Best Baby Jumper – Easy And Fun Doorway Jumpers Seat

How much do you know about baby door jumpers? Are you planning to buy a jumper for your baby or as a gift to a special friend or a family member? In either way, this guide will give you a comprehensive review of everything you should know when buying the best baby jumpers.

Has your baby reached the stage where all she wants is breaking free from your arms to jump explore, discover, and move around yet she cannot crawl? Well, a baby jumper is exactly what she needs. Based on the information obtained from most parents (especially mothers), one of the most adorable moments you’ll ever have is watching your little one break in laughter when he jumps and bounces up and down on her new baby jumper.

Apart from being happy, a baby jumper plays the role of a nanny where you’ll have a hands free moment to do the laundry, wash the dishes, prepare dinner, watch your favorite TV show, and enjoy a cup of coffee while your baby stares at you. A exersaucer or activity center is a must have to keep your infant entertained and to learn.

Now, with a growing demand for baby jumpers, more and more companies have joined in the race making the market quite overwhelmed with many models and brands to choose from. To ensure that you get the baby best jumper that will offer a mix of safety, durable, and entertaining features for your baby, please continue reading this guide.

#1 Best Baby Jumper

How much do you care for your little angel? If your wish is to see her happy and always smiling, then you should add the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo in your wish-list of the must-have toys. This best baby jumper from Fisher-Price comes with a set of amazing activities which your baby will definitely love to explore and enjoy.

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo doesn’t have to be clamped on the doorway as it comes with a rounded frame to keep the baby jumperoo independently erected on any part of the living room. To keep your baby captivated, this jumper comes with lights, sounds, music, and toys which extend towards the top creating a canopy. Like it’s not enough, the seat of this jumper rotates at an angle of 360° giving your baby access to all the available toys around the Fisher-Price Rainforest jumperoo.


  • The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is easy to set up and collapse.

  • Storage is a breeze as the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is not too big even for rooms with limited space.

  • The rotating seat means that your baby can interact with everyone much easier.

  • The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo have available toys, sounds, lights, and music will keep your baby motivated during playtime with this jumper.

  • This jumper is stable which means it will keep the baby safe.

  • The multiple colors of the Fisher-Price Jumperoo help your baby master head-eye coordination which is very essential at this early stage.


  • The Fisher-Price Jumperoo takes much of your living room space.

  • This jumper is too big and doesn’t get through doorways without being collapsed.


Overall, the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is one of the best baby jumpers you should consider buying for your growing baby and to keep your baby entertained. Although some online customers have complained about some areas of the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo, I think this jumper is a must have due to the stable construction, sounds, and many toys that your baby can play with. With such a mix of creative accessories from this best baby jumper, your baby can easily develop head-eye coordination, learn how to be independent, become more active and develop strength and muscle tone as she advances through her developmental stages.

Best Affordable Baby Jumper

If the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo sounds too expensive for you, then the Evenflo exersaucer door jumper baby active might be a cheaper alternative. Despite being a cheap jumper, the Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumperoo offers your baby a perfect way of exercising and enjoying endless entertainment without worrying about her safety. Designed for both boys and girls, this best baby jumperoo fits on standard doorways making it an ideal choice for all parents.

In terms of clean up and maintenance, the Evenflo Exersaucer Door baby jumper is easy to clean by simply removing the seat and machine washing with cold water. Other parts of the Evenflo Exersaucer door jumpers such as the straps are easy to clean with mild soap without using harsh detergents. With a weight of just 2.95 pounds, the Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper is easy to fold and carry when traveling to the countryside.


  • First, this evenflo exersaucer is available at an affordable price.

  • This baby jumper is very easy to install.

  • The overall design makes this jumper safe and secure when the baby is bouncing.

  • The seat of the Evenflo Exersaucer Baby Jumper is removable and easy to machine wash.

  • This jumper fits most standard doorways.


  • Some online customers have complained about the spring of the jumper which they say is very noisy when the baby is bouncing.

  • This baby jumper doesn’t have any additional toys that will keep your baby busy.

  • The Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper is limited only to doorways.


Finally, the Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper is a cheap alternative for those parents who might be searching for an affordable baby jumper. Provided the doorway is safe and meets the required standards, parents can easily clamp the Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper and prepare their children to enjoy an uninterrupted bouncing experience. The Evenflo Exersaucer Doorway Jumpers are easy to install, easy to store and perfect for traveling making it the best alternative for any mother out there.

