Best Allergy Medicine For Kids

Best Allergy Medicine For Kids

best allergy medicine for kids

Here are some things parents need to know about giving allergy medicine to their children

Springtime brings allergy symptoms for many. Michigan Medicine Specialist explains how to support children through season of allergies.

The return to spring for some kids means more than just warm weather and an end of school.

MICHIGAN MORE: Register for our weekly newsletter. “When uncontrollable allergies occur in children, it can greatly affect their lives,” Georgia Sanders, M.D.

, a University of Michigan C.S.U. pediatric allergist. Mott Children’s Hospital Parents might turn to over-the-counter allergy medications to help.

The University of Michigan C.S. found that 55 percent of family members did it in the past year. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll aimed to assess how children 6-12 manage allergy season.

Just like adults, young people with allergies may face consequences without proper treatment.

Sanders says that “they don’t sleep well, they don’t perform well at school in the morning,” Sanders adds. Sanders adds, “I know it has an impact on their sport activities.

What Is Best For Allergies For Kids?

Children’s Allegra (fexofenadine), Children’s Claritin(loratadine) and Children’s Zyrtec® (cetirizine). Oral allergy treatments for children include oral antihistamines such as Children’s Allegra and Children’s Claritin. Steroid nasal sprays like Children’s Flonase or Children’s Nasacort. March 6, 2020

Claritin Or Children’s Zyrtec Better?

Few studies have been conducted to compare Claritin’s effectiveness with Zyrtec. One clinical trial has shown that Zyrtec may be better for allergic rhinitis although there were no significant differences between the two. Zyrtec still produces more sleepiness and somnolence than Claritin. Feb 4, 2020

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What Antihistamine is Safest for Kids?

OTC formulations of oral antihistamines are made available for children in OTC form. These medications can reduce sneezing as well eye irritation and itching. Benadryl or diphenhydramine can also be used as an OTC antihistamine. It is safe for children.

.Best Allergy Medicine For Kids