from simple cuts to control and operation of CNC machines.

This unit is for those businesses who require 100% uptime.

The controls on the Powermax45 are very straightforward. There’s a mode switch that toggles between three primary modes:

Continuous pilot arc – this mode allows you to easily cut perforated metal such as grating.

Best Plasma Cutters

Review and Buying Guide: 10 Top Plasma Cutters for 2022

You might be involved in a project that involves making quick and precise metal cuts. You will save your time and avoid noisy grinding or rough cutting in a dirty environment.

Plasma cutting continues to evolve and expand from the 1960s as a massive, complex machine, to modern, sleek, portable, methodical plasma cutting. Both the range and its price are increasing.

An ionized gas gun is used to heat the plasma cutter to melt metal, then blow it away for a clean cut. This can cut metals like iron, mild steel, brass, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum and prove itself as a production booster tool.

There is a sizable collection of portable, safer, flexible plasma cutters available with the sellers. It can be challenging to choose the right cutter if one is not well-versed in plasma processes.

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This guide will help you choose the right plasma cutter. These ten reviews will help you to make an educated decision when shopping for the right plasma cutter.

Best Plasma Cutters

1. Lotos Ltp5000D

Best value for money

Best under $500

Lotos LTP5000D Plasma cutter, is probably the best-selling on the market. Hobbyists who want a versatile cutter without spending too much can find this a good choice. You can use it without having to touch the metal like other machines. Dual voltage capabilities are available, but 110V adapters will be required if 110V is desired. While it isn’t as robust and durable as plasma cutters of larger brands, it does quickly use consumables. The cutter can cut through half-inch steel. Although it is slower with 1/4’s and 1/2’s, it cuts through 1/8 inch quickly. Because it is very thick, this tool can be used for cutting more precisely.

Overall we think it’s the best bang for your buck plasma cutter there is. You will find it ideal if your hobby project requires a small plasma cutting machine at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for something even cheaper, check out the LT5000D, which is a similar model but without pilot arc. The unit comes with a 1-year warranty. However, if you need a longer-term unit you may be better served by a Hypertherm unit.

Best Plasma Cutters

2. Hypertherm Powermax 30Xp

Best under $1500

Best for 1/4”

Hypertherm Powermax 30 XP – A remarkable plasma cutter. Hypertherm take immense care when designing their units and put them together with unrivaled care (right here in the US). Hypertherm products are known for producing great results that will last the test. These are build to handle heavy-duty use in professional environments and have a 3-year warranty.

You get everything that you need for cutting, aside from air.

At just 21 lbs, the 30XP can be compacted and light. It also includes FineCut consumables that allow for more precise and finer cutting. You can use it to easily cut 1/4 inch steel at 20 IPM. It can be used to cut steel up to 1/4″ and will also work with 110V and 220V.

Overall, this plasma cutter has the best reputation for producing high-quality results with a long lifetime.

Best Plasma Cutters

Top Plasma Cutter Comparative Table

Image Specials Voltage Inputs Maximum Cuttering Amps Duty Cycle Maximum Cut Thickness Air Requirements

YesWelder CUT-55DS Discount Code: 10% WELDPROS 110/230V 55A 60% at 55 amps 1/2″ cut and 3/4″ max severance cut 5-7 CFM @ 60 PSI Check Current Price YesWelder 30 XP Hand System Best Overall 120V/240V 30A 35% at 35 amps 3/8in neat cut 5/8in maximum cut 6.7 CFM @ 90 PSI Check Current Price Amazon Eastwood Versa Cut 40 Editor’s Choice 120/240V 40 A 60% at 40 amps 24 gauge up to 3/8-inch 5-7 CFM @ 60 PSI Check Current Price Eastwood Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter Best for Hobbyists 120/240V 40 A 50% at 40 amps 5/8″ cut and 7/8″ max severance cut 6.0 CFM @ 90 PSI Check Current Price Northern Tool Welder & Cutter Discount Code: 10% WELDPROS 5-in-1 110/220V 40A 60% at 68F 1/4″ cut and 1/2″ max severance cut 9-12CFM Check Current Price YesWelder Lincoln Electric Tomahawk 625 Heavy-Duty 208V/240V 40 A 35% at 40 amps 5/6” maximum 3/4” severance cut 7-12 CFM @ 70 PSI Check Current Price Northern Tool Forney Easy Weld 251 20 P Plasma Cutter Entry-Level 120V 20 A 35% at 20 amps 1/4″ cut 1.5 CFM @ 30 PSI Check Current Price Northern Tool If you want to learn more about plasma cutting in general and are not ready to pick the quality plasma cutters yet, you can read this article that tackles this subject.

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Best Plasma Cutters

4. Hobart 500566 Airforce40I-240 V Plasma Cutter. Powerful Hobbyist Cutter

Hobart is a big player in the market for welders and the Hobart Plasma Cutter, 40i Plasma Cutter has a high price. The plasma cutter cuts mild steel at 7/8 inch at 50% duty cycles at a rate faster than an oxygen torch, and at a speed of 7/8 inches. This is an important tool that you should consider among plasma cutters.

The older Airforce-40i plasma cutters used a 240V power supply.

The most recent improvements include the Hobart MVP connector, which means that you can use 110V/220V power options.

Hobart Airforce 40i has been one of my favorite plasma cutters. The airflow was designed to preserve as much air possible. This feature allows for greater flexibility than many air plasma cutter tools. It has a decent duty cycle, and an automatic post flow cools the torch down, which extends the life of the consumables as well.

The new improvements mean that you can use it at any place: home, garage or ranch. In addition, 40i excels once you need to slice through the hot metal piece in the way that a knife slices through butter and you need to do it a lot in your workspace.

Although it may be more costly than cheaper options like Primeweld or LOTOS LTP5000D this is still a great deal. A 5/3/1-year industry-leading warranty protects your investment.

A Hobart Airforce 12-ci plasma cutter is the most affordable option available for beginners. It is extremely easy to operate because it has an air compressor. However, you should not expect heavy-duty cuts as this machine is designed for sheet metal cutting.

Pros & Cons Summarized Pros

Sturdy case

A great choice for work and professional shops

Best Plasma Cutters

These are the 5 best plasma cutters for money

It shouldn’t be hard to find a high-quality, inexpensive plasma cutter. The best plasma cutters below $1500 offer affordable, versatile options that will get the job done. Finding a reliable, cost-effective option that is durable and affordable can sometimes be difficult. High-quality plasma cutters are available at an affordable cost. Our assistance will help you to find the sturdy, reliable plasma cutter that meets your requirements.

A portable plasma cutter

Auto-line Technology and Multi-voltage plug

XT-30 Torch with an ergonomic handle

2 in 1 design that cuts think metal as well as fine cuts

Hypertherm quality made to last

Duramax Torch for heat resistance and comfort

Cuts up to 30 mm thick Aluminum

Lightweight and portability with multi-handle design

1-Torch industry leading handle

.Best Plasma Cutters

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