Best Homogenizer

Best homogenizer

Homogenizer – Buying Tips, Rankings, and Reviews

Are you struggling with the research to find the best homogenizer before it begins the era of weaning? Just search again, here we present the most innovative models proposed this year by well-known brands and unknown that will make your happiness and your wallet. It is convenient solutions, compact but effective to use for the preparation of daily meals in a few simple gestures. In particular, we want to draw your attention to these two models that have climbed our rankings, are the most appreciated by users who have bought them, and tested every day. Chicco – Easy Meal Food Processor is a guarantee, has a nice compact, sleek design and prepare meals for their little ones in a few simple gestures. Authenticity guaranteed and selection of raw materials also with the model proposed by Philips – Avent EasyPappa Standard Plus 4 in 1.

Top 5 Homogenisers – Ranking 2020

Among the best of 2020 homogenizers that have been proposed by various brands, our staff has edited a selection of very interesting products. We hope that among these you can find which homogenizer buys to meet your daily needs.

homogenizer Chicco

1. Chicco Easy Meal food processor, Steamers and homogenizer

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When it comes to determining how to choose a good homogenizer the choice can be a little ‘difficult. Not all models provide useful functions to all the rhythms and styles of the families here Chicco try to impress with a rich possibilities model.

We find among the special themes as proposed at a good price but also can be concentrated in a small space so many valuable functions. Like many other models, we will reheat food and then process them. It has a small basket that lets you steam cook the ingredients almost unchanged keeping the nutritional properties.

Once the ingredients cooked is easy access to the compartment to activate the blades and proceed with homogenization. Depending on the age of the small you can also choose not to blend the ingredients together and present them cooked whole but because you get used to the different textures.

Continuing with this in mind you can also use the grater which is located at the top of the cap. Besides allowing to chop the pieces because the kitchen faster, is perfect for proposing fruits and raw vegetables in an attractive form for the little ones.

The size of the mug is generous and allows you to choose whether to prepare more meals at a time or be limited only to the portion to propose daily to ensure a fresh product.

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Avent Omogeneizzatore

2. Philips SCF875/02 Avent EasyPappa Standard Plus 4 in 1

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In comparison with other models, this Avent appears as one of the most simple and solid in circulation. Fruit the system that allows you to rotate the basket to choose whether to cook only steamed or complete the preparation homogenizing the ingredients. All without the need for soil or open the pitcher.

A system of hooks fixed or unlocks the glass and allows easy access to the content according to the chosen type of preparation.

This makes it easier to propose small tasty meals already chopped or if you begin to experience new textures offering steamed vegetables. This type of cooking also ensures a better presentation of the ingredients. The colors are more vivid and more compact consistency, albeit soft, compared to traditional boiling.

Included with the appliance is also included in the recipe book that provides interesting ideas and well balanced to prepare complete meals, rich in all the useful nutrients. vegetables Sun, or in combination with meat or fish, becomes quick and easy to determine which is the right amount of each ingredient.

Alternatively, you can download the free app that offers more cooking tips, the timing, and the right amount of water to be combined with different ingredients.

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homogenizer Imetec

3. Imetec Bimbo HM3 homogenizer, 2 jars freshness

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Imetec This model is characterized by low prices which are often proposed and for its intuitiveness and ease of use. Among the models sold online, in fact, this is one of the easiest and simply chop the food and make them fit for consumption by the younger children.

Despite having a low horsepower engine, it is able to perform their duty well because it works pulse. It is a solution that allows you to reduce costs without sacrificing engine power that is thus able to chop the meat well.

All ingredients should be thoroughly cooked and then placed in the bowl that can hold up to 400 ml. These are equivalent to about two servings for as many meals of the child.

Along with the blender and also two jars with lids that allow you to store safely the one that is not consumed immediately.

The blades have a special shape that allows decreasing the formation of air bubbles within the processed food. This is useful to reduce the possibility that food can oxidize. If completely crushed it is more exposed to the action of bacteria and may deteriorate faster than food cooked and left whole.

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blender homogenizer

4. KYG Cuocipappa Robot for Pappe BFP-1800m 5 in 1 Pot

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The new homogenizer that we present in this circumstance affects the large number of positive opinions collected. It is an appliance able to ensure optimal functionality and at a very competitive price. Do not be surprised if we soon became one of the most sold in the market.

Its peculiarity is all in the ability to unify within the same glass both cooking functions and homogenization so as to also exploit the residual broth that remains after cooking food. This simple arrangement allows to maximize all of the nutritional potentials of foods and not disperse nothing that usually remains in the cooking water.

