Best Bike Brands For Kids

Best Bike Brands For Kids

best bike brands for kids

Here are the 10 best brands of kids bikes and where to buy them.

The bikes and brands that you assume are the best for children bikes don’t always exist. We have reviewed and tested over 200 children’s bikes in the last 10 years.

During that time we’ve witnessed the evolution of the kids bikes market and the explosion of new kid-specific bike brands. These bikes are lighter than traditional kids’ bike brands and shipped direct to children by the bike shop and sports goods store.

Our favorite children bikes are so awesome! What makes them so different from bikes manufactured by famous brands like Kent, Royal baby and Huffy? These brands “reinvented” the wheel or were they just marketing tricks?

The article will take you through top-performing children’s bikes, and go in depth about their unique qualities.

best bike brands for kids

The Best Kids Bikes And Brands

There are many children bike brands that have consistently topped the kids bike list. All these brands are built with great care and aim to enhance a child’s riding experience.

Every brand knows how to make the perfect bike for every type of kid rider. These bike brands are worthy of being ranked as the best. We’ve personally tested them all.

You can find more information about each brand in our Best Kids Bike Brands. What about Trek or Specialized’s children bikes?

Trek, Specialized, Giant and other top-quality brands are great choices for children’s bikes. But they don’t always offer the best. While these bikes are great for all types of biking, they don’t have a primary focus on kids.

This means that their bikes may be heavier and not offer as much performance or quality for the money than brands made specifically for children. Not to be misunderstood, we fully support local bike shops. We believe they are an essential part of communities. In order to be competitive in the kids bike world, however, these brands need to step up their game and build lightweight kids bikes with better components.

best bike brands for kids

Price Vs. Quality In Kids Bikes

This is a brief note on quality and cost. You can’t get quality bikes that are well built and comfortable to use.

Brands like Huffy & RoyalBaby are mass-marketed for kids bicycles. They focus on cheap prices and do not consider the rider’s experience.

A bike without an enhanced brake caliper is not possible because of its potential to increase cost. Performance is more important than price when it comes to big-box bike stores.

The best kids bikes brands have been chosen because they are the most popular. From the ground up, every component is carefully selected to maximize the performance of the bike.

A quality bike for under $100 is a great option for those who are on a strict budget. You can repair quality bikes with the same parts as new, unlike big-box shops bikes. These bikes are lightweight and can be used as a starting point to create your custom bike.

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best bike brands for kids

These are the Best Brands of Kids Bike

Rascal Rides has a tendency to spend time reviewing particular bikes or discussing which bikes work best for each age group. We also enjoy helping people learn more about what the best brands for children’s bikes. There are many great options available from balance bikes, first pedal bikes, and 24-inch mountain bikes.

Brands that only make bikes for children are preferred. Although Trek and Cannondale make nice children’s bikes, particularly in bigger sizes, these are usually an afterthought for the company’s much more valuable adult bikes.

Over the last few years, more and more companies have been entering the market making bikes specifically designed and built for the youngest riders. You can be sure that your child will enjoy riding a lightweight quality bike made by these brands.

Each brand’s bike lineup has been listed by its size and type. Below are additional resources to assist you in determining the size of bike that your child requires or choosing the perfect bike.

Woom! Why We Love They Woom*

Prevelo Lightweight mountain bikes with intelligent design. For your child’s best ride, choose a Woom.

You might be wondering why we love these bikes so much. First off, they are the lightest weight bikes around. A lightweight bike makes an enormous difference in how well your child is going to do.

best bike brands for kids

The Best Balance Bike for Kids

Many kids will abandon tricycles and instead start riding a “balance bike”, which is a bike that looks similar to a normal bike but doesn’t have pedals. Danny’s Cycles’ Ian Tsuji said that “the idea of pedaling might not be possible” for very young children. A balance bike allows them to push with their feet, Fred Flintstone-style, and then pick their feet up and glide. Although balance bikes can cost more than tricycles they are cheaper and will be less expensive for your child when they move to a pedal-bike. Natalie Martins who owns Two Wheeling Tots children’s bike review website, says that they eliminate the need to have training wheels once your kid is able to ride a bike. If they are tall enough and/or want to pedal a bike, they can get rid of the need for training wheels. They can pedal away and get on the bike. These bikes help children build confidence and improve their bike skills, making the transition from pedal to a bicycle easy. Martins recommends that larger kids use the step-in footrest because it is too narrow for smaller children. Ilene Marcos, co-owner of Bicycle World in Mt. Kisco in New York states that while many brands now make balance bikes, Kazam is her only stock. It’s high-quality and available in many colours.

One of the most compact bike sizes is the Kazam 12 inch bike. These are the general rules for choosing a size of bike. For example, Moore says a 14-inch bike will typically work for ages 3 through 5 and a 16-inch bike for ages 4 through 6. But your best bet is to go by your child’s inseam, since even kids of the same overall height will have different proportions. On a properly fitted bike, Marcos says a kid should be able to touch the ground on tiptoe when seated on the saddle (or on flat feet for beginner riders who are still building their confidence) and have a slight bend in their knee at the lowest point while pedaling.

