Kids and pets can be very messy especially when you are traveling with them in your car. Removing pet’s hairs from the car seat can be a very difficult task. However, this should not prevent you from traveling with them. You only need a quality car seat cover.The best thing about these covers is that they are easy to clean and offers protection to your car’s upholstery. They are also easy to install and affordable. A car seat cover also gives you car interior a new look.

Searching for the best seat cover may not be an easy task since they come in different designs and are made of different materials. To make your work easier when buying, we have provided all the necessary details you need to know before buying. We have also reviewed the top 5 car seat covers you can find today.

1.Drive Auto Products 2-Pack Car Seat Protector

Drive Auto products have manufactured a top quality seat cover for your car. This cover has a unique design and uses the Oxford 600D first-class dark grey color with black trim. One of the best features of this cover is that it uses an advanced neoprene anti-slip parts which are on both the upper and lower section.

Another thing is that it is ideal for all cars since it fits perfectly in all car seats with a measurement of 47 X 17.8 inches when open. The material is also waterproof and this means that it is effortless to clean. It also uses color safe technology which keeps the color bleeding away.

Additionally, these covers have a thick foam padding which enables them to provide maximum protection against indents. Besides, they are not affected by high temperatures. This means they can withstand even hot temperatures of up to 500 degrees F. Apart from that, it matches well with all seat colors and blends well with your car’s interior. It also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.

2. Lebogner Car Seat Protector 

If you are searching for a top quality car seat cover, Lebogner cover is one of the best seat covers you can find today. It is made of quality materials which enables it to last long. The material is also easy to wipe. You can install the cover easily using the one-piece design. The best thing about this material is that it will ensure that your clothes are clean and free of stains, scuffmarks or spills caused by children.

The cover measures 19 X 27 inches and fits well in all cars. It has 5 organizer pockets at the front where you can store books, baby gear, kids toys and other items. Unlike others, it comes with a quality tablet holder which is ideal for iPad and Android tablets.

It is designed using grip vinyl corners which prevents your baby from slipping. It also has an easy to adjust strap at the top with an anti-slip backing which ensures that it does not slip on your cloth seat. This means your kid will always be safe even when your car seats are a bit slippery. It also features two storage mesh pockets where you can keep different items.

3.Brica Seat Guardian Cover

Brica Seat Guardian Car Seat cover will ensure that your upholstery is well protected. It fits well in almost all car seats irrespective of whether you are installing it in the front or rear-facing seat. The best thing about this cover is that it uses advanced dual-grip traction to ensure that your kid is safe. After you have installed it, you will note that it does not allow movement on any side which means your kid will stay in one place.

Another thing is that it matches well with your car’s interiors since it contains safe color design. The superior Grime Guard material ensures that dirt does not stick to it. It also protects your vehicle from moisture since it extends on both sides of the car seat. If you are searching for a cover that is easy to clean, this one is one of the best since you can easily wipe with a wet cloth.

It is long lasting and it is very suitable for kids who are eight years old or below. It also fits perfectly in large car seats. Apart from that, it is effortless to install. You only need to place it on the seat and then secure the back panel using an adjustable headrest attachment.

However, you should also note that it is not suitable for leather seats because the bottom of the cover is not flat. This means it may leave a mark on the car seat.

4.QaQadu Baby Car Seat Cover

Are you a pet owner and you need a reliable car seat cover which you can use when traveling with your pet? Premium Car seat Auto Cover might be what you need. Removing pet hairs from a car seat can be a tough task. However, this cover is very easy to clean. It is also ideal for parents who travel with their kids.

Another impressive thing about this cover is that it is waterproof. Unlike others, it will protect your car seat from spillage since it does not allow liquids to pass through. It also has a dirt-proof construction which ensures the interior of your car is well maintained.

The best thing about it is that it is very easy to install. It takes about two minutes to set it in place using the innovative hooks. You need to remove and wipe using a wet cloth.

5.Hippih Waterproof Seat Cover 

Are you searching for a seat cover that will protect your car’s upholstery? Car Seat Protector 2 Pack will ensure that your car seat lasts for a long time. It provides the required protection since it covers all parts of the seat. This means it can protect your car seat from stains. Apart from that, it comes with adjustable safety straps which keeps the cover tightly secured by the headrest. Additionally, it features a non-skid backing that holds the upholstery firmly.

