Willow Pump Spill-Proof Breast Milk Bags, 48 Count | Holds 4 Oz. Per Bag | Self-Sealing Storage Bags, Recyclable & Bpa Free | Breast Feeding Essential For The Willow Pump

Looking for a hygienic, spill-proof way to store your breast milk? Look no further than Willow Pump’s Spill-Proof Breast Milk Bags! These all-in-one disposable bags are perfect for on-the-go pumping – the patented, no spill technology means you can pump in any position. The self sealing valve ensures that milk goes in and doesn’t come out, and each bag will hold up to 4 oz. Looking for a convenient and hygienic way to store your breast milk? Look no further than Willow Pump’s spill-proof milk bags. Made with patented, no-spill technology, these bags let you pump in any position – even lying down or doing yoga. The self-sealing valve prevents milk from spilling out, and each bag can hold up to 4 oz. of milk, so you can pump up to 8 oz.

Willow Pump Spill-Proof Breast Milk Bags are the perfect way to collect and store your breast milk while on the go. The all-in-one disposable bags are totally hygienic and feature patented, no spill technology so you can pump in any position. The self sealing one-way valve ensures that your milk stays in the bag, and each bag holds up to 4 oz. The Willow Pump Spill-Proof Breast Milk Bags are the perfect solution for on-the-go pumping. These bags feature patented, no spill technology that allows you to pump in any position – even lying down or doing yoga. The self sealing valve ensures that milk goes in and doesn’t come out, while the recyclable and BPA free construction makes these bags environmentally friendly. Each bag can hold up to 4 oz of milk, so you can pump up to 8 oz when double pumping.

Best Pump Bags

Best Pump Bags

Best breast pump bag

To find the perfect bag, we tested and rated the top products from Ju-Ju, Skip Hop and Sarah Wells. Credit to: Abriah Wofford Juliet Spurrier and MD Lindsay Selig. Our editors independently test and evaluate the quality of the products. Our links only earn money when you buy a product. Manufacturers never give us free products.

Are you looking for an elegant bag that will carry your breast pump with you throughout the day. We considered over 20 bags and narrowed it down to 10 impressive and fetching bags for this roundup. You can find it difficult to transport your pump and related gear. You will be able to store your pump and other accessories in one bag. A bag that is stylish can make this a breeze. To rank bags, we tested them for their ease-of-use, quality, bulk and style. Whether you want a simple, lightweight tote or a bag that fits the kitchen sink, we’ve got you covered.

Best Pump Bags

These are the Best 2021 Accessories And Products for Pumping

This is everything you need to help make pumping and breastfeeding a lot easier.

Babylist editors are big fans of baby gear. Each month, they select their favourite products to share with readers. Babylist could earn a commission if you shop through the links provided on this site.

Like parenthood, breastfeeding is an individual journey. Some babies latch and feed well from the start. Some babies struggle with it. And if you’re pumping , too whether pumping exclusively, at work or enough to bottle feed on occasion that can add an extra layer of complexity.

The best pumping equipment, accessories and supplies can make a significant difference.

This range includes accessories that are specifically designed to pump on-the-go, as well as products that make your pumping experience more enjoyable.

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A wearable pump is a great way to pump hands-free if you are lucky enough. The bra is easy to put on and take off, making it a great choice for anyone who plans on breast-pumping.

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Simple Wishes bras hold your breasts, flanges, and bottles while you pump. The front zip allows you to wear it as a standalone bra or over your nursing top. You can adjust it thanks to the Velcro panel at the back.

What’s the best thing? This bra holds your pumping equipment securely, which is a big advantage over other types of pumping bras. When it comes to hands free pumping, this bra is our favorite. (We couldn’t resist.) Lansinoh Breastmilk Bags Buy Now Amazon $13.88 Every time we tried any breast milk storage bag, Lansinoh was the best.

Lansinoh Bags are strong and secure storage for liquid gold. The bags are easy to fill and can be laid flat for freezing, maximising storage space. If you wish to pour your milk straight into these bags, you will find an adapter compatible with all major brands of pumps.