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best bike brands for kids

Children’s bikes: From Age Five to Ten

Naturally, children grow rapidly in this age category. With wheel sizes ranging from 16 to 27 inches, that is usually the size of an adult’s bike (commonly referred as 650b).

Most brands will estimate the wheel and frame size ideal for each age. But clearly children grow at different rates, so check the size guide and ideally organise a test ride so you can be sure the bike fits and is actually the best kids’ bike for the rider.

These children usually have the skills to handle more than brakes and pedalling. They also often feel the drive to learn new things and want to go further.

It’s worth keeping the multitasking limit to the rear and only the smaller wheels in this age group. They will help you navigate any terrain and obstacles.

The age range increases, and so do the wheels sizes. Additional gears are possible by adding two additional chain rings to the front.

At the 24″ wheel size, bikes start to resemble adult size, so it’s not uncommon to see the introduction of disc brakes and front suspension, although it’s worth having a more detailed read on these additions lower down this page before investing in an all singing all dancing bike.

Islabikes Beinn Multi Purpose Bikes

best bike brands for kids

This is Our Pick of the Very Best Kids Bikes in 2021

What is the most suitable bike for kids? Although I don’t think it’s possible to just pick one best children’s bicycle, what is the best bike to ride with a 3-year-old? What about a 13-year. old mountain biker? A 9-year old cyclocross racer? Your budget and the frequency of use will also play a major role.

I am tired of reading articles titled “Best Kids Bikes”, which pick a variety of average bikes (or worse, junk) that are:

A) The writer has never tried them, and b) they can only be recommended because they are the most popular kids bikes from the retailers the host site is receiving commissions.

Let me now give you my pick of the best children’s bikes.

Cycle Sprog’s review of these bikes has been completed and the photos are here to support it.

However, we are not affiliated with all brands. These are the bikes that our children have enjoyed riding and we can endorse.

This will allow you to take a few minutes to record everything you need in order to choose the right bike for your child.

best bike brands for kids

Best Kids Bikes, 2021

For those of you who are in a rush, here’s a list of the brands (in alphabetical order) that we or others we trust have reviewed and recommended as building some of the best kids bikes in the UK. Most are available second hand or to rent if you’re on a budget. It is worthwhile to consider these choices over buying a brand new, less-quality bike.

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Black Mountain Bikes – innovative bikes for ages 2.5 to 8.5 year olds that grow with your child, reducing the number of times you need to buy them a bicycle (and the amount you spend) – useful at this time when we don’t know what’s happening with future availability Cube Kids Bikes – so many choices, aimed at different price points with reliable German engineering, including top of the range mountain bikes for older kids Forme Bikes – brand new range available to rent via The Bike Club Frog Bikes – virtually every type, size and colour of kids bike – all brilliantly made Giant ARX Range – lightweight bike range from one of the world’s largest bike manufacturers Hornit Range – some of the lightest starter bikes and balance bikes available Hoy Bikes – after their 2018 revamp these are some of the lightest children’s bikes around Islabikes – the original kids bikes – and quite possibly still the best!

Lena Toddle Bikes for Tiny Cycle Sprogs Too Small for Balance Bike!

The Specialized Jett line – A new lightweight range for children’s bikes that comes with an online tool for fitting them. Squish Bikes is a more affordable alternative to larger brands Vitus has a range of bikes for kids at a great price. Woom Bikes is an attractive continental option to bigger bikes, especially for commuters Worx Junior Bikes are for those kids who love to ride fast.

best bike brands for kids

Which are the Best Kids Bikes?

Following extensive research into different bikes brands, these 18 top-rated best bikes for kids were created.

Guardian Kids Bike for Boys & Girls Original “Safer Patented Sure Stop Brake System; enduring Steel frame; 6-speed shifting; adjustable saddle’s height; easy-to-install; required tools included.” A11N Sports Belt-Drive Aluminium Alloy Bicycle

RoyalBaby BMX BMX Freestyle Training Wheels Bicycle

Retrospec Cub Children Balance Bike

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike for Boys & Girls “95% assembled, wide 2.4″ pneumatic tires, non-slip resin pedal, chain guard, Royalbaby sealed bearing, bell, and DIY decal.” Best Indoor Cycling:

JOYSTAR Macarons Kids Bike for 2-7 Years Girls “Great starter bike, cute design for little girls, sturdy frame, easy height adjustment, enclosed chain guard.” Best for Special Needs:

Schwinn Koen Boys Bike Designed For Toddlers & Kids

Which Bicycle Should I Purchase for My Kids?

A tricycle, or balance bike for children (a bicycle without wheels), can be ridden by them starting at age 2. Children between three and five years old can learn how to ride “like an adult” by using stabilisers (13 inches and 14 inches), and convertable balance bikes.

Which Bike Brand Do You Choose?

Merida.Trek.Specialized.Cannondale.Kona.Scott.Santa Cruz.Marin.More items…

.Best Bike Brands For Kids