Franklin Sensors Fs710Proprosensor 710+ Professional Stud Finder With Built-In Bubble Level & Ruler,Yellow

The FS710PROProSensor 710+ Professional Stud Finder with Built-in Bluetooth® Technology delivers the ultimate stud finder experience. The ProSensor 710+ is a professional grade stud finder that incorporates the latest in Bluetooth® technology to provide you with an easy way to detect and mark studs, joists, and other wall structures. The Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710+ is the most advanced stud finder on the market, featuring a patented technology that locates wood and metal studs in addition to electrical boxes. The ProSensor 710+ provides professional contractors with all the information they need to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently. The ProSensor 710+ features an improved ergonomic design for easy handling and a new, bright yellow color for maximum visibility.

The Franklin Sensors FS710PRO is the perfect tool for any home improvement project. This professional stud finder features an easy-to-use design, making it perfect for finding studs quickly and easily. The Franklin Sensors FS710PRO is the perfect stud finder for any serious home improvement project. The FS710PRO also features a bright LED display and an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold and use.

Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner – 5 In 1 Electronic Stud Sensor Locator Wood Beam Joist Finders Wall Detector Edge Center Finding With Lcd Display For Wood Live Ac Wire Metal Studs Detection (Silver)

The scanner also shows the edges of the stud, making it easier to confirm the location and ensure secure mounting of heavy objects. The Tavool scanner has five scanning modes and can detect studs up to 60mm in depth. Its shape also shows the edges of the stud, making it easier to confirm the locations. The scanner has 5 scanning modes and can detect studs up to 60mm in depth.

If you’re looking for a stud finder that is both accurate and consistent, then you need the Tavool Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner. This device uses internal sensors to accurately locate the center of a stud. The Tavool Stud Finder Sensor Wall Scanner is a must-have tool for any DIYer. This professional-grade stud finder uses internal sensors to detect a change in density behind the wall, locating the stud center with great accuracy. Five scanning modes up to 60mm depth make it easy to find the perfect spot for mounting anything heavy.

Craftsman Stud Finder, 3/4-Inch Depth (Cmht77633)

The CRAFTSMAN stud finder is a great tool to have around the house. The stud finder wall scanner has the edge detection to locate Stud Edges of Both Wood and Metal Stud. The CRAFTSMAN Stud Finder, 3/4-Inch Depth (CMHT77633) can help. This handy device has a depth range of 3/4-inch through drywall, so it can be used on a variety of surfaces. It also features edge detection to locate the edges of both wood and metal studs. Plus, the stud finder wall scanner is shock-resistant and water-resistant, making it durable and long lasting.

Looking for a reliable and durable stud finder? Look no further than the CRAFTSMAN Stud Finder. Look no further than the CRAFTSMAN Stud Finder! This handy device can locate stud edges in both wood and metal, so you can be sure your mounting projects are sturdy and secure. The Stud Finder is also water-resistant, making it ideal for use in damp areas like basements and bathrooms. Plus, the shock-resistant body ensures that your Stud Finder will last through even the most strenuous projects.

Best Stud Finders

Best Stud Finders

Here are 7 of the

The 7 Best Stud Finders Of 2022

“>Best Stud Finders
in 2022

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The Spruce / Chloe Jeong A good stud finder can make the difference between a successful DIY home project and a disaster. It is important to be able to see what the other side looks like before you begin hammering, screwing, or gluing items into ceilings, walls, and floors. Because your TV is not truly secured into a wall stud, it could come crashing down.

All stud finders do the same basic thing, using either electronic sensors or magnets: They detect where support areas like studs and joists are inside the walls. All studfinders can detect wood and most metal. Many also detect live electric wiring. Some finders have limited detection capabilities and are only suitable for walls. Other finders can be used on ceilings and floors. The best studfinders let you set the depth that the sensors can penetrate walls. This improves your chances of getting everything detected.

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Here are some of the top studfinders to meet all your needs.

Franklin Sensors ProSensor710 precision Stud finder at Amazon is one of our top picks


It’s easy to mount and hang any heavy item securely using the laser level and stud sensor in one.

Zircon StudSensorsorsore50 Amazon

Capable of detecting both wood and metal studs, the sensor will flash and beep once it has picked up the edge of a stud.

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Best Stud Finders

Our Top Stud Finders for Every Job

You can find wiring, pipes and studs in this model.

