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Best App Android And Apple Ios For Babies

Best App Android And Apple Ios For Babies – Small And Strong
Written by Wanda James

The best app Android and Apple iOS for babies

Last updated: 05/28/20

The Best App Android And Apple Ios For Babies - Small And Strong

A world of technology designed to simplify the hard work of new parents. Here is a list of the best apps available.

Technology has in a way helped to make life easier, just search the web and find a lot of products designed to simplify the hard work of parents.

The smartphone is another item that can be of great help during and after pregnancy, thanks to thousands of apps designed to “lighten up” and make it in a certain way, more relaxing, parents’ work.

In this guide, we list some of the best apps to download for the welfare of the baby and new parents, knowing it will certainly not take the place of baby bottles, breast pumps (here are the best models), and strollers but that there will still support. So, happy reading!

To better manage the birth

The birth of a child creates so much happiness and also a lot of doubts because the parent wants the best for their child. Among the most popular apps, we found ones for newborn management, that help parents with reminders of important dates and notes concerning the child’s progress. The three that are most affected are iBimbo and iBebe for Android and iOS, and Baby Care Android only.

The first is completely free and allows you to track the progress of the baby, noting the hours of rest, the number of feedings, diaper changes, and more.

The Best App Android And Apple Ios For Babies - Small And Strong

To use the app just create an account and enter the data that are requested. At this point, you can begin to store whatever you need.

The other app we liked it Baby Care, much like the previous one, and offers the ability to save photos and make voice recordings as a reminder.

iBebe is instead designed to monitor the development of the infant, saving weight, height, and other important information. Also, with this app, you can record the quality of the little sleep and watch the results as graphs.

For the welfare of the baby

The first app that we mention is those for “white noise.” During the nine months in the mother’s womb, the baby is used to listening to the sounds that you relax. These apps have the same function and are very useful even when little is hard to fall asleep. The two best from this point of view are “white noise baby” for Android and “Baby Sleep Sound” for iOS.

Both are applications that contain numerous sounds and also allow you to record others, including the voice of parents. With an automatic sleep timer and to choose the duration of operation, they are among the best app. Easy to use and useful features, are designed to comfort your baby naturally.

Even “Lullaby” is an app developed to reconcile your baby’s sleep, and if you are struggling with your first child, it might be for you. Thanks to the sound of which is equipped with sensor, it starts a tune when the baby starts to cry and decreases in intensity when the baby cry ceases.

Another app that caught our attention is “Allergy Control” designed to help parents recognize any allergies in infants. Available for Android and iOS devices, this application shows the presence of allergens and pollen calendars that cause allergy in the small.

To monitor the room

The third type of app that we face in this article is that “baby monitor”, can transform almost any smartphone into a monitor for the baby’s bedroom. Especially new parents struggling with the first birth tend to be anxious and to want to keep an eye on the little one. It is the right thing. Until a few years ago there were only very expensive monitors and instead, today, you can use a simple mobile phone or tablet.

Among the app on the market, the two that stood out were “Baby Monitor Annie” and “Baby Monitor” available for both Android and iOS devices. These are apps that allow you to monitor what is going on in a room, via Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G. With an unlimited range, these apps are ideal for those who want to keep an eye on the baby while he is taking a nap, or while playing cheerfully in the box.

Both can be used in the free version, but to make use of all the functions you need to buy them. It is however a paltry expense considering the benefits of the product.

The Best App Android And Apple Ios For Babies - Small And Strong

An app for sharing: Sprout Baby

Now we want to tell you about an app ideal for parents who have had twins and they need to monitor several parameters for two different children. Sprout Baby is complete and allows you to keep tabs on the development of both babies, with tracer growth and functions that allow you to store the number and frequency of feedings, sleep, and much more.

With this app, you can also create albums of memories to share on social media.

A true technological jewel designed to be easy, even if only slightly, the parents’ work.

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