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The best electric toothbrush for children▷ The Best Electric Toothbrush For Children. Offers And Prices

Electric Toothbrush for children – Buying Tips, Rankings, and Reviews

Are you looking for the best electric toothbrush for children after talking with your trusted dentist? It’s a good idea to immediately empower the small drawing his attention towards this practice of daily hygiene. In fact, the best solution is represented by a tool easy to use and which indicates the correct mode of use. In the case of electric toothbrushes, it is worth pointing out that they are not all suitable for children and you have to choose to take into account various factors. To avoid browse the details of all the proposed models on the market, please consult those in the standings. They were selected by our editorial team choosing among the most appreciated by dentists and children. In particular, your attention should turn to the model Oral-B Stages Electric Toothbrush for Kids Star Wars, easy to grip and the head adapts to the teeth of children, vibrates when it’s time to turn it off. Junior Oral-B Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush for Kids does its duty and offers the smaller the ability to carefully control the entire process of the dental cleaning.

The 7 best electric toothbrushes for children – Ranking 2020

Oral hygiene is very important, everybody knows now. But the best electric toothbrush for kids can make it less tiring this daily task and make it more fun.

Electric Toothbrush Oral-B Children

1. Oral-B Stages Electric Toothbrush for Kids Star Wars

▷ The Best Electric Toothbrush For Children. Offers And Prices

The electric toothbrush for children Oral-B figures almost inevitably among the best electric toothbrush for children in 2020. The reason is simple: the materials are high quality and the technology used is reliable. The device in their duty well although it is not the best in aesthetic terms and images that recall the theme and character is minimal.

But it can overcome this aspect considering that you can use to make matching the application information on tablets and smartphones. In this way the children can know exactly what and where to brush, keeping the active concentration for the duration of the dental cleaning. A great way for them responsible for personal care.

The opinions of parents are positive and this aspect further confirms the good of the brush invoice. The bristles are softer than those of adult models, and also the speed of rotation or oscillation, minimum, is different. The reason is in the most delicate of children’s gum and the need to dose the force.

Tailored for the kids: The head is small to fit the size of the tooth and the bristles are softer. In this way, the power of the toothbrush is well proportioned to the needs of the child.

From the three years: This toothbrush is designed for children from 3 years who need to carefully brush milk teeth.

Combined with the app: It’s called MagicTimer and is a smartphone app that entertains children while thoroughly brushing your teeth for two minutes necessary.

Without charging indicator: A charge can last up to eight days, so it is not worth always leave the toothbrush on the power base. Not knowing when the battery is discharged it can happen to stay dry.

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Electric Toothbrush for children 8 years

2. Oral-B Junior Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush for Kids

▷ The Best Electric Toothbrush For Children. Offers And Prices

The children of 8 years have changed almost all the teeth and it is time to move on to the toothbrush for the older children. So this article is placed above Internships models with the characters printed to entice small to wash your teeth. When you grow up, it also changed the needs and proper oral hygiene requires carefully choose which electric toothbrush for kids to buy.

In this case, the new electric toothbrush for children 8 years old and has the advantage of pulsing, along with the rotational movement and oscillation. In this way, it breaks the plaque deposits by limiting the formation of deposits of bacteria that are transformed into tartar.

It emits every 30 seconds a short vibration indicates that the time to change the dial dental arch. So they identify the four moments when scanning the most thorough cleaning. In the package, it is included a Sensitive head, which is the one with the softer bristles. But the dimensions are the same as for adult toothbrushes.

Suitable for first teeth not lapsed: In addition to oscillate and rotate, this toothbrush has pulsations which improve the overall cleaning of the teeth.

Long battery life: Almost two weeks of battery life for one of the top-performing toothbrushes for kids out there.

Bright colors: Unlike models from 3 years old, this does not characters but bright colors that attract the curiosity of older children.

Caro: More expensive than adult models, differs from these only for the bright colors and the most delicate head supplied.

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Electric Toothbrush for children 2 years

3. BrushBaby BabySonic Electric Toothbrush

▷ The Best Electric Toothbrush For Children. Offers And Prices

The children of two years should not use an electric toothbrush. Certainly not the models designed for older children. The reason is the increased sensitivity of the oral cavity that requires special care and precaution.