Best Pump Bags

How to Pick a Breast Pump Bag

You use it whether it’s for work, on vacations, or to simply carry around your stuff.

Some things you should consider when buying a top-quality breast pump bag.

Ease of use

You need to have a durable bag. Breast pumps and all their accessories can get quite heavy.

A light-weight bag is best because your pumps may be very heavy.

Fashionable: Breast pump bags that are stylish will complement your style.

Accessible: The average breast pump bag costs between $30-100. While your bag does not have to be expensive to function, you will want it to last.

Versatility: Your breast pump bag should be versatile. Some breast pump bags also work well as carry-on bags or beach bags.

Below are our favorites modern breast pump bags.

You can match this elegant, sleek bag with any outfit. This bag is black, so it will not clash with any other colors. It also doesn’t stain or show dirt as well as lighter bags.

Best Pump Bags

How to clean a bag for a breast-pump

A majority of bags will be made from synthetic material, which is easy to clean using a wet cloth. Look at the label for instructions on how to wash the bag. Otherwise, the breast pump bag should be treated as any other bag or backpack. Spot clean with warm water and dish detergent if necessary.

To quickly absorb any spillages and maintain cleanliness, it’s a smart idea to have a few wipes, hand sanitizers, sponges, cloths or one of them in your bag. Store your bag open when not in use to prevent musty smells from developing.

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Best Pump Bags

The Best Breast Pump Bags for Spectra Pumps (From a Traveling Mama)

A mom of two Spectra S2s and a Spectra S9 Plus has taught me the value of a breast pump bag. Every day, I pump at work and on the plane.

I am a little biased, but I love the Spectra breast pumps. This pump can be used for both traveling and home. You get a lot more milk with it in half the time.

The Spectra machines were incredible. I was able pump sufficient milk to fill a freezer of nearly 2,000 ounces. There was also enough leftover to gift to children in desperate need. If you’re reading this article you probably already know the amazingness of this breast pump.

Disclosure: You can click here to read the entire disclosure statement. You will have a hard time finding a bag to fit it. You’ll be happy with these breast pump bags designed for spectra pumps.

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Best Pump Bags

Best Breast Pump Bag For Spectra Pumps

This is our favourite choice for pumping mothers who are looking for the ideal breast pump bag to carry their spectra pump. These cute tote bags can also be used as a storage bag.

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Sarah Wells Kelly Convertible Breast Pump Bag Sarah Wells Kelly Convertible Breast Pump Bag Sarah Wells Kelly Convertible Breast Pump Bag for Spectra Pumps is one of our most loved breast pump bags. It is the most versatile because it can be carried as a tote or backpack.

It is ideal for moms who are constantly on the move and need to have a bag that can hold both a breast pump as well as a computer for their work. It has a large storage area, which means that there’s plenty of space to store your pump as well as all the parts.

This bag may be more costly than others, but you’ll get more for your money if you have more children. Your breast pump bag will come with a lifetime guarantee so you know it’s protected.

Overall, this is one of our favorite breast pump bags for spectra pumps. If you intend to have additional children this bag will be your best friend.

From tote to back



Large Main Compartment

Lifetime warranty

Best Pump Bags

Best Backpack Bags For Spectra Pumps

My backpack-style breast pump bag was great for travel and work. The best backpack breast pump bags are here for spectra models.

Teamoy Breast Pump Backpack Teamoy Breast Pump Backpack

This backpack is ideal for moms who travel or work and need to carry a basic bag. These breast pumps bag are ideal for mothers who store bottles in a backpack that is insulated.

This is one of the most discrete bags because it looks like a regular backpack. The bag has plenty of space for all the pump parts as well as your cooler and laptop.

You can use this bag for many purposes once you are done breastfeeding. Many moms rave about the amount of space this bag has. The bag doubles as a travel diaperbag if you are a working mom who must carry your cooler and spectra pump.

