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Best Outdoor Games For Children

Best Ever! – Small And Strong
Written by Wanda James

The best outdoor games for children

Last updated: 05/28/20

The Outdoor Games For Children: The Best Ever! - Small And Strong

The games for the holidays and birthdays for the most beautiful ever. From the classic swing to the Czech Fly, here they are the favorite for generations.

The children love to play outdoors. Whether it’s the home garden or the park, it’s always nice to be out for them. Even celebrate outdoors is an option became a super popular choice for children who want to make the party’s birthday during the summer, weather permitting.

To ensure the success of the party, you should not underestimate the importance of the games, the same is true when you go to the park with your child or you are in the garden. The parents of the birthday have many things to think about snacks and drinks, cakes and indeed the games. No coincidence that many decide to prepare a list with the games to play, trying to avoid having to bore the children and involve them as much as possible.

In this guide, we list the best games of all time, who for generations excite the little ones. Come to discover the outdoor games not to be forgotten!

The first games: the swing and the ball

Among the most famous and beloved games of all time, there are two in particular and the swing and the ball. The first is in two different versions, one for children, equipped with a restraining chair, and the other is the classic barrier or high sides that protect the baby. The first time a child, even if only for two years, try the swing emotion is great, and very obvious, just look at him to understand. It is a movement that inspires, especially the first few times, and that with the passage of time allows you to play in complete autonomy and without the help of parents.

The ball is the second most popular with children playing, with which they begin to have a “relationship” since the first months of life thanks to the many models on the market, characterized by different functions to meet the needs of all ages. The ball is a unisex game such as the swing, which amuses boys and girls, although there probably will play differently. The ball, which can be made with different materials, and this makes it possible to play even at home by choosing a foam model that threatens to ruin or worse, destroying the furniture.

We add as a third option and the bicycle as the fourth jump rope, both fun and suitable for children of all ages. The bicycle, as the swing and the ball, is the third most pastime loved by children, who learn to go as early as two years by choosing a suitable model. The jump rope is another “must”, and if we think about it, we too have played there.

The Outdoor Games For Children: The Best Ever! - Small And Strong

Games to be done in a group or at parties

The games that we choose among the numerous options we found are three and we are sure you will love to children, who will also be excited to play after their nap in the pram (here’s the best product list).

The sack race, or old pillowcases, is among the outdoor games that fascinate more. You can play in many and is suitable for everyone, boys and girls.

Another game that still fascinates and amuses, also thanks to its ability to teach numbers and words, is “Bell.” They draw on the floor, using a plaster, the cells with numbers or letters, and the kids over there cavort merrily.

We arrived at the famous “One, two, three … Star!”, A classic. It’s time to say raise your hand if, at least once, has played this game. A fun and unique pastime, who know the children of the world, although obviously use different words. A game that can not miss in a nice outdoor party, although recently it has spread the news that the name of the game is … wrong. Yes, because the correct word would be “One, two, three … are you there”, which would also make more sense given the rules. By the time the “you are there” would be crippled in a “star.”

The most famous and beloved of all time

A simple game, where you sit in a circle and one by one you whisper the word heard by those before us. Do you understand what we’re talking about? It is the “Cordless Phone”, which always starts one way and ends up in anything. The phrase whispered by the first child in the circle will be completely different from that spoken aloud last closing it.

The Outdoor Games For Children: The Best Ever! - Small And Strong

Another great game to do outdoors is the “Blind Man’s Bluff.” Do you remember? A child is blindfolded and must try to touch the players around him within a limited area. If he succeeds, then the player who has been touched becomes the blind man’s buff and is blindfolded in turn. You just need a band or a handkerchief to cover your eyes and you’re done.

Another beautiful game to do outdoors and in many is “Steal flag.” Again just a handkerchief or flag, and a “referee” that holds it and pronounce the beginning of the game. The children are divided into two teams and line up. Each corresponds to a number and the opposing players of the two teams run when the umpire calls their number. The first of the two that grabs the flag and manages to get back in line without being touched by the opponent wins.

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