Best Breathable Crib Mattress

Puregrace Crib Mattress Protector, Breathable Tencel Cover, Sensitive Skin Friendly Waterproof Pad

PUREgrace Crib Mattress Protector, Breathable Tencel Cover, Sensitive Skin Friendly Waterproof Pad
A waterproof mattress protector is a necessity for every parent. The PUREgrace Waterproof Tencel Mattress Protector is made of 100% natural TENCEL fibers, making it the perfect choice for your baby’s sensitive skin. You’ll also appreciate this protector’s quiet and safe waterproof layer free of solvents, BPA, VINYL, PVC & PHTHALATES means no plastic smell or dangerous and toxic off The PUREgrace crib mattress protector is a waterproof and breathable layer that will protect your baby’s mattress from liquids, stains, dust mites, allergens, bacteria and any other elements that may compromise the quality of your child’s sleep. The PUREgrace Tencel cover is made from all natural fibers derived from eucalyptus trees to provide a soft comfortable sleeping surface for your baby.
  • 100% Natural Tencel Cover Tencel Eucalyptus Based Fibers Provide A Smooth And Luxurious Sleeping Surface That Is Perfect For A Babys Sensitive Skin. Your New Protector Will Provide A Soft Padded Layer That Wont Bunch Shrink Or Lose Shape After Washing Like Traditional Quilted Protectors.
  • Waterproof This Mattress Protector Provides A Quiet And Safe Alternative To Vinyl Waterproof Layers. Baby Safe Waterproof Layer Free Of Solvents Bpa Vinyl Pvc & Phthalates Means No Plastic Smell Or Dangerous And Toxic Off-Gassing.
  • Secure & Easy On/Off No More Wrestling Mattress Protectors; Our Sleek Design Provides Easy Application With Deep Pocketed Corners That Have Been Reinforced For Added Safety. Our Mattress Cover Grows With Your Baby And Will Also Fit All Standard Toddler Mattresses.
  • Machine Washable We Understand The Need For Easily Washable Crib Bedding. This Protector Is Machine Washable With Mild Detergent And Can Be Tumble Dried On A Low Heat Setting.
  • 10 Year Warranty We Guarantee You Are Going To Love Your Tencel Mattress Protector So Much That It Comes With A 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty. We Understand The Worries That Come With A New Baby That’S Why We Want To Give You The Peace Of Mind In Knowing That You’Re Investing In A Quality Product That Will Last.

Looking for a safe and natural crib mattress protector? Plus, our waterproof layer is baby-safe and free of harmful chemicals. Securing the protector is easy – just slip it on and off! Looking for a safe and natural way to protect your baby’s mattress? Look no further than the PUREgrace Crib Mattress Protector. Made with TENCEL eucalyptus fibers, this protector provides a smooth and luxurious sleeping surface that is perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin. The waterproof layer is also baby safe, free of solvents, BPA, VINYL, PVC & PHTHALATES. So you can rest easy knowing your child is sleeping on a healthy and safe surface.

Bundle Of Dreams Flagship 5 Organic 2 Stage Mini Crib Mattress, Organic, Breathable, Hypoallergenic, For Portable Cribs

Bundle of Dreams Flagship 5 Organic 2 Stage Mini Crib Mattress, Organic, Breathable, Hypoallergenic, for Portable Cribs
Look no further than Bundle of Dreams Flagship 5 Organic 2 Stage Mini Crib Mattress. Made of organic materials, this mattress is free from harmful emissions, off-gassing and polyethylene. It’s also water repellent and features a removable, washable cover. Dual comfort zones make it perfect for both infants and toddlers. Made of organic materials, this mattress is free from harmful emissions and off-gassing. It also features a water repellent cover that can be easily removed and washed. Dual comfort zones make it perfect for both infants and toddlers, and the breathable design helps regulate your baby’s body temperature. Click ADD TO CART now to get this safe and healthy crib mattress for your child!
  • Dual Comfort- Firmer Side For Infants Softer Side For Toddlers
  • Breathable- Mattress Allows Air To Pass Right Through It Helping To Regulate The Babys Body Temperature.
  • Clean- Organic Removable And Washable Cover
  • Water-Repellent
  • No Polyethylene No Vocs No Off-Gassing. Eco Friendly- Emits Zero Harmful Emissions Recyclable

A Bundle of Dreams Flagship 5 Organic 2 Stage Mini Crib Mattress is perfect for eco-conscious parents looking for a safe and comfortable place for their infant to sleep. Made with organic materials, this mattress is free from harmful emissions and features a water-repellent cover that can be easily washed. The Bundle of Dreams Flagship 5 Organic 2 Stage Mini Crib Mattress is the perfect choice for eco-conscious parents.