Another highly affordable, entertaining baby jumper you must consider buying is the Baby Einstein Sea and Discover Door Jumper. Available with a light weight of just 4.85 pounds, this baby jumper, the Baby Einstein Exersaucer is light and compact and will fit on most standard doors. This will keep your baby active, this best baby jumper comes with a set of exclusive accessories such as Ocean-themed toys which include a starfish, a baby Neptune rattle, a mirror, and three crinkle fabric flash cards that feature underwater imagery. Something else about the Baby Einstein activity jumper is the adjustable straps that fit your baby’s height as she progresses through the different stages of life.


  • Baby Einstein activity jumper is very easy to set up.

  • The Baby Einstein Jumper Exersaucer is lightweight makes it easy to carry from one location to another.

  • The height of this jumper is easy to adjust to fit your baby as she grows.

  • There are many different toys available in this jumper for your baby to play with.

  • The seat of this jumper is well padded for maximum comfort of your baby.


  • Some customers have complained about this jumper stating that it’s too high for baby to touch the ground with her feet.

  • This jumper doesn’t fit in all standard doorways. In addition, the Baby Einstein is only limited to large doorways thus preventing your baby from hitting the door frame when swinging.

  • The plastic ring on this jumper can easily hit your baby’s head if you’re not careful.


Finally, the Baby Einstein Sea and Discover Door Jumper is a superb choice for those customers who might be searching for a light and simple doorway jumper for their infants. Designed with a mix of colorful toys that will keep your baby active, this jumper is affordable and highly recommended for parents living on a tight budget or first-time mothers searching for a simple baby jumper.

Does your baby enjoy playing with colorful toys? Well, the best and most ideal baby jumper you should consider is the Bright Starts Bounce ‘N Spring Deluxe Door Jumper. Also available at a competitive price, this baby jumper comes with a padded seat that keeps your baby comfortable when bouncing or relaxing.

In terms of the available toys, the Bright Starts Deluxe Doorway Jumpers offers your baby a colorful toy tray which include a mirror, a leaf tether, and an additional 2 plush toys. Perfect for children at the ages of 6-12 months, this jumper can hold a maximum weight of 26 pounds making the product an ideal choice for parents searching for a colorful, affordable, and highly entertaining baby jumper for your developing baby.


  • This baby jumper has a padded washable seat and a soft prop pillow for maximum safety of your baby.

  • The 4 available toys on the activity jumper are perfect for keeping your baby entertained.

  • The adjustable straps of this jumper ensure that your baby is perfectly secured for maximum safety provided she’s within the recommended age bracket.

  • At just 4.85 pounds, this baby jumper is considered as extremely light and easy to transport.

  • This baby jumper is available at an affordable price.


  • Some customers have complained about the seat area of the jumper stating that it’s too big and doesn’t keep the baby secure.

  • This baby jumper is not secure making it easier for your baby to bump on the door frame.


Overall, the Bright Starts Deluxe Doorway Jumpers are perfect addition to your baby’s toy collections thanks to its mix of cool colors and entertaining toys. Intended for babies at the ages of 6-12 months, this jumper is a perfect option if you’re a parent searching for an affordable unit that will provide your baby with the level of comfort and entertainment she may need. Welcomed with very high ratings from online customers, the Bright Starts Deluxe Door Jumper is a must have for all parents out there.

5. Jolly Jumper – Stand for Jumpers and Rockers

Finally, in this guide, we have the Jolly Jumper Baby Jumper. Although this good jumper, the Jolly Jumper doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as compared with our previous jumpers, the amount of comfort the product provides your baby is greatly unmatched. The Jolly Jumper Baby Jumper is designed with a portable frame that makes it hang freely without having to clamp it on the door frame.

In terms of performance, the Jolly Jumper Baby Jumper is the safest product you should purchase. First, the support frame of these baby jumpers are fitted with non-slip-feet that keep it erected and study when the baby is bouncing. Secondly, there’s a musical mat that plays 3 different baby’s music when your child steps on each section. Finally, the frame of the Jolly Jumper Baby Jumper can be used to secure a tent where your kids (until about 10 years) can fit in and play in case you’re in the beach or in a picnic. This jumper is designed for babies from 3 months until near walking stage, the Jolly Jumper Baby Jumper is a must have for parents with both small and grown-up kids.


  • The Jolly Jumper is easy to fold and store in your room.

  • The Jolly Jumper is easy to use both indoors and outdoors.

  • This jumper supports the development of your baby’s motor skills and coordination.

  • The bouncing motion of the Jolly Jumper helps the baby increase muscle strength and improve body balance.

  • The saddle seat of the Jolly Jumper secures your baby firmly thereby ensuring the maxumum safety of your child and avoiding any accidents.


