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Kidoozie’s Ball Drop Toddler Toy is a fun and stimulating learning development ball tower that helps children learn cause and effect, while also developing fine motor skills. The Whirl ‘n Go Ball Tower makes fun rattling noises as the balls travel down, stimulating auditory senses as well. This Kidoozie ball drop tower is a fun and stimulating toy for toddlers. The Kidoozie Whirl ‘n Go Ball Tower also helps develop fine motor skills, encourages hands-on activity and stimulates sensory development.

The Kidoozie Ball Drop Toddler Toy is a developmental ball tower that will keep your little one entertained for hours on end. With six different levels, brightly colored balls, and fun rattle noises, this toy is perfect for encouraging sensory stimulation and early childhood development. The Kidoozie Ball Drop is a toddler toy designed to encourage learning and development. With six different levels for the balls to travel, this tower is sure to be tons of fun. The Kidoozie Whirl ‘n Go Ball Tower helps your child learn cause and effect early as they see what happens as they drop the ball into the top level.

Vtech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset

Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset is a great way to help your little one develop their fine motor skills. This playset features a gas station and car wash that can be built on the included spiral track, which has 3 different levels for more fun. The set also comes with 6 SmartPoint locations that interact with SmartPoint vehicles to trigger fun phrases and music as they drive by. Your child’s imagination will soar as they create new stories and adventures for their vehicle characters every time they play. Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset is a fun way to teach your child about vehicles and the alphabet. Your little one will be entertained for hours as they build the track to send their vehicle through 2 courses and 4 levels. This set comes with 6 SmartPoint locations that interact with SmartPoint vehicles to trigger fun phrases and music.

Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset lets your child enhance their creativity and motor skills through playtime. With two courses and four levels, your little one will have hours of fun sending cars through the track. The interactive role-play features include a gas station and a car wash, providing even more fun for your child. The manipulative play and interchangeable colorful track pieces also strengthen fine motor skills. The car track features VTech’s SmartPoint technology, with six SmartPoints that interact with SmartPoint vehicles to trigger phrases and music. Take your child’s creative playtime up a notch with the VTech Go! This interactive set includes 2 courses and 4 levels of track, plus a gas station and car wash for even more imaginative fun. The car track is enhanced with VTech’s SmartPoint technology, which interacts with SmartPoint vehicles to trigger phrases and music.

Fisher-Price Little People Launch & Loop Raceway, Vehicle Playset For Toddlers And Preschool Kids

Get your little one’s heart racing with the Fisher-Price Little People Launch & Loop Raceway. This toddler-friendly vehicle playset features multiple tracks, a Hot Wheels orange loop, a crash zone, cool lights and sounds, and 2 Wheelies vehicles. Cars race down the track and can either crash, drop through the trap door, or continue down the spiral track or jump ramp. Collect additional Wheelies vehicles for more exciting, toddler The Fisher-Price Little People Launch & Loop Raceway is a toddler-friendly vehicle playset that features multiple tracks, a Hot Wheels orange loop, a crash zone, cool lights and sounds, and 2 Wheelies vehicles. Cars race down the track and can either crash, drop through the trap door, or continue down the spiral track or jump ramp. Collect additional Wheelies vehicles for more exciting, toddler-friendly racing action.

Fisher-Price Little People Launch & Loop Raceway: It’s time to race! This toddler-friendly vehicle playset features multiple tracks, a Hot Wheels orange loop, a crash zone, cool lights and sounds, and 2 Wheelies vehicles. The double car launcher lets kids send multiple cars zooming down the track at the same time. Collect additional Wheelies vehicles for more exciting, toddler-friendly racing action. Introducing the Fisher-Price Little People Launch & Loop Raceway – the perfect playset for toddlers who love to race! This toddler-friendly vehicle set comes with multiple tracks, a Hot Wheels orange loop, and a crash zone, plus cool lights and sounds. Watch as your child sends cars zooming down the track at lightning speed – will they make it through the loop or end up in the crash zone? The Launch & Loop Raceway is great for developing hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness as your little racer speeds ahead. Collect additional Wheelies vehicles (sold separately) for even more exciting

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Best Toddler Towers

Best Toddler Towers

5 Best Learning Towers For Toddlers, According To Parenting Experts

Their independence can be increased with supervision.

Some toddlers enjoy helping out in the kitchen. Others just like to watch their parents work. There are safety issues when children reach for the counter. The good news is that a learning tower, which can also be used by young children as a ladder to help them reach higher heights, may not pose the same safety concerns.

Rachel Rothman is Chief Technologist for the Good Housekeeping Institute. She says the “learning tower” was inspired by Montessori learning methods. A learning tower can also be called a Montessori tower or kitchen helper tower. It has typically four sides, and includes a stool. Rothman states the units are made to enable your child and you to both reach tabletop height.

Rothman’s team tested and ranked the best-selling learning towers available for toddlers. We evaluated the ease of assembly and construction quality as well how stable it was. Additional features such as adjustable heights and attachments were also considered.

Best Toddler Towers

How to make sure your kids are safe at school

To maximize security when using a learning tower, Rothman recommends the following:

Regularly inspect the unit to make sure all parts are appropriately fastened and screwed tightly and that there are no splinters or visible damage.