Great attention is also paid to the choice of raw materials that are guaranteed to the complete absence of toxic or potentially hazardous substances. So missing altogether BPA, phthalates, or heavy metals. The design is very nice and particular, every element is designed to combine the best with others and make a good impression on the kitchen counter. The pieces can be easily removed and then it is easy to wash. They are also compatible with the washing in the dishwasher at high temperatures without the risk of spoiling. Apart from the camera body, of course.

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Omogeneizzatore Nuvita

5. Nuvita NOT PPFP0008-1965 Mini Robot da Cucina

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If you do not know where to buy this cute Nuvita model, try to take a look at our purchase proposals. They are selected to ensure you take home the cheapest model and offered at the best price available.

It is distinguished from other models because of the presence of the insert to warm the bottle. This makes it easy to exploit it since early in its full potential. You can use it indiscriminately with all kinds of ingredients to be allocated to small for his weaning.

So okay to make a compact and perfectly homogeneous meal of vegetables, meat, and fish. The particular design of the perforated blades allows the passage of water vapor at the optimum temperature. So it is not necessary to remove them during cooking or reverse the direction of the glass to complete the preparation.

You can choose to activate one or both of the functions of the appliance. So it’s easy to set it up because they simply minced ingredients, maybe raw as a fruit. Or whether it should only steam. Finally, a button allows you to combine the functions. The very intuitive to set the cooking time and decide if it serves only warm baby bottles or baby food already cooked before.

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It is not easy to choose the right homogenizer, it evaluates some details that depend largely on your eating habits. So it is important to decide to buy a good homogenizer that guarantees some basic functions, to which you can add more to exploit it longer or the best of its potential. At least as long as the small like the processed foods.

Certainly, the greatest benefit that involves the purchase of this type of appliance is all about ensuring the ability to directly choose the ingredients to offer the child. Thus bypassing the baby food processed industrially is sure to offer fruits and vegetables in season and matured on the plant: the richest in nutrients. Or you personally select the freshest fish and meat from controlled breeding.

This kind of attention is reflected accordingly in the eating habits of the whole family so they can become, if not already, more and more aware and careful.

Why homogenizer

Unlike normal food processor, homogenizers have the ability to process food by reducing the amount of air that is formed inside when the blades are in operation. This is a bit ‘controversial, there are pediatricians who argue forcibly the importance of limiting the formation of bubbles in the shake, glissando on the subject other than considering it unimportant.

In fact, chopped food, in this case completely smoothie, it is more exposed to the action of bacteria naturally present in the house and determining the deterioration. So if the processed food encompasses a lot of air, it should be eaten as soon as possible so as to prevent the oxidizing action that occurs shortly thereafter.

Who prepares the food in larger quantities than they will eat little at each meal, it must pay great attention to food storage so. Limiting Contact with air means also transfer it rapidly in sterile containers and hermetically sealed.

For these and other reasons, it is preferable to choose a homogenizer to a simple blender. The engine of the appliance is usually less powerful than that of the best performing blender, often able to chop very hard food, such as ice or hard cheese.

What are the most useful accessory functions

Not all the cookers are equal, some are simply steamed and then have a blade system that allows you to process the ingredients into a few simple steps. They are most popular and are also simple blender that simply blend the ingredients cooked elsewhere. Although a greater number of functions clearly corresponds to a much higher list price than the simple blender.

But in fact, they not all cook and homogenize the same way. In some cases, the difference is made by the water. All firing systems using steam, the most suitable to maintain as much as possible unchanged the structure of the ingredients, and then the nutrients are rich. But not everyone is designed to recycle and take advantage until the end of the cooking water. How much more water is lost, the greater the number of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which disperses and is not taken from the small.

It is for this reason that nutritionists tend to advise against consuming boiled vegetables unless we also assume the broth which is formed during the cooking process. The water washes away most of the substances that help the baby to grow, or adult to stay in shape. For this, you should make sure that the homogenizer cook steam, but that water is not completely dispersed. So that will not remain inside the compartment for cooking.

There homogenizers designed to respond only to the needs of the child and others that can be exploited for a long time from the rest of the family. In fact, it is good for everyone, from time to time to ingest vegetables in a lightly cooked without fat and take them making less resistant fiber. Although chopping and blending do not mean getting rid of all of the fiber, the component that is not digested in fruits and vegetables, certainly makes it easier to assimilate and process reducing intestinal inflammation.

The ability to use the device only by the baby during weaning or by the whole family depends exclusively on the size of the basket. In some cases, you can determine whether to fully exploit the capacity or if only use one hand. In this way, the ability to process food is unchanged and you can decide whether to prepare food for the whole family, or whether to stock for subsequent use for the child. Or you can choose to prepare a fresh meal from time to time and in optimal doses, limiting waste.

Salt is an additive not recommended in children, at least below a certain age. If you want to cook for everyone using the same blender you can dress later with spices and other flavor enhancers velvety just made.

What does homogenizer?

