Best Cereal For Kids

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best cereal for kids

Best Healthy Cereal For Kids

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There are so many choices at your local grocery store that choosing the right cereal for your family can seem overwhelming. This article will give you some tips on choosing the right brands and show you how to read ingredient labels so you make informed buying decisions.

Cereals are my go-to snack and breakfast option. You can easily add fresh fruits and milk to create a nutritious, satisfying breakfast for the children.

TIP: Use these cereals as a snack or breakfast option.

best cereal for kids

Find my Top Food Prep Tips

Lower Sugar Cereals For Kids A list of Lower Sugar Cereals for Kids if you are looking for some new options for breakfasts or snacks. You will find at least 6 grams of sugar in each one, as well as two grams of protein and fiber.

*Originally published April 2019. The February 20, 2020 update was made by my friends.

Check out this list of lower sugar cereals for kids! Cereals can often be criticised for not being healthy food. But, having lived almost exclusively on cereal my entire life, I have strong feelings for cereal.

The kids enjoy it too so that’s why I think they are following their mother. While there are definitely some cereal options out there that are, in my opinion, overly sugary and not overly nutritious…there are also some good cereal choices out there.

Many cereal brands are low in sugar, and contain decent amounts of fiber and protein. Combine cereal with additional fiber and protein to make a nutritious snack or meal. Of course, I get asked frequently about which cereal is best for toddlers. Psst… if you are looking for other reccs than cereal, see my Healthy Store-Bought Granola Bars for Kids.

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best cereal for kids

Get advice from nutritionists

Look at the labels carefully if you want to serve a healthy cereal. Vicki Shanta Retelny, registered nutritionist and dietician told HuffPost: “Sugar can quickly accumulate in your cereal bowl so remember that there are only 4 grams in 1 teaspoon.” “If you pick up a box and see 16 grams of added sugar per serving, that’s 4 teaspoons.” For portion size, “stick with 200 calories or less per serving,” RDN Amanda Frankeny told HuffPost. It is vital that you read every box carefully to ensure the correct serving size and calories for your child. Because of the variability in serving sizes, the information can be confusing. One cup can provide half the calories of another cereal, but more than one. Aim for at least five grams of fiber per cup. Along with a well-rounded diet, that will help kids get the recommended daily value of 25 grams of fiber.” Other suggestions came from RDN Sara Haas , who told HuffPost: “Pick one day each week when ‘fun’ cereal is allowed. This could be on a weekend you know the kids will be doing a lot of activity. You should always add fruits, yogurt, and other healthy goodies to the meal.” She also suggested that she switch up her crockery. Serve the healthier cereal either in a cup or bowl, or dry it on a plate. You can treat it like trail mix, so kids can eat it dry and have milk on the side.” This might be the day you decide to put down that box of Frooty Tooty KidZ Korny Puffs and start from scratch. You might consider oatmeal instead. HuffPost’s Toby Smithson, a registered dietitian, said, “Hands down oatmeal rules as the best breakfast cereal not only for kids but also adults.” She cited a 2019 study in which children who ate oatmeal at breakfast scored better in overall diet quality and had a higher intake of nutrients like fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamins A and E. “Nutritionally speaking, oats are the breakfast of champions,” she said.

best cereal for kids

7 Best Cereals for Kids That Are Healthy

It’s quick and simple to make a bowl of cereal, but are they healthy? This list includes the healthiest options that will make your mornings easier.

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It’s much faster to make a cup of oatmeal and some milk than it is to prepare a meal. It takes just five minutes to prepare a breakfast that is quick. And, by the age of six, many children can even make it (which makes it even faster).

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What is the downside of cereals? They are processed foods. Making grains into flakes, Os and squares requires processing, then sugar and salt are added. Let’s be honest, it is unlikely that your child will eat quinoa porridge every day. Therefore, it is important to choose the right cereals from the many choices available at your local grocery store. A 55-gram portion should have at minimum five grams of fiber, nine grams sugar, and no more salt than the lowest-sodium cereal (which has only 5 mg). They must also taste delicious! The calories, fat, and protein are all roughly equal, so the emphasis wasn’t on them.

Notice: The nutrition information is calculated using 55g of cereal. This is an enormous amount for little kids and is what is listed in most Nutrition Facts tables. Some Nutrition Facts panels may display information for 30 g and 45 g respectively. We did the math to compare the data.

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best cereal for kids


Top Blogs on Raising Kids. Surprising facts about raising kids. Best work from home jobs Britt Lynn. Mornings can get stressful especially when it comes to getting the children ready for school. Cereal is a quick and easy breakfast that can also be healthy if you buy the right kind.

Because it’s difficult to ruin a bowl cereal bowl, this is a good breakfast option for those who prefer to do things their way. Our goal is to make it easy for you to choose the right one. Popular cereals can be high in sugar and contain other unhealthy ingredients. You need to make sure your kids have enough food to sustain them through the day.

According to the Mayo Clinic, children who eat healthy breakfasts are likely to get the daily recommended nutrients. This will help them have better concentration throughout the day. You should aim for at least three grams of fiber per cup. They should have 160 calories or less and contain little or no sugar.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different cereal options at your local grocery shop. This list will guide you away from sugary cereals and towards healthier alternatives. For this list we looked at calories and sugars, as well protein and fat.

Look at the section entitled “Things to Consider”.

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Magic Spoon was the brainchild of two college friends who used to eat cereal every morning as children. Two friends set out to produce a cereal with the same amazing taste and nutrition as traditional cereals, but not all of the sugar. Your children will love these great flavors in this low sugar kids cereal, such as cinnamon, fruity and cocoa, and the best part is they won’t even notice that it is good for them. There are 12 grams of protein which is twice the amount of a single egg.

Magic Spoon cereal is a wonderful addition for those who follow a ketogenic diet. They don’t have the cardboard-like taste of other gluten free cereals. It’s good for your health. This cereal is also more filling than most other cereals, so it will give your children enough fuel to make it through their day.

best cereal for kids

Nutrition Facts

For 1 1/4 of a serving

Calories – 130

Sugars 4g

Fiber, 0.5 grams

Protein – 2 grams

Fat- 0 grams Get some Rice Krispies from Amazon Prime Pantry!

These golden flakes boast a sweet honey flavor, making Cascadian farms our favourite oat-cereal. You’ll love them because they don’t contain any genetically modified ingredients. The whole-grain oats, organic corn, and whole wheat flakes are used to make them. They have a honey-rich taste, which your kids will love.

best cereal for kids

Nutrition Facts

Each 1 1/4 serving

Calories- 110

sugars 3 grams

Fiber- 3g

Protein- 2 grams

1 gram Kashi Heart To Heart Honey Toasted oat Cereal

Kashi Heart to heart honey toasted cereal is a unique blend of honey toasted circles and small pieces of whole-grain oats in heart shapes. This cereal is packed with fiber and protein. Yet, the cereal is mildly sweetened with honey. You can help your child not to feel hungry till lunch by adding fiber.

These are The 5 Best Cereals for Health

  1. Shredded Wheat. These big biscuits, which are classics in the breakfast world, have been a part of many breakfasts over the years.
  2. Oatmeal. You can lower your cholesterol by eating oatmeal.
  3. Barbara’s High Fiber Cereal
  4. Cheerios.
  5. Fiber One.Dec 13, 2018

Are Cereal Healthy For Kids?

Many ready-to-eat cereals are rich in vitamins and minerals, and can make a significant contribution to children’s intake of whole grains and fiber. However, many of these cereals also contain a lot more sugar than is healthy for their growing bodies. May 14, 2014.

.Best Cereal For Kids

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