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Changing mat – Buying Tips, Rankings, and Reviews

Looking for the best-changing mat? Our editorial team has selected the most interesting and deserves to be taken into account before making a decision for the next purchase. A quick look at the features of these items will allow you to make you a precise idea of ​​what benefits it has to offer the changing table for you and your family. In particular, we suggest you take a look at the features of the first two models that guide our ranking. They have been appreciated by many users and represent great advantages in terms of overall quality. Foppapedretti – Petit is well designed and built to last a long time. Poles – Gigi and Lele Place is a solution that showcases the bathroom ensuring safe and stable support to the baby during the changes.

The 8 Best Baby changing mats – Ranking 2020

We see the main details of the best changing mats of 2020, they were chosen carefully taking into account their overall characteristics and favorable opinions of end-users.

Changing mat Foppapedretti

1. Foppapedretti Mattress for changing table, Petit

▷ The Best Changing Mat. Offers And Prices

The Foppapedretti Petit model is perfect for those changing small that the brand produces to meet those who have space problems in the bathroom. If you are uncertain about which changing mat buy is good to check the measurements carefully so that the mattress support to secure it. In this case, the reference is 72 × 50 cm, but it is good that the size of the anchor base which is not too accurate because it could not adhere to perfection.

It has good padding that makes well the soft support base and raised edges to conjure the risk that the child might accidentally fall.

The PVC coating is durable, lending itself to be washed thoroughly and often, without losing color and without damage. A piece of news that will please the mothers who must pay particular attention to the hygiene of the surfaces with which the baby comes into contact.

Original Replacement: It fits perfectly with the changing of the same company but also to those of only small sizes offered by other brands. The overall measurements are sufficient to ensure stable and secure support for the baby for a long time.

rigid fixing system: tucking It is fixed in the shelf changing the built-in pocket and hangs thanks to an adhesive Velcro strip that averts the risk that it may move from its location.

In PVC and foam: The material chosen for the padding and the covering is solid and durable, in this way the mattress can be washed frequently, and used for a long time without major problems.

More expensive than the average: We can find something similar but at a lower price, it is good to evaluate the choice of the original parts mainly because of the measures of the non-standard mattress.

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Changing mat Poles

2. Poles padding, 2 Sides, Gigi and Lele Place

▷ The Best Changing Mat. Offers And Prices

Pali offers this slightly longer version of mattress other models, so it suitable for use on the furniture of the same brand or compatible ones. It is essential to take good measures and consider it to be slightly lower than those of the mattress.

The users’ opinions were almost all favorable, the print quality is nice, pleasant decor, and the support is firm enough and stable enough to hold up well without the weight of the small affossarsi. It has the pocket to be stuck to the base of the cabinet and remain firm and stable. The two side rails are inclined so as to protect the baby in case you were to protrude outwards.

It is the model suitable to complete all the cabinets Pali, then you can use it to give new life to an old model worn but still in good condition. The quality of the coating is very high, the colors used are non-toxic and thought to be nibbled without releasing any substance or plastic particles.

Compatible with all the changing of the same brand: The measures are universal and for that, you can adapt to all mobile products Poles for changing the baby.

non-toxic Colors: Ed phthalate, therefore perfectly compatible with the purpose of the changing table and absolutely safe as well as all other materials used and the assembly process that complies with the regulations in terms of safety.

Soft and equipped with pocket: Does not have rigid support underneath, but a pocket that serves to secure it firmly to the mobile station basis.

Only for models Poles: The dimensions are standard but only on the same cabinets Pali, so who owns a changing of another brand should be careful to take good measures.

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Changing mat LIVE

3. LIVE IM90701 changing table Dresser Asia

▷ The Best Changing Mat. Offers And Prices

LIVE does not point to the new but remains committed to its workhorse, the changing Asia. The characteristics of this model are very positive, functionality and robustness are not in dispute and the possibility of replacing the worn-out mattress if you can extend to over the useful life of the furniture. It lends itself to be used in a continuous manner because the plastic coating is very thick and strong and ensures good withstand the intense use.

The locking system is the classical one with the mortise pocket to the movable shelf that holds it in its position stops and without the risk of sudden movements.

Moreover, as we have used the brand, it has paid great attention to the security, both with respect to the materials that the ability to anchor itself well to the substrate.

