Galaxy Projector Star Projector, Christmas Room Decor Light For Kids And Adults, Smart Night Light For Bedroom With Bluetooth Speaker, App Control, Remote Control, Smart Voice Control

This star light projector is a great gift for Christmas and birthday. It creates a romantic atmosphere, the soft light will be like falling stars in the dark night sky, bring you a wonderful visual feast of stars, dreamy and magical. The patterns of nebulae can be manually or automatically switched into single-color or dual-color mode (any combination of red, blue, green, and white). You can adjust the color, brightness, and flow speed of the lights to create your own amazing starlight show! This star projector is the perfect decor for a room and ideal gift for birthday, Christmas, anniversary. Amazing Starlight Effect: This projector can project patterns of nebulae and stars. The nebulae effect can be manually or automatically switched into single-color or dual-color mode (any combination of red, blue, green, and white).

This projector can turn any room into a beautiful starry night sky. Whether you’re looking to add some Christmas cheer or want to enjoy a relaxing evening under the stars, this projector is the perfect solution! Watch as beautiful stars and galaxies are projected onto your walls and ceiling, creating an unforgettable starry night experience. Perfect for kids and adults alike, this projector is sure to add a touch of magic to any room.

Star Projector & Night Light, Torjim 2 In 1 Ocean Wave Night Light Projector With Remote Control & Auto-Off Timer, Galaxy Projector With Led Nebula Cloud With Wireless Remote Speaker For Kids Bedroom

The Torjim 2 in 1 Ocean Wave Night Light Projector with Star Projector is a unique and relaxing way to enjoy a field of stars. The projector instantly creates a galaxy of stars against a blue nebula cloud, while the aurora effect creates a calming environment. The Torjim 2-in-1 Ocean Wave Night Light Projector not only provides a star projector, but also a LED ocean wave projector. The 10 color rotational dynamic projection creates a field of drifting stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud.

If you’re looking for a night light that does more than just provide a little bit of illumination, check out the Star Projector & Night Light. This nifty device features both a star projector and an ocean wave projector, each with their own unique set of benefits. The stars project a field of drifting stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud, while the waves create a soothing aurora effect that can help you relax in any room. Whether you’re using it as a unique star light projector or simply want some calming waves to fall asleep to, this product is sure to please. Then look no further than the Torjim 2 in 1 Ocean Wave Night Light Projector! This innovative product instantly transforms any room into a starry galaxy, providing hours of relaxation and entertainment. The Ocean Wave Night Light Projector also doubles as a LED projector, displaying beautiful ocean waves on any wall or surface. It’s the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom, creating a calm and soothing environment. So why not add some stars to your life with the Torjim 2 in 1 Ocean Wave Night Light Projector?

Blisslights Sky Lite – Led Laser Star Projector, Galaxy Light, Nebula Lamp (Blue Stars, Blue Cloud)

BlissLights Sky Lite – LED Laser Star Projector, Galaxy Light, Nebula Lamp (Blue) The BlissLights Sky Lite is the next generation of mood lighting. With a star field that projects onto any surface and a nebula cloud that changes colors as it floats across the room, this laser star projector creates an immersive experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The BlissLights Sky Lite – LED Laser Star Projector, Galaxy Light, Nebula Lamp (Blue) is a unique and fun way to relax and create an amazing night light atmosphere in any room. This relaxing star projector instantly projects a field of blue stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud. With the ability to project over 3000 stars onto your ceiling or walls, this relaxing star projector has no installation required! The BlissLights Sky Lite – LED Laser Star Projector, Galaxy Light, Nebula Lamp

Create a mesmerizing ambiance with the BlissLights Sky Lite. With no installation required, Sky Lite is perfect for parties, gaming stations, meditation spaces, and bedrooms. Drift off to dreamland under the stars with the BlissLights Sky Lite. This projector instantly creates a field of blue stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud. With no installation required, it’s perfect for parties, gaming stations, meditation spaces, and more.

