Best Kids Card Games

Best Kids Card Games

best kids card games

The 21 Best Easy Card Games For Kids

These card games are easy and fun for children.

It could be snowing, or it might just be too cold for you to visit the park. Or maybe there’s a downpour and no internet. Whatever the reason, you are trapped indoors looking for simple, enjoyable card games to play with your kids.

And you’ve come to the right place. There are simple card games for kids of all ages, such as 2-player or 3-player games. From War to Peanut Butter & Jelly, there’s a mix of easy card games that are low-effort and high levels of fun.

There are many classic card games for children that everyone has a favorite, including simple games like 2 and 3 player cards. These are 21 fun and easy cards games for kids, which can range from toddlers to teenagers.

best kids card games

20 Best Card Games For Kids

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Want some new card games for your kids?

My family loves family game night which is pretty much every night for us. Both for ourselves and you, we buy and play a lot of games. We have compiled a list of our favorite card games for children, ages ranging from 3 to 89.

You can use a clip or a little card holder for small hands. Or, you could let your children put their cards on the tables, even though it will not be obvious.

You should also keep in mind that the age limits for these card games isn’t necessarily set. Your kids are the best judge of their abilities and will decide whether they should play higher or lower levels than recommended.

best kids card games

25 of the Best Card Games for Kids and Families

These card games provide engaging entertainment and encourage children’s development of communication, strategy and mathematics skills. Although many people remember the simple game of playing cards with one deck, there are now many card games for both kids and adults that use these basic principles.

Cards games designed to encourage healthy competition among kids and foster social interaction are great for the whole family. We’ve compiled a selection of some the finest card games for kids.

Best Card Games For Kids and Families Uno Card Game Uno Card Game has been a favorite for generations because of exciting gameplay that is fun and easy to learn for both children and adults. Matching numbers and colors with the cards on top of the deck is the game. Game-changing cards such as Draw Four Wild, Skips or Reverses can be used to alter the outcome.

Promoting: Strategy, Numbers and Colors

Codenames: Ages 7+ Codenames Codenames a party game is perfect for older kids and teens. Gameplay is fairly brief, only about 15 minutes, and teams must try to use their skills of deduction and word play to identify the ‘spy’ word. The gameplay of Codenames is very simple, just like many other card games. Codenames, however, requires concentration and a lot more thought in order to win. Codenames is a fun game that can be played at a family party.

Promotes: Vocabulary, Cooperation

Ages: 14+ Sushi Go!

best kids card games

Here are 9 of the Best Card Games for Kids

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It’s about to become even more enjoyable game night. Treat your kids to a fun card game that everyone will enjoy. They can be an economical way to help your child develop memory skills, improve critical thinking, and encourage quality time.

From the time a little one reaches toddler age, there’s a lot to learn from a card game: strategy, for one, as well as how to be a graceful winner and a good sport loser. They can also be an asset for parents on road trips and rainy days. Ready to unplug and challenge each other to a friendly card game? You can start a tradition with your family by playing some of the most popular card games.

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Our Top Picks Briarpatch Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game at Amazon Tons of raves from parents who said this helped burn through the miles.

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Deal Available at Amazon

You might find your family is competitive and you’d be willing to play the card version.

Read Review

best kids card games

You Can Play 10 Card Games With Your Kids

Can you remember when you were a small child playing card games? It’s easy to feel nostalgic when you play games as an adult. The games that we grew up with as kids we now turn around and teach our kids the same ones and bring back so many memories. As a child, I longed to have supper with my friends and spend some time playing cards. It was so much fun that I created a list of 10 games for kids to enjoy. I love watching the joy on their faces when the rules click and they win! It’s an honor, but a sad, moment when you lose the first round of cards to your children. For a fun family night, you can mix Taco Tuesday with card game night.

UNO 10 Card Games for Kids

UNO, my favorite card game! This is one of the most fun card games I ever played as a kid. Easy to understand, the rules are simple enough that even my five-year old daughter can play. A good hand is when your hands are reduced to 3 cards: a draw 2, a reverse and a draw 2. It’s amazing how you feel when your last card is gone. It’s a thrilling experience that will bring you hours of fun with your family.

2. WAR. Second, on our list of 10 card games to play with kids is War. You can play War with just a deck of cards. It is easy to learn and can last for many hours. The rules are simple: Divide the deck, then start with your best card. That round is won by the player with the best card. They also get both cards. My brother and I often played this game growing up. There weren’t any cell phones or YouTube. If you had a deck of cards then you were golden. As my parents often had friends over and wanted to play various games with each other, I was always given multiple decks.

3. Go Fish. The classic card game Go Fish is a favorite with kids. It is simple enough for even toddlers to play. When you ask for a particular card from your opponent, they may not have it. You must then draw one from their deck in order to receive the requested card. Then you can start again. This is a game that can usually be completed in a matter of minutes, which is a big advantage over war. This way your kids get a quick game of fun that doesn’t have you as a parent wondering when it will be over. It’s okay to have some fun. For the complete rules, you can view the video.

Old Maid remains a favorite game that we play often at home. There are many colorful decks available that can make this game more enjoyable, or you could play it with just a regular deck of cards. For a regular deck of cards you can make the joker “The Old Maid” and play. It is an exciting card game that pits you against other players, particularly if the Old Maid card wasn’t available. My siblings and I loved this game because it was so intense!

5. Crazy Eights. Does your child need a bit of help with their math? Crazy Eights is the one game you need, but do not tell them it is educational too! It is your goal to remove all cards from the board before other players. You must collect the cards of your opponents and then add them together. The winner is determined by how many points you have. This game was very easy for me! I’m also proud to say I didn’t know my parents were simultaneously teaching math! Shhh…your kids don’t have to know unless you tell them. Crazy Eights is one of many great games for kids. You can see the video for full instructions.