The colors are pleasing and always appropriate decorations for their purpose, so they are perfect to decorate the space which accounts for the changing table.

Easy to be anchored to the changing table: Mounts well and you can rest assured that it will not move from his spot even when the small become agile enough to move around more.

High-quality materials: The standards used by this brand are often higher than those imposed by the relevant regulations. The mat is no exception.

Dimensions compatible with the Asia model are the replacement part indicated specifically for the best-selling baby of this brand.

It might cost less: The price is a reflection of the quality of the product but may have a more affordable cost.

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Changing mat Short

4. Brief 011 Confort Changing, Unisex

▷ The Best Changing Mat. Offers And Prices

The brief suggests an interesting model, if not the cheapest, however, sold at a reasonable price. It meets properly all the requirements expected of a good product. Then he raised both sides to prevent the child can fall. It is coated with waterproof plastic material and therefore perfect for the purpose. It is easy to sanitize, stands up well to wear and frequent washings without losing color or fade.

Although robust, the coating remains soft and suitable to accommodate the baby’s body when it is the moment of the change or the bath. It is decorated with delicate designs for which are used non-toxic colors that are suitable for contact with the baby’s skin. You can choose different patterns and therefore is easier to find the model that suits the color of the bath or to your taste.

The foam padding is sufficient to hold up well without letting the weight of the small sink.

With safety rails: The mat complies perfectly with the requirements to ensure stability during use with the baby. Then it raised banks, easy finish to wash and sanitize, comfortable padding but sustained.

non-toxic colors: The total absence of hazardous substances for the baby is also ensured by the colors used for prints of the various models.

With packaging for storage: It is not always included and finds the bag with handles to put away the mattress when no longer needed it is certainly a great convenience.

Strait: Compared to other models this is especially narrow, measuring 45 cm, so it is important to make sure that it corresponds to the own mobile measures.

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Changing mat Chicco

5. Chicco 026,530 mattress Ultra-compact repellent

Bean is a must in our roundup of products dedicated to early childhood and in this ranking we chose the travel version. Compact and convenient, this mattress is appreciated for the particular ease with which you carry where and how it is used.

Those in search of lower prices may find it strange that this travel model costs as much as a real mattress itself. The advantage it offers, however, is extremely compact and can be covered for a long time against the unexpected when you are away from home.

Folds completely occupying the space of a handbag, then when it is open it is able to accommodate the baby’s body without limitations. Also included are two mesh pockets to carry creams and wipes to have immediately at hand.

It is available in different colors Unisex who like their modern, attractive styling.

Travel Iron: It folds completely and takes up very little space. Then it closes thanks to strategic and provides buttons to accommodate the baby for a long time during the change to do outside the home.

clever Design: Unlike other models, like this because it is long and continues to serve for its purpose still for so long without losing effectiveness.

Compact but with pockets: Folds and inside you can store common items like diapers parts, wipes, or soothing creams.

It is stuffed: You must be careful to place it on a stable and soft surface because this impermeable layer is not equipped with seat belts to be anchored to the floor or a sponge to be more welcoming.

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Changing mat 50 × 70

6. Babycalin Comfort Mattress Changing Pattern Star

If what you need is a mat of 50 × 70 cm you may stop the search here. The proposal Babycalin is dedicated to parents who want simple support, waterproof, and comfortable for changes to be made where the space available is not very much.

Among the mini models sold online that looks good for its simplicity and ease with which you use and tucks away when not needed.

It is a simple pillow and simply rests on a hard shelf, in fact, it is not even equipped with a rigid base. The edges are only slightly raised at the sides, but its main function is to be used where there is not much space available, such as on the washing machine.

Figure among the top sellers among the mats that need to maximize the yield of bathrooms or bedrooms where there is little space available.

Compact: If you still have not found where to buy the mattress suited to the small size of the area to be used to change the baby, here you can stop searching.

Available in many color variations: Not only in shades of gray, but the mattress also comes in so many varieties that are unisex happy moms and babies.

PVC waterproof: The padding is about 5 cm high, and the material used to line the mat is robust, you can easily wash often if necessary.

It has no fastening system: It rests on the shelf and does not have the pocket on the back to be anchored to any support.

