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Best Potty

Best Potty
Written by Wanda James

The best potty

▷ The Best Potty. Offers And Prices

Potty – Buying Tips, Rankings, and Reviews

The time to say goodbye to diapers comes for all children: the obligatory passage to potty training can be really easy if you adopt the right strategies. This guide will help you find the potty suitable for your child, providing helpful advice to make the right choice. If you have little time, here are two proposals that stood out and are the first two in the standings. We’re talking about ComfyDo! 2003 Potty Journey from 200 gr, which stands out for its ease of use and its economic cost. In second place on our list the potty Fisher-Price My First Toilet Potty for children, appreciated for its design and the ability to turn it into gear for a toilet when they become older.

The 8 best potties – Ranking 2020

The potty is an important step in the growth of children, who leave diapers and begin their road to independence. In the market, there are many proposals, and it is not easy to know which potty buy, especially if it is your first purchase.

The choice depends on several factors, and it is important to know the general characteristics of this precious accessory. Here, then, the best potties 2020, we have selected for you.

1. ComfyDo! 2003 Potty Journey from 200 gr

▷ The Best Potty. Offers And Prices

A travel potty designed to meet the needs of children and parents. It stands out for its aesthetics, with a beautiful design that depicts the world of the sea with cute little fish, to encourage its use.

Lightweight and compact, it’s easily portable and size allows you to conveniently add it in the bag. It is resistant cardboard, but precisely because it is made with this material is not suitable for frequent use and does not hold greater weights of 25 kg.

But this is really the only flaw because, by making a comparison with online transport models, this solution has some of the cheapest. Along with the potty, also it includes a set of four disposable bags to use them right away.

It is not surprising that among the models designed for use outside the home, this is among the top-selling online.

Price/quality: It is a set that includes a potty and four disposable bags. A complete product, small and compact, which carries easily in the bag.

Design: pleasant aesthetic depicting funny and colorful fish, to encourage the little one to use the potty when he’s not at home.

Easy to use: It is mounted in two simple moves and closes easily; it is also safe and hygienic.

Materials: The potty is resistant cardboard, but still cardboard, and is therefore not suitable for frequent use and to children over six years of age.

Buy on (€ 12)

2. Fisher-Price My First Toilet Potty Kids

▷ The Best Potty. Offers And Prices

My First Toilette is the potty Fisher-Price that stands out for its realistic design, reminiscent of a toilet for adults, only more polished from an aesthetic point of view and rich in features to encourage the child to use. Accompanying fact five sentences and happy songs, but to use this function, you need to buy three AA batteries because they are not included in the package.

That said, it is among the best selling in its category and the merit of its success depends on its characteristics, both aesthetic and functional. It is thus presented as a toilet for large miniature, printed with a cheerful face and equipped with a roll holder and handle, which emits a cheerful sound.

The basin, which features a WATERPROOF system for males, extracted with ease for easy and fast cleaning. It is not the cheapest model but designed to last long in fact, when the baby gets a little older, potty training turns into gear for the toilet.

Design: A potty that resembles the toilet for adults but in miniature. With a cute little face, a holder, and a handle that makes a clicking sound cheerful.

Versatile: The product is designed to follow the development of the child and turns into a toilet seat reducer. It is also provided with a WATERPROOF system for boys.

With sounds: To encourage the baby to use the potty produces sentences and cheerful songs.

Batteries not included: To fully use the product and its functions need three AA batteries that you do not find included in the package.

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3. Ikea Curly Vasino 36x29x28 cm

▷ The Best Potty. Offers And Prices

A potty designed to simplify the transition from diaper to the toilet and to ensure ease of use, easy cleaning, and maintenance. Made of non-toxic plastic, the same used to make food containers, is a safe and hygienic product. The bottom side is coated with a non-slip layer, for greater stability during use.

Do not, however, striking aesthetics, especially since it is made from Ikea, its own brand known for the very essential design, which characterizes the majority of its products. Great though the price/quality ratio, as the tradition of the brand, with a cost accessible to all budgets.