To ensure that you properly evaluate how to choose a good electric toothbrush for very young children, you must consider the sensitivity of the vibration. It is not necessary that the head rotates, it is important though that is small enough not to bother inside the little mouth of children.

This electric toothbrush for children 2 years is by far the most economical model in its class, it is in fact a solution for which it is not easy to find the replacement heads. The grip is comfortable, large enough to make it easy for the small direct the head toward the mouth. A good idea is to let the baby play to brush their teeth and then take action to complete the work by turning on the motor.

An ergonomic handle: The socket is facilitated by the particular size of the base. So the child is able to grasp and direct the toothbrush to his mouth.

soft head: The ideal to be used on the gums of babies for the first two years since the first tooth check.

With timer: Although it is proposed to younger children, there are several precautions as the timer that marks the usage time per 30 seconds.

Parts not easy to find: It is not easy to replace the once head that is worn and therefore may have to put aside all your toothbrush.

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Philips Electric Toothbrush for Kids

4. Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush for Kids ForKids MOD HX6322 / 04

▷ The Best Electric Toothbrush For Children. Offers And Prices

Philips is the largest competitor of Oral-B and gets rave reviews from users who choose this brand for their oral hygiene. The downside of this model is to be delivered at a more expensive price, which in fact prefer purchasing in the presence of specific offers.

If we continue the comparison with the well-known brand models, we find that even in this case is paid great attention in the design phase. The electric toothbrush for children Philips performs 62mila movements to act accurately on the whole surface of the tooth, including the most difficult points as the interdental spaces and gums.

Also this toothbrush nod to younger audiences by offering an app to associate dental care to the game and make it even better. The aim is to gradually accompany the small brush until it is well for the two minutes recommended progressively over three months.

The toothbrush is designed for children from three years old then, so you can use it for a long time by changing the heads periodically.

Hygiene guaranteed: With as many as 62,000 movements, the head is able to reach even the most difficult points of the tooth and remove all traces of dirt and bacteria deposits.

A timer to mark the correct use: Every 30 seconds, the toothbrush vibrates to indicate that it’s time to change the quadrant of the mouth and brushing well elsewhere.

Connected app: You do not get to master the correct way to brush teeth without first practice. The combined application to the toothbrush is designed to help small to clean teeth for as long as necessary.

Expensive: Definitely more expensive compared with the known competitor Oral-B, the Philips brush uses a different technology and some more incisive. Details that increases costs.

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Electric Toothbrush for kids Frozen

5. Oral-B Stages Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush for Kids with Disney Characters

Elsa and Anna are among the most beloved characters of all girls aged three and up. This electric toothbrush for kids Frozen conquers the attention of just such a slice of the public attracted by the two heroines. The model is among the top-selling online is not because of mere decoration but because it is a certainty for fans of this product.

Operation is unchanged, perfectly adapted to the mouths of children up to six years. It carries a particular force in the rotation of the head so that it does not irritate the gum so delicate of children.

It is associated with the app and timer that signals the right time for the correct use. The circular head can cover the tooth so its action is widespread and little can carefully manage it throughout the dental arch. The battery is rechargeable and offers good durability and over 8 days but they are not marked in any way. The risk is to stay with the brush discharge without realizing it.

2D Action: This toothbrush is designed for children, so it is not equipped with pulses for the biggest act to crush the plaque but would bother to even very delicate gums.

Rotary head: The head shape is designed to match that of the tooth and wrap it completely while it cleans deeply.

Long battery life: The yield is eight days, so you can use it for a long time without ever connecting it to the outlet.

Missing pressure indicator: A shortcomings of this type of toothbrush is the LED that indicates whether you are pressing too hard on the gum.

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Electric Toothbrush Children Colgate

6. Colgate Toothbrush Barbie

Colgate offers its own version of the toothbrush for kids that has been quite successful even though it is not absolutely one of the best-selling models. It is equipped with an oscillating head with soft bristles to avoid irritating the gums but cleans the teeth bottom. The flat head makes it easier to apply toothpaste and rub the side of the teeth.