  • The Jolly Jumper Baby Jumper takes much of your space.

  • Securing your baby on this jumper will require the consumption of too much effort.

  • This jumper is quite expensive.


Overall, the Jolly Jumper Baby Jumper is a must have if you really wish to see your baby develop motor skills, coordination, and increase in muscles and body balance within a short time. Though the Jolly Jumper is quite expensive for some parents to afford, this baby jumper is perfect for babies between the ages of 3 months until when the baby is ready to walk. This jumper is designed to support a maximum weight of 28 lbs, the Jolly Jumper Baby Jumper is worth purchasing especially if you have older kids who will use the tent feature to do their staff while in a camping site, at the beach or in the backyard.

Why buy a baby door jumper?

As your baby grows, you’ll need to find a safe and secure way of helping her relax and exercise to ensure that her muscles develop in an appropriate manner. One way of doing this is through the introduction of a baby jumper. A jumper offers your baby a perfect way of resting in an upright position while using her toes to bounce up and down.

The bouncing mechanism of the best baby jumpers has been praised by most doctors who agree that this idea aids in keeping your baby active and energetic. As a result, your baby will enjoy a cool night sleep without feeling tired and uneasy.

Benefits of a baby door jumper

Although most people consider buying baby jumpers as toys for their children, this baby product plays a vital role in boosting your baby’s growth during her initial developmental stages. Now, among the many benefits that your child will enjoy when using jumpers include;

  • An improve in walking skills

Although a baby door jumper is not a baby walker, your baby will definitely learn how to walk much quicker as it helps to strengthen your baby’s muscles and improve her pre-motor skills.

  • Strengthens the muscles

Another benefit of using a jumper is strengthening the baby’s muscles and hips. Since the jumper works by bouncing, your baby will enjoy pushing the jumper up and down using her toes thus boosting her muscle tone and hip strength.

  • Comfort

Finally, a baby jumper provides your baby with a smart way of staying upright to enjoy the things around her. Since jumpers are stationary (as compared with walkers), parents will have ample time to perform their daily chores without worrying about their infants’ safety.

Types of baby jumpers

If you’re new to baby jumpers, I believe you must be wondering which type to buy for your baby’s comfort. There are three main types of jumpers available one being the baby door jumper. To give you a comprehensive review of the various types of jumpers available, let’s highlight all the three so you can compare and contrast them hence determining which model is perfect for your baby.

  • Stationary jumpers

A stationary baby jumper is a simplified type of jumper that consists of a soft seat, an elastic cord, and a frame. These types of jumpers are not movable and therefore designed to bounce up and down providing your baby with the comfort she may require.

  • Activity jumpers

Just like a stationary jumper, an activity baby jumper is stationary but comes with a set of additional toys that will keep your baby entertained. Apart from just bouncing, this baby jumper ensures that your baby plays with the toys to stay motivated.

  • Doorway jumpers

Finally, we have the baby doorway jumpers. Also known as baby door jumpers, these types of jumpers are designed with a soft seat that’s suspended from two straps attached to a bungee-like cable. The other end of the cable attached to the baby doorway jumper consists of a clamp that’s attached to the door frame to keep it tight.

What’s the difference between a baby door jumper, a baby bouncer and a baby swinger?

In most cases, parents, especially first-timers have failed to distinguish the difference between a baby jumper, a bouncer and a swinger. Although you might have seen each of these baby products in a baby shop, telling the difference has been a real problem for most parents. In this section, we will highlight all these three products to show you how each differs from the other.

  • Baby Swings

Swings are designed to move either front to back or left to right depending on the model. They usually come with multiple toys, lights, music, and a speed setting to keep your baby captivated.

  • Baby Bouncers

Next, we have the baby bouncers. These ones are designed to bounce depending on your baby’s movement or automatically with just a flip of a switch. They also feature cool baby music, vibration features, and several toys on board.

  • Baby Jumpers

Finally, we have the baby jumpers. These ones come in two versions which include the free-standing jumpers (that are secured on metal or steel rods to stand freely) and doorway jumpers (that require clamping on the door frame then securing on a seat using straps). Your baby will have a chance to touch the floor using her feet then jump up and down as she enjoys her best moments.

What’s the right age for using a baby jumper?

The majority of mothers out there have been asking this question over and over. For instance, if your baby is not mature enough to support her head upright, then it’s not safe to introduce her to a baby jumper.