A stud finder is good for, well, finding studs you can’t see. Knowing where those are is crucial so you can be sure to screw into them instead of just the drywall when you’re hanging something heavy, like a mirror or a mount for, say, a flat-screen TV. Some stud finders can also detect AC wires and do deep scanning. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they do everything right. There is so much going on inside walls that it can be difficult, even with all the advances in technology, to make sense of it all. To test all the features, we put a selection of stud finders through their paces on a wall of our own making, as well as walls in existing homes.

Here’s quick information about five of our top-performing studfinders. Next, scroll down for expert advice, tips for use, and reviews.


Best Stud Finders

What exactly is a Stud Locator?

Stud finders are used to locate the studs within your wall. To hang something, most people use one to set a nail or screw in the wall.

Two categories are the most popular for stud finders.

The magnetic stud locater uses a magnet that finds the screws in your drywall. They cost less than stud finders that use active sensors, but they’re more limited. These devices can’t find the actual stud and so they are limited in their ability to detect it.

For locating studs electronic stud finders can actively identify wall density differences. A majority of them use batteries as their power source. Some can detect metal or wood studs, while others use AC power to do so. The most basic models are able to detect the edges and others the entire width of the studs. However, these models can be more expensive than magnetic but are still quite affordable. Some of the best professional models still cost less than $25.

There are also other types of tools to detect objects beneath the surface of a wall. Beyond the recommended stud finders, wall scanners can be found. This radar-like tool is typically used only by professionals who want to see beyond the studs.

With the evolution of technology, you can find stud finding apps for both iPhone and Android smartphones. These apps use magnetometers (the sensors that drive the compass) on smartphones to locate metal screws or nails behind drywall. The assumption is that these nails or screws will likely be near the center of the stud you want to locate. This app does not measure wall density or detect wood studs.

And of course, people still use a knuckle or hammer every day. While there are some folks that are really good at it, it’s somewhat less reliable as a go-to method for detecting studs.

Best Stud Finders

Tips For Using A Stud Finder

Be sure to find out if your vehicle requires calibration.

When you detect, make sure your stud finder is flat against the wall.

You must keep your hands clear of the wall in order to avoid interfering.

If you are not using a whole-stud detector to mark your location, do so from multiple directions in order for the most accurate marking. If you don’t want your mark to be directly visible on the paint, tape a small piece of painter’s tape onto the wall.

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Combine a stud finder with a cross line laser to mark the entire length of the stud or to hit the same height across multiple studs.

For finding joists, stud finders are also great for the ceiling.

The distance between studs is usually 16 inches (walls) or 24 inches (ceilings). To find the right one, measure from the opposite side.

For electronic studfinders, keep an additional set of batteries in your kit.

Finding studs in plaster walls is a tedious task. Most stud finders have trouble finding plaster and lathe. Consider using a dedicated metal detector instead.

Best Stud Finders

Magnetic Stud Finder Ch Hanson

Magnetic stud-finders get back to where it all began. The magnet allows us to find the location of screws and nails within the stud using magnetic technology. Although there are simpler options such as StudPop that work, we found the CH Hanson Magnetic Studfinder to be most appealing.

You can find the fasteners much more easily because it has stronger magnets that many other competitors. There is also a rotating bubble level. It is an option that magnetic models do not have, unlike whole-stud options.

It is important that the stud finder level be accurate in order to better follow the stud. However, this assumes that your stud is straight. Some of these studs are quite questionable.

The best magnetic stud finder? We think so too. It’s consistently rated very high by customers at every retailer that sells them.

Tried-and-true simple operation

Strong magnetic

Locates ferrous metal fasteners

Integrated rotating bubble level


Inability to identify wood stud side and center. Shop now at Acme Tools

Best Stud Finders

Best Stud Finder For Plaster Walls

Finding studs within plaster walls is difficult. Sometimes magnetic studfinders don’t reach far enough. At best, electronic models may not be able to locate studs. Although it is technically a studfinder, our selection for the best plaster wall stud finder is a metal detector. We have found that metal detectors give us the best results.

Zircon MetalliScanner m40 has the ability to find metal in a number of different materials. This includes plaster. It works like a magnetic detector, looking for nails or screws. A lathe could have more nails than what is on the stud. You can measure the distance from a good-quality stud.

Metals can be sensed deeper than magnetic models. Can attract

More precise in plaster than traditional studfinders

Pinpoint scan (turning the scanner sideways) helps identify nails and screw more easily

This is not a great option for plaster walls with wire mesh

Steel pipes and metal objects can throw off your search Studs

To get the best results, you need to run it horizontally as well vertically.