It has a comfortable ergonomic grip that makes it easy to handle even the youngest children who have no particular coordination. It is used after three years, so it is decorated with pictures that make it enjoyable to use by younger girls.

The electric toothbrush for children Colgate turns on and off with ease thanks to the handy side button. This makes it easy to act independently and limiting the adult’s intervention. A good way to empower children. It is powered by two batteries triple-A, so it is not equipped with rechargeable batteries and if you prefer this option is necessary to provide separately.

Soft bristles: This will not irritate delicate gums of the smaller girls.

oscillating head: The special design of the heads aims to make the cleaning action of the toothbrush more effective and decisive. In addition to the part that oscillates is present a fixed section which simplifies cleaning.

Ergonomic handle: The shape of the brush is designed to make it easier to grip, even on the part of the smallest I can not coordinate their movements well.

Non-Rechargeable Batteries: Monta two AAA alkaline batteries, and intended to run down completely and you can not charge but must be replaced with new ones.

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Kit electric toothbrush for children

7. Bestron Electric toothbrush for kids Pretty Pony

The electric toothbrush kits for children, as well as providing all the necessary, has the advantage of setting up everything you need to wash your teeth. These are small details that, together, help the small to display the various steps relevant to proper oral hygiene. In addition to the toothbrush are several accessories. Most important is the hourglass that you can literally see the passage of time.

Even the glass with the same design of the toothbrush is more useful than you think. It’s hard to explain to the little that you have to rinse your mouth and spit out the toothpaste. In this way, the gesture becomes part of the whole process of hygiene and cleanliness. It is not easy to find where to buy this kind of product so completely.

The brush is good to start your daily hygiene practice. The head performs 3,000 rotations per minute and has a rotation angle of 75 ° which allows you to remove deposits of dirt between the tooth and gingiva.

Complete set: In addition to the toothbrush, there’s hourglass lasting two minutes and the glass that pushes the children to rinse their teeth at the end of brushing.

Head with 3,000 rotations: Suitable for children even if not particularly powerful, allows you to gently clean between the tooth and gum.

For 3 years: The toothbrush is perfect for children aged three and then you can learn to take care of their oral hygiene fun.

non-rechargeable batteries: Monta two AA batteries to be replaced when they are fully discharged.

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Parts electric toothbrush for children

Replace only the heads means count on lower prices than buying an entire brush.

In fact, it is not always easy to find spare parts for the electric toothbrush for kids such as the Oral-B models.

The line of these toothbrushes for children is limited in scope and does not offer a great variety of movement.

The head is simple and can be used safely on children. For children aged six years and has recommended another type of stiffer head, so it should not surprise you that vibrate little and is particularly delicate. It’s just that studied the mouths of children aged 3 to 6 years.

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It is not enough that it is electrical, a good brush with a motor for smaller must calibrate well the power not to be counterproductive. The mouth of children is much more delicate than that of an adult, and this must be taken into account when using an electric toothbrush.

You should never give a child a toothbrush designed for an adult thinking that the delicacy of the bristles and the oscillating movement are not sufficient. To clean your teeth just a bit ‘of attention and care in this delicate phase will help the baby to become familiar with an important daily routine.

From what age using an electric toothbrush

The optimal age could be for three years. Normally it reminds parents that children’s skills never develop all at the same age. Everyone has their own needs and scanning stages of growth may vary.

So it is important to first find out that your child is able to tolerate the vibration of the instrument in the mouth. This can be a bit ‘before or shortly after the three years that form the watershed leading to the moment when you can start using an automatic model.

What is important is to remember to choose suitable models age and do not use those for adults or older children if the baby’s mouth is not yet well developed.

A vibration, lights, a jingle, or a coordinated app allow you to keep track of time to devote to the cleaning of the teeth.

This simple trick will help in understanding how to brush properly. In more advanced models, the toothbrush signals the 30-second intervals until the time limit of two minutes. Thus it indicates the time to devote to each quadrant of the mouth, dividing into two halves the upper jaw and the lower part.

What opinions have dentists

In general, the importance attributed to oral hygiene is always very high. It helps in a big percentage to promote dental health, and consequently also the whole organism. The reason we recommend the careful use of the electric toothbrush is in its ability to act in a more targeted and effective.

