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Are you hunting for the best Cicciobello to give to your child? In the market there are many different solutions all, just choose to take into account the age of the person who should receive and the conditions that most commonly happens to live. The beauty of this doll is that it can reproduce in a simple and plausible, the real-life situations of children. So they can adapt to and empathize with the scenes that play with the game. You can choose the right doll even allowing for the final sale price. There are more or less equipped models that carry a variable cost depending on the actual offers. In this article, we want to offer the most interesting solutions, as the first two that guide our ranking. Giochi Preziosi Cicciobello Bua is high on the wish lists of many girls and the reason is that it can reproduce many real-life situations. Games Preziosi- Cicciobello Thousand Kisses, hugs, cuddles and affection seasoned with simple gestures like the bottle offer.

The 7 Best Cicciobello – Ranking 2020

The following list is composed of the best Cicciobello of 2020, are the most interesting models of the moment, and also those most desired by today’s girls. It is essential to consult Cicciobello to figure out what to buy to make a welcome surprise.

1. Precious games Cicciobello Bua, Bambolotto with Accessories

▷ The Best Cicciobello. Offers And Prices

Want to know how to choose a good Cicciobello? Ask the direct question and will be able to direct you to the preferred model. But if the child is still small and does not suffer the effect of overexposure to marketing campaigns, then this could be a gift that is appreciated in many levels of play.

It is recommended for children as from two years and is well suited to be used by larger because it has a wide range of accessories which makes it perfect to create fun environments and varied.

It has many accessories, like the thermometer that attaches directly to the eardrum as a true digital infrared thermometer. Here measures the temperature with sounds and lights that make the game more dynamic. There are three baby bottles to give to the little child to help him heal each time with a different remedy. Even the syringe is very useful because it allows children to internalize the concept that healing is a result of proper care. So many medicines and pampering are the perfect recipes for always creating a new game in September

Many accessories included: The environments in the game are numerous and you can easily recreate life situations experienced. For example, a high fever, the need to go to the doctor to be examined with a stethoscope, administration of medicines, and so on.

Tranquil daily: These are objects that the child is accustomed to seeing often whenever they need to be treated because of a boring influence. In this way, the small acquire familiarity with situations that may be annoying.

With the ever-present pacifier: The model is faithful to the tradition of the classic accessory which helps to calm the crying of the baby.

The cables are not the most resistant: The essential functions of the doll are activated by a simple electric circuit, but it can happen that some wire is not welded properly.

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Cicciobello Thousand Kisses

2. Precious games Cicciobello Thousand Kisses, Bambolotto Parlante

▷ The Best Cicciobello. Offers And Prices

Among the special themes, there is also the Thousand Kisses model, a perfect solution to recreate the serene and cheerful environments of the beautiful days spent together as a family. The doll sensor recognizes the cheek and a kiss here body continues to do so as long as it is close to the girl’s face.

It has a good amount of useful accessories to recreate everyday settings. So you can count on the pacifier and the perfect bottle to calm the doll when he is hungry or in need of pampering.

Cute theme romper, so with prints reminiscent kisses and affectionate exchange of tenderness.

three AAA batteries are needed triple-A, so it is important to remember to buy them separately if you do not want to risk disappointing the child who receives a gift. Otherwise, they do not activate the basic functions such as crying or smack of kisses.

Sensor to give lots of kisses: When the doll comes close to the girl’s face, she begins to send many kisses. It requires a lot of care and attention that creates many settings for the game every day.

Basic accessories for many games: Provided there are the inevitable pacifiers and baby bottles to recreate the most common play with this doll. While the recorded phrases allow you to invent different solutions and environments hold and stimulants.

It goes into standby to contain the consumption of batteries: Aside lever is used to activate the sensor and the microphone, but if it is not used is turned off after a few minutes. The batteries so they last longer and there is the risk that the doll is active alone in the middle of the night.

Requires batteries (not included): In order to function must be inserted the batteries, it is good to remember to buy them at the same doll to get the most.

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3. Precious games Cicciobello First tooth

▷ The Best Cicciobello. Offers And Prices

In comparison with other more complex models, this is probably the one that offers less chance of interaction. So there are a few accessories and defined functions, on the other hand, offers the child the opportunity to freely create environments and games they deem suitable to their desire.

In fact, the package includes only the tweezers to get rid of the tooth and the ring for teething which makes it reappear. It is a simple mechanism activated by a magnet that pulls on the tooth after being slid under the gum with tweezers.

Then the tooth, by itself, does not fall, or at least you can not pick it up as it happens to older children aged six years and older. The advantage is that you do not run the risk of losing a piece so small and essential for the type of setting of the game.

The dress a bit ‘more modern and stylish is a nice variation of the more common romper.

He stages the typical situation of teething: You can use it to explain why teeth fall out and what happens when they grow up, then you can bring to different ages and with different approaches.