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Changing mat for washing machine

7. Stuff Piano Black Included Changing mat

This article is ideal for those using the shelf of the washing machine to prepare the transition area. It is ideal to maximize the yield of the reduced space because it measures 60 x 70 cm. So one gets an additional ten to give the possibility the baby to be changed for a long time even though the bathroom is its own little one. It has a white wooden base that is fixed to the lid of the washing machine.

On three sides it is fitted with wooden upward which avoids the possibility that the child may fall but does not limit the space of movement with the classic raised edge diagonally.

It is designed to be simply collected on the washing machine, so do not require any intervention on the appliance to ensure a firm and stable position on the shelf.

Ideal for washing: Optimize perfectly the available space in small bathrooms where you can not mount the changing table and you do not want to risk using a shelf unsuitable for the change.

With raised shores: The same banks on three sides which allow collecting the furniture to the washing machine are also a barrier to prevent the baby may fall leaning.

The ideal size to be collected on the washing machine: The dimensions are slightly greater than those of standard appliances to fit together without needing to be anchored in some special way.

not waterproof mattress: Strangely enough, the mattress cover is of fabric and not in plastic sheet, and then to line, it is necessary to avoid that it can be wet.

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Changing mat with pocket

8. Crystal Smile Baby Changing Table by Portable Travel Kit

This handset model and the top pocket to store everything you need during the change is perfect as a gift idea. Who wants to let parents the burdensome uncertainty about how to choose a good changing mat, it can focus on gadgets that are still useful when traveling outside the home.

The solution I see here is one of the most attractive offers for its category. In addition to close up completely and occupy little space, in comparison with other similar solutions, it ensures more space to store everything needed for the exchange. So a top pocket can be used for clean diapers on hand and the other for everything you need such as creams or wipes.

The two sides, so the waterproof sheet and pockets, can be detached and used separately. This makes it easier to have on hand what you need, even hanging on the wall in the room where you change the baby. Once closed again assumes an unsuspected aspect which makes it particularly pleasing to the eye because it conceals its true function.

Compact yet spacious: When folding actually takes up very little space, but it is organized so you can carry around with them all bunched up like a purse.

It closes perfectly: Just like a clutch is equipped with a secure closure and which does not tend to re-open by mistake guaranteeing maximum hygiene to the mattress and to its content.

Two distinct parts: You can use the changing table as is, or freeing of the pockets which are connected with a zip to the rest of the waterproof floor.

a little ‘anonymous Appearance: Considering that should be used for children it would be better to use more cheerful decorations.

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The choice of the changing mat is always bound to two main factors: retrieve a Mobile in good condition but with the padding, a bit ‘spoiled, or maximize space in a small bathroom. Based on the initial condition you can choose one of many successful models currently on the market. It is to pay attention to some details that can make buying a real investment for the future to avoid disappointment and unnecessary delays.

If you are an old piece of furniture still in good condition it should back together is good to take into account the dimensions that must have the mattress. Even half a centimeter of difference could make buying useless. When instead the requirement is to optimize the limited space, then it is important to evaluate the possibility to exploit alternative solutions to the classic changing table and give new use to what is already present in the room.

The changing table with drawers more comfortable

The changing par excellence is the drawer cabinet with a compartment where the pool for the first baths, except for the first year at least for most of this.

The convenience of this mobile is out of the question. Having space available here you can concentrate on all activities related to hygiene and baby care. All the clothes at hand, the diapers, and the best arrangement of creams and other vials that are used in daily routine.

Very often these mobile are able to last for years. They are often designed to be freed of the top mattress to be used as a dresser in the bedroom of the baby. But the mattress is often the first element to lose the enamel. The PVC liner may tear and the padded foam comes out hopelessly. To replace just take well to these new Mobile measurements of what is already assembled and buy a compatible pad.

Always have the changing table with them

The laptop model is a great opportunity to have everything under control for the change even when you are out. You can either use it on any surface, with relatives or friends or in public toilets. Its guarantee is to always be clean and easy to sanitize. Therefore it provides a perfect base for foreign exchange out of the house in any condition.