The points difficult as the interstitial spaces between the tooth and tooth, the gingival edge, and the grooves of the grinding wheels, can be reached with greater effectiveness with the aid of rotating and oscillating head. In models designed for children aged six years and above, we add the pulsation can break the plaque buildup that causes the formation of tartar and tooth decay.

When to use an electric toothbrush for kids?

Twice a day, no more can scratch and irritate the gums. So the optimum time is before and after the interval of the night’s rest. In the morning when you wake up, many prefer after breakfast but should not spend too much time. And in the evening, at least within twenty minutes after dinner.

There are contradictions in the use of the electric toothbrush?

Everything has to be used the right way and the same applies to the electric toothbrush. The basic rules are two:

– Only brushes appropriate for the age of the child

– Nevermore than two minutes to avoid stressing the gums

So you can do the job without risking damage to the mouth of the smallest. This is the reason why the bristles of the electric toothbrush for children are never as rigid as those for adults. Neither the oscillations or rotations are equal to the power of the larger one.

How the toothbrush battery last?

Normally a good battery lasts even eight days, this is also because the actual time of use of the brush is reduced to less than 5 minutes a day.

A good battery should be rechargeable, otherwise those disposable risks of pushing up the cost of the toothbrush due to the continuous necessary spare parts.

How many times a day brush your teeth?

Only twice a day. Again, the reason is that they overdo the brushing, for example after each meal, it can damage the oral cavity. In particular, the gum is the most sensitive that it could suffer because of a too frequent and aggressive intervention.

A good idea is to limit the extra washing to special circumstances. For example, when you eat too much food and sugary doughy, you raise the acidity of the mouth and that can contribute to the sudden growth of bacteria responsible for tooth decay. So after a slice of bread and Nutella, it’s not a bad idea to brush your teeth to remove starches and sugars that are deposited on it.

How to brush your children’s teeth?

The correct movement to brush your teeth is gentle and steady. From top to bottom the head gently removes all traces of dirt. A good inclination and the repetition of the gesture complete the work.

The best inclination is 45 ° which allows you to pass the bristles below the gumline. The movement from top to bottom, then from the root outside serves to release the tooth surface and let the saliva complete the transformation of the food particles.

The incisors and canines should be brushed in this way in front and behind. While the wheels must be brushed firmly even in the wake of which the mastication takes place. This cleansing is deep and widespread and achieves good results in-depth.

The brush and the app to use on tablet or smartphone should never fully replace the parental intervention. Particularly during the first years when the little one learns to take care of their teeth, adult support should always be the first element to give importance.

Some tips to use the toothbrush

The teeth are brushed twice a day, in the morning when you wake up and at night before going to bed. The reason is to avoid as much as possible deposits of bacteria in critical areas. So you try to remove the traces of food between your teeth before going to bed to limit their night fermentation. Similarly, they are brushing in the morning to break down the bacterial load that has been able to develop in the meantime.

Slightly tilt the head serves to enter well into the sulcus between gum and tooth and so also remove that creeps into the hardest part and subject to the formation of tartar.

Characters can be helpful

Use the characters to attract the attention of children is the strategy that you use most often. In fact, it is effective and mostly able to attract the attention of children who otherwise would not be very interested.

Another good practice is to set up an area dedicated to oral hygiene at your child. Some interesting projects are those developed by parents who use the Montessori techniques. The bidet is the perfect place to bring a child everything you need height to wash well.

A container hung on the wall with the toothbrush, the glass to rinse the mouth and the toothpaste is all that is needed to create a tailor-made space.

The power of a good example

To teach children to take care of their teeth there is nothing better than a good example. Brush your teeth becomes a ritual, a habit shared with the whole family in this way it provides the smaller a model to be copied.

Good idea in practice, given that oral care is important to all ages. So does well all go together to wash the teeth and share the same space in the bathroom.

Look in the mirror, give a name to each tooth, reciting nursery rhymes, check that they are all there and that no one went for a walk … the ways to invent games are so many. It is not always essential to instruct the tablet to perform this simple function of entertainment.