Kids love to use their imagination and a kitchen set allows just that. With so many different sizes and features, we look to see what is really important when looking for a set for your loved one. One of the first things to consider is a kitchen set should last many years and provide endless play for a child. A simple and small kitchen set will limit a kids creative play while a large kitchen set might not be suited for your lifestyle and room size. We look for the perfect balance of size and features.

The second thing as you probably guessed is features of the unit. In this day an age, kitchen sets have Bluetooth capability and play songs, sing-along and a verity of noises and effects that stimulate a child’s creativity and imaginations in many ways. You want a set that will keep the baby busy for hours and they want a set they can play with for hours.

American Plastic Toy Deluxe Custom Kitchen

This deluxe kitchen features 22 play accessories as well as sound effects and lights on the burners. There are many doors and drawers to open, it’s light and comes with buttons that make the stove top sizzle and bubble. The microwave is a little high for the smaller kids but with all the other things to play with, they might not even realize it.

This set is sturdy and will handle countless hours of the little ones pretending to cook and hopefully tidy away. Parents should realize this set comes assembled, and you will need to look over the instructions to set up as there are several pieces to put together but overall it is very easy and straight forward.

KidKraft Uptown Natural Kitchen

If you’re looking for a large kitchen set for your little ones, this natural looking kitchen set features an oven, dishwasher, freezer and fridge. There is a blackboard on the freezer and it’s big enough for multiple kids to play. This is a large play set and does take time to put it together unfortunately. On the positive side, the instructions are easy to follow and you’ll have your baby pretending to cook in no time.

There are multiple drawers, it’s one of the more attractive kitchen sets and with so much storage, kids play endlessly.

Step2 Little Bakers Kitchen

The little bakers kitchen has an oven, refrigerator, microwave that double for storage, a doll seat and multiple sound effects for simulated cooking. This is a smaller unit compared to the Natural Kitchen but it’s easy and fast to setup. The little ladies will love playing and pretending, this cute little set will stimulate their imaginations and provide many opportunities for creative play. This unit comes with spoons, knives, forks, plates, cups, cupcakes and cupcake tray, pot, pan, phone and a recycling bin to play with.

Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen

This small fun kitchen set is super interactive compared to the average kitchen set, with many different sound effects and tablet integration it takes the little ones creative play and imagination to another level. This unit relatively easy to assemble, the instructions are clear and it is recommend to use a power tool to speed things up. The kitchen comes with an app, and has many neat features such as songs, phrases, recipes and talking veggies.

If you don’t want to set up the app, the kitchen still makes sounds effects for the facet, pot, frying pan and the oven. It also has cute little light for the oven and the chopping board makes a simulated cutting sound.