Excluding all other functions, a homogenizer finely minced cooked foods restricting air entrapment within the finished product. There are simpler models here out their functions. Or there are more articulated that allow you to cook or bring the meal with cooked food, raw, whole, or smoothie to educate the baby’s palate to discover flavors and textures.

How much is homogenizer?

The price of a good homogenizer varies a lot depending on its characteristics. The models that simply chop the cooked foods cost a few tens of euro. So just spend less than 50 Euros to have good appliances, fast and effective.

If you look for a complete robot that can cook and process food in the same pot, the price rises substantially. These are appliances that can cost over 100 euro and to provide useful features for use by the whole family.

How to use the homogenizer Bean?

Usually, Chicco offers different items depending on the different possibilities of spending or the ability to search within an appliance to be allocated to the care of the babies. In the case of food processor for the preparation of baby food for weaning it is possible to choose the models which are limited to blend or those that also combine the cooking function.

Among them are also those made in collaboration with reference companies regarding kitchen items. In this case, the appliance operation is much more complex and articulated and allows to adjust in addition to the cooking times also the kind of recipes that can be realized for the whole family. Everything depends on the extent of the expense you want to support.

If you are a beginner and you did not have to do with a baby for a long time, if ever, before they are about to become parents can be easy to lose your bearings in the face of the many possibilities that the market offers. There are all sorts of objects, the technology offers solutions to solve every problem or suspicious, do not you think he could have. In many cases, it is not believed to have, and that’s it. Yet, as in all things, knowing how to choose to let themselves be guided by their habits and needs is the best light you can rely on in times of great confusion.

If the Spartans give up beautifully for most of the gadgets that make the fortune of the companies that are involved in early childhood, other, even the extremists, homogenizer find an effective response to control the quality of meals to offer the baby.

The advantage is all in the ability to directly control the quality and origin of the ingredients, dribbling effectively lure of pre-packaged products offered by the industry of baby food. So goodbye to hidden ingredients, false flattery, and window dressing of which often use the marketing department to propose homogenized 100% natural/organic/controlled…

It is helpful to the homogenizer?

So, in a nutshell, the homogenizer is used or not? We must be sincere, and did, no use at all. In the sense that you have to be still and know that no, your child will not give up to attend the university because of the trauma caused by the fact that his food was not fully processed at the time of weaning. Neither will develop severe metabolic consequences and dysfunctional if you do not take all ration of vitamins and minerals per pound of ingredient proposed.

What could happen is that they feel the weight of an attitude of serene little by adults who deal with feeding the little support him until the discovery of new flavors and textures than milk. So if the parents feel safer by offering their children processed food, finely chopped and perfectly homogeneous, so be it. Provided it is clear that this is just a phase and that it must be lived in a conscious and reasonable by parents.

Delaying the introduction of solid foods, so their smoothies, limits the ability of the small train muscles involved in the process of chewing, so in fact it retards development. Without detracting from the velvety that all ages are effective comfort food, warm, soft, and pleasant.

What is the difference between blender and homogenizer

Between the two systems, the key difference lies in the amount of air that incorporates the food during its shredding. If you drank just made a frullatone is full of popping bubbles that are also part of the pleasure of enjoying a rich mash of fruit, vegetables, and seeds according to our tastes.

But if the mixture should be stored and must be used to be proposed as a meal for the little increases the risk of formation of bacteria inside colonies.

The reason is simple. The comminuted food offers a larger surface to air. It’s the same reason why it is recommended to take great care when handling the chopped meat or all tartare in general. The food decomposes in the air, the greater is its exposure, in terms of the surface to attack and times faster will be the process that determines the decay.

Offer to baby spoiled food is certainly not our goal. And it is easy to see how the fruit, the one that most readily oxidizes, becomes darker when chopped manually with the classic old grater than homogenizer working at low speed and pulse.

How does the homogenizer?

The shape of the blades helps to make more effective cutting without foaming, and then air bubbles inside of the processed product.

It is a device that is not used by all manufacturers, but which determines the good quality of an appliance compared to another.

In the most complete models you can cook before you chop the food, so the number of steps from one container to another is greatly reduced and the finished product is safer.

Careful prophylaxis, however, should not be the priority less than the specific needs of the newborn. In fact, train the immune system to recognize a non-excessive amount of bacteria naturally present in the environment is right and just.

Where to buy a good quality blender?

They are found everywhere, both in physical stores and in those online. The difference lies in choosing appliances that meet the needs of the family and determine the purchase based on these.

In fact, not all models are equal, process the same amount of food, offer the same functionality. It should be a priority to consider the eating habits of each family, as well as the availability of time to devote to meal preparation.

The easiest way to avoid any disappointment and find the models able to respond to their expectations is to compare the reviews of individual items. It is a long and painstaking work, but worth it.