Best Electric Scooters For Kids

Best Electric Scooters For Kids

best electric scooters for kids

What Are The Best Electric Scooters For Kids?

Razor generally makes the best electric bikes for children, as evidenced by the Razor E100. The Razor E100, designed for children aged 8 to 18, is about $125. This sturdy scooter will offer your child thrills. It is also easy to put together.

Segway Ninebot Kickscooter E8 or E10 are better options if you need something smaller. Both models can fold, making them easier to carry if your kid wants to ride the scooter to school. The scooters have LED lights that are fun and bright.

Note: Electric scooters that are designed for children do not have lights and bells. It is worth investing in a whistle or bell to help your child warn other kids. Get them a bike helmet. Here’s our list of top electric scooters and bikes for children.

best electric scooters for kids

Safety Tips to Children

Use a helmet whenever your child rides a skateboard, bicycle or scooter. Do not be one of those 61% who don’t have a helmet on their children. Get your child a helmet such as the Razor V-17 youth multisport helmet Bell Rally children’s helmet Woom Bikes USA helmet. Woom Helmets are a great choice, as they extend over the temples, back, and sides of your head, providing full coverage.

Just under half of all US states have laws requiring children 17 years and younger to use helmets on bicycles. However, nearly every state has laws governing helmets for riding low-powered motorbikes such as scooters.

You can protect your child’s knee and elbow joints with elbow pads. A set should include wrist guards. Also, consider adding reflective gear to your set if your child plans on riding in the evening.

Add bells, horns, and lights To keep the price down, many electric scooters for kids lack bells, horns, or lights, which is a shame. All of these items are affordable and easily available online or in a local bicycle shop. At the very least, we recommend adding a bell to the handlebars.

Do not buddy up. While kids love to be entertained, it is best for them to remember that an electric scooter rider can’t go with their friend. The weight limits for scooters are set. Your child, your friend, or even your spouse, must not exceed that limit. It makes the vehicle more difficult to control and balance.

Be sure to check local laws. Consumer Reports found that almost 4 out of 5 riders did not know what the rules were regarding riding an electric scooter. You can also check your city’s rules if you don’t know. Most e-scooters can only be used on streets. Instead, they must use bicycle lanes to share the roads with other cars. If you’re anxious about your kid riding across busy intersections, try to map out a route that avoids streets with high pedestrian and car traffic.

You don’t have to be an expert in hand signals. These signals are required by the DMV to allow for turns left, right, or stopping when using an electric scooter. You want your kids to be safe while out riding an electric scooter. Unfortunately, making a hand signal to ride on a scooter can prove difficult.

best electric scooters for kids

Top Electric Scooters For Children 3-8

Electric scooters typically travel between 10 and 15 mph. But this speed is great for kids! Many brands offer electric scooters that are slower for children under 8. These scooters are safer for children who don’t have the ability to drive fast enough.

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MSRP: $199

Maximum Age/Weight: Between 6 and 110 years of age

Maximum Speed: 8.6 mph

Max Ride Time: 6.2 miles

wheels: 6.75″ rubber-coated, airless

Throttle: Push dial, kick-to-start

best electric scooters for kids

These are the Best Electric Scooters To Use For Children Aged 8-12

With higher maximum speeds and higher handlebars, these electric scooters are best for kids who are developmentally ready to go faster and have a little more adventure on their scooter.

MSRP: $229

8.8 years to 132 lb is the ideal age/weight.

Maximum Speed: 10 mph

Max Ride Time: 6.2 miles

wheels: 6.75″ rubber-coated, airless

Throttle: Push dial, kick-to-start

best electric scooters for kids


1. Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter Up to 80 mins Check Price Razor is known for the great quality of their scooters, and this Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter is no exception. This is the perfect electric scooter to buy for your child. You can choose from a variety of colors, including bright pink and green decks or wheels.

It’s not just nice to look at; this scooter packs a great punch for its motor size. The 85W, maintenance-free motor lets you reach speeds of up to 10 mph, and a 12V battery gives you a ride time of up to 80 minutes of continuous use on a single charge. It has 5-inch aluminum wheels. One wheel on the front is spoked and one on the back is rubber. Razor Power Core Electric Scooter also features a light, 22-pound steel frame with a push button throttle. Simply stand on the deck and push the scooter forward with your foot. Once it is in motion, you can press the button.

Children 12 and younger can use this scooter with a handlebar length of 36 inches, and an upper limit weight of 120 pounds. The Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter does not fold for storage, so it is best suited for a home with room to store a scooter with a bigger footprint. A retractable kickstand allows the scooter to stand upright on its own.

best electric scooters for kids

The 2021 Best Electric Scooter for Kids

Is your child interested in an electric scooter for this year’s birthday? Unlike traditional kids’ kick scooters, electric scooters for kids are powered using a chain-drive motor. You can ride these scooters at speeds of up to 5 MPH for younger children and 20 MPH for older ones. You will need to consider the dimensions of the motor as well the limit weight of the scooter, and how large your kid is. At their top speeds, however, electric scooters can go approximately 10-15 mph.

You may find it hard to determine which electric scooter is right for you. There are so many options. It is possible that you don’t know where to begin. This is why I am here. Let’s work together and navigate the vast world of electric scooters so you find the perfect one for your child. They will love the scooters and you may even get your child to do some extra chores.

We’ll start by considering what to look for when purchasing an electric scooter. From there, we’ll check out how I’ve determined this list for the best electric scooters, and then finally, a list of the best scooters on the market for specific purposes. I have also addressed some common questions you might have.

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best electric scooters for kids

Here’S How I’Ve Determined The Best Electric Scooter For Kids

It is my mission to find the best electric scooters that kids can use. . . It means that I read all the reviews. As well as evaluating the pros and con’s of each product, I also considered feedback from grandparents, parents and family. The price was also considered, to ensure that you aren’t paying too much for the electric scooter you want at an affordable price.

On the website of your chosen store, you can view the details about the product as well as the age recommendation and maximum weight.

Recommended age: 8 years and up

Motor: 85-Watt

Battery: 12-Volt

Charging Time: 12 Hours

Maximum Speed: 10 MPH

best electric scooters for kids

How to Select an Electric Scooter To Use With Kids

The heart of an electric scooter is the motor, which powers the wheels. The power output of each scooter is different. Generally, the heavier models will have more power.

A scooter that has more power will not only go faster but also last a lot longer.

Scooters with greater power can support more weight. They are however much heavier than normal scooters, making them not ideal for children under five years old. A teenager will love them because of their speed.

The battery is another crucial component on the electric scooter as it’s what powers the motor. Most scooter batteries are rechargeable but quality may vary. These batteries can last years without needing replacement, but they may not perform as well or be used in the right way for a long time.

To identify a quality battery, you should check its ability to hold a charged charge. The manufacturer will often provide this information.

You can also look into lithium batteries. These are more expensive, but last longer. This type of battery is great for scooters that require constant power. Razor’s example is an ideal example.

The term chain-driven or chain drive is something you will see a lot when searching. This phrase suggests that the motor is connected to the wheel via a chain much like a bicycle.

best electric scooters for kids

5. Razor E300

Check Price on Amazon This product is a must-have of you have scooter kids at home.

Razor creates some of best-selling models in scooting. The Razor E300 is a prime example.

E300 is the top electric scooter in town. This product is jam-packed with great features like the retractable kickstand and the hand brake. It has a motor scooter with a chain drive that can travel at 15 mph. This makes it great for short trips.

With a full charge the razor E300 kids scooter battery system has a running time of up to 40 minutes. Due to its large size and weight, it can support up 220 pounds. It should make it easy to transport, no matter if you’re a youngster or an adult. Its own weight is over 50 pounds but thanks to the brake system you can control it. The pneumatic front and back tires are quite big so you get smooth ride over rough surfaces as well. We believe this electric scooter is the most affordable.

Pros And Specs Of Razor E300

Max Speed 15 mph

Max Range: 9-10 miles

best electric scooters for kids


These electric scooters are popular for adults, but can a child ride them?

A lot of battery-operated scooters are great for kids. But there are several things parents should think about before getting an escooter for their child.

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In this guide, you’ll learn about the

What Are The Best Electric Scooters For Kids?

“>best electric scooters for kids, teens, 10-, 9- and 8-year-olds, and so on, as well as what features you should think about when shopping for a kids’ electric scooter. Speed, safety and ease-of-use are key factors.

Let’s begin by reviewing the top electric scooters available for kids.

best electric scooters for kids


Safety will always be the top priority when choosing an electric scooter for children. UL certification is a certificate that the scooter’s motor system and battery have met specific standards. Otherwise, UL certification will not apply to your electric scooter.

Also, lighting is an essential safety element to be aware of. Although your child won’t ride around at night, visibility should be maintained in all conditions. As for speed, we’ve talked about it already, but it should also be grouped into safety considerations.

You might consider a 3-wheeled electric scooter if your kids aren’t yet comfortable riding on an electric scooter. These aren’t as common, but they’re around and they do provide better stability and safety.

While these aren’t the fastest scooters, they certainly make it the easiest. These scooters are primarily for young people, so you shouldn’t worry about speed.

We recommend you read through our e-scooter riding safety guide and pass on the information to your kids before their ride.

best electric scooters for kids

These are the 11 best electric scooters

Unagi Apollo Top Brand

Top-of-the-line TurboAnt Glion best electric scooter Best for long commutes Segway.

When designing The Model One, Unagi used a bit from columns A and B. It also includes a bit from columns C, D, and E. The Model One by Unagi is the most popular electric scooter for adults due to its many features and easy use. This lightweight electric scooter, which can fold easily when folded and looks striking on the road comes in four colours.

The lightweight, compact design of the Unagi’s carbon and aluminium makeup allows you to glide on the roads in an aluminum and carbon fiber fashion. This scooter is great for commuters and for those who enjoy traveling for fun. Unagi is an electric scooter that’s sleek and modern. Combining the best that structural engineering and physics has to offer, it’s the best all-rounder available.

Best for: Incorporating into your lifestyle like a second pair of legs.

The Apollo Phantom electric scooter is high-end and stylish. It can take you anywhere you want to go, while also looking great as it speeds down the roads. As you might expect from a premium electric scooter, this is one that comes with all of the bells and whistles; carefully tucked away to ensure a streamlined design, of course.

The Apollo Phantom is an easy-to-use electric scooter, which anticipates your needs. It was developed using feedback from over 20,000 sold scooters. This means that it has the right mix of all of the great features, and has been streamlined to eliminate any bad. It is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium which provides strength without adding bulk. It is also among the fastest available on the marketplace.

.Best Electric Scooters For Kids