Subscribe to recall alerts and pay attention to what is close or easily accessible (i.e. Can they lift themselves on the table? Can they reach sharp objects such as the knife or stove?

You must ensure your supervision. “We remind our children they can’t move the learning tower,” says Rothman, “but alas, they do still try!”

Make sure it provides sufficient protection for your child, adds Gummer. According to Gummer, “it’s pointless using a tower for learning if its top is lower than your child’s knees.”

Here’s a list of the most effective learning towers to help toddlers learn in 2021. It is based upon testing by Rothman.

Best Toddler Towers

Learning Towers For Toddlers

A learning tower, which is just a stool with an attached cage that stops it from falling down, allows children to play and learn together. The best way to ensure that little ones are able to work with the grown-ups is to use a learning tower.

And since a learning tower (which is sometimes also called a kitchen helper) will likely live in your kitchen for a few years, it’s a good idea to think through:

What space do you have

The length you would like it to be

Consider how many potential users you can think of.

This will enable you to plan for the cost of your purchase and help you choose the best option for your family. It’s possible to find the right one for you and your family, whether it is an IKEA-hack model that begins at $20, or a more durable and affordable option like the higher-tier learning towers.

Best Toddler Towers

Best Learning Tower, Classic

Little Partners – Starting at $209 Little Partners’ toddler learning tower can be described as the Rolls Royce for learning towers. One-of-a kind learning towers that are durable, useful and long lasting. I have heard many testimonials from parents who own one.

like an easel, a busy board, and a nonslip mat to put underneath.

Bottom Line: This learning tower is great if you have a lot of space, but also want one that will last years.

Best Safe Kids Stool Little Partners Discover n Store Kids Adjustable Stair Stool. This stool has a slim design that looks like a learning tower but it is more streamlined. It can be used in tight spaces or by older children who require an increase in height.

In the end, the kids stool will be your best choice if space is limited but you still want to feel safe.

Purchase here

Best Toddler Towers

What exactly is a kitchen assistant tower?

The majority of toddlers like helping in the household. It’s a fun way to encourage your little one to learn about cooking, cleaning, or other daily activities.

A kitchen helper tower allows young children to use a stool, and is child-safe. A popular option for Montessori families is the kitchen helper tower. They promote independence, access, and movement freedom.

Although kitchen helper towers are an amazing tool for toddlers, they’re still an investment. You should consider looking into different options so you can find the ideal learning tower. Keep reading to find out the top kitchen aid towers for toddlers.

Best Toddler Towers

The 5 Best Learning Towers For Toddlers

The post could contain affiliate links. It means that I could earn small commissions if you make a purchase. Check out my full disclosure policy. This best toddler learning totem is perfect for children who want to learn practical skills like meal prep, cooking and more.

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Everything changes when your baby is a toddler.

Crawling is passé. Your toddler now wants to be able to do everything. Parents can enjoy this time with their children, but parents can worry about the safety of their child. Learn towers for toddlers allow your child to develop greater independence and help prevent serious accidents.

A learning tower is a stool with a seat and securing on the top to stop your toddler falling over. This can be very beneficial if you’re baking or cooking because you won’t need to stand behind your child.

ROSPA Statistics show that the majority of accidents that occur with children are in the kitchen. A learning tower is essential if your toddler wants to learn how to cook independently and interact with you.

Best Toddler Towers

Top 5 Learning Towers For Toddlers

After a long search for the most effective learning towers, we narrowed down our choices to just five.

GuideCraft Kids – Wooden Step-Up Tower adjustable tower from GuideCraft supports up to 200lbs weight and is a fantastic option for your toddler. Made from a durable combination of engineered wood and solid pine, it has two height settings, so as your toddler grows, you can adjust it. This stool has safety features that are perfect for toddlers who want to be with you at the counter.

GuideCraft K id’s step up tower’s only problem is the time it takes to put it together. It’s best to hire someone who is experienced in DIY. You can also use the tower to include your kids in every day activities, such as cleaning and cooking.

Pros Cons

Affordable Price It can take a while to assemble

Two height options

220 lb SDADI Support – Step-Up Tower

Kids want to experience life, but safety is every parent’s biggest concern. SDADI has created an amazing learning tower that toddlers can use, with safety being the most important thing. The stool is ideal for cooking and baking activities, but it can also help your child learn to do things alone. The tower has four height options, which is one of the greatest advantages SDADI offers.

It is made out of non-toxic material and will make a wonderful investment for your young child. If you have the right tools and knowledge, assembly is easy. This toddler learning tower is great. But make sure you only buy it from a reliable seller.

Pros Cons

Best Toddler Towers

How to Find a Learning Tower

You can make a long-lasting investment by buying a toddler’s learning tower. Here are some things to look at in order to get the most out of your learning tower.

An adjustable height is available for children growing up. Every toddler is different and one of the benefits of a learning tower is that its not a one size fits all kitchen helper stool.

For more stability, a wider base is better for standing.

Prices vary depending on your budget, but learning towers are available in a range of prices from 80 to 230 USD.