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best kids card games

Here Are Our Favorite Family Card Games For Young Kids.

This card game doesn’t require reading so it is great for beginning or pre-readers. However, they are also fun for adults. Amazon affiliate links are provided below.

Spot It is a quick matching game – each card has one item in common with each other card, but ONLY one thing. You need quick eyes to find the matching items. It comes in five modes. Your child will be able to modify the rules if they play it one to one.

This game can be difficult to play with young children because of the oddly shaped images. They can either be learnt or created (weird hands shape). Frage mark target! Target!


This classic game can be played in a mere ten-minute. It is easy to learn for children, and they can even play it as a simple game. You can teach them how to play by themselves, up until the age of five.


This is similar to dominoes but with cards. You don’t need to read, it has colorful cards and fun rules. Younger children might need to be taught how to link the cards.

best kids card games

Preschoolers will Love this 5-in-1 Card Game

Spot it! is the game you need to teach a child. Jr. Animals , designed for ages 4 and up, is it. With a 4.7-star rating Amazon, and more than 3,000 reviews, it’s just as popular as the smash-hit original Spot It!

game. The junior version has cards that have more than 30 animal cards. You then match them with cards from the central pile. It’s a quick game of observation that is engaging for kids and grown-ups alike.

Anywhere from two to six people can play at once, and one round only takes about 15 minutes. The best thing about this game is the ability to be adjusted depending on age and abilities. It is possible to play the game competitively or collaboratively. You can also pack five additional games into this small, portable tin for extra staying power.

What reviewers are saying: “This is a fantastic learning game for toddlers and preschool kids. It was my son’s first time playing it at home when he turned 3. That is the moment I bought it. …My son loves to play it by himself at home as well, kind of like eye spy. … Also, it helps me learn color names and colors. I ask my son to say out loud the animal name when he hears it.

best kids card games

Clue Card Game

Clue Card Game, a variation on the popular mystery board game, is now reimagined. The goal of the game is to uncover what lies beneath the crime card, who committed it and with what. Players can also ask other players for their insights.

An interactive game that uses case files, evidence cards and other tools to assist in the solving of the mystery. There are only three to four people required and the game takes approximately 15 minutes. It is smaller than a deck, so it can be taken with you on a trip or visited by friends.

It’s a quick and easy strategy game that will engage your child. This game is recommended for players aged 8+. However, younger gamers could participate with assistance. If you like mystery and suspense, this is one of the best card games for kids to add to your rotation.

Clue The classic, easy-to-use game of Clue

This is a great way to encourage kids to ask questions, think critically, and solve the puzzle

A few players believe that the game ended too quickly because of the complicated setup

best kids card games

These are the 10 best card games for kids (and families!)

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You can find the most engaging and screen-free card games for kids if you are looking to entertain your child while passing the time. The best options for you will be age-appropriate for your kiddo (pay attention to the manufacturer’s suggested age range for help determining this) so you can be sure your child will be challenged but not too challenged so it’s still fun. Most importantly, the games should be engaging, so think about the types of play that your kid enjoys.

There is a wide variety of card games available. This means that there will be something for every player. Card games that are popular with multiple players make great party game options. While strategic card games require players to plan and think strategically, educational cards can be used by children to help them learn about a specific subject. You can’t go wrong playing classic cards that are still popular today.

Beyond choosing the right type of game for your child, there are some logistical considerations. Take into account the maximum number of participants (the manufacturer typically provides this information), as well how long it will take to complete the game. You can play some card games in minutes. Others can take hours.

With thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, these 10 card games are truly the best of the best for kids. They’re also all under $30, with most of them priced below $10. This allows you to enjoy the games while still being able to afford it.

best kids card games

2. A Multipack Of Classic Card Games for Kids 3+

Ages: 3+


This card game multipack includes 6 classic cards, including Memory and Go Fish as well as Slap Jack and Matching. This is the best part! It’s super simple for kids as young as three to play the card games, and they are equally enjoyable for adults as well as older children. These cards have a lot more personality than your regular deck.

Amazon reviews have shown that each of these classics is easy to use in as little as 15 minutes. They give this pick a solid 4.6-star rating overall after more than 9,000 reviews. You can also get a 4-pack if you do not want six complete games in one pack.

Amazon review: Excited Amazon review: I gave it as a present to my 5-year-old daughter, and it was perfect. Instantly, she was eager to start playing card games on the tablet instead. That is what I consider a win. The older kids loved to get in on the action and wanted to play, too. “Her mom was delighted (no batteries, noise)

best kids card games

5. A party game suitable for seniors

Ages: 10+


Kids Against Maturity cards are a popular party choice. Parents on Amazon report that older children also love the Kids Against Maturity game. It is easy to learn, but even easier to play. Each player asks questions on blue cards. Other players then submit white answers cards that they find the most funny. The question asker chooses the best card of the bunch, and the player whose cards are chosen most often wins the game.

The time it takes to play Kids Against Motility is between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the number of participants. You get 500 question-and-answer cards. There’s plenty of fun to be had.

Amazon review: Excited Amazon review: I bought it for my teenage and preteen for Xmas. It is funny! This may prove to be too much for little kids. However, it works great with older children who can answer questions like ‘Your Mom’ or ‘Miley Cyrus’ and ‘Fart Bingo’. We loved the game and didn’t find any of it offensive. It was even more fun […] because there were subtle innuendos my 12-year old didn’t always see.

.Best Kids Card Games