To find out where to buy the potty, intended for children from 12 months at special prices online, click the link you find below.

Material: A potty made of non-toxic plastic, for complete safety of children. Durable and lightweight, it comes with a backrest for added comfort during use.

Practicality: Inside a bowl easy to insert and to empty when necessary. For cleaning just a bit ‘mild soap with water.

Slip resistance: The underside of the potty is coated with a non-slip material, to improve the adherence and to ensure greater safety during use.

Aesthetics: Although the brand is appreciated for the design of its products, the same can not be said for this model, which has nothing special from this point of view.

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4. Bean 5932 anatomical potty assorted colors

▷ The Best Potty. Offers And Prices

A potty realized by Chicco and characterized by the simple aesthetic, which is not so much to impress in design as to give comfort to the child who uses it. An ergonomic structure made of solid polypropylene, a hypoallergenic, and non-toxic material, which makes it safe in contact with the skin of the smallest.

Inside there is a removable container and the potty is presented as a single piece. It is therefore very easy to wash and place where it is believed that given the compact size. Its lightweight also allows the children to move with ease, using the convenient handle located behind the backrest.

There are three colors available: green, blue, and pink. Unfortunately, however, they are assorted and you can not choose the time of purchase. If you think this potty is the right choice, please click on the link that follows our description to buy it online at low prices.

Materials: A potty made of durable non-allergenic and non-toxic polypropylene, for complete safety and improved hygiene.

Practical: It is an ergonomic model pointing to the comfort of the baby and easy maintenance. Compact and lightweight have a place in the bathroom or in the child’s dorm.

Price: Excellent quality/price ratio, which makes a product intended for those who do not want to spend.

Aesthetics: Unfortunately you can not choose the color you prefer among the three available: green, blue and pink. They are sorted and shipped according to availability.

Buy on (€ 8,33)

5. Olive Srl potty travel disposable

A potty disposable meant to be used while traveling. Made from biodegradable materials, it is easy to use and, from cardboard handbag with nice design, it turns into a container that has a high absorption capacity. The structure is able to support a weight of 30 kg and is therefore suitable for children aged between 2 and 6 years.

It is a disposable product and considering the price you can not feel cheap. All in all, if we consider the functional design, its solid structure, and its high absorption capacity, it is among the best potties, disposable on the market.

With all these advantages, certainly could not miss in the list of our offerings.

Materials: A biodegradable potty that combines aesthetics and functionality, with a beautiful design and a practical structure and lightweight, but sturdy.

Portable: A product designed to meet the needs of small when you travel, absorb odors, and is also suitable in case of sickness.

Resistant: Appreciated its robustness, which can support up to 30 kg in weight, and so can be used even by older travelers.

Disposable: You can not use the product again because the structure is designed to be disposable. Considering this particular, it is not an economical choice.

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6. Okbaby Pasha potty Kids Sitting with Anatomica

The potty Pasha Okbaby is a functional solution that points to a good quality/price ratio. Available in five different colors, to also meet aesthetic requirements, like for its compact size and lightweight, making it easy to move.

Design that aims above all to the functionality and ease of use. It features an anatomic seat and a backrest for the total comfort of the child, while the container, with a raised front part, has the task of reducing the pee splashes. The container is also quite large and can be removed to facilitate cleaning. A product made in Italy made by a brand with many years of experience in the industry.

Ergonomic: A potty thought for the little comfort, available in various colors and featuring an anatomical seat, and a raised back.

Practicality: For easy cleaning, the potty is equipped with a container that can be removed and washed separately and a front raised part, which performs the task of splash-shield.

Space-saving: The views of users emphasize lightness and compact size for easy placement.

Removable container: It is not blocked and will probably be necessary to firmly hold it if you have little ones to use it.

Buy on (€ 21.4)

7. Jane potty music

A musical potty made of polycarbonate, a material that makes it durable, resistant, and very light. It stands out for really compact dimensions, in fact, measures only 39 x 32 x 23 cm. It adapts without any encumbrance to any space and the child can move it alone.

