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Best Kids Backpack

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best kids backpack

L.L.Bean Original Books Pack: The best backpack for elementary school students

L.L.Bean Original Book Pack The best basic bookbag These classic backpacks have a nostalgic look, durable build, and spacious design. These backpacks last for years.

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What makes it so special: L.L.Bean’s Junior Original Original Book Pack (16 liters) ranks as one of our most trusted backpacks and has been our best seller for six years straight. The backpacks have a long life span, are easy to use, spacious enough for kids to carry plenty of stuff, and can be comfortably sized for younger children.

L.L.Bean introduced its now-classic Book Pack in 1982.

Virtually unchanged today , the Book Packs have a nostalgic, hipster appeal ( they’re even big in Japan ). They are almost identical, with the main difference being their sizes. Each pack has water-bottle compartments made of durable nylon. Years of testing show that these pockets fare better than mesh ones (which can easily be ripped). L.L. Bean bag’s water-bottle pockets are protected by thick strips of elastic that secure your child’s bottle. Each Junior Book Pack’s bottle pouch can comfortably hold a 12-to-14-ounce, kid-sized water bottle. Both backpacks can accommodate a standard-size kid’s water bottle. Sarah Kobos Photo. Both backpack sizes have high-quality finishings such as strong zipper pulls and storm flaps to protect the zipper. There is also a thick 3M Scotchlite reflective strip at the backpack’s front (a plus for children who bike or walk to school). Our testers found that there was some dirt on the bag and some scratches to the reflective strip. However, the bag still looked great and worked well after one year. It was not apparent that the Junior Original Junior Original backpack’s thickly padded shoulder straps would compress or break down.

Overall, the L.L.Bean packs offer excellent value: They’re among the least expensive of the kids backpacks we looked at, and they’re the only packs in our top picks that offer a generous, one-year satisfaction guarantee . L.L.Bean has updated its warranty policy to no longer offer a lifetime guarantee. However, we have found that L.L.Bean honors all warranties with little or no hassle.

You will find pockets and organizational features in this bag. It has a spacious main compartment, an ample zippered compartment of mid-size, as well as one outside water-bottle compartment. Large enough for a pen case or hardcover, the zippered mid-size compartment can also be stored in a pocket. The midsize compartment also contains an organizer panel with two open pouches, a zippered mesh pouch for money, two pencil/pen slots, and a lanyard with a clip for keys or tchotchkes.

best kids backpack

Optional Buying

Pottery Barn makes it easy to buy. A 5-liter mini option, available in some patterns, is sized for toddlers.

The reason it’s so great: Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Backpacks are the ideal option for children who love to choose the right design or have a special character in mind. These well-made backpacks come in many different patterns: from glowing-in-the dark dinosaurs to shimmery rainbow-ombre camouflage Star Wars Disney princesses Paw Patrol. The Mackenzie range has four sizes and is our only pick that offers a rolling bag in specific patterns. Although L.L. Bean also offers a backpack that can be used by children, the 35-liter capacity makes it too large for middle schoolers as well as elementary-school students. Pottery Barn Kids bags are durable and spacious, with plenty of pockets. They also have additional bells and whistles, such as a height-adjustable sternum strap, a laptop sleeve with Velcro closure for the small and large backpacks (though it’s not padded), mesh lining on the padded back, contoured shoulder straps, a clip to attach a lunchbox, and a daisy chain for attaching knickknacks (a feature kids ask for).

One parent noted that the top handle on poor-quality backpacks is always the first thing to break. Pottery Barn Kids’ backpacks have a handle that has double stitching. It is also the only pack (alongside the Pottery Barn Teen Gear Up backpack) with padded comfort.

Due to the quality of their packs, L.L. Bean packs have gained a loyal following. Parents who used the Pottery Barn and L.L.Bean pack said that the L.L.Bean packs were more appealing than the Pottery Barn packs. However, these parents said that the Pottery Barn Kids patterns were preferred by their kids. Although the Pottery Barn Kids Packs are more costly than L.L. Bean packs, a Back-to School or similar promotion can make them just as inexpensive.