You can easily give yourself to achieve these comfortable pads for the change. There are solutions in a very comfortable and ready market, but it certainly gives some satisfaction to design and implement their own changing mat to measure. The most suitable fabric is waterproof as the PUL, ie polyurethane laminate that is also available with fun decorations to collect.

What to choose to optimize the available space

Commercially available you can find other alternative diapers such as rotating and washing machines. These solutions are designed to optimize space to devote to the exchange, especially when in a house the margins of movement are reduced to the bone.

So it is possible to exploit the shelf of the washing machine to set up a station for the baby, safe, stable, and comfortable. Even solutions to the wall, folding swivel according to their own convenience, are to be taken into consideration to avoid changing the baby on the bed, otherwise, the back suffers.

Attaching the changing mat?

Each mat model provides a fastening system, by the frequent pocket until the belts to be fixed under the edge of the cabinet. A good way to be certain that, once the mattress set, remains in its place is to put a velcro adhesive strip to adhere better to the two surfaces.

Before buying the mattress it is essential to carefully observe the type of changing table and the system provided to lock the padding at the top. If you do not follow exactly the criterion established for the mobile it is most likely that the mattress moves or does not give the necessary stability to the support.

What should the slip change mat?

In addition to the aforementioned strip of Velcro that is easily found in haberdashery and shops specializing in this type of accessories, you can use other systems to improve friction.

If the cabinet underneath it must not discover and not fear that it might spoil it is possible to apply a layer of silicone or hot glue. In this way, the mattress adheres well by exercising the necessary friction that immobilizes him with the same weight of the baby.

The changing mat kids like?

The time of change is always a challenge, the first time for uncertainty fault of the parent and then because the little one learns to move better and can not stand the constriction. But if the baby starts crying and does not want to stay on the mat in no case then it is good to pay attention to some elements.

The best way is taking the perspective of the baby: we must consider that what he sees is not the disorders, as the light of their bet lamp above his head, or the presence of elements of uncertainty that may unnerve, first of all, the insecurity of ‘adult during the change.

It is better to choose with a rigid base?

One can opt for soft solutions and then crystallizing or point directly to those with a stable base. But what we do not recommend is usually tempted to carry the baby with the mattress only because it comes with a stand. It could easily fall. If the base is used to give more weight and body to the structure then you can choose the ones that already include a simple inside. But it is not essential.

How to use the mattress with a pocket?

For mattress with pocket means that the model below has a slot in which to pass the changing of the wood-based or where to insert a plywood board to make the most rigid and stable cushion.

Or you can refer to the travel patterns that you can fall back on themselves and that actually occupy a small footprint. These solutions are often equipped with pockets and compartments where you enter everything you need for a trip away from home. Like for example the spare diapers, clean and change the towels.

To use the changing mat is good to take some precautions in terms of safety. It must be possible to fixedly anchor it to the chosen support, ensure protection at the sides to prevent the small drop, and be of dimensions suitable to support on which they decide to fix it.

How to use the mat for drawers

Most of the time this special mat has a pocket on the back which serves to fit perfectly on the dresser shelf that acts as a changing table. These cabinets have a hinged floor because under offer space for pan in which to bathe.

If you choose to use these mattresses on a different shelf, like the dresser, it is good to take some precautions. For example, it is possible to insert in the pocket a wooden board of the same size because of the mattress with his weight keep it stationary avoiding it from slipping on the ground. Velcro or silicone languages ​​may increase the friction between the mattress and improve shelf stability.

What is the optimal size

The correct measure of the mattress depends on the type of support to which you decide to fix it. So it is important to carefully measure the overall dimensions and measures of the shelf including the height of the plywood board in which add. If possible in the case of buying a replacement model of the same brand of the original changing. This way you are sure that it will respect the same standards of production of the model you already own.

Do not just buy a mattress manufactured by the same company that built the changing table, make sure that the model is identical, and that in the meantime have not changed the design and construction criteria.

It is not impossible to achieve a solution for changing the baby and make it in mind all the safety requirements to improve the quality of support.

In the market, there is the PUL, which is a waterproof but breathable fabric that is used for the lining of cloth diapers. It can be a good alternative to PVC, easier to sanitize but less breathable and certainly less suited to projects of DIY.

The foam padding is easy to reproduce, but it is good to follow the foresight to predict the raised edges laterally to avert the risk of falls.