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Best Anti Abandonment Device

Best Anti Abandonment Device
Written by Wanda James

The best anti abandonment device

Anti-drop device – Buying Tips, Rankings, and Reviews

The Salvabebe are anti abandonment of safety devices, which come into operation in case we move away from the machine when the child is on board. Since November 7, 2020, these products are required and who do not have it is likely to incur sanctions. This guide will help you find the right model for the seat of your baby, but if you do not have time to devote to in-depth reading our article, here are two small advances. The first in the standings is Inglesina Ally Pad Anti-Abandonment smartphone device, suitable for all car seats and cribs brand, fitted with audible and visual alarm. It is also equipped with a convenient removable cover, to be washed in the washing machine at 30 ° C. The second model that impressed us is Steelmate Baby Bell Device Anti Child Abandonment, equipped with dual safety system, thanks to the presence of a small display to attach the cigarette lighter and the app on your smartphone.

The 8 best anti abandonment devices – Ranking 2020

Considering its importance, it is not easy to choose the best anti-drop device. From 2018 it is required if a board there is a child aged between 0 and 4 years, but many parents also choose them for their children a bit ‘bigger. We went in search of the best anti abandonment of 2020 devices, you find below with their description, the merits, and defects.

anti-drop device for children

1. Inglesina Ally Pad Device Anti-Abandonment

▷ The Best Anti Abandonment Device. Offers And Prices

Ally Pad is an anti-drop device for kids, featuring a design designed for baby’s comfort and for total user safety. It is developed for smartphones and runs on iOS and Android.

Just install the app on your phone to connect to the device, which emits a visual and audible alarm if you leave your child in the car and we move away from the vehicle. As a third security system, it sends an emergency SMS to the user.

The outer coating is made of breathable and removable fabric, and moreover, can be easily washed in a washing machine at 30 °. The device is designed to follow the various phases of growth of the baby, going from seat cradle with simplicity, thanks to its easy installation.

It is among the top-selling online because it is developed specifically for car seats and cots Inglesina because the manufacturer does not guarantee compatibility with other brand models. Not cheap, but in line with other famous brand products, so there are no surprises from this point of view.

Design: A big strong point of the product is its removable cover, inside, it protects the device anti abandonment and is machine washable.

Versatility: The device allows you to connect the device to an unlimited number of accounts and is compatible with cribs and car seats of the same brand.

Duration: The product has been developed to follow the growth of children, from the cradle to the seat, very easily adapt.

Price: It is not the cheapest product on the market, like the rest of the brand’s products.

Compatibility: This device is designed for Inglesina car seats and cots, so it can not be installed on any kind of support.

Buy on (€ 53)

anti-drop device for car seat

2. Steelmate Baby Bell Device Anti Child Abandonment

▷ The Best Anti Abandonment Device. Offers And Prices

Baby Bell is an anti-drop device for car seats, boasting a double safety system. It is a model for smartphones, which as an additional system is equipped with a display designed with the face of a baby, to be attached to the cigarette lighter socket.

This small unit turns on and emits an audible alarm, followed by a message through the dedicated app, free to download online. In case of no response, then, replaced by the messaging system that sends three SMS messages to the user.

By making a comparison with the anti abandonment similar devices in the market, it is precisely the presence of the small display that makes a big difference. The device to be installed on the seat, however, is also compatible with cots and is in fact designed to follow your baby’s growth.

Not cheap, but considering the double safety system for which you do not need Bluetooth, it is a versatile and reliable product. No wonder that it is also among the top sellers in the market.

Compatibility: Due to its universal design, this device is designed to move from cribs to car seats of any brand and type.

Design: The pack contains an anti abandonment and a small display device for a cigarette lighter, to ensure a double safety system. The alarm works with the machine off and turned on, and there is also an emergency messaging system.

Duration: The device follows the growth of children from 2,5 kg to 36 kg. It is therefore a product designed to last for many years.

Price: Not a cheap device, but considering it is a 2-in-1, with a double safety system, it is not that expensive.