Best Star Projectors

Best Star Projectors

What to Avoid

The cardboard cut-out was sold as the Science Museum Create A Night Sky in the U.K. and as the 4M Night Sky Project Kit elsewhere. This might seem like a strange addition to our top 10 list of star projectors. After all, what’s on offer here is merely some small holes in cardboard positioned over a lamp. While this image looks simple, the trick is in how to make it more complex.

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It is an excellent learning tool. To create a night sky globe like, the children will need to project it onto the sky. Then, they’ll be introduced to the concepts of the northern and Southern hemispheres. The children will have to find the main stars, and then they’ll need to poke holes into the constellations.

The hardware can be done in a few minutes. An enclosed small lamp, with 4xAA battery, is included on the square base. With a support fixed to each of the four corners, you then put the night sky domes over the lamp and with the lights switched-off the stars are both lit-up in front of you, and projected onto the walls and ceiling above. However, there are some drawbacks. The printed constellations and stars are projected backwards to provide a clear projection. This is a time-consuming process that can be tedious but it’s an affordable and effective learning device. It’s a simple novelty light that can be used in a child’s room.

Space Forums are a place to discuss space and the most recent missions, night skies, and other topics. We welcome any corrections or news tips.

Best Star Projectors

Reasons To Avoid

“>Best Star Projectors
& Home Planetariums 2022

Star projectors can transform any room into a planetarium.

This competition is closed. Looking up into the night sky from under the dark skies is one joy of astronomy. But it may not be possible for everyone to venture outside every night. For those times, star projectors/planetariums make a fantastic home décor item. These can transform your living space, bedroom, or office into an observatory.

Many star projectors provide views of the brightest stars of the night sky. These can be used to help you find your way through the constellations, before you head off to seek out dark skies.

You might be unable to see the stars anymore or you want a gift that is space-themed for your kids. Or maybe you want a relaxing light show to help you drift off to sleep.

Whatever you’re after, there’s a star projector to suit.

Home planetariums are created by shining light through a slide, and then using a lens to direct it onto the walls.

Each of these slide sets are designed to imitate the actual constellations. Slides can be rotated manually or electronically to present different views.

The angle and focus can be adjusted to best fit your space. The projectors have a subtle light effect and should be displayed in dimmed rooms.

The SEGA Toys Homestar Flux is capable of showing 60,000 stars, and comes with two slide discs depicting the constellations of the northern and southern hemisphere A further 30 full colour discs are available, showing the Milky Way , the planets, the Andromeda Galaxy The 5-watt bulb shines with a white-light to protect the colour fidelity of the slides.

The motor that rotates the view is designed to be as quiet as possible so you can use the projector to help lull you to sleep, and the adjustable timer will even turn off the device for you once you’ve nodded off.

Best Star Projectors

Guide To The 5 Best Night Light Star Projectors

TechGuru Projectors Videos No Comments. Many children are terrified of the darkness. Chances are, if your pulse is strong enough, you may have once been one. Your kids will eventually need sleep. A brightly lit room may not be the right environment. Use a nightlight. As a matter of fact, it’s such a popular solution that manufacturers often build them into other household products. HEPA filters are available with built-in lights.

Built-in nightlights are a practical solution to keep you from having nightmares. You might want to look in the opposite direction. If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, you will need a nightlight that is purpose-built. A night light star projector isn’t just a great choice for kids. The projector can be used by children of any age to brighten up a darkened space.

Here are four top nightlight star projectors. First, we’ll be reviewing the BlissLights Sky Lite. It is small enough to be used as an alarm clock, but still gives off a lot of light. We will next look at the RayShine Smart Galaxy Light Projector. It’s a bigger projector, which can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker. After that, we’ll examine the Elecbytes Star Projector. This model is for younger children and features a fun globe-style projection. Finally, we’ll take a closer look at the Lemolifys Galaxy Projector. It’s the most affordable option, and even includes a white-noise feature that’s very useful. Which is your favorite? You’ll have to go deeper. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and disadvantages of each projector. We’ll then be able to give our verdict. Let’s get started!