You have two water bottle pockets and pockets. This compartment features an organizer panel, three zippered pouches, 4 pencil/pen slots and a lanyard that can be used to clip keys or tchotchkes. You can store your phone, small electronic device or keys in the small pouch at the handle.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Parents on our staff have reported that these packs typically last at least two school years (which is not as long as L.L.Bean packs generally last). The patterns for the Pottery Barn Mackenzie line are best for elementary-schoolers; older elementary-school and middle-school kids may find them childish. Case in point: Our kids outgrew their backpacks after they were damaged. The external bottle pockets can be made of a variety of materials, including mesh, nylon woven, or elastic. Because the mesh is weaker, pockets can catch on items and tear. Parents have complained about how their water bottles pockets ripped after just one year. Additionally, the small Velcro-closed laptop sleeves are fragile. If your child is going to be carrying a laptop, you will likely need extra protection. Pottery Barn does not offer a warranty on its backpacks.

best kids backpack

The best backpack for middle school students: the Pottery Barn Teen Gears-Up Backpack

Pottery Barn Teen Gear-Up Backpack The best backpack for middle-school students This bigger backpack has more space and additional organizational features including a smartphone pouch and padded laptop sleeve. The backpack comes in fun but sophisticated designs.

It’s suitable for children 12 years and older. Why it’s so great: The Pottery Barn Teen Gear-Up Backpack is 28 liters large for those who are taller and more mobile, as well as 30 liters extra-large for kids with larger needs. This line has more appealing designs for teens and tweens, and additional storage options to store and organize the gear older students may need.

The Gear-Up backpacks come in both 28- and 30-liter sizes. They also have an option for rolling. Its top handle, similar to those found on Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie bags, has double stitching reinforcement and is cushioned for comfort.

Though the Gear-Up line does include a few characters such as Harry Potter Black Panther , the designs mostly skew toward more grown-up-but-still-whimsical looks, such as vibrant swirls of color, neon patterns, and geometric prints. A 28-liter backpack had enough space to carry our 6-year-old tester’s lunch, three notebooks, along with a school-issued 11.6 inch Chromebook. The 30-liter backpack is ideal for kids who carry several textbooks, sports clothes or other equipment.

The Gear-Up backpack has three tiers of pockets that allow students to store and organize their items. The main compartment holds a 13-inch MacBook, and a larger 15-inch MacBook can be stored in its padded sleeves. A small zip-up compartment inside allows for a smaller smartphone to fit into an open pocket. Two metal D-rings and a cinching bungee cord (which aren’t found on the Mackenzie backpacks) can hold extra gear, like a sweatshirt.

Organization and pockets: The Gear-Up features a large main compartment that includes a laptop sleeve and a zippered small compartment. This small compartment has an organizer panel, which includes three zippered pockets, three pencil/pen slots and a loop with clips for keys or tchotchkes. A D-ring on the outside of the midsize compartment and a second D-ring on the shoulder strap offer a place to clip things, and a cinching bungee cord on the front of the small compartment can hold outerwear or shoes. A Gear-Up backpacks have a zippered pocket at the top that you can use to store your smartphone.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Though they’re reinforced at the bottom, the all-mesh external water-bottle pockets have large holes and are vulnerable to catching on something and ripping, or simply tearing from the sheer weight of the bottle. Gear-Up backpacks don’t come with a strap for the sternum, as opposed to Mackenzie bags. This is unfortunate considering they can carry a larger load. Pottery Barn doesn’t offer any warranty for its backpacks and monogrammed bags can not be returned.

best kids backpack

12 Best Back To-School Backpacks In 2021

We’ve collected top-rated backpacks for every need.

L.L.Bean’s, JanSport’s, North Face, and other brands make the

The Best Basic Backpack For Elementary-School Students: L.L.Bean Original Book Pack

“>best kids backpacks. VioletaStoimenova/Getty Images Mili Godio Select are editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. We may be compensated if you make a purchase through one of our affiliate links. The prices and availability of products are as accurate as possible at press time.

