Best Period Tracker App

Best for First-Timers: Period Tracker Period Calendar
Tracking Ovulation and Health Using a Period Tracker

While there are special calculators and calendars for ovulation out there for that reason some people use a menstrual tracker software. Women who are not attempting to get pregnant will look in to see whether they are least fertile; when they are ovulating, some intend to get pregnant will chronicle.

The best period tracking app for irregular cycles

There are two kinds of irregular cycles: irregularly seasonal or irregularly irregular. The discrepancies between these two are substantial since, Dr. Shepherd told Insider, they may be induced by different causes, such as thyroid disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), or some drugs.


It is necessary to pay attention to your season. You may be ignorant of a possibly serious bleeding condition if you don’t. The way we approach menstruation is being updated by modern applications. There are now many convenient ways to use technology to measure and track your time. Here are a few of our favorite applications for menstruation and why they perform. It’s important to note that they are all free to use.

The best period tracking app for family planning
Are These Applications Sharing Your Information?

It has recently come to light that marketers are exchanging your details with certain time tracker applications. The Hint time tracker software “contacts Facebook as soon as the app is launched, but no longer shares your Google advertising ID,” according to nonprofit Privacy International. This follow-up is from February 2019, after an original article posted in December 2018. Cliforni’s Privcy Lw Is Finlly Here. Now Wht? CR’s Information Protection & Privacy Guide These types of applications are deemed helpful methods for individuals who are planning to conceive an infant, wish to avoid conception, or prefer to track health conditions linked to the menstrual cycle, such as hormone-triggered migraines. But to do that, the applications gather profoundly sensitive knowledge that will go way past the time dates. Depending on the method, whether you are planning to have a pregnancy, even whether you indulge in casual intercourse, have suffered a miscarriage, or are approaching menopause, it can include how often you have contact.

Best for the Newly Birth-Control Free: Clue

If you’ve wanted to quit birth control whether you’re trying to get pregnant or you’re simply sick of being on artificial hormones, it can be a big discomfort when your body adapts to your normal cycle.

The best gender-neutral period tracking app

Clue Clue I was deeply fascinated with the vast collection of monitoring types from Clue and how it helps you to fully configure what you are doing or not logging. The more data you plug into the software, moreover, the more specifically it will anticipate and pick up trends in your period.

How We Chose the Best Period Tracking Apps

From a rigorous list of parameters, including accessibility, architecture, functionality, user feedback, cost and intent, we handpicked the best time tracking applications (i.e. for solely your cycle vs. pregnancy planning).
We already have an app for everything, baby-making included. If you’re a TTC who’s “trying to conceive” for newbies and ready to get pregnant as effectively as possible (and let’s face it isn’t it many of us in the era of Google Calendar?), these applications will assist you do about anything you need to conceive fast, well, ahem, performing the deed itself. It’s on you.

The Best Period Tracker Apps Keep Evolving

There’s an application for it if you’re looking to conceive (or not), monitor PMS symptoms or reach out to a group of sex-positive people just like you. When we begin to find more websites and time tracking software, we will continue to link them to this chart.

How to Protect Your Personal Information

“For consumers, data privacy should be a fundamental right, but that isn’t the reality right now,” says Mendelsohn of CR. “Instead without your knowing consent, health app manufacturers can collect, buy and sell your data.” To fix these concerns, Mendelsohn says, software developers can only use the data of consumers for the purpose of the product and not share or sell the information; gather only the data that the app needs to work and destroy that data after usage; and provide consumers with simple, concise details about whether they capture or sell the information. Ultimately, firms who break their privacy rules should face stringent restrictions, Mendelsohn suggests.

What’s the most accurate fertility app?

The bottom line is that all of these applications perform tasks that are identical. So more detail is nice because you’re trying to get pregnant. Dr. Nathaniel G. DeNicola, Chair of Telehealth at the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, claims scientifically validated proof exists that monitoring your pregnancy increases the odds of being pregnant. But he advises against investing so much stock into the promises of app providers that they can get you pregnant too much quicker than any app (or pen on a paper calendar). There’s not a ton of precision data gathered that is not handled by the apps themselves.

Why it’s important to track your period

Finding trends in your cycle is one way to prepare for your period each month. The most famous approach is to maintain watch on information such as the signs you encounter and their intensity, even when the cycle occurs and how long it continues. This can be achieved in the old-fashioned manner by using a plain pen and paper or with a period-tracking software in a more modern, interactive environment.

This app, popular among both teens and 40-somethings, uses cute, emoji-like visuals to chart not just the dates of your period, the heaviness of your cycle, and your predicted ovulation dates, but a full variety of symptoms and feelings, from salty cravings to neck aches, from “gloomy” to “refreshed.” One teen told us that she likes to show up as “P Tracker,” on her computer, so no one has to tell whom.

The best period tracking app for teens

In general, MagicGirl MagicGirl Period-tracking applications are wonderful instructional resources, but just think of how useful the continual streaming of data might be for anyone who has just begun menstruating. Personally, when I was a teenager, I wish that these technologies were around because health classes only teach you so much.