Buy on (€ 56)

Car seat with anti-drop device

3. Bebe Confort car seat group with 123 antiabbandono

▷ The Best Anti Abandonment Device. Offers And Prices

It follows the baby’s development from when weighing 9 to 36 pounds. Its major advantage is that it can be used for a long time always ensuring maximum protection. In line with the most stringent requirements, it is equipped with the child sensing device to prevent cases of abandonment by car. The detector is very sensitive and is able to identify an already weight of 2.5 kg. Automatically it connects to the operating system of your phone, Android or iOS, via the dedicated app.

You can lock the car using the Isofix system that makes the most structured grip and permeates the car as if it were part of his body. Moreover, it is equipped with the Top Tether system, an innovative method that further enhances the easy and secure fastening of the car.

The side guards are large and able to protect the baby’s head in the event of a side impact. It makes you appreciate the ability to adjust the seat according to the baby’s body and can count on a comfortable well-padded seat cushion.

With antiabbandono system: Required by law since March 2020, the seat is equipped with a sensor that detects the weight of the small once the engine is turned off and sends a signal to the parent cell.

Equipped with reducer: The seat follows the development of the baby from 9 when weighing up to 36 pounds, ie until the end of the obligation, but follows the evolution of his body adapting well.

Isofix system: This also follows the European directives in terms of car safety for children and more improved fixing to the car body with a patented method more effective and simple.

Shortly reclining: Pity the child seat does not offer a good margin to tilt the seat and make it more comfortable for the baby who falls asleep while traveling in the car.

Buy on (€ 284.1)

anti grain abandonment Device

4. Bean Bebecare Easy-Tech Anti-Abandonment System

▷ The Best Anti Abandonment Device. Offers And Prices

An anti-drop device made by Chicco, which stands out for its economic cost and universal design. This appliance is designed to be easily coupled to any cradle and seat, but it is also perfectly compatible with the simple safety belts.

A system designed to make the best use of such devices, even when the baby is a little older. Small and compact, does not create any disturbance to the small. Furthermore, to make it work just download the app for iOS and Android systems, and, after the first installation, subsequent connections are made completely automatically.

The device is equipped with two levels of security: the first alert occurs through a visual and acoustic signal via the smartphone, and the second by means of an alarm messaging system.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to connect the app to more than three anti abandonment of brand devices: this is the only flaw of this fine product. Click the link below, if you do not know where to buy this model.

Price: An anti-drop device that stands out for its simplicity and universal design. Its low prices have contributed to the great success in sales.

Compatibility: This unit is suitable for any crib and car seat. It is a universal design created to meet every need.

Practical: A product that stands out for its extremely easy to use; It can just hook it to the car seat belts, the cradle or the car seat, and download the dedicated app, available for iOS and Android.

Connection: The dedicated app tracks up to a maximum of three anti abandonment devices; a limitation if their children are more and all small.

Buy on (€ 35,64)

anti abandonment Device tippy

5. Digicom Tippy Pad anti abandonment device

▷ The Best Anti Abandonment Device. Offers And Prices

Tippy Pad is the easy abandonment anti cushion to assemble and to use that stands out by the presence of Bluetooth sensor installed inside, for total parental safety.

It equipped with sensors that allow the detection of the presence of the baby when it is in the seat, sends notifications to the parent through the app specifically designed.

Simply match the smartphone to anti abandonment cushion the first time it is used, they will be automatically detected. If you move away from the car, receiving a first acoustic and sound signal on the phone, followed by a two emergency text messages to preset numbers at installation.

It seems, however, can not be connected over a smartphone to the product, details which limit its use if both parents have to use it, for example. The integrated battery lasts about four years, and the device does not emit harmful radiation, as reported by its manufacturer. To purchase online the new product, click on the link you found below.

Design: A device anti abandonment cushion, characterized by a universal design, intended to be compatible with cots and child seats of any kind and brand.

Bluetooth: The Wireless Sensor connects to the smartphone via a dedicated app, which is free to download on AppleStore and GooglePlay.

Alarm system: If you move away from the vehicle, the user is notified via beep and then with two emergency text messages.

Connection: The only limitation of the product is that it works only with a smartphone and can not be associated with multiple devices.

