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Best Basal Thermometer Review

Looking for best basal thermometer? Best BBT thermomter? With so many basal thermometers available on the market and all of them providing the basic functions of a thermometer, it is difficult finding the perfect one for yourself. We looked through a lot of products to bring you a list of the best basal thermometers to consider especially for ovulation. Tracking your basal body temperature can enable you to track your ovulation in an effective way, and we look at a few products that take care of it for you.

What Is A Basal Body Thermometer?

Basal body temperature thermometer is pretty much a fancy term given to the lowest possible body temperature at rest. In this context, the ideal rest period is during sleeping hours. An estimation of this parameter is usually obtained by measuring the body temperature immediately after sleep and before involvement in any physical activity.

When it comes to the fair sex, ovulation results in a basal body temperature spike of 0.2 °C or 0.4F. This rise of BBT persists for 3 days when compared to the past 6 days making the estimation of ovulation only valid within the 3 day period. This temperature difference is caused by the hormonal changes that occur following the process of ovulation, and to be more specific, the dominance of a hormone called progesterone is the main cause of the difference. These temperature differences are charted over a course of time by means of the basal body thermometer either manually or with the help of a mobile app.

Basal body thermometers edge the conventional thermometers in the sense that they provide more accuracy in terms of temperature readings and can handle minor differences, which is a crucial factor when it comes to tracking ovulation. If you look at the temperature difference that comes with ovulation, it’s easy to notice that minute temperature values are involved and it will require an enhanced thermometer for effective monitoring. For instance, basal body thermometers can nail a precise reading of 65.42 F instead of a less accurate 65.4 F reading.

Having considered the basic terms and mechanisms underlying ovulation and basal body temperature, let’s leap forward and focus on the basal body thermometers.


What are the important factors to be considered when buying the best basal body thermometer?


Does Best Basal Thermometer 2019 | BBT ReviewHave Mobile App Capabilities?


Manual charting can be a tedious process, and to be honest, most of us are not big fans of graphs and complex numeric figures. Thanks to technological advancements we have basal body thermometers which come with mobile applications which literally do the charting for you. Mobile capabilities allow you to worry more about interpreting the readings than getting caught up in trying to come up with accurate charts.


Is it a Digital or Analog BBT Thermometer?

Digital thermometers come in with a lot of things to be excited about when compared to their analog cousins. They are generally a breeze when it comes to taking the readings thus offering a faster way of obtaining your readings. They usually come in a solidly built casing and provide you with beeping options to let you know when the reading is done while some furnish you with additional smart options for mobile app connectivity. On the other hand, the need for batteries to power the thermometers and a higher price tag represent the obvious shortfalls of digital thermometers.

Analog thermometers usually come in glass for easy reading, making them not as durable as most digital thermometers. Another disadvantage is it takes more time for you to come up with the reading as they are generally slower. When it comes to the advantages, they are sort of a negation of digital thermometers disadvantages. They are less expensive and do not need any power source to operate thus keeping the pressure off your pockets.


Does A Femometer Have the Notification Feature?

You surely don’t want to be in the dark when taking your measurements. Good gadgets give you feedback in terms of whether the process is done or not. A basal thermometer should let you know when the reading is done through beeping and some get as far as incorporating a vibration feature.


Is the BBT Digital Display a Good Fit for Your Eyes?


Some displays can really force you to strain your eyes because of the small size and lack of clarity of content. Always make it a point to ensure the screen is wide enough and the readings are clear as this may pose a chance of having the reading misread. Other displays have a backlight that enables you to take your measurements in dim lighting situations and in the dark.


Do Top BBT Thermometers Have Any Memory?

Sometimes it’s impractical to chart the readings immediately after measuring the temperature. Working up late for work may not really provide you the opportunity to look at the graphs and analyze appropriately. This is where memory capabilities come in as you may simply save the outcome and incorporate it into the chart later. This simple feature can save you from having a number of days missed on your chart.


What Are Other People Saying About Best Thermometer?

The old saying ‘experience is the best teacher’ has a perpetual significance when it comes to choosing any technological tool. Actual experiences from real users give you a clue about the kind of experience the gadget is providing. It is wise to look at the customer reviews and judge from peoples experiences because no manufacturer will reveal the potential weaknesses associated with their product. Review sites usually provide scores based on reviews and they are one of the greatest tools towards getting the best product for your needs.

At this point, we should have handled the first principles associated with best basal body thermometer warranting a procession towards basal body thermometers on the market today.


Here is a list of the best basal body temperature thermometers on the market:


Best Basal Thermometer Conclusion


Choosing the best basal thermometer begins with a basic understanding of what basal body temperature works and its relationship with the process of ovulation. Along with this is the awareness of the different features associated with basal body thermometers which then empowers you to choose the right gadget for your budget. Having gone through this review, we believe you are aware of all the necessary facts you need to make an informed decision. Thanks for reading best basal thermometer review of 2019.