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Best Star Projectors

Encalife Star Light Galaxy Projector

Encalife Star Light Galaxy Projector provides a quick and easy way to light up any room. Although it looks similar to most other projectors in appearance, this one has many more features. Its compact, circular design allows it to fit easily onto any shelf or nightstand. With its unique multi-angled base you can pick from four positions that will keep the item stable and pointed in a straight line. Because it is so quiet it won’t wake a sleepy child. It also showcases vivid, bright colors that don’t completely illuminate a space. Needless to say, it offers a realistic glow, similar to the effects of a full moon, while assisting any fussy child into a deep slumber.

Encalife Starprojector’s free app allows you to customize it with many settings and configurations. Even if you aren’t physically home or simply in a different room, the 2.4 GHz WiFi connectivity opens up a whole realm of possibilities. In addition, Alexa and Google Assistant are fully supported, so you’re able to give voice commands on the fly. It’s perfect for reading bedtime stories. There is a timer and multiple brightness settings. You can also adjust the speed and rate of the galaxy moving around in the room.

This color palette is one of our favorites. The color can be manually adjusted to almost unlimited options. Also, it can produce starry nebula cloud clouds that reflect larger brighter stars as they move. Encalife’s projector works well in medium-sized to large rooms. The Encalife projector is great for creating effects which can be focused on one area, such above the crib and/or on a separate wall. The app felt well designed and was very simple to use. Best of all, it’s stable and doesn’t tend to crash or become problematic with the amount of adjustments, schedules or settings that you tweak.

In terms of both features and quality, the Encalife starprojector represents the best value. Because it requires an AC power source standard, this projector is not recommended for use while traveling. It’s best for those that need a reliable, feature-rich unit that’ll stay in the house for years to come. WiFi connectivity is a nice feature, but it is a must-have if you want to get the best out of your unit. It feels sturdy, solid and well-made. While it might look basic, its customization options allow for maximum flexibility. This is a good option for people who are looking to have an affordable unit with a few extra functions that don’t really add value. This is a perfect accessory for any kid’s bedroom!

Best Star Projectors

Final Verdict

You can clearly see that each of the night light star projectors have its unique strengths and flaws. Let’s briefly recap our findings. The Encalife Star Light Galaxy Projector was our first stop. This is by far the best unit of all the others, and our personal favorite. The app is intuitive and allows for a lot of options when it comes down to the features. Smart scheduling, vivid color options, adjustable brightness and voice command features are what stood out the most. You will need an AC source of power and WiFi connectivity to use it. But it’s a great value for money.

. Because it can be used for both atmosphere and sleeping, this light is one of the most versatile. It also runs on AC power. The short length of the cord means that you don’t need to be concerned about your batteries going flat. The only thing that is different about this product are the two available colors. Both of these are built into the design. The only option that you have is blue/green, and you will have to pick another one. The Sky Lite, however, is a great choice if you need a projector that can be used for multiple purposes.

We next looked at RayShine Smart Galaxy Light Projector. This light projector, as well, can be used for many purposes. It has several features that can be used for both sleeping and ambience. Audio files can be played. Whether that means soft, relaxing sleep music or loud, energetic party music depends on your purposes. Similarly, the option of 10 different colors is pretty impressive. This allows you to match most decor and situations. The only downside here is that the RayShine projector is a bit large, and is a bit complex for kids to use. However, the projector has lots of great value for grownups.

After the RayShine Projector, we reviewed the Elecbytes Star Projector . This projector is playful and cute, perfect for kids. Eight different colors allow you to match the projector with many decor ideas and styles. Its AC-powered design means you don’t have to worry about charging a battery. And the included remote adds a lot of extra value. It might not be part of a “mature” decoration scheme, but the Star Projector is an ideal choice for children’s bedrooms.