The seat measures 45 x 48 cm and the back measures 48 X 68 cm while the mesh is 40 X 15.5 cm. This means that it is large enough to cover most car seats. It is durable and comes with 2 mesh pockets where you can keep drinks, toys, snacks and other things. The mesh is elastic which enables to hold all the items in place.

It is very easy to clean and you can wipe using a damp cloth. Avoid washing it in a machine if you want it to serve you for a long time.


Why Do You Need A Car Seat Cover?

How to Install Car Seat Covers

Before you install the best car seat covers, you need to know that there are two different types of seats. The most common types are bench seats and bucket seats. Below are the steps you should follow.

  • Remove the headrest – Irrespective of the type of your car seat, you should remove the headrest first.
  • Slip the seat cover over the seat – You should first slide the seat cover over the upper half. After you have done this successfully, you can push the other cover over the bottom part.
  • Tuck in the covers – Tuck the covers firmly on the seats and the use the attached straps to secure them properly.
  • After you are through, you can now re-insert the headrest through the pre-cut holes.
  • Some seat covers are not easy to install but if you are not sure how to go about it, it is always good to check the instructions provided.

How to Clean a Car Seat Cover

When cleaning a seat cover, it is always good to consider the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The cleaning method depends on the type of material. You may need to use a special solution when cleaning some materials. Some materials are easy to clean and you can use a damp cloth to remove stains.

You may require to use a machine when cleaning specific materials while others are easy to clean with your hands. It is good to use cold water to ensure that the material doesn’t shrink after washing.

It is also recommendable to treat the car seat with a stain guard immediately after installation. This makes it easy to remove stains in case of any spills.

  1. Protection – You may require to look for a car seat cover if you use the car to carry different items. A seat cover will ensure that the car seat is protected from wear and tear that may result when you are carrying heavy items.
  2. Comfort – Some of the car seats that come with the car when buying not comfortable. The best thing about car seats covers is that most of the materials used in their manufacture are very comfortable which makes them ideal even for kids.
  1. Easy to clean – Another thing why you should look for in best car seat covers is that they are very easy to clean. They are removable which makes them easy to clean.
  1. Beauty – Car seat covers come in different styles and design. You may consider a certain design that you feel that will change the appearance of your car interior.
  2. Regulate temperature– In most countries, the weather keeps changing throughout the year. For this reason, car seat covers are made of different materials which makes them adaptable to different climates. Some feature a breathable material which makes them ideal for the hot weather. Others contain a thick padding to provide warmth when the weather is cold.

What You Should Look For When Buying a Car Seat Cover

  1. Material – best car seat covers are made of different materials. The material you choose should be comfortable and long-lasting. Leather is one of the best materials you should consider.
  2. Safety – This is an important factor you must consider especially if you have kids. A car seat cover can affect your kid’s safety especially if it is not installed properly. When searching for a seat cover, look for one that it LATCH compatible.
  3. Easy to clean – There are some covers which are hard to clean due to the material used in their production. Look for a material that is easy to clean. A good seat cover should be easy to remove stains.
  4. Price –Most of the seat covers are affordable. However, some are a bit expensive due to the materials used in their manufacture. Expensive covers are also durable and more comfortable as compared to the cheap models. When buying, ensure the cover you choose is of high quality irrespective of the price.
  5. Comfort – Some seat covers are purely designed to provide comfort. For example, some even feature heating pads. When buying, you should consider a material that will be comfortable for your passengers or kids.
  6. Design – Car seat covers are available in different models. You can buy a seat cover to give your car a new look. Some even come with carton drawings which are famous for small children. Others feature designer logos. Irrespective of the design you choose, it is good to ensure that the cover you select will give your car a stylish appearance.
  7. Quality – The quality of a seat cover depends on the material. You should look for a non-skid material on the back. This means the material should prevent sliding. It should also be waterproof since kids will always mess. Waterproof material is easy to clean.
When searching for a car seat cover, ensure that you are very sure of the product you want. This is because there are some cheap models on the market which may not be efficient. The product you choose should be long-lasting and easy to clean. It should also be easy to install. You should also note that seat covers come in different sizes. This means you also need to consider the size of your car seat before buying.Regardless of your choice, we hope that this guide will help you select a good car seat for your car. The best thing with all the above products is that they have all the essential features you would expect from a quality car seat cover.