It has a more modern dress: Unlike the usual romper a bit ‘out of fashion, this style fits a nice pair of jeans and a shirt with very convincing lines.

It needs no batteries: The tooth falls and reappears through the action of tweezers and teething ring that works with a magnet that repels or attracts the tooth in the mouth.

Rather basic: It’s cheap but offers only basic solutions, nothing to do with the ultra-high line so fond of the little girls more grandicelle.

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4. Precious games CCB13000 Cicciobello Unicorn

▷ The Best Cicciobello. Offers And Prices

Among the models sold online is also this little cosplayer from unicorn suit making happy the girls more tender and romantic. It performs the basic function of each Cicciobello, that cries when she does not have the pacifier. He closes his eyes if it is placed horizontally, then falls asleep when you made your bed as you would expect from this type of doll.

It has other functions or special accessories apart from the costume recreating the fairytale setting that today is so successful among girls. The jumpsuit has a hood equipped with a horn that covers the inevitable blond tufts of Cicciobello crown. The onesie is full and decorated with themed prints to highlight even more the leitmotiv chosen for the puppet.

One of the least expensive: There are models of a doll that can really cost you a lot, in this case, the price is very low and represents a good solution for those who love the genre but do not feel the need to surround yourself with too many accessories and features.

With a clear identifier theme: The theme unicorns rampant among girls and teenagers in recent years, impossible not even reach Cicciobello marketing department that has always been careful to capture the fashions of the moment.

He cries and closes his eyes: When the pacifier handle the doll starts to cry. It always does unless you remove the batteries. While if you put in a horizontal position he closes his eyes to take a nap.

Very basic: The functions are reduced to bone and even the inability to turn off crying without having to remove the battery leaves something ‘to be desired.

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Cicciobello Morbillino

5. Precious games Cicciobello Morbillino, Bambolotto, Multicolored

▷ The Best Cicciobello. Offers And Prices

In addition to the fun red spots that appear along with the limbs, the doll has also included a number of basic accessories to play doctor. So there is a set of patches and creams to soothe the redness and bring back the smile to Cicciobello.

With cloth, you can remove red spots and easily you can start playing endlessly creating new variants and solutions.

Red dots reappear on their own after a few minutes to start a new game session, continuous fun and structured so as to offer more care to a different doll. Unlike most other models, this is not the usual arts half of fabric and plastic half. You can play with my tummy and whole legs that are discoveries because it has a sleeveless dress and shorts.

A different solution which allows greater interaction and makes it more complete and finished doll with lifelike appearance. It also has slippers, of transparent plastic shoes that are not always included in other models.

Many accessories to cure measles: The red spots that cover arms, stomach, legs, and face are treated according to the desire of the child with creams, rag, or plasters which can attach and detach at will.

The game starts again after a few seconds: After the treatment, the red spots reappear forever to create the scene of the favorite game from the girls.

A modern and fun dress: Unlike other models, this is not entirely rigid and padded parts only, so it has supplied the nicest combination of shorts and a T-shirt instead of the classic romper.

It costs less but is smaller than usual: The dimensions must not be deceived, this is one of the small models.

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6. Giochi Preziosi School Cicciobello Doll Interactive

No absolute figure among the top-selling models saw the highest average price, but it is a viable alternative to consider if you want to propose more structured and stimulating environments.

It features a tablet, ie interactive games that can make the child learn the basic concepts that are learned at kindergarten or the first year of primary school.

It has various tabs that allow you to play with numbers and letters. They work with the classic system of the pen that indicates the correct answer among the different proposals in the cards.

The puppet is talking, then guides the little learning of the essential concepts.

Optionally you can purchase a bag with everything you need because the child impersonates the teacher.

A setting challenging: The first day of school, Cicciobello dressed for the occasion with a jacket reminiscent of the classic apron. It has a box that mimics the shape of the school bench but you can not use it for a long time without damaging it.

Many useful accessories: Along with themed outfits, including the tablet is that an electronic board with a sensor to guess right or wrong answers. It uses the same finger Cicciobello to report the answers.

He closes his eyes: When it’s time to rest, Cicciobello requires it, and when in position closes his eyes and falls asleep.

Expensive: The full price is way over the top, even with respect to the features offered and the design, which is not flawless.

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Cicciobello Snowflake

7. Precious games Cicciobello Snowflake Bambolotto

It is not hard to find where to buy that this is one of the most distributed today, so if you buy online make sure it is at the lowest possible price. No big surprises and features that include are rather spartan.

Merely to cry when they come off the pacifier, an operation that a child can do more comfortably than you are unable to insert the pacifier back in his place.

Then, once it exhausted the appeal of tears that is activated and then shut up, it’s not a bad idea to remove the batteries to give the little guys a chance to invent their own games. As usual, this doll has only the hands and feet of soft plastic. The rest of the body is made of padded fabric, which makes it quite soft and pleasant to embrace.