The design is reminiscent of a toilet for adults, also do not even miss the cover, to teach good habits to small. There is also a removable tank for easy cleaning.

A distinctive feature a music chip, which can also be used separately and which emits cheerful melodies when pressed. It is an addition to the potty, but it is not the classic system to encourage the baby to get used to this new object to pee.

That said, it is a well-thought model, available in a great quality/price ratio.

Materials: A potty colored, made of polycarbonate, which gives it a particular strength and lightness. Even the children can move effortlessly.

Dimensions: The accessory is space-saving and not at all cumbersome, is easy to place anywhere you need it.

Removable container: Inside the potty is easy to remove the tank, for quick cleaning.

Chipmusic: The tune does not start automatically but the key must be pressed by the child. Although the melody amuses him, it is not a good way to encourage him to use the potty.

Buy on (€ 26,49)

8. Summer Infant My size potty

A potty Girl, which aesthetically is almost identical to that for adults: the purpose of design is precisely to encourage the use of the potty. Nothing is missing, there are also the handle and the fake water tank, which is actually a container to enter intimate wipes and encouraged to maintain good personal hygiene.

Inside the potty is the tank to be emptied after use and wash, so quick and easy. The dimensions are very compact, perhaps too much, and this is his only flaw.

This model is available in white color for boys, whereas here this is the pink version for girls.

Design: Striking from the first glance to his extreme resemblance to the traditional toilet for adults, only in miniature.

Containers: The potty has a tank to be removed for easy cleaning and an integrated container in which to place wipes.

Sound: Press the handle, the toilet emits the sound of water running down, to ensure an even more realistic.

Size: This potty is smaller than most models on the market. It especially is low and therefore not suitable for older children.

Buy on (€ 35,92)

The period in which a child starts using the potty is of great change, awareness, and independence. It must understand that it is important to tell if it has to go to the bathroom because there will be no more diaper to contain its needs.

The ideal is to accustom the baby to use the potty in a fun way without any constraints, so as to make this spontaneous and natural step for him. If you are wondering how to choose a good potty, there are the elements to be carefully assessed because this accessory enjoys several advantages.

First, it can be moved easily, because the dimensions almost always save space. In addition, when the baby uses it on his own, there will not even need supervision and homemade toilet will remain free.

The most important features

To choose the best potty training is important to consider the product structure and its functional characteristics because its task is to encourage the baby to be independent when he does his needs.

It must, therefore, be solid and comfortable, with a comfortable seat and even better if there is a backrest. In addition, the child must feel safe when you sit and then best point to a stable structure, without sharp edges or potentially dangerous parts.

Another feature to be carefully considered are the size, to ensure comfort to the child. The potty is not too great and high, and vice versa, so always compare the measurements before purchasing.

Those who want a durable product can bet on potties provided with toilet reducer, which follow the child’s development. Adapted for those who use it and practicality for those who clean it, because the potty should be emptied after each use. Better solutions with a removable container provided it is not a hindrance for the child.

The eye wants its part

Security, stability, size, and comfort are therefore the characteristics to be assessed for simple and functional use. We can not forget the aesthetics, especially since the potties are intended for children, and, given its importance, it is appropriate that it is also nice to look at, as well as to use.

There are models for boys, girls, unisex, the cheapest are those classic, light, and handy, which can occur as a single piece or with a collecting tank to be emptied easily.

Then there are the potties designed to encourage the abandonment of the diaper, due to their design and supplied functions. They are models that reproduce sounds and melodies with the intention of making the experience fun, have a cheerful color drawings accesses, along with phrases, music, and sounds.

A third type is a miniature toilet or the potties that are equal to the toilet for adults. With toilet paper holder and are among the most popular precisely due to their similarity. Again, the intent is to promote body awareness and independence of the child.

Another type of potties about those developed for use outside the home, or models for traveling. They are generally made of durable and can be disposable or cardboard with an outer structure and sanitary bags to be inserted inside them. They are folding patterns, which you can put in the bag and if necessary turn into a mini toilet.