Another issue is when your baby is not able to walk. Here, some experts have stated that it will be quite early if you introduced your baby to baby jumpers when she’s not able to walk yet. On the other hand, most mothers have reported that baby jumpers have really helped their infants learn how to walk much faster. In either way, I think the safest way to avoid keeping your baby on the baby door jumper for too long.

With that being said, the best age for introducing a baby to a baby jumper is between the ages of 4-6 months when your baby is beginning to learn how to walk.

How to choose the best baby jumper

It’s every parent’s wish to see your baby happy and comfortable as they advance through the different stages of their lives. One way of achieving this is by introducing your little one to a baby jumper. Now, when choosing the best jumper for baby, there are many factors you have to adhere to ensure that you get the best product for your little angel. With that being said, this section will offer you some tips that will give you a head start when choosing the best baby jumper for your baby.

  • Budget

When choosing your baby jumper, always weigh your financial capability to ensure that you get exactly what you can afford.

  • Consider your baby’s health

Some babies are born with developmental problems making it quite risky to introduce them to baby jumpers. Since jumpers might alter the sitting posture of your baby, research carefully to ensure that what you get is exactly what your baby needs to stay safe and comfortable.

  • Extra accessories

How much does your baby enjoy playing? This is a question you should ask yourself when choosing a baby jumper. Always search for a jumper that offers several bonus toys which you believe will suit your baby’s playing habits.

What to look out for in a baby door jumper

When searching for the perfect baby jumper for your baby, there are many factors you should consider. To give you exactly what you should look out for, this section will highlight a few of these factors that you should keep in mind when buying the best door baby jumper.

  • Weight limit

One of the most critical factors you should consider when buying the best baby door jumper is the weight limit of the product. Since baby jumpers come with varying weight limits depending on the model, choosing one that will adhere to your baby’s weight limit will be ideal as failure to do so might result in breakage which can cause injuries to your little one.

  • The seat

Another factor you should consider is the quality of the seat integrated with the baby jumper. The best baby door jumper should have a removable, soft and machine washable seat that’s well padded and easy to adjust as the baby grows.

  • The suspenders

Depending on the model you choose to buy, always ensure that the baby jumper has two or more suspenders. This mechanism is very important as it keeps your baby perfectly secured in place when bouncing. In addition, make sure the straps of the jumper are heavily padded to keep your baby comfortable. Note that single suspenders are very dangerous as they can swing violently thus banging your baby towards the door frames.

  • Easy storage

Another feature you should check on in the best baby door jumpers is storage. If you’re a parent who enjoys traveling, a sleek baby jumper that’s easy to store and easy to clamp on almost any door frame will be ideal for you.

  • Adjustability

Is the baby jumper easy to adjust? This is one question you should ask yourself when making your selection. Always consider the best baby jumpers that are easy to adjust as it will offer much service as the baby grows.

How to set up a baby door jumper

The best baby jumpers are intended to give your baby a regular dose of exercise that will help him stay fit always. Now, to guarantee your baby’s safety, a jumper should be set up in an appropriate manner to avoid any accidents that might occur. In this section, we will highlight a step-by-step procedure on how to set up a baby jumper.

  • Step one: start by attaching the clamp to the door frame. Here you should unfasten the clamp and position it on both sides of the door frame. When you’re done, fasten it securely to make it tightly clamped on the door frame.

  • Step two: next, clamp the top side of the spring attached to the clamp.

  • Step three: lay the saddle flat on the floor to position it. Place your baby at the center then pull the front and back portions between your baby’s legs and onto the safety straps. The safety straps should leave a small opening where your baby’s arms will extend through.

  • Step four: next, clip the safety straps to the lower end of the spreader bar before attaching it to the spring attachment.

  • Step five: finally, adjust the swing to keep it balanced so that both of your baby’s feet can reach the floor.

General safety rules of using a baby door jumper

Most parents believe that baby door jumpers are the best when it comes to keeping your baby safe. However, since not all parents are the same, here are some important rules that will guarantee your baby’s safety when using a baby door jumper.

  • Never move the jumper around when your baby is still on it.

  • Avoid leaving your baby on the jumper for too long. She also needs some floor time.

  • When your baby attains the age of walking, don’t use the jumper again.

  • Make sure the floor is clean and free from any sharp objects before setting up the jumper.

  • Never use the jumper on hazardous places like a swimming pool or near the stairway.

  • Never leave your baby unattended while on the jumper.

  • Always clamp the jumper on a flat and level surface for maximum safety.

  • Avoid attaching toys with long strings as they can accidentally strangle the baby.

  • Make sure the door frame meets the required specifications before clamping your jumper for the safety of your child.

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