Full Dress: The dress is winter, so it has a romper with long sleeves and built-foot, scarf, and hat with pompoms that complete the set of the setting winter.

They move the eyelids: The expression is usual with eyes that open and close if the doll is held vertically or horizontally.

With pacifier to calm the crying: The only special feature is that the finger, sometimes that of the child, active or calms the baby, which otherwise is crying endlessly.

It takes strength to replace the pacifier: To calm the crying of Cicciobello you need to put in place the pacifier, too bad that the hole is a bit ‘too narrow and the operation requires special force.

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It is the classic accessory and is also cheaper than the others. It is designed to be used comfortably at home to carry Cicciobello where you want. This is the stroller, in its basic form takes in every way the features of a true lightweight model. So it has a tubular structure that fits together to resume the desired shape and if necessary folds to occupy little space.

The low price of the new model is another strong point, it is a versatile and comfortable model to keep at home because not too cluttered and the wheels are not likely to do harm on the floor and furniture.

The seat is complete at all points. There are also the belts to ensure Cicciobello in its place and prevent it from slipping because of a bad curve outlet. The opinions of the mothers, however, confirm that the stroller is a bit ‘too low and small for the girls aged 4 years and older.

Foldable: You can easily disassemble and store so as not to clutter up too much in the smaller bedrooms. To put it back in shape just a few intuitive gestures.

It equipped with belts: So you can fix Cicciobello the session without the risk of it falling or that little can lose it as he runs from room to room with the stroller.

Fabric and tubular: The materials are solid and robust, the canvas is a very resistant synthetic fabric. There is no danger to the furniture and home tiles, each part in contact is coated so as not to leave marks on the floor.

A little ‘remember: You can play well if the child who uses it is small, and does not promise to be used by those who have more than three years.

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There are toys that do not choose, they come into the house almost by itself. Cicciobello is one of the most desired dolls and sold for over 50 years. Generations of mothers and girls have appreciated the features, care for details, and special accessories.

Over time, the proposals linked to this puppet have expanded, it was the first to try to talk a transversal language, for all the children of the world. In fact, not only Italy but also the rest of Europe appreciates the first talking toy that simulates through and everything that makes a baby during the first months of life.

In the market, there are many different models, which can simulate daily actions and bring children to the reality of parenthood, along with the nursing activities that take place to care for a baby. Many fans today are hunting for vintage models that already have a few decades on their shoulders but exercise great charm hard to deny.

A toy with a long history of success

It was 1962 when Gervasio Chiari invented the first talking doll that mimics the features of a few month’s babies. The toy is made by an important sculptor of the period, Sylvester Bellini, which paints a very realistic design and size of a real newborn. It is 50 cm long, has blonde hair, real, and blue eyes. It also has a layette similar to that of children in the flesh, with coprifasce, clothes parts, accessories for the care every day. It is an irresistible puppet because his features are very likely and make a very realistic model.

Another inspired idea, Cicciobello is the first puppet to make sounds: as happens today weeps if he loses the pacifier. The company that produced in the 60 obtains exclusive in Europe by a Japanese company, earning the record of being the first talking toy of the time. It is practically irresistible to complete the marketing operation, it is sold in a red box sitting on a cot in polystyrene.

In short, it has all it takes to win the market and within a year he earns the title of the phenomenon. The sales increase and the number of factory employees reach up to 500 soon share the era’s most successful.

Repurposing everyday situations thanks to a doll

The reason for this success comes from the ability to reproduce everyday situations suitable for children. The puppet is as soft as plush but has the features of a real newborn with a face inspired by a real baby the artist took as inspiration for Cicciobello.

The many gadgets, like the crib, the stroller, the clothes are well suited to be used to reproduce exactly visas gestures to his mother.

In traditional societies where born Cicciobello, the doll quickly becomes the favorite gift of all the girls and their moms. It is called “Beautiful”. His specialty is precisely to reproduce in scale “child” everything that happens in the house when you have a baby.

Bottles, rompers, tops, everything is reproduced in detail to give the child the opportunity to repeat what he sees his mother. The game is proposed for the girls from 3 to 12 years, but the mothers are the first to show a strong interest in this novelty.

Today a division less rigid roles and the ability to use symbolic play to allow children to recreate the sights scenes at home, it makes Cicciobello the ideal gift for the boys so they can internalize the gestures of care who have experienced first hand small. The doll that incorporates the features of the newborn is the perfect gift for the firstborn who is facing a revolutionary event of the arrival of a little brother.

Cicciobello for integration

In the 70s it launched the first intercultural project Cicciobello signature. The insight is to use the tool of the doll to speak to a wider audience, so international.

Cicciobello is already one of the games of its kind the most sold in France and Spain, but the intercontinental versions increase the appeal of this already successful toy.