Bundle Of Dreams Eco-Air Organic Crib And Toddler Bed Mattress, Breathable, Hypoallergenic

Bundle of Dreams Eco-Air Organic Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress, Breathable, Hypoallergenic
Bundle of Dreams Eco-Air Organic Crib and Toddler Mattress is made with Bundle Fiber. The mattress allows air to pass right through it, reducing the risk of suffocation. Breathable: Made with organic cotton cover and 100% natural fibers that allow air to pass right through it, reducing the risk of suffocation. Clean: Removable and washable cover 100% organic No polyethylene No plastics No voc’s No off gassing Eco Responsible: Emits zero The Bundle of Dreams Eco-Air Organic Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress is made with 100% organic cotton fibers from the best GOTS certified organic cotton available. The Eco-Air Organic Crib and Toddler Mattress provides a firm sleeping surface that conforms to your baby’s body shape while providing comfort and support where needed most. The breathable cover allows air to pass right through it to
  • Made With Bundle Fiber- Bundle Fiber Has The Resilience Of The Highest Quality Foam Without Any Of The Toxic Emissions
  • Breathable- Mattress Allows Air To Pass Right Through It To Reduce The Risk Of Suffocation
  • Clean- Removable And Washable Cover
  • 100% Organic- No Polyethylene No Plastics No Vocs No Off Gassing
  • Eco Responsible- Emits Zero Harmful Emissions Recyclable

Get a good night’s sleep with the Bundle of Dreams Eco-Air Organic Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress! This mattress is made with high-quality foam that is resilient and free of toxic emissions. The removable and washable cover is organic and eco responsible. Looking for a safe and eco-friendly sleep solution for your little one? Look no further than the Bundle of Dreams Eco-Air Organic Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress! This mattress is made with Bundle Fiber, which has the resilience of the highest quality foam without any of the toxic emissions. It’s also breathable, so it allows air to pass right through it to reduce the risk of suffocation.

Best Breathable Crib Mattress

Best Breathable Crib Mattress

Are Breathable mattress safe?

infant deaths are increasing each day, and parents are finding it tough to deal with the issue. When infants are aged between 4-6 months, they learn to roll to their bellies while they are sleeping. Some of them often smash their faces on the mattress while in their deep sleep. Parents should be concerned about this as it can pose a risk to their child’s health and may not end in the best interests. There are many ways babies could be at risk, but it doesn’t mean you have to worry if your little one is just sleeping.

You can reduce infant deaths by using breathing-friendly mattresses. However, many mattress manufacturers have no scientific proof their mattresses are safe. However, breathable mattresses offer more safety for infants and toddlers than standard mattresses. Even though their faces are completely covered by the mattress, their bodies can be re-exhaled through the breathable feature.

Can Breathable Crib mattresses be used?

For babies, back sleeping is best. There will be times when your baby won’t cooperate, and they may choose to roll on their stomach regardless of what you do. Don’t lose heart. Apart from the dangers of suffocating, babies are at risk of breathing their exhaled carbon dioxide while sleeping with their faces down.

Everyone wants the best for their babies, and that is why it is easy to trust what crib mattress manufacturers say. You should also trust scientific information about the product prior to placing your order.

You aren’t overheating, or getting cold. Your body will regulate your temperatures. While you are asleep, your body may not be as efficient at regulating temperature. You could find yourself sweating excessively. It can also happen to your babies.

But breathable mattresses encourage airflow which helps to wick heat away. Easy air circulation means that the crib can absorb water. You can rest easy and relax by preventing the formation of puddles.

Best Breathable Crib Mattress

Problem No. 1: Some Breathable Crib Mats contain Flame Retardant Chemicals.

Check to see if the mattress contains flame retardant chemical chemicals. Unfortunately, companies tend to downplay the fact their breathable mattresses contain flame retardants.

The use of flame retardants to stop or slow down the spread fire is one of many dangerous chemicals. Over the years, some flame retardant chemicals have been removed from the market simply because they are so dangerous (but sadly, they remain present in the environment).

Although there are many types of flame retardant chemicals available, they can have adverse effects on the health, including cancer and reproductive dysfunction. They also cause neurological problems, neurologic delays, brain damage, and other issues. 7 The Consumer Product Safety Commission published this alert about organohalogen flammable retardants.

Avoid products with organohalogen-flame retardants (OFRs), especially for pregnant women or young children. These chemicals are found in furniture, toys and mattresses as well plastic enclosures on electronic devices.

Consumer Reports 8 Many breathable crib mattresses made of polyester or plastic are high-flammable. The plastic comes from petrochemicals, which can cause fires. Polyurethane foam is another option, and it’s also very flammable. As such, flame retardants are often used in these mattresses. While they may contain phosphate-based flame retardants, this class of flame retardant chemicals is still not without its own set of health issues.

