Does your baby have great motor skills and head control? If you answered No, it might not be a great idea to use an activity center just yet. Babies generally are ready for an activity center when they reach 6 months but some are ready in 4 months. The last thing I want is to give advice that would cause harm. Always refer to manufacturer safety guide or babies pediatrician if you are unsure.

Skip Hop Explore and More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center was designed for 4 months and older. It features a 3 stage system that swivels, sits, bounces, interacts and comes apart as a play table for when they can stand on their own. Your baby can rotate 360 degrees while bouncing and interact with the various activities this saucer comes with. The foot support is adjustable which is great as it is generally not recommend for babies that can’t yet support themselves, as they grow you can adjust it for the perfect height. The legs detach easily for easy storage. This is a well made product, sturdy and can take the beating the young one will throw at it thru-out the coming months.

Watch as your little one starts to giggle and go nuts in this activity saucer. We love this activity saucer and you’ll love it too. Check out what the hunderds of parents who bought this have to say!

Skip Hop did an amazing job designing this unit. It’s fairly easy to set up and once you have ready to use you’ll probably put it in your most active room, you’ll love that it’s not a tremendous contraption and it keeps your baby occupied for those quiet times. The activities will keep your little one busy when you really need it. The quirky little toys are really well thought out and your baby will love playing with them. If you find that they are becoming too accustomed to the toys and are no longer engaged, the toys are really easy to move around and you can add an extra toy. The activity center comes with a large bowl that attaches via suction cups, great for baby snacks.

This really is built for a  4 month old and with it’s multi purpose design will last beyond their infant days. This unit does not take up much space, you can easily hide it away so it does not become an eye sore around the house. Some parents complained about the price but it’s well worth it.