They see the light of the African model “Black Angel” and Chinese “Hello-whew-lin”. The features that are characterized by typical elements, black skin, and slanted eyes, represent for the time a real innovation. The Cicciobello dad is very careful to probe the tastes and needs of its target audience and the slogan is very clear: “We work for those who have to play.”

Cicciobello How much does it cost?

Cicciobello The price varies depending on the different functions they can perform. In the market, it is offered a wide range of models, different solutions, and specific functions that can return more or less useful to children to recognize and empathize with the actions of the puppet.

Not all models currently on sale are meant for older girls can be offered to babies who can use them already when they are in turn babies. This is the case of Cicciobello Beautiful, it can be used as a doudou, ie to absorb the smell of the parents and be offered to small to remind pleasant scents. Up to more complex models that perform different functions at a time and that can be used in more complex and structured games. So the final price varies depending on the item and choosing from about 25 euro up to around 100 euro for the more complex ones.

What makes Cicciobello Snowflake?

The Cicciobello Snowflake is a basic model that lends itself well to be used by girls and younger children to play the essential functions of care of the newborn. It is equipped with a few accessories, but good. Another feature is the pacifier that if removed from the mouth of the baby activates the microphone and the sound recorded with a crying quite likely.

In addition, the child is thought to face the cold winter days. So cute romper has a blue and white in a fabric that simulates the flannel, it completely slips off and you can put the doll with a few simple gestures. The best way to give children the opportunity to practice until such time as they will be able to dress and undress themselves. It also has a cute hat with pom-poms.

What does Cicciobello Walking On Snow?

The strong Cicciobello Walk Snow is that is activated by noise, clapping, and begins to walk or crawl. It is not so well versed in terms of verbal communication. So do not expect great entertainment from this point of view. always repeats the same incomprehensible little word, as often happens with the children around the year before they learn to move than talking.

Unlike other models that they shut with a pacifier in his mouth, however, this keeps repeating the one word he has learned. What matters is that it is able to react well to control activated through the hand-clapping. Even the outfit for the day in the snow is very interesting because it is studied in detail and allows you to create fun environments, typical winter.

What makes Cicciobello Bua?

It is one of the most popular and desired models in recent years. The reason is that it is able to reproduce many of the typical situations when children’s fever. It is equipped with numerous amenities and you can create so many fun and exciting scenes. For example, it is possible to measure the fever with the special infrared thermometer, then you must go straight to the eardrum.

The ailments are cured with the appropriate accessories supplied, the high temperature is associated with redness of the cheeks. A syringe that should be done right on the ass allows the small heal. Here lies a small hole with a switch that activates or switches off the red lights, which imporporano the cheeks of the doll.

Cicciobello is not just a doll in the shape of a child, also has additional functions that can be declined in many ways to play real-life situations. To do so, they often need batteries and other devices that need to be understood well before giving it to a child. The risk you run is not wrong to use the puppet! Rather, you may not use it to its fullest possibilities.

What if it does not work Cicciobello

Some newer models have not been as lucky as those produced in the past and it has been reported some manufacturing defect. One of the most common defects dissaldamento concerns of some of the internal circuit cables. A slight hiccup but compromises the correct functioning of the doll.

Many of the functions are related to their power of LED lights, activate the microphone and recorded sound, just a bad contact because the doll is not able to do the things promised.

A good practice is to keep the bar code of the box and the receipt, without this reference to the assistance service is not able to ensure the repair of the toy. Other more effective solutions, but they require a certain basic preparation, provide for the autonomous intervention on the circuit trying to weld again unhooked wires. But it is essential to pay due attention.

Environments for playing pretend

With Cicciobello you can play in many ways, creating different everyday situations that allow the child to playback the scenes seen in their eyes. There are many models on the market, many reproduce the usual conditions and a little traumatic. Small diseases, fever, sores, sphincter control, are just some of the useful locations to small, interpret, and understand what happens to him.

Then each child will be able to re-create the appropriate environment to that of its environment.

The baby bottles, pacifiers, clothes, are simple means to give small the opportunity to perform the same movements that have seen him do since birth.

What are the best accessories to Cicciobello?

There have always been on the market accessories to enrich the game with Cicciobello. Even today you can find many solutions to increase the chances of play and stimulate the imagination. It is about choosing the ideal conditions to reproduce the environment that the child knows and which facilitates the identification.

Cots, high chairs, clothes, are all items that children are accustomed to seeing around ever since they were born. You can find a limited extent that allows them to handle it with ease.

At the puppet, you can transfer the frustration of living with difficulty abandoning the pacifier or step into your bedroom to sleep alone.

Even the possibility of bringing the puppet to pee as children who leave the diaper is a great learning opportunity. See yourself doing even pee in Cicciobello, it reassures the young ones so they feel less alone and able to make it.