Buy on (€ 42.1)

anti abandonment Device Cybex

6. Cybex Gold Aton M i-Size Seggiolino con SensorSafe

If you are looking for a complete product that can be used until the child reaches 13 kg, have a look at the model SensorSafe signed Cybex. It is a car seat designed for children of height between 45 cm and 87 cm, that is, a maximum weight of 13 kg.

A cot for cars intended for newborns thanks to the included gear, and even the older ones, compatible in cars with or without Isofix. A design that results in comfort and safety for the small, thanks to the presence of height-adjustable headrest in eleven positions, belts padded Y and protections for head and shoulders adaptable. In addition, the cover is machine washable at 30 °.

A distinctive element SensorSafe the clip, which transmits a notification to the smartphone app in dangerous situations, and also to avoid that the baby is forgotten in the car. The seat is compatible with strollers and wheelchairs and included in the package, you will find a sunshade.

Set: A product designed for the safety and comfort of the baby. Suitable for vehicles with or without the Isofix system is equipped SensorSafe system, a clip that works as an anti-drop device.

Design: The Cradle car is armored to protect the head and shoulders adjustable, and the headrest is reclining in eleven positions. There is also a reducer for newborns.

Compatibility: It is a cradle for cars, which if necessary can be used as egg cot on buggies and prams. Included, in fact, it includes a canopy against the sun’s rays.

Duration: The seat is intended for babies up to 18 months, so its duration is limited. But this is not about the SensorSafe clip, you can detach and attach to another seat.

Buy on (€ 229,95)

anti abandonment Device Bebe Confort

7. Bebe Confort e-Safety Device Anti Abandonment

The anti-drop device Bebe Confort is a product designed to offer security to those who use it and comfort to children. It is a pillow with an internal sensor, which detects the presence of the child in the crib or on the seat.

To pair it with your smartphone just download the free app for iOS and Android. The bearing tissue is reversible: the summer part is light for improved breathability, while the plush winter to keep warm.

If you walk around with the small board, the app displays an audible and visual alarm on the phone, and if you do not answer, the system sends text messages to two contacts, to be set during installation, with the position of ‘ car.

This device is compatible with any crib and car seat and can be used by children between the ages of 0 and 12 years.

Compatibility: This anti-drop device is designed to adapt to each seat and crib, it can be used when the baby is born up to 12 years.

Security: The alarm system is activated if the parent goes and if no response is sent an emergency SMS to two preset contacts with the car’s position.

Upholstery: The fabric is designed for comfort and to avoid disturbance to the small. It has indeed a summer side, more lightweight and breathable, and a warm winter side and plush.

Connection: Unfortunately, if your phone is switched off, the device is not able to send notifications and is therefore non-functional.

Buy on (€ 65)

Seat with Bebe Confort anti abandonment device

8. Axiss Bebe Confort Car Seat 9-18 kg Reclining

The Bebe Confort seat with an anti-drop device is a complete and reliable product. A set designed for those looking for both products and want a good quality/price ratio. The seat is designed for children from 9 months to 4 years and is equipped with a swivel car seat and reclining in eight positions.

The texture is soft and padded, with safety belts and protections for the head and the pelvis.

The cover is removable and can be easily washed in a washing machine at 30 °. As anticipated, it is a set with bundled is a nice cushion anti neglect, which can be used over time because it is compatible with larger seats.

To connect the sensor into the pillow, it is necessary to download the app and install it on the smartphone, adding two contacts to be traced in case of an emergency. The sensor comes into operation if one moves away from the vehicle with the small board and sends an acoustic signal on the smartphone. A lack of response starts operating the emergency SMS, which sends messages to preset numbers.

Therefore, if on one hand, the seat has a limited life, the device will not, so a good match. You can also buy the products separately.

Set: A comfortable seat, safe and comfortable, designed for toddlers up to 4 years, with anti abandonment in the paired device.

Design: The seat is designed to accompany the baby to grow from 9 months to 4 years. The seat rotates 90 ° and the backrest can be reclined in eight positions.

anti abandonment Device: An anti abandonment cushion with removable cover, which adapts to any cot and car seat. Works with smartphones and apps via an integrated sensor.

Duration: The seat is designed for children aged between 9 months and 4 years. So it’s ideal if your little one has this age, but not otherwise.