Similarly, Dr. Minkin suggests that any tracker who uses an algorithm to inform you, “Don’t have sex now” (which is most of them) is not a safe way to deter conception, and although the program may make an informed assumption, the body could generate an off-schedule egg. Consider the rather stable Paragard IUD if you want a nonhormonal BC alternative.

The best period tracking app overall

Flo Flo After I started taking birth control, I originally downloaded the Flo software and my cycle went haywire. Later, two years and a more controlled cycle, and I’m still logging in every day to chart my symptoms. How Long Does It Tke to Get Pregnnt? Medically reviewed by Debra Rose Wilson, PhD, MSN, RN, IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT It may take longer than anticipated to become pregnant. There are still several families dealing with infertility. Learn how long conceiving after sex usually takes… A Peek at The Pregnancy Timeline Professionally checked by Debra Rose Wilson, PhD, MSN, RN, IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT Now, a first-time mother’s average age is 26.6 years. As individuals delay parenthood, the age has been gradually rising. However, as… Infertility Treatments: 9 Queries to Ask The Doctor Valinda Riggins Professionally Reviewed Nwadike, MD, MPH There are numerous therapy choices for infertility, such as IVF, Sculpture, COH, and more. When going to the clinic, use the following queries as a reference to More About IVF Embryo Grading Carolyn Kay, MD, Professionally Checked Embryo grading may be difficult, so it’s helpful to learn when you experience an IVF embryo transfer. Here’s all it takes you to remember.

After her second child, a son now 2, was born by Catherine Feintuch, she downloaded a free software named Flo to her mobile to help her monitor her menstrual cycle. She gave details on her time, including dates and flow levels, to see if her cycle had returned to regular and to establish a clear database to negotiate with her gynecologist.

Then you’re on a date, and that goes fairly good. Since all that wine pounds on your bladder, however your mood sours, you go to the restroom: you know your menstrual has made an abrupt entrance, and you have no tampon.

How Accurate Are Period Trackers?

Are the advantages that come from using these applications worth placing your personal details at risk? That could be partially based on why you need them. An app may be an accurate digital menstrual cycle record. It can be a beneficial instrument if you’re attempting to get pregnant,’ says Nathaniel DeNicola, M.D., chair of telehealth for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. So if you’re doing that to stop becoming pregnant, there is real reason for worry. “If you’re just one day off, an unintended pregnancy could result.” None of the apps tested by CR are advertised as a birth control tool, while MyCalender claims its software will help users think about birth control and contraceptives. Another software, Natural Cycles, is birth control accredited in Europe and is licensed by the Food and Drug Administration for marketing as a contraception in the U.S. Natural Cycles was examined by Swedish authorities in 2018 after a claim that there were unintended births among thousands of women using the app. Natural Cycles are advised by the inspectors to explain the danger easier for consumers, and the firm followed.

When your time is late, comes too much, or does not show at all, it may be frustrating and you don’t even know what’s going on. MyFLO Sign Up Now Is it normal? “is always running through your head and you might find yourself wondering, “Am I pregnant? “to Am I going to start menopause? MyFLO lets you monitor and classify certain random signs with a one-time charge of about $2, and analyzes the health risks. MyFlo would clarify what those strange cravings mean and why you could feel them instead of falling down the WebMD rabbit hole, plus potential lifestyle and wellness improvements you might make to handle them. At and point of the cycle, it often offers you a detailed insight at what is happening to the body.

The Problem With Period Trackers

If the prevalence and usefulness of time tracker software increases, so does worry over what happens with the feedback of personal information users. The data obtained by wellness-focused apps, unlike patient reports kept by physicians and hospitals, is not protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Transparency Act (HIPAA), a 1996 federal statute that restricts the disclosure of health details by health care professionals.

Courtesy of Period Tracker Lite

The simple-to-follow gui on this app keeps it simple: when your time begins, you just click a button and it takes care of the rest. Add observations and symptoms along the way if you like and the software will set out the cycle trends in charts that are easy to interpret.

How predictions are calculated

Phase estimates are focused on knowledge that you have logged regarding your past cycles and duration of the cycle, including the amount of days that usually last your period and the length of your average cycle. You have the ability to insert details regarding your cycle background when you set up Cycle Monitoring, including the day your last phase began, its typical duration, and the length of your typical cycle. You can manually input this details or you can validate details from the usage of third-party applications that were already in the Health app.

Best Overall: Eve by Glow

This one won the award of best overall since it’s so much more than just a time tracker, Eve by Glow Sign Up Now. Eve is an app that also helps you to keep track on your sexual wellbeing, all in an emoji style that is shockingly enjoyable. It will maintain records of your sexual experiences, in addition to tracking your frequency, whether you have used protection or not, your sex appetite, moods, menstrual signs, even whether you are ovulating.