Best Stud Finders

Franklin Prosensor T6

If you’re the type of person that’s willing to spend a little more to save time and get better results, the Franklin ProSensor T6 is the best stud finder for home use. With its small profile, it can be stored in drawers and toolboxes until needed.

Simple operation requires only one hand. Although the $25 cost is more than a magnetic model of comparable quality, it will help your projects run much better. You are well worth it.

Whole stud detection

Simple operation

Pro-level accuracy

Small Profile Stores easily

More expensive that basic DIY Stud finders. Shop Now at Acme Tools. Amazon

Best Stud Finders

Customer Reviews

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This versatile tool is a must-have item for both renters and homeowners. For small or large home projects, they have proven to be extremely handy. It is quick and easy to locate a mounting spot within walls or ceilings. The newer models have more capabilities than studs and are available in the following versions.

Below are the features and a selection of top studfinders.

UPDATED: January 12, 2020

Franklin Sensors 710+ Pro Pro is my top choice if you’re looking for the absolute best. This unit features 13 sensors which provide precise readings, and also includes a bubble level ruler.

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Best Stud Finders

Use a Stud Finder

Each manufacturer will have a different procedure, but this is how you can use the stud finder.

Step 1: Power on the device and choose the scanning mode.

Step 2 – Place the device on the wall. Next, press the button and keep it there until the calibration completes (1- 2-second). When the calibration is complete the unit will make a short, audible beep. The display bars will also be cleared.

Step 3 – Hold the button and drag the button across the desired surface.

Step 4

Also, you can check this short how-to video:

Now that you’re convinced of the importance of wall studs, you may be asking yourself can’t I just find the beams myself by tapping on the wall? It’s possible, though I do not recommend it. You can check wall studs without any stud finders by using some simple tricks. But, as these techniques rely on estimations and guesses that can be made, it is possible to make a mistake and drill through the drywall.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you should invest in a high-quality studfinder. It will be amazing how frequently you use this useful tool. It is possible to get a high-quality, affordable option. Read on to educate yourself on the world of stud finders and choose the best one for your situation!

Best Stud Finders

Ch Hanson 03040

These stud finders are simple and inexpensive. They’re also reliable. You probably know how it feels to need a tool, and the extreme frustration when that tool doesn’t work. Because this magnetic unit relies on the traditional method of magnets in locating studs it doesn’t need batteries, and therefore there is no worry of losing power when hanging your TV.

Additionally, it comes equipped with the standard bubble vial (common in levels), so that you can quickly make adjustments and ensure all is even. Laser sightlines are not included. Although it doesn’t include many features or is intended for homeowners only, this is what you want, and why we give it top billing.

Buy one now from:

This Zircon Stud Finder is a better option for those who want more functionality and ease-of-use than the CH Hanson model. A small LCD screen displays the approximate location of the stud’s centre and gives audio cues for quick identification. Then there is the surprisingly handy wire warning feature, which detects the presence of live wires up to two inches into the wall, which is especially useful for contractors, but also nice for homeowners who would rather not ruin their own wiring when doing a little DIY work. The drawback is the increased cost of these features.

You can buy one right now by:

ProSensor 710 Franklin This model offers remarkable stud-finding ability and can work equally well for ambitious DIYers or professionals. With a horizontal sensor layout that provides a great view of walls, and a row LED lights to mark the exact locations where objects end or begin for greater detail (upto 1.5 inches deep), it is easy to use. Although the 710 does detect studs and other similar objects, there is no LCD screen nor live wire detection. It does what it can do, and it does it very well.

Purchase one now at:

Stanley FatMax Stud Sensor 300 This Stanley model offers a professional-grade alternative to the standard. You can set it up in minutes with the help of an auto-calibration and a backlit LCD screen. A couple of secondary detection functions can detect wires as well as metals up to three inches from the wall. These features are useful for more than finding studs.

Purchase one now at:

Black and Decker BDL190S Black and Decker designed this sturdy, high-quality stud finder for any project, large or small. It is used regularly by large-scale builders, as well as homeowners for DIY installations. It includes auto-leveling tech and projects little horizontal lines so you can make your marks with confidence. You can see live wires and studs on the LCD screen. You can attach it to a wall and lock it down for larger projects. To run the heavy stud finder, you’ll need two AA batteries.

.Best Stud Finders

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