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This seemed to offer the most value. The unique combination of a white-noise and multiple lighting effects makes it a versatile tool. It includes a mini-remote that allows for 10 different lighting options, 3 levels of brightness, and 5 flow speeds. Additionally, it has an integrated timer which will be a hit with little kids who love to have it as an accessory for their bedrooms. The best part is that it’s one of the least expensive on our list. This means you have a great deal of value.

Best Star Projectors

Our Best Star Projector Comparison Chart

We have compiled a short list of the most popular galaxy and star projectors currently on the market.


#1 – STAR CHOICE ENCALIFE Star & Nebular Projector – Voice Enabled With Alexa & Google Assistant – Alexa and Google Enabled.

Music app for smartphones – 16m color options – Perfect for children and adults.

– Includes app remote control #2 – STAR CHOICE Star Light Galaxy Projector Starry Space Nebula clouds, Laser Night Sky for Adults & Children – Speaker – Listen to music on your smartphone – Four different colors – Perfect for both adults and children.

– Shooting stars setting – Works on any white surface.

• Projects from 90 to 100 feet.

Sega Homestar Classic has many constellations and star discs. It is compact and lightweight, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Soothing Aurora Night Light Projector by SOAIY – Speaker with three brightness settings. Still and rotating display options DSTANA Star Projector Night Lights. Works both as a projector or night light Elmchee Star Night Lights For Kids.

Useful BlissLights Sky LITE – Laser Projector W/LED Nebula Cloud. – Three buttons control the different modes. – A patent-pending blue Nebula effect.. Bluetooth Speaker.. Encalife Ambience Star Projector. Although this mini constellation projector for home is small, it can still project stunning galaxies, stars and nebula throughout your living space. It also comes with a Bluetooth music speaker, to add another dimension to your star light projector environment.

Best Star Projectors

Best Star Projector (Home Planetarium Right On Your Ceiling)

All science fiction fans love to view a portion of the universe. Whatever it may be, such as a poster that shows all the constellations or from the latest movie or a model for the solar systems, they will never cease to inspire you.

There is one cool gadget available that will bring more immersion to you or your kid’s room, and they’re called star projectors (home planetariums by some people). These gadgets can project anything from the stars to planet bodies. They are both educational and mood enhancers.

Encalife Atmosphere, the best star projector available, should be your first option if you have the funds. However, you can also find many others with a similar purpose that could prove to be more appealing for your specific needs.

Star projectors are great for astronomy enthusiasts.

Best Star Projectors

1. Encalife Atmosphere Smart Star Projector

Best “smart controlled” star projector

Dimensions: 10.47x 7.76x 3.11inches. Weight: 1.92lbs. Encalife’s Atmosphere star projector is a new entry to our list. It deserves our top choice. One of the best bits about the “Atmosphere” is it is voice controllable by either Google Assistant or Alexa voice control once setup (which only takes a few minutes to do), allowing you to control just about all the settings just by voice. This alone sets it apart from most other star projectors.

You also have the option to install Smart Life App on both iOS and Android and take control of everything using your fingers. So if you want to change the nebula colors and brightness to one of the available 16.7 million colors from the color wheel on the mobile app, you can. You can program different star speeds, nebula speeds, and colors and save them.

Finally, while the design of the actual unit won’t determine how good or bad it is, it does look modern and it’s compact enough to sit nicely on your bedside table or elsewhere in your room. There are four adjustable angles so that you can display the image either on the ceiling or wall.

The phone app also allows you to set a sleep timer or an on/off scheduler. I found this very useful. Encalife’s Atmosphere gets the number one spot. Your room will be transformed into a starry, night-filled nebula with rich colors and an abundance of settings that can be made via the mobile app.


The speed of stars and nebula is easily controlled

iOS/Android smart apps: Controllable directly from your smartphone

Can be controlled by Google Assistant and Alexa voice control

Extremely quiet during use

.Best Star Projectors

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