Courtesy of Period Diary

With more than 30 signs of PMS and 20 moods to pick from this phase tracker software wants you to be as precise as possible on how you feel at each point of your cycle. It synchronizes with the calendar software so that you can see what happens then, but don’t worry, it’s not on view for anyone to see: the app itself has passcode security, and a discreet “P.D.” is the calendar symbol.

Best for Couples: Cycles

Cycles Sign Up Now This might seem like a weird app that you should connect to and share with a sexual partner, but in a partnership, these types of programs may be incredibly effective in creating healthier contact.

Best Period Tracker Apps

Without a question, my iPhone contained the top two instruments in my toolbelt during the toughest years of PMDD: (1) my peer help and (2) my time tracker software. The light of my iPhone linked me to inspiring people who not only knew what I was going through, but also experienced it, when I was so overwhelmed with trying to crawl out of my own body having found shelter in the pitch black of my bedroom closet. It was then that I could also update the menstrual tracker software privately to see “ah yes… today is ovulation day and lend credence to anything I thought.

The Growth of ‘Femtech’

According to a new Kaiser Family Foundation study, time trackers have been used by about a third of women in the U.S. . They are part of the emerging “femtech” segment, which is a technology-based product and service focusing on the wellbeing of women. According to Frost & Sullivan, a research and consultancy company, the demand for all automated instruments for women’s health needs, such as applications for tailored dietary tips, weight loss counseling, and high-tech breast pumps that monitor where and how much is pumped, may be worth as much as $50 billion by 2025.

Best for Data: Glow

If you want to know all that’s going on with your period and can’t resist a decent graph, then Glow is the app for you. It records your period and ovulation in about any way, helps in family planning, tracks your sexual activities, and reports over 40 separate data points, including amounts of fatigue, sex desire, body aches, anxiety, nausea, hot flashes, and bloating.

Period Tracker Lite

Android: iPhone Free: Free The Period Tracker Lite software allows it fast and convenient to record menstrual cycles. At the beginning of each time, click a button and Period Tracker Lite can log your data and use the 3 month data average to measure your next period.

Courtesy of Cycles

This time tracker software is interesting since it was actually built for your companion in mind, not only created for you. Invite them to enter and they can see your period statistics along with your most fertile days (although all notes and notifications you set are private), so you can arrange that sexy time accurately or know when to stop it at all costs.

Courtesy of Fitbit

Here is a pleasant fact: 80 percent of consumers do not recognize how many stages are in the menstrual cycle (four), according to a recent Fibit poll, and 70 percent can not describe the typical duration of a cycle (21-35 days). To address that, female health monitoring was introduced to their repertoire by the famous exercise and sleep tracking service. Accessible on the Versa and Ionic smartwatches, when your next period is supposed to begin and where you’re ovulating, you can see where you are in your cycle. Log additional information on the app, such as flow rate, kinds of discharge, signs of PMS, and whether you have safe sex.

Flo Period Tracker

Android: Free iPhone: Free You can quickly figure out using Flo whether you are curious when you last had a cycle or would like to know when the next one is due. To correctly and reliably predict menstruation and ovulation, Flo uses machine learning.

Courtesy of Clue

Named the best free cycle tracker software by the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, due to its elegant nature, Hint stands among the rest. Not only can it track your run-of-the-mill time intel (start-stop dates and signs of PMS), it even maintains track of your sex life, heaviness of flow, moods, and also what menstrual items you have used. In other words, you’re going to have a pretty good view of how your body functions, because you’re going to know if anything is wrong straight away.

More on Privacy

30-Second Protection Fixes: Easy Steps to Secure Your Details The Freedom to Remain Private: When You Are Watched under U.S. Legislation Lets Down Automated Billboards. And they really, really want you to see their ads.

Courtesy of Flo

And those who like to pick what data gets tossed at them and what doesn’t), Flo is a fantastic time tracker tool. In its most simplistic form, you control the beginning date and length of your time, and that’s it. You should begin monitoring symptoms, log your mood, and even set notifications when you are ready for more so you don’t forget to get a package of tampons. The segment of tips churns out knowledge that lets you appreciate the details of your menstrual cycle The more information you reach, the more the content becomes personalized.

Courtesy of Eve

This app has many cheeky features that women would enjoy, including the regular sex quizzes (you can even track when you have sex) and the occasional “Cyclescope,” which forecasts symptoms and offers guidance on the basis of where you are in your period. Eve also detects trends and habits that are special to your own body, and to give you a clearer overall view of wellbeing, it can be synced with the Apple Health Package.

Time of Month

In health times, AnnaMarie Houlis typically arrives every month (about every 28 days), but it’s challenging to time the exact date and severity. Symptoms such as swollen breasts, cramps, back pains, bloating, mood changes, and more will also tend to appear weeks before your cycle ever begins. And for certain people, according to Healthline, the menstrual period can last longer or shorter than the five-day average.

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Best Period Tracker App

Best for First-Timers: Period Tracker Period CalendarTracking Ovulation and Health Using a Period Tracker While there are special calculators and calendars for ovulation out there for that reason some people use a menstrual tracker software. Women who are not attempting to get pregnant will look in to see whether they are least fertile; when they

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