Newton Wovenaire for instance contains phosphate-based fire retardants chemicals. While these flame retardants may have been bound to the plastic, it is possible for them to escape or offgass. And they aren’t a “safe”class of flame retardants, either.

My article on the best organic crib mattresses goes into a lot of detail about how dangerous flame retardants are. Find out more about my selections for the best organic crib sheets.

Best Breathable Crib Mattress

Problem 2: Not all Crib Mattresses are Hygienic.

Most breathable mattresses do not come with a waterproof barrier, as the mattress’ purpose is to allow airflow. The problem with this is that the breathable mattress cover won’t protect the mattress from inevitable messes – spit-up, diaper accidents, and other fluids.

They don’t have a waterproof barrier. This is a crib mattress that does not contain a waterproof membrane.

You would need to waterproof a normal crib mattress. For urine, spitup, and other fluids to not soil the mattress, it would be waterproof. The waterproof cover should be removed if your baby has a diaper leak or their spit up gets into the mattress.

This is not the case with most of the breathable crib mattresses.

Many breathable crib mattress do not provide a barrier against water, making them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This is how it works. If the mattress’s core is too porous for breathing, the diapers, spit-up and other fluids leak into the mattress.

This is especially worrying when you consider your baby is sleeping on the surface of this area. It could allow bacteria and mold to grow easily and then spread throughout your baby’s body. You may be more toxic than your baby if this “breathability”, which is not protected, occurs. Scientists have suspected for years that bacteria or fungus can enter the baby’s bloodstream, leading to SIDS. 9. 10 The Hospital for Sick Children Toronto, Canada has conducted a 2016 study that confirms the importance of having a waterproof barrier for your baby’s crib mattress. Bacterial growth was found in 57% of samples where a crib mattress was found to have permeability (in this study, a crack) in the mattress cover. It is important to waterproof a mattress pad or crib mattress.

In the case of the original and most popular Newton Wovenaire, the breathable mattress cover is not waterproof. The cover is made of polyester. If you would like the waterproof version, it will cost you extra. But, even the waterproof version is made from polyester. You can avoid having your baby sleep on polyester by using a waterproof muslin crib cover over their mattress. Unfortunately, this is not the ideal solution.

It is made with TPU, a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) coating. Although it’s not as strong or durable as polyurethane Foam, this isn’t toxic. This is still an acceptable waterproofing coating for a crib mattress. As explained above, the safest waterproofing option is a food-grade polyethylene coating.

Some brands might be water-resistant or waterproof, but they are often made from unsafe materials. A safe, waterproof crib mattress made of food grade polyethylene is the best choice.

Best Breathable Crib Mattress

This Part of The Article Was Medically Reviewed

Daniel Zoller MD, board-certified pediatrician and doctor, reviewed this article. F.A.A.P.

What is a Breathable Crib Mattress?

When adults talk about a breathable bed mattress, we’re really talking about comfort, temperature regulation, and whether the mattress allows some airflow.

A breathable crib mattress is something quite different.

Breathable crib mattresses allow babies to breathe right through them. They are permeable and can be breathed through even when baby’s face is down in crib mattress.

According to the manufacturers, your baby can still breathe under the mattress even if it is on their stomach. Some companies market their crib mattresses as the most safe. These brands are focused on selling security.

Do they work? And what do medical professionals say?

There is no SIDS specific mattress recommendation. Combining safe sleep guidelines with a crib mattress will make the perfect mattress for your baby.

It is important that your baby sleeps on their back, regardless of whether you use a breathable mattress. Even though manufacturers of breathable crib mattresses are making it safer for babies to roll onto their stomachs while they sleep, most health professionals still recommend sleeping on the back. Other than the risk of suffocation, there’s still the potential for children to exhale excess carbon dioxide while lying on their side or backs. According to Paediatrician Dr. Daniel Zoller “It is extremely important to know that a breathable crib mattress is in no way a replacement for the safety of supine sleep, and should not be viewed as an alternative.” In other words? The safest baby mattress is a firm mattress that meets safety regulations and is used in combination with Back to Sleep safe sleep practices.

Best Breathable Crib Mattress

Most Breathable Crib Mattresses (Top Three Crib Mattresses).


We’re all looking for a crib mattress that will provide the safest possible sleep environment for our child. How can you narrow down the selection of crib mattresses for your baby? For both parents and baby, the best crib mattresses for breathable are those that offer safety, comfort and breathability. Here are the 3 best breathable crib mattresses of 2020:

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Naturepedic Organic Breathable Price Check!

Lullaby Earth Breeze Check Price!

You’ve come to this page because you’re willing to invest a little extra time and effort to make sure you find the safest breathable crib mattress for your baby. The following list contains 3 of the most popular crib mattresses available for baby in 2020. However, before we go, let’s review how we came up with our top three picks.