Think about how much space you have in the living areas of your house, including the bathrooms and kitchen.

Best Toddler Towers

How To Choose The Right Toddler Learning Tower

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read the disclosure policy for more information.

Today, there are so many choices for fantastic toddler towers. They can help your child in the kitchen and offer safety. The level of confidence your toddler develops when they feel safe is extraordinary. Let’s examine your options and see which ones would be most appropriate for you.

This is the original and most loved learning tower. There are many benefits to this tower, including the ability to be customized in color to fit your kitchen and two children, as well as being adjustable for height. You can also buy modifications to convert it to an easel. However, it’s quite large. The product is also not easily collapsible. A friend suggested that you rubberize the bottom of your shoe to prevent them from slipping and falling on it. This is important if you have small kitchen or a condo. There are plenty of benefits to this learning tower that can last for years, if space is an issue. Amazon Kitchen Helper from Guidecraft is typically $199. This learning tower is smaller and folds down, something that cannot be achieved with the Little Partners Learning Tower. This makes it an ideal kitchen aid for small spaces, as you can fold and store it when not in use. Has a chalk and whiteboard already on it, making it also an interactive toy for your toddler. You can adjust the height! Cons expressed by owners are that the quality can be questionable and only comes in white or natural. You may find it less durable than advertised. Guidecraft’s Contemporary Kitchen Helper, $150 to $200 As the slats won’t provide “steps” to help them, this model addresses that issue. Everything depends on how your child behaves and the type of wood you use. It also features a darker wood stain than the original. Amazon’s newer model SDADI Kids Kitchen Stairs with Safety Rails costs $217. It already receives rave reviews. This model is very similar to one that I found on Etsy. It is an excellent value compared to two of the original learning towers. Does not take up too much space, as it’s about the same size of a regular stool. Available in natural, black and white. It can even be painted in natural color if you wish to change it!

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EtteTete Helper Tower/ Table (Etsy) helper tower

has a very cool feature of also converting into a table for your little one! A “step’n”sit, also called the “step’n”, is available in five different colors and can have clasps made of gold, brass, or silver. Because they are custom made, you might have to wait for your item. It’s also not height adjustable but the table feature gives it an extra feature for your little one to use.

BolzeBilla Learning Tower Montessori Kitchen Helper (Etsy)

option. You can choose from a variety of colors or buy a natural finish that you can paint. You can see that it has the Ikea Bekvam stool base. It is extremely popular and receives excellent reviews. This one was almost my choice because of the beautiful design and quality craftsmanship. The cons are that it takes a bit to assemble and the height cannot be adjusted.

TKPDesigns Toddler Toy Tower- Safety Step Stool for Toddlers (Etsy).

Etsy. You can see the back of the bar, which sets it apart among other Etsy learning tools. It’s great for older children. You can use it a lot longer than the traditional learning tower age range. It comes in a range of paint and wood stain options. You also have the option to laser-engrave your child’s name. You can choose from a variety of color options or add as many names as you like. Prices vary between $129 and $215.

What makes this learning tower unique is that it is not too much bigger than a class step stool. Unlike the others of this size, this one does have 3 different height adjustments. The top bar is removable and can also be taken out when the child gets older. It is available unfinished and in 6 color options.

Best Toddler Towers

(02) Sdadi Kitchen Helper For Toddlers (18+ Months)

For 18+ Months, the best “Toddler Kitchen Helper” style learning tower. Available in neutral colours to match your home.

SDADI Amazon

For parents on a hunt for the perfect intersection between savings and quality SDADI is a manufacturer brand offering a friendly low price with over 2,000 five-star reviews (at the time of writing).

This unit measures in at 35″ high, and is standard-height to fit on any kitchen countertop. Even though this model is less expensive, you get a fully-sized unit that will be useful for your child for many years.

It does have some disadvantages. This toddler tower isn’t adjustable or foldable so it can be less versatile and convenient than more costly models.

There are three options: it comes in white, grey and espresso. Because this is such a big purchase (a learning tower), it’s essential that you love how it looks inside your home.

Are Learning Towers Good For Toddlers?

Five of the Best Learning Towers to Help Toddlers Learn According To Parenting Experts. If they’re properly monitored, they can improve independence and motor skills. You can encourage independence and motor skill development with careful supervision.

What Age Are Toddler Towers For?

The helper tower can be used up to 18 months. This is the age that the experts recommend. Most children reach this stage when they are strong enough to be on their feet, and can move easily. Some children may have it by 12 months. If this is the case, you need to really look at your child and find out what their abilities are. September 11, 2020

Are Learning Towers Montessori?

The top-recommended Montessori home tool by Montessori teachers is the Learning Tower. There are so many great reasons to get one but the main one is that it allows young children to participate in kitchen activities much earlier than they’d otherwise be able to.

What is the best time to buy a learning tower?

The recommended age for most toddler learning towers is 18 months and up. A learning tower is best introduced to children as young as one year. We got ours around 11 months and I wish I had actually gotten it at 9 or 10 months but everyone kept telling me she was “too young.”Jul 22, 2020

.Best Toddler Towers

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