The Best Baby Monitors

A dependable video baby monitor is one of the must-haves for new parents. This high-tech device enables you to keep tabs on your baby while you’re in a different room. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can monitor your baby’s needs as you go about your day. However, due to the high influx of baby monitor products in the market, it might be challenging to pick which one is best for your needs.

To help all the parents out there, we have listed down below the best baby monitors you can choose from.

Lyker Digital

Lyker Digital comes with an LCD display camera and a 2-way talk back temperature monitoring. The real-time video and audio are clear, and the 2-way video talk enables you to talk and soothe your baby as necessary. Its holding time is pretty long. The coverage is up to 12 hours if you activate the ECO mode. Also, even in dark or low-light settings, you can monitor your baby clearly with its automatic infrared night vision feature. Other features include lullabies that conveniently lull your little one to sleep.

Fredi Wireless

Fredi Wireless Camera Monitor is another great option for you. Its high-quality optics produce top-image quality. Its night vision function is sharp and contrast-rich. It also comes with the two-way talking feature, and you can remotely access the camera using multiple devices, like your tablet, smartphone, desktop, etc. There’s also no problem with its tilt and pan.

The problem is its power cord which is rather too short. At two feet long, you would really need an extension cord for it.

Infant Optics DXR-8

The unique thing about this Infant Optics monitor is its interchangeable optical lens capability. This enables you to zoom and customize the viewing angle. You can remotely tilt, pan, and zoom the coverage effortlessly. It comes with one optical zoom lens, but if you want wide angle lens, you’d have to buy it separately. There is also an alarm function to alert you that the baby is awake. Design-wise, the unit is sleek and compact with a full-color LCD display. In terms of battery life, it’s pretty compelling as it can last for around 10 hours in power saving mode. And in terms of range, it does its job well with its reliable and strong signal. You also wouldn’t have a hard time setting it up as it’s pretty straightforward.

The slight downside is that it only comes with 1 screw hole, and some parents might not trust the support of one screw, especially if they are to place it on the crib over the baby. Also, the screen is quite small compared to other alternatives, and the price is just a bit on the expensive side.

Lollipop Smart

This is also another baby monitor product we can recommend. It has soft colors perfect for your baby’s room and is made from toxic-free silicone. The item also detects noise and crying, and the video and picture quality is clear day and night. You also won’t have a hard time figuring out all the buttons and menu as the interface is pretty simple. The device offers information about the air quality of your baby’s room. You can receive an instant app notification to know if something is wrong with the temperature in your baby’s room. Its design also enables you to mount it anywhere, be it on the wall, on the table, or even on the crib.

The usual hitch is that sometimes the battery won’t seem to hold a charge, but you can fix this issue by removing the battery for like 30 minutes, replace the battery and plug it back in, and it should hold a charge after.

Snuza Hero

This is perfect for parents who brings home a premature or problematic baby or for those who are scared of the risk of SIDS. Sunza Hero has a premium sensor to be placed next to the abdomen of the baby. It detects even the slightest change or irregularity in the baby’s abdominal movement. Just clip the Snuza Hero onto your baby’s diaper waistband then switch the device on. You will be alerted if the baby’s movement gets weak or drops at 8 movements per minute or less. When this happens, the device will gently vibrate to rouse the baby. You can then be rest assured that your baby’s breathing and movements are monitored wherever you are in the house.

Just don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work when your baby is in his swing, car seat, bouncing seat, or anything that moves. The device picks up any movement in general and not solely your baby’s movement. Also, there may be times that it slides off the diaper.

Philips Avent DECT

This Philips Avent Baby Monitor uses DECT technology which guarantees no interference, wide range (up to 90 feet), 100% privacy, and clear sound. You won’t get any ambient noise or static hiss that most baby monitors make. And like other products, you can enjoy the talkback feature, night light and lullabies, and temperature monitoring function.