Not all travel models are made of cardboard, because there are also inflatable, a good alternative but is likely to shoot up through inattentiveness. The disposable models are almost always the most expensive and made with a structure designed to open if necessary and to absorb the fluids. They are biodegradable and extremely easy to use.

But there are also the travel potties cardboard, with the possibility of inclusion elsewhere bags and insure more than one use. The eye wants its part also for transport potties, perhaps especially for them, because it is always important to add a touch of fun to you to accustom the baby to its use in a positive way.

Colors, designs, and patterns seem so they can not be lacking in potties, disposable, convenient, practical, and functional.

When do you start to use the potty?

Each child has their own schedule and there is no exact time to start him to use the potty. The average age at which children are prepared varies from 18 to 36 months. The ideal is to never force the child to the potty, but promoting its use making it clear first of all to the little that should alert you when it is ready to go to the bathroom, and so on.

It could also show interest in the toilet for large: in this case, we can give it a try and bring it closer to the potty.

How to accustom the child to the potty?

Every morning when you wake up, it is good to put on the potty and the same thing is to do when eating and drinking a lot, generally every four hours. You can start using the potty with a diaper, and remove the latter later.

The child has been used up to now to make his needs right there and could happen that fails to notify you of having to go to the bathroom. In this way, you not undertake and the transition takes place in a natural way.

Another way to inhabit the small, use the potty is to show him how to do it, including toilet paper and hand washing.

What if the child refuses to use the potty?

But it is not always easy to accustom the child to use the potty and some have their rejection and are not abandoning diapers. In this case, it is important to understand the motivations of the small: if he becomes an obligation, a good strategy is to stop using the potty and try again after a few days.

If necessary, it is always a good idea to contact your doctor or pediatrician.

Better the potty or reducer?

Not all parents are opting for the potty, because there are also gearboxes for the toilet, although now we find these two products combined to greater durability and versatility. The potty on the one hand is safer, especially for children, who do not come easily to the toilet and must be helped every time.

There are also gearboxes with ladders, to facilitate the use of the child, without compromising its security. The choice is personal, but you have to consider that, to make sure that the child becomes independent in making their needs, should feel at ease, not forced, but on a stable and secure support.

it is not a coincidence if several potties are multifunctional and turn into toilet seat adapters, to follow the development of the child in complete safety.

Children tend to reproduce the behavior of the biggest and the same applies to the routine of their physiological needs. Here is a small guide to help the little ones to use the potty so simple and fun.

Girls and boys

From one point of view, it is easier to teach girls how to go to the bathroom. A simple and effective way to encourage girls to become curious about using the potty is to use their doll and show how to behave before and after.

Different for males, who are not sitting but standing when they pee. It should not force the baby to do it right away as grownups can start by sitting and when it has acquired certain stability can stand up like dad.

The potty can also be considered as a toy and a good idea is to go out with the baby to buy one, making it choose to him.

Because children tend to imitate the older ones, it is a good habit to carry the baby in the bathroom when you wake up, and every three to four hours during the day, and of course before bed.

If the boy is ready to pee standing up, you can play with him and ask him to try to hit the toilet. Not for all the children, it is easy to understand when it’s time to go to the bathroom, especially in the early days after removing the diaper, and the parents’ patience is essential because it could happen that, unintentionally, the little dirty linens or even face pee on the floor.

The potty is to remain in plain sight, ready for use if necessary.

A little ‘more complicated teach to poop in the potty, because many are constipated children, who strive a lot because they fail to make the poo. You can tell when the child has to do a poo and it fails because it becomes red and tries to push: this is the time when the parent should promptly bring it on the potty and explain to push as he did with the diaper.

Talk to him and explain that action is completely natural. Remember that you should always be very patient because there are children who have no intention of abandoning the diaper.

A good strategy is to mimic the pressure of poo with the child, promoting body awareness in a spontaneous and natural way.

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