Best Breathable Crib Mattress

3 Best Breathable Baby Mattress Reviews

These are the most recent reviews on the best crib mattresses that breathe to lower the chance of SIDS.

It’s hard not to notice a company that gains so many columns inches like Newton Baby. The US-based manufacturer is currently the number one provider of crib mattresses in America. Newton Wovenaire has been featured in reliable news outlets such the New York Times. The Newton Wovenaire baby crib mattress promises to be breathable and comfortable at an affordable cost. The question is, what sets this crib mattress apart? You will find the answer in this article.

It starts with food-grade polymer, which is safe to consume. After cooling in water, the polymer becomes airless.

It circulates heat and reduces heat retention with its honeycomb design. It also provides a comfortable sleeping surface that is firm, which, according to research, reduces the chance of SIDS. This fabric does not contain any latex, springs or glue. It doesn’t contain any chemical emissions, fire-retardants or chemicals that can make it allergic.

Cover The cover is a piece of the puzzle as important as the inner layer. Cover The 3-dimensional spacer is used by the Wovenaire. Double linings can be woven together, creating air pockets which allow the crib to move. Greenguard Gold certified for low emissions covers and mattresses.

Practicality. Crib mattresses need to be practical. The outer cover is machine washable using a simple zip design. You should wash the outer cover in cool water using a low spin setting to keep it from shrinking.

It is easy to clean the inner mattress. Simply place the crib mattress in a bath of cool water to soak. After you have taken the mattress out, positive airflow will allow it to dry rapidly.

Test Periods and Warranty. This product is already accredited with over 10 professionals. This crib mattress may be expensive. However, it offers a 100-night no cost trial. If you’re not convinced after that, simply return it for a no-questions-asked refund.

Best Breathable Crib Mattress

The Top Five Best Mattress Covers for Breathability

Whisper Organics Organics Quilted Mat Cover Avocado Organic-Cotton Mattress Pad Coop Back Goods Ultra Luxe Protector Abakan Pillow Nectar Mattress Guardor

Price for Twin $96 $199 $29 $28 $99

Queens price: $249 $36 $32 $99

The mattress cover made completely from cotton with no polyester is extremely comfortable. It’s a very soft cover that is available in lots of sizes (there is even a cover for a crib!). This premium product is for people who desire to experience the best quality. This mattress pad has an absorbent property that protects the mattress against liquids. However, it doesn’t have any polyester or polyurethane so it’s organic and 100% eco-friendly. While it’s not completely waterproof, the pad will protect most mattresses and provide a great deal of comfort. This mattress pad is made from 100% cotton and has the highest level of breathability. This mattress protector doesn’t contain cotton, but it’s still breathable and it also protects the mattress from spills quite well. It’s a hypoallergenic product that protects the mattress from dust mites and that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. It is perfect for anyone who wants to increase the comfort of their mattress by protecting it and decreasing heat by 50% for less than $40. This pad is able to add cooling to your mattress, according to user reviews. This pad can be used to protect your mattress against accidental spills. This is the best mattress pad for anyone who wants to kill all three (actually two) of these birds. The mattress pad’s cover is made out of cotton which makes it extremely breathable. It’s more than a mattress pad. This protector, like all Nectar Sleep products, works as intended. It’s not that cheap but it’s definitely worth the money if you are searching for a waterproof yet very breathable protector, that’s what you need.

Best Breathable Crib Mattress

Safest Non-Toxic “Breathable” Crib Mattresses & Marketing Tricks To Look Out For!

When you are shopping for a crib mattress as a new mom, the last thing you want to think about is the possibility of your child suffocating on it. However, some companies are taking advantage of these concerns to offer products that might be even more dangerous. Mamavation community members discovered what looked like mold inside one of their “breathable” crib mattresses and told us their stories about products that we investigated and are concerned about too. As a reminder about the dangers that microbes pose for infants, we are sharing these stories with you. Mamavation trusts you to provide information on topics like organic crib mattresses and non-toxic shampoos. We invite you to join us in a tale of caution about crib mattress marketing.

Disclosure: Sondra Strand RN, BSN, reviewed this article. It may contain affiliate links.

How can I tell if my Crib mattress is comfortable?

Breathable crib beds are made to breathe. To illustrate, place a blow dryer against the crib mattress’s breathable core sideways.

What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Baby Crib?

Editor’s Pick: Newton Baby Crib Mat. Best Rated: Graco Premium Crib Foam Crib Cushion. Best Innerspring : Sealy Waterproof Crib Standard Crib Mattress.

Does the Ikea Crib Mattress Feel Breathable

The DROMMANDE mattress is made from soft natural latex from rubber trees and breathable coconut fiber. Your child will be able to sleep comfortably on it. Our latex is all natural and free of pesticides or chemicals.

.Best Breathable Crib Mattress
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