Its DECT technology is really good, but if your house has super thick walls and your home’s size is too huge, you may still experience inconsistencies. However, its sound pickup and sensitivity are seamless, and it’s generally a good choice.

Smilism Two-Way

Smilism Video Baby Monitor is another viable option. You can enjoy smooth two-way talk, automated infrared night vision, four integrated lullabies, and more. It also has multi-camera expandability, and its temperature sensor guarantees that your baby is always restful and cozy.

The common issue is its volume, which can be a bit too low.

Babebay LCD

The Babebay LCD’s strength lies in its very long transmission range. You can go about your day-to-day chores at home without being chained to your baby’s crib. The device instantly falls into sleep mode if no activity is detected, but it will automatically start up again if your baby begins to move around. Its battery capacity is large, so its lasting time is better than other brands. It’s got a big LCD screen display that shows vivid pictures and video. It also has the two-way talk feature to help you comfort your baby with your voice when necessary, plus 4 handy and lovely lullabies integrated.

However, the battery life is not that long, and there’s some issue in holding charge.

VTech Safe & Sound

VTech safe and sound video monitor has a talk-back intercom for 2-way communication plus a night-vision viewing option (without flashing or blinking lights) to avoid disturbing your baby while asleep. You can also expand the system to use 3 more cameras if you want, and installing the device is a breeze. It also has other common features like temperature sensor, motion and sound activation, and vibration mode. Its digital transmission is secure, and its range is pretty good. Its sensitive mic also picks up even the smallest sound sources.

The tiny drawback is that you can’t control the camera at the parent unit, and the camera’s range of motion is kind of limited, but overall, it covers the fundamental functions well.

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor

This is another product that lets you know if your baby is not moving. It will sound the alarm if there’s no movement detected after 20 seconds. The movement sensor pad is really high-quality, so you can worry less and enjoy better sleep. The parent unit is portable and rechargeable, so you can carry it with you wherever you go in the house. There’s a nursery night light which is just a gentle tiny glow to guide parents when they walk into their baby’s room. The sound and imaging quality are great, and it also has temperature sensor alerts.

This product is really commendable, but take note that this doesn’t have lullabies. Also, the sensitivity setting might be challenging to set up.

Baby Monitor Buying Guide

Now that you have been introduced to the top baby monitors in the market, let’s tackle some more tips to help you seal the best deal. Here are some shopping tips to guide your purchase.

Consider the Core Reason Why You Need a Baby Monitor

If you need to know whether your baby still moves or not because you’re scared of SIDS or your baby is diagnosed of something risky, go for those baby monitors that alert you when no movement is detected. If you just want to keep track of your baby while you’re doing something else in other parts of the house, you can purchase the usual ones with the usual features, like two-way communication, video and image display, sound detection, etc.

Consider Digital Over Analog

The perk of choosing digital monitors over analog ones is that digital monitors encode their signals. This way, it’s guaranteed that the images and sounds you receive won’t be transmitted anywhere else—like to your neighbors who have the same model or frequency band.

Consider Your Home and Lifestyle

If your house is large, you might want to consider buying a baby monitor with two receives instead of just one. Your priority should then be to look for units that make it easy for you to move around, like a compact receiver that clips to your waistband or belt. If you usually have to make calls while your baby is asleep, choose monitors with lights, letting you know that your baby is awake.

Check Out the Return Policy

You should know the company’s return policy before making your purchase. You should be assured that you can return or exchange the product in case interference issues and other major problems arise. Install the new device before the retailer’s return period ends, so it won’t expire. If it did expire, you can try your luck and contact the company’s customer support if you can possibly get an exception to the policy. Just be polite and persistent and keep the original packaging and receipt intact.


Before proceeding to checkout, make sure that the product you have chosen matches your exact needs, and keep in mind that monitors can’t do everything. You also can never substitute adult supervision for these devices. Just consider them as your extra pair of ears and eyes to make sure that your baby is all right. With your tender loving care paired with the right product, you and your baby will surely enjoy the whole journey.