Breathable mesh provides comfort

Quick access

Bottles with insulation

Additional pokeckers for organization

Fits laptops with a maximum 15-inch

Best Pump Bags

Fashionable Breast Pump Bags to Make Your Life Easier

Ecommerce Writer aliciairenekort View All Breastfeeding Pump

essentially becomes another limb. You have to bring it with you everywhere. It can be taken to work, to families get-togethers and even to restaurants. The packaging of breast pumps is difficult. There are a lot of parts, and you need an insulated area of your bag to store the breast milk you pump. If you’re going to have to lug around a breast pump everywhere, you might as well find somewhere practical and fashionable to store it.

There’s also a chance you don’t want to make it obvious that you’re carrying around a breast pump, which is why we rounded up the best breast pump bags that are discreet. These aren’t fancy bags or backpacks you don’t want others to see. With the understanding of you carrying additional stuff, they are sleek and lightweight. You will get no second glance, except from another mom.

Even though these bags may look simple, they are far more versatile than ordinary purses. The bags are designed to hold breast pumps and other accessories. Some of these bags even have room for your work supplies and can double as diaper bags. For those who just need to add a few extra items or have a designated area for breastfeeding, there is a separate bag. These bags can make pumping more enjoyable.

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Best Pump Bags

Best And Worst Breast Pump Bags And Pumping Accessories

Following the birth of my daughter, pumping became part of my daily life. I used to go into the pumping zone every day and hope I had enough for my girl each day. For over a whole year, I practiced this routine every day, discovering the worst and best breast pump bags, pumps, and parts.

This is a post about which breast pumping bags and accessories actually worked.

We’re going to start with your pumping bag. You will not be able to live without your pump. Your life can be made easier or more difficult by having a bag.

These are the top pumping bags available, and they have improved greatly since my daughter was born.

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Here are a few essential components to a breast pump bag that you will love:

There is enough storage for a workbag and a pump bag so no one needs two bags.

A section or enough room for an insulated insert.

Best Pump Bags

Worst Breast Pumping Accessories

You don’t really need these breast pumping accessories or they are the absolute worst thing you could purchase for your breastfeeding journey.

The stress and strain of breast-pumping can be enough!

Breastmilk bags are absolutely necessary, but you should not purchase them. Lasinoh milk bags have a reputation for leaching when they are thawed. Medela breastmilk storage boxes have worked well for me.

Although breast pump wipes can be useful if there is no sink nearby, water will work best. Because of the many small spaces in your pumping system that are difficult to access with a wiping device, you’ll need to get into them.

Make sure you are up to date on the CDC’s newest recommendations for often to clean your pumping parts!

While these fancy pieces of plastic look handy it is SO easy to make your own breastmilk storage out of gift bags or soda can boxes. This is easy to do with a simple Pinterest search.

It may have looked great in theory, but I am a mother who pumps at work every day for nearly a full year and can tell you that it is one of those unnecessary items. The bag is too small to be used as a backpack for pumping equipment.

A different option is to dry my parts, rinse them and place them in my lunch bag.

It may look easy to clean pump parts with a sanitizing bag, but I’ve not found a lot of success with it. Although they should last at least 20 uses, I have had several bags fail after only a couple of uses.

They would have been life-savers if these worked! For me, however, I felt the expense outweigh the convenience.

What Should I Carry In My Breast Pump?

Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast pump bag is the best overall breast pump bag.

Which Pump Brand Is The Best?

  1. Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump.
  2. Medela Pump In Style Advanced On-the-Go Tote.
  3. Medela Symphony Electric breast pump.
  4. Medela Freestyle Flex Electric Double Breast Pump.
  5. Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump.
  6. Bellababy Electric Belly Breast Pump.

What bags are compatible with the Spectra Pump

Spectra users may use Lansinoh’s storage bag, which fits right on the flanges. This makes it simple to transport milk between the offices and home without taking up too much space. Aug 6, 2018.

What can I use as a Diaper bag for my pumping?

You need a breast pump bag if you are pumping exclusively at work or only pumping at home. The drab bag came with my Medela PISA and I used it to pump for Liam.

.Best Pump Bags

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