Buy on (€ 254.9)

It is not easy to know which anti-drop device to buy, in the market, there are different types and prices vary widely. These devices are designed to avoid leaving the machine with the small anchor on board and must be made according to very precise characteristics.

There are integrated with the cradle devices for cars or seats, others present included the vehicle and other purchased separately. If you want to know how to choose a good anti-drop device, here are the other features to be reckoned with.

The safety of children

The law introduced by the Ministry of Transport, which requires the use of an anti-drop device for children under four years old, is a reform of fundamental importance for the safety of children. Only in our country, in fact, there are many tragedies that occurred, and those touched for forgetting the child in the vehicle.

In addition, busy lives are likely to lead to increased inattention in adults, and the consequences can be dire. That’s why using anti abandonment devices is critical, choose the type that best suits your needs.

Its operation is very simple and is based on an alarm system that alerts the user if the child is not picked up from the seat. From assessing with certain attention to the size of the product and the security system which is fitted, because each brand has specific characteristics from this point of view.

If you decide to buy a set with a seat and anti abandonment paired device, consider the age of the child and practicality of both products.

The certificate of conformity

The models integrated into the seat and those with independent technology are the most common, although for some time now car manufacturers are developing cars with already integrated systems. It is in fact mandatory to have an anti-functioning abandonment device if you are carrying a child under the age of 4 years including.

Who does not have it is likely to incur fines ranging from 83 to 333 euros, and five points lower on the license. To ensure safety to those who use them, in addition, anti abandonment devices must be equipped with a certificate of conformity which is a guarantee of reliability.

To facilitate its purchase was allocated a 30 Euro bonus, but at the moment it is still unclear how to access and there are many consumers who have complained about the planned figure.

The three types: how do they work?

The most widely used anti abandonment devices are models with smartphone connection and that pillow, followed by the typology developed to be hooked to the car’s safety belts and the child seat. Here are the main differences between each of these types.

Models with smartphone access are the most innovative from a technological point of view, and also the most expensive. It connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth technology and is characterized by the presence of a double safety system; in addition to the alarm sound, they are provided with emergency messaging via SMS, if not off the first notification.

The anti abandonment pillow devices are inserted in the seat under the small and detect its presence through the weight. If the child is not picked up by the vehicle, the device emits an audible alarm, which is interrupted only when it comes out from the seat.

There are often solutions that integrate the two systems, useful in the case in which the phone goes off and interrupts the connection with the device placed in the seat. Finally, there are the anti abandonment devices designed to be inserted inside the seat safety belt or the vehicle.

The sensors detect if the seat belts are attached or less and is thus is perceived that the presence of the child inside the car.

How many anti abandonment devices?

The cost of an anti abandonment device varies according to the type and brand. The more expensive models are those equipped with sensors and smartphone connection, followed by those in the pillow, and to finish the devices that are hooked to safety belts. These devices are available online and in stores for children.

Since when are required anti abandonment devices?

On October 23, 2020, was published the Regulation implementing Article 172 of the new Highway Code, which, however, comes into force on November 7, 15 days later. Using an anti-drop device becomes a must if in the vehicle is a minor under the age of four years and includes the installation of equipment with the certificate of conformity.

What features should they have?

In addition to the certificate of conformity issued by the manufacturer, the anti abandonment devices should be activated automatically whenever your child gets on the seat. They must report the user, if the child has not been picked up, through the visual and sound signals and a security system supplied to the chosen type of device.

The signals must be easily recognizable and audible not only the car but also outside. It is also possible that the anti abandonment systems are connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth or app created specifically.

They are in fact three types of anti abandonment systems provided inside of cars. There are models pillow and smartphones, and clips with sensors to be attached to the seat belt.

How much battery life of the pillow patterns?

The majority of anti abandonment pillow devices are equipped with an internal battery, the duration of which varies from three to five years on average according to the brand and the product. These security systems can be used well beyond the age required by law, or four years, and if your device is downloaded you will need to replace the battery.

To avoid mistakes when buying, be sure to read the product specifications and the ability to change the battery when you will be discharged.

What are the extra benefits of the purchase of anti abandonment devices?

It was set up a fund with incentives for the purchase of the anti-drop device, to facilitate its purchase and its use. The decree provides for a contribution of 30 Euros for each safety device you buy. It is essential to keep your receipt of the purchase of the alarm device because you need to show it to get the bonus.

For more information on this please visit the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, to be informed of the latest updates.

What are the fines for those who do not have it?

Since the use of an anti-drop device is a must, or by November 7, automatically triggered fines for anyone who does not have it. Such sanctions ranging from 83 to 333 Euros, which will be reduced if paid within five days, with a deduction of five points from your license.

The license is then suspended from 15 days to a maximum of two months if they are committed two infringements in a span of two years.

Italy boasts a world record in the creation of the law that provides for the obligation to use anti abandonment devices to prevent the little ones are not forgotten in the car. Since November 7, 2020, it is thus maintained this rule, which actually restricts the use of these safety systems for children between 0 and 4 years.

Having said that, considering the great importance of these appliances, we recommend their use even when the baby is a little older. Here is a small guide to making the best use of your alarm device, depending on the type you choose.

The types of connections

The anti abandonment systems can be divided into two categories according to their functionality.

Indeed, there are those who connect to the smartphone via an app or models that do not work through a link of this kind.

The first category corresponds to the anti abandonment devices that can be connected to the phone and send emergency text messages to multiple contacts, to warn that the baby is not feeding on the vehicle.

The second type does not require a connection and sends an audible and visual alarm to the driver if the child is on board when you turn off the machine.

Devices connected to the smartphone

The anti abandonment devices that connect to the smartphone, are the most sold on the market: their success is due to their security systems in accordance with the approval conditions.

The highlight of these systems is to first send audible and visual alarm signals, and no answer takes over the emergency messaging that sends SMS to pre-set contacts.

The alarm sounds are audible outside the vehicle, and not just inside, for added security. In addition, the device must be equipped with a notification for the level of the battery and a manual for proper installation.

not connected to the smartphone Devices

The anti abandonment devices without connection to the phone, work independently, and there are devices to be installed in the seat or in the cradle, or clips with sensors to be attached to the seat belt.

The first type detects the presence of the child’s weight, with an alarm system which comes into operation if the baby is left inside the seat. The clip devices engage the belt and detect if it is still attached when the machine is turned off, to indicate that inside it there is the child to be taken.

Unlike emergency systems with smartphones, these two are ideal if you do not have a good relationship with your phone and let it often turned off. The seat for sensors and clips for belts, in fact, do not need any connection to the cell to function.

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These products are among the most recommended, but at the moment are not available

Bebe Confort RodiFix AirProtect Seggiolino Auto 15 36 kg

The car seat with Bebe Confort anti-drop device is between the sets most appreciated on the market. Good features of both products, starting from the reclining seat, approved according to the regulations and intended for children aged 3 to 12 years.

It is a product designed for the comfort and safety of children, as is evident by the presence of sidearms and the pelvis. It is also reclining, thanks to the front device which is fitted, to provide a convenient location to the child. The outer coating can also be easily removed and washed in a washing machine at 30 °.

Good technical specifications of abandoning anti device included in the set, which is actually a universal model and compatible with other cribs and car seats. It is in fact possible to buy the products separately, in case they serve only one of the two.

This anti-drop device is a model for smartphones, with apps to download for iOS and Android. Of course, the phone is off, the device does not work.

Having said that, it is equipped with an alarm system, visual and sound, which notifies the user when the child is left in the machine.

In case of no response, it replaces the emergency system that sends three SMS messages. With all these advantages, we could not fail to have among our offers.

Set: A product that combines seat and anti-drop device, at a good quality/price ratio. Beautiful design and the seat, read the opinions of users, appreciated the opportunity to choose between different colors.

Fabrics: Both external coatings, both of the seats, both of the devices, are removable and washable, the first machine and the second hand.

Safety: The seat design is designed to protect your child when it is on the car and so does the device, sending audible and visual signals on your smartphone if it is left in the car on his own.

Use: The anti-drop device only works if your smartphone is running and if it is off no use just about anything.

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