The back-toschool season rapidly approaches and many parents and children are looking to move from remote learning to more in-person learning. This includes stocking up with school supplies. DealNews says that back-toschool sales will increase during July and August. Bags can serve two purposes: they can transport your school supplies easily and, for some kids, can act as an accessory or motivator.

best kids backpack

What are the Best Backpacks for School?

Additionally, here are some helpful tips to help you choose the best backpack for your kid for school.

Select Darker colors for kids backpacks. Kids backpacks often spend their time sitting on their backs. We avoid light-colored backpacks in our house for the same reasons we don’t buy white sneakers: what would be the point?

Look at the Dimensions, Carefully Younger kids usually require less space to accommodate less work and fewer supplies, but make sure there’s enough room for oversize folders, art projects, and in the era of remote school…maybe even a Chromebook. Roller bags are great for kids with smaller bodies. The older ones who carry textbooks, laptops, and homework should be able comfortably to carry heavier loads. For this reason, we recommend backpacks with padded straps. The average bag length is 15-19inches from the beginning of elementary school. Make sure to choose what size fits your child best.

You should test durability. A high-quality backpack should last many years. This means that you won’t need to re-read this list every year. Make sure your backpack features sturdy materials like plastic zippers that are strong and durable, as well as water-resistant materials.

Examine the Supply List. This will let you know what supply items are being brought home daily. It will also help to decide the size and type of storage that your bag should have. This information will usually be made available by schools in the first academic year.

Ask the kids for input. Backpacks can be a great way to let your child express yourself. You can involve your children in selecting a key part of your everyday look. This gives you some control and helps with back-toschool decision making.

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best kids backpack

Top 12 Kids Backpacks to Buy for the 2021 School Year

These bags can be used by all ages, from preschool to college.


It’s not enough to just buy a backpack. Parents and children also need it. This backpack will need to last so that it doesn’t get damaged again. Also, it should have enough organization to hold schoolwork. And it should also be fun so kids want it.

Textiles Lab evaluates backpacks for their durability, including strap strength, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance. We also test them for comfort features such as padding and the weight of the bag when empty. Additionally, we inspect the overall design and organization of each backpack to make sure it’s water-resistant. Lastly, we have standard packing loads for different age groups to make sure it’ll hold everything they need.

We voted for the top choices, but there are also some amazing new designs that received great reviews. These are the top kids backpacks to buy for 2021.

best kids backpack

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Shopping for Fashion Products and Clothing Kids. Back to school: A durable and well-organized bag will make it easy for your children to carry their daily essentials.

Your child’s backpack should be sized correctly. One that’s too big or doesn’t fit your kid well can cause back or shoulder pain. For the ideal backpack length, measure the distance between your child’s shoulders to their belly button and add two inches. They should have a backpack that is at least two inches longer than the distance between their shoulders.

One essential feature for backpacks is wide, padded straps for comfort and to distribute weight evenly. Children should wear both the straps and keep their spine aligned so as not to put undue strain on their necks. Also, look for backpacks with plenty of pockets and compartments, which allows kids to disburse their books and supplies throughout.

Keep scrolling to discover the best backpacks, from preschool to college that are both parent- and kid-approved.

best kids backpack

Here are 9 of the Best Backpacks for Kids in 2021

Our editors test and independently recommend only the most effective products. Read more to learn about how our editors do this. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Verywell Family

Whether it’s strictly for school or something they bring with them wherever they go, backpacks are essential for kids. Many kids start using a backpack when they’re as young as pre-school age and they’ll continue using them regularly well into their college (and even post-grad) years.

The range of backpacks available is extensive and includes a multitude of color options. Be mindful of your child’s weight when shopping for a backpack. Moreover, choose an option with plenty of pockets, a laptop sleeve, or other features that are important for your child’s needs.

Each backpack has its own unique characteristics.

L.L. Bean Top Picks Bean Original Book Pack from L.L. Bean This backpack, which is weatherproof and has padded shoulders and back, has been a favorite of customers since 1982.

You will love its adorable design and